You may not be able to describe a situation that’s currently going well for you — especially if you’re receiving help from others. Your benefactors might insist on maintaining absolute privacy. 


An invitation to join a larger community alongside a close pal is likely worth pursuing at the moment. You’re probably going through a lot of personal growth these days, and you could use some social support to cope with that — possibly more than you think you do. 


 Making your work beautiful can get you a special bonus from an authority figure today. Not mentioning this reward to peers is probably necessary to avoid causing friction. To colleagues who don’t know all the details, it may appear as though the rules are being bent to give you an unwarranted favor. 


Fun and adventure are calling your name, Cancer! Inviting friends to join any plans you’re cooking up could definitely add to your excitement. Unfortunately, they might also introduce conflict over money. Perhaps you have your heart set on going all out at any cost, while your peers are more interested in sticking to a budget


Material support you get from your family could provoke jealous reactions from your peers. They might think that you can’t understand how hard they have it, especially if your domestic situation appears more comfortable than theirs. Maybe it isn’t so simple on your end! 


A pleasant conversation can help you rekindle an important relationship. Perhaps a power imbalance between the two of you has made your connection awkward lately. Holding tightly to the belief that anything less than total fairness is bad could be making the discomfort worse than it needs to be! 


Making more money from your work is possible. Still, there might be something unusual or controversial about an arrangement you’re considering. This may inhibit you from telling your friends what you’re up to — and leave you to wonder whether or not it’s really a good idea.


Looking beautiful could be important to you today. Creative flair can guide your aesthetic, especially as aesthetic Venus in your sign encourages exuberant Jupiter in your expressive 5th house. You might want to ask yourself if you’re trying too hard to be edgy. 


Rest can rejuvenate you and give you energy. You might worry that explaining this choice to others will be difficult, but the hardest battle will probably be convincing yourself.


The words people want to hear could seemingly make you popular at the moment. you’ll probably say just about anything to get the approval you seek. That said, you may be called upon to deliver whatever you’ve promised 


Feeling a sense of financial abundance can empower you to make immediate, confident moves toward your goals. you might also appear so serious that it grabs the interest of someone powerful enough to help you further. 


Having an adventurous attitude could make you lots of fun to be around. While pleasant Venus in your stimulating 9th house supports bold Jupiter in your sign, you probably have something exciting to say — and the courage to say it. Knowing when to stop might be more of a challenge

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