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El padre de Britney Spears sufrió la amputación de una pierna

El padre de Britney Spears, Jamie Spears, tuvo su pierna amputada hace un mes, TMZ descubrió que hay esperanza para una reconciliación entre padre e hija. Fuentes directas le dicen a TMZ que Jamie tenía una infección masiva en una de sus… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears' Dad Jamie Had Leg Amputated

Britney Spears' dad, Jamie Spears, had his leg amputated a month ago, TMZ has learned, and we're told there is hope for a father/daughter reconciliation. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Jamie had a massive infection in one of his legs that… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Migrant Malibu Boat Actually Landed Near Gloria Allred's Home, Regular Occurrence

A boat full of migrants washed ashore in Malibu last week -- and we've learned their landing spot ended up being closer to Gloria Allred's place ... plus, turns out, this is the norm! Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the boat in question from… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Ice Cube, Kid Cudi & Ken Carson Hitting Road With Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are extending their "Unlimited Love" tour into 2024 with Hip Hop boosts from all generations ... from Ice Cube, Kid Cudi and Ken Carson to be exact! RHCP made the grand announcement on Monday that they'd be trekking… Permalink ... Continue Reading

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", de Brenda Lee, encabeza la lista Hot 100

Brenda Lee por fin tiene número 1 entre manos, y es el clásico navideño que lanzó hace más de 6 décadas y que por fin ha alcanzado el primer puesto en una lista importante todos estos años después. La famosa canción de la cantante "Rockin'… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Jeezy Calls BS on Jeannie Mai's Claim of Being Blindsided in Divorce

Jeannie Mai claims she found out about her divorce from Jeezy like the rest of the world ... which couldn't be any further from the truth -- at least from her estranged husband's POV. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Hip Hop that Jeannie Mai… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Brenda Lee's 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' Tops Hot 100 Chart

Brenda Lee finally has another #1 hit on her hands -- and it's the holiday classic she cranked out more than 6 decades ago ... which finally topped a major chart all these years later. The songstress' famous 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Ashanti supuestamente embarazada de Nelly

11:28 AM PT -- Ashanti aparentemente está embarazada después de todo - al menos según Us Weekly, que está citando una fuente que dice: "Nelly y Ashanti están dando la bienvenida a su primer bebé juntos". De ser cierto, sería el primer hijo… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Jeannie Mai, "destrozada" por su divorcio de Jeezy

Jeannie Mai dice que le sorprendió la solicitud de divorcio de Jeezy y afirma que se enteró de su separación a través de los medios de comunicación. Todo esto, por supuesto, después de que lo acusara de infidelidad. La actriz apareció en el… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Jeannie Mai Was 'Gutted' Over Divorce from Jeezy, Heard Through Press

Jeannie Mai says she was blindsided by Jeezy's divorce filing -- and claims she heard about their split through the media ... this, of course, after she recently suggested he may have been unfaithful. The actress appeared on the 'Jennifer Hudson…


... Continue Reading

DaBaby Quits Drinking After Barfing In Front Of Daughter

DaBaby says his days with alcohol are a wrap ... a decision made after he embarrassingly couldn't stop puking in front of his daughter!!! The Diamond-selling rapper admitted he got too wasted over the weekend and sent a warning to friends, family… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Joe Budden Calls NBA YoungBoy's Music Trash, Gets Violent Response From Him & Birdman

Joe Budden compared NBA Youngboy's music to the lowest form of trash 💩 on his recent podcast episode ... a critique that's pissed off NBA to the highest levels of pissitivity -- and Birdman is hot too!!! As the JBP's latest episode "Malcolm On… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Blueface 'Rescues' Newborn At 4 AM, Says Chrisean Neglected Him For Sex

Blueface says his fatherly instincts were forced to kick in early in the morn ... this after he allegedly got word that Chrisean had left their son in the care of her BFF. In the wee hours of Monday, Blueface went live on IG while holding his son,… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Ashanti Reportedly Pregnant with Nelly's Baby

11:28 AM PT -- Ashanti apparently is pregnant after all -- at least according to Us Weekly, which is citing a source that says, "Nelly and Ashanti are welcoming their first baby together." If true, it'd be Ashanti's first child ever ... and it… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Nelly & Ashanti Spark Pregnancy Rumors With Onstage Belly Rub

Nelly and Ashanti's latest barrage of PDA has led to pregnancy speculation -- and it's all because they created it!!! Over the weekend, Nelly, Ashanti and many more got suited and booted for the "Country Grammar" rapper's 11th Black and White Ball… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears Began Reconciling with Mom Weeks Ago, Jamie Lynn Up Next

Britney Spears wants to repair and reestablish relations with her family, and she's been reaching out to them for weeks ... TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Britney's been talking to her mom, Lynne Spears, regularly for… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Lynne Spears Is Joyful Over Reconciliation with Britney Spears

Lynne Spears is on her way back to Louisiana after a big weekend where she reconciled with her estranged daughter, Britney Spears, and she seems over the moon about the reunion. Lynne told the photog at LAX Monday it felt "wonderful" to spend time… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears posa semidesnuda en la cama tras su fin de semana de cumpleaños

Britney Spears cumplió 42 años el fin de semana, pero no lo habrías adivinado al verla posando en la cama con su ropa interior sexy de Victoria's Secret. En un video publicado en Instagram el domingo, la estrella del pop se mostraba en su… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Billie Eilish denuncia a Variety por exponerla en la alfombra roja

Billie Eilish aparentemente no tenía intención de mostrarse como LGBTQ + este fin de semana, pero parece que no tuvo opción, todo por culpa de un reportero que dio un gran salto. La estrella del pop publicó una serie de fotos y videos de sus… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Britney Spears Poses Half Naked in Bed After Her Birthday Weekend

Britney Spears turned 42 over the weekend ... but you wouldn't have known it by watching her frolic around in bed wearing her sexy Victoria's Secret undergarments. In a video posted on Instagram Sunday, the pop star didn't look a minute over 20 in… Permalink ... Continue Reading