You may be seen as self-centered at work today, more committed to your own whims than to the group mission.



 It may be hard to wake up from your sweet dreams today, yet the freedom of dreamland does not always translate well to the waking world, where people are tied to particular ideas of how things should go.



Connecting with people feels good today, and it is comforting to see that people generally seem to think well of you. Charge your batteries with the positive vibes while you can,



You are likely feeling good about your current path in life and nurtured by your professional surroundings. Your close, personal relationships, however, may seem to lack that nurturing quality at this time



 It is hard to balance your desire to broaden your horizons with the practical demands of life. If you can’t travel and see much of the world right now, can you see yourself in a better professional position?



Strong feelings are pulling you toward fusion with someone else, though there is a part of you resisting the full merger you think you want. It might just be the reality that you will always be a separate person on some level,



 You are drawn toward a relationship that feels pleasant and emotionally nurturing. It might seem like an escape from the heaviness of your family’s past, though old dynamics could follow you into this new connection if you are not careful. 


You can get emotional satisfaction from quietly taking care of your practical responsibilities today. These tasks seem to have a clear and achievable correct answer,



You hate feeling tied down, so the thought of financial pressures pushing you to be serious just makes you want to withdraw into your fun all the more



 It is easy for you to hide behind the role of being your family’s rock in order to avoid addressing harder questions about your own identity. You may not even know where to start asking such questions. 



 Casual chatter is all around you today, and it may end up hitting one of your sore spots. No one is trying to set you off; the trigger might be something you wouldn’t even see coming yourself. 



You seem to be in a confident place financially for the moment. If you have a little extra, it might be time to spring for something special you’ve been eyeing in a favorite shop, whether online or in your neighborhood.

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