Our energy is grounded today, but we should still know what to do with a good idea if we hear one.thinking big can feel surprisingly comfortable.


Paying attention to the subtle dynamics in your professional life can help you get ahead at this time. Although you’re likely already able to present yourself well and say your piece articulately, 


You may finally realize how an idea you’ve been chewing on for a while can make your real life easier. It might be time for some honesty with yourself about how your values have changed over time, but try to view the situation in an optimistic way. 


A secret you’ve been holding on to for a long time could be on your mind today. Perhaps you need to transform the way you look at it. Though telling everyone you know the whole story immediately is not your only option, you may want to look at sharing at least selected parts of it with a few special people


Working hard to achieve your goals could definitely be a priority for you today, and you might find the experience stimulating in its own way


You could be a little intense today. As messy as this probably is, perhaps it will give your listeners valuable insights as to why certain unusual parts of your intellectual views appeal to you specifically. 


Home life could be emotionally intense for you today, but you might succeed in making the positive change you know is necessary


Though your grasp of psychological matters is probably strong now, you can still bring the discussion back to the practical concerns that perhaps provoked this talk in the first place — and plan how to handle them better than ever!


You may have the opportunity to take a financial risk today, and perhaps someone else is egging you on to do it. you might be worried about the possibility of losing your investment. 


Contrary to that, perhaps you’ve been thinking about it for a while and just never had the courage to do it before. Though venturing away from familiar ground could be intimidating, the reception you’ll get from others is likely to be better than you expect.


 Odd things in your life can make much more sense given the proper context — you may be relieved to know that something you blamed yourself for was actually beyond your control. Share with other relatives at your discretion.


be careful what you blurt out, because you might blunder into a controversial truth without even realizing it. The intuition your sign is known for is perhaps not always easy to control, so try to think before you speak.

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