Get ready to pad your pockets! A few splurges or treats are fine, but focus on buying forever pieces rather than objects that will quickly lose their luster.


All eyes are on you, You can also attract more admirers during this cycle, so use your new powers for good — or else you could leave a trail of broken hearts in your wake.


Life is taking a turn for the fantastic.. There’s nothing wrong with letting your heart lead you for the time being, but be wary of blinding yourself to any red flags you ought to be keeping an eye out for.


 It’s your turn to take your place center stage! lots of new opportunities your way to help you reach the next rung on the professional ladder. Authority figures could be especially eager to aid you during this cycle.


The universe is buoying you up! The only way to miss out on every opportunity would be to hide your gifts away by being anti-social.


 The world is spreading itself before you like an opulent buffet. You’ve got great prospects to find many chances to achieve personal satisfaction or even obtain some financial opportunities. Venus will do all she can to make your efforts worth it.


Things may seem intense today, but there is actually a very good reason for that. You can look forward to more financial windfalls and positive personal interactions in the weeks ahead.


Your relationships are being showered with cosmic grace. so if you’ve been hoping to team up with a peer, you’ll soon have lots of good options available to you. Two heads really are better than one right now.


Your life is about to become a little simpler — maybe even a little more enjoyable. Co-workers and volunteers could be extra accommodating, helping you enjoy your work or other duties more overall.


Some very good news may arrive for you in particular at any moment. the universe is doing its part to make sure you get to have more fun in general by putting your personal passions front and center. Go enjoy yourself!


Don’t be shocked if your surroundings rapidly start looking shabby or outdated. A professional decorator could help if you want to make big changes, and if that’s out of your budget, consider asking a friend with good taste for some advice.


 The cosmic spotlight is currently yours. Life could plant a few opportunities to stay busy here or there, potentially by offering you a new part-time gig or even by showing a potential fresh social connection at a local haunt.

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