Although you’re determined to get your way today, circumstances are against you. Postpone plans for advancement or you could be denied a golden opportunity.  Do only what’s necessary at work, then spend the day enjoying yourself instead.



Someone could pressure you into keeping a terrible secret today. Don’t get drawn into this intrigue, even if it means breaking off a friendship or losing favor with a colleague. You can’t go against your conscience for the sake of a single relationship.



Just because everyone else is enthusiastic about a practice, product, or concept doesn’t mean you need to jump on board. You usually make decisions based on logic instead of emotion. Continue to do this today, even when your nearest and dearest urge you to follow their lead.



You might feel pressure from your best friend or romantic partner to spend less time on career matters. It’s only natural that someone with your executive ability is ambitious; a dead-end job simply will not allow you to thrive. You’ll probably always be striving for a bigger and better 



It’s hard to not be insulted when people downplay your expertise. Instead of getting upset when someone ignores your advice today, turn your attention to a more rewarding activity. There’s no point trying to earn somebody’s respect who is naturally unappreciative.



Trying to push your agenda on others could be an exercise in futility today. It’s wiser to make your case and then let your audience decide for themselves whether they want to support you or not. There’s a chance you won’t get what you want, but at least you will have maintained your dignity



You may be forced to choose between a friend and your family today. Though it makes you angry when relatives criticize your best friend or romantic partner, you should resist the temptation to burn bridges with people you have known your entire life. 



 Burning the candle at both ends can take a toll on your health today. Slow down and smell the flowers, especially when you feel compelled to multi-task. 



Although you enjoy pushing the envelope, you should take extra precautions when playing extreme sports and working with heavy machinery today. It may feel unnecessary to wear protective gloves, goggles, or a helmet until they protect you from an injury or infection.



Beware of pushing your loved ones too far, even if you have the power to do so. While aggressive Mars is forming a harsh angle to Pluto in your sign, even if you manage to get friends and family to do your bidding, they may never forgive you for being unduly demanding.



You may opt to keep your feelings to yourself today out of fear of rocking the boat. However, it isn’t healthy for you to suppress your thoughts and emotions; you’ll need to find a healthy outlet for your mind and heart. 



 You’d be wise to keep your valuables under lock and key today. While you’re at it, you might also want to upgrade your passwords and start keeping your wallet in a more secure location.


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