Say what you need to say and you could solve most of your problems right off the bat. You may have been keeping your thoughts to yourself while your brain was brewing the answer, but it is finally time to let others know the things that have been on your mind. 



 Improvements are likely for your financial situation, brought about by your ability to be both reliable when you need to be and relaxed when it’s time to set down the work. 



Feeling like yourself should come easily right now, and you’ll likely be communicating more freely. Others may see you as a social butterfly, flitting here and there in order to talk to everyone.



You’re likely to play your cards closer to the chest now, unwilling to risk revealing all your personal business to everyone.



Sensitivity is high for you today, and the thoughts and opinions of others may mean more to you than they usually do. Thankfully, it’s unlikely that many unkind opinions are coming your way,



Any work that you might have been doing behind the scenes could come to light now and help you shine in the workplace. If you’ve been putting in late hours or covering for others, it’s likely that someone important has been noticing



Learning through others is an important theme for you today, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss some crucial lessons. The emotional issues and interpersonal problems that your friends may be going through now could be a learning experience for you


Focused energy is available to you now, but where to direct this focus has been left up to you. Through hard work and determination, you’ll be able to make great strides in your career. 



People may be demanding the majority of your energy now, leaving little time for you to focus on you. While you’re likely to enjoy working with others, make sure that you’re not creating setbacks for yourself. 


Capricorn STINKER

You might have a lot on your plate now — luckily, the people that you depend on are likely to show up for you in your time of need. If you don’t have to worry about every detail, you’ll be able to deal with more big-picture issues, and a group effort will lead you towards success.



 You may have been working hard to secure your success lately, but all this hard work probably wasn’t very entertaining. Take a step back from the grind at the end of the day and allow yourself to get your mind off of work



There’s nothing wrong with getting back to basics and keeping things simple today. It may seem like some are doing the work of three people at once, making you feel judged for not allocating all of your time to your career.

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