You may be especially sensitive about your body at the moment, as how you present to the world might not be entirely under your control. Making an effort to express yourself creatively can give others a fuller picture of you and let your character shine through. 


A family secret could be on your mind now, and perhaps you feel resentful that your peers don’t have to deal with similar challenges — as far as you know.


A misunderstanding with a friend may be weighing on you today. Fortunately, if you try to talk it out with them, you’re likely to be successful. Think about what might have contributed to the dispute –


Professional ambition may stress you out at the moment, as you might tend to push yourself in a way that’s not good for you. Try to look closely at the material rewards you’re already receiving for your efforts. 


Finding a philosophy to guide your life could be a challenge right now. You might feel like none of the political or spiritual options you’re aware of fit you very well. However, your own experience likely counts for more than you think it does!


Sharing resources with someone else could be scary, as you might have memories of being ripped off in the past. You may need to face your fear today, though, as collaborating is probably your best way through a situation that’s a bit outside the normal paths of life. 





 Solitude may seem like your least risky option at the moment, as you might feel as though you can’t do anything right when you get close with others. However, engaging in a less intense social setting could actually be a relief. Even if it’s just an online forum that you access from home, 


Consulting an authority figure might be necessary to jolt you out of a rut of worrying about your health or diet today. While you may feel like nothing will improve the situation that upsets you, you’re better off letting someone more informed help you sort through


The pursuit of pleasure may come with a side of guilt for you these days. However, this is an opportune moment to look at any underlying ideas that are potentially dragging you down and see if they’re due for an update. 


Your home might not be what you’d like it to be at the moment, but you may have more opportunities to invest in making positive changes than you realize. 


The thought of initiating an important conversation could bring up anxiety for you at this time, but you’re likely to find it more rewarding than you expected once you get going. The other person might have a lot to say, thus taking some of the heat off you. 


Knowing when you really have enough money could be difficult today. Peer pressure is probably part of the equation — but it may not be limited to people you currently interact with, as your memories can also be strong factors.

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