Your composure is susceptible to cracking under the influence of the strong personalities around you today. Applying a little self-restraint will help to combat the intensity of your own feelings.



A desire to break from authority or tradition is possible today. There are things you are starting to doubt — don’t be afraid to seek out more information if something just feels off to you.



It should come as no surprise when something brilliant or witty comes out of your mouth today. Your mind is perfectly balanced between intuition and reason 



 An honest approach only seems to get you so far today. Even though people are hearing what you are saying, you still feel like your message is not being understood. 



Carefully orchestrate how you express your feelings in order to enhance your influence, and try to have a better understanding of why you are taking the approach that you are. This is a good day for getting your way and obtaining what you desire.



 Your emotions seem out of reach today and you could find yourself reacting to something with an out-of-character response. If you are feeling stilted, look closer into why that could be. 



You desire to be seen and appreciated by others at this time, but nothing seems to come as easily as you would like. Hard work is needed and discipline should be employed 



 Start paying attention to how interactions between you and others play out, and see the patterns that are created when honest self-reflection is used to make a point. Be sure to choose your words with precision today, because the right people are listening to what you have to say.



Your words spill out of you like wildfire, making your impact on others even bigger than you may have intended. Notice the amplified energy you are showing up with and be aware of how it affects the people in your immediate environment



People lean on you today for the realistic perspective you provide, with your unique ability to clearly define how something doesn’t make sense. Pointing out the problems can seem like a thankless task, but don’t give up



Use this information to expand your understanding of the dynamics between you and your friends or work team. Do your part to facilitate important conversations that open doors and ignite minds. Your words are peppered with creativity today as a passionate conviction for truth courses through your soul.



An unexpected realization is just what you need to bring momentum back to a project or task you are working on. You are ready to reapproach something with a clearer mind and stricter boundaries now. 


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