You may be willing to share more of yourself than normal with your friends today. Still, keep in mind your motives for opening up. It’s true that telling people about your background can give them a better context for understanding your quirks.



Communication could be intense at this time, as even routine matters seem to touch on deep philosophical issues. Your strongest energy can be found in your inner life,



Today you could find yourself torn between enjoying the people around you in your usual lighthearted way and pursuing things that you personally find intellectually fulfilling.



Speaking up may help defuse a power struggle quietly brewing in one of your close relationships. Part of the problem might be a money issue, 



Someone in your life may seem to be overly dependent on you. Surprising circumstances, however, could reveal that the dependency is not as one-sided as it might appear.



 You could feel very emotionally attuned to some of the undercurrents in your peer relationships today. Maybe a social situation you’ve been rationalizing really does hurt your feelings, no matter how much you logically understand the other party’s position.



 If power dynamics in your career have become overwhelming, you might ask yourself if you’re reacting to something other than ongoing events at your workplace.



You may be getting noticed more than usual in your career, but you might not be as happy about it as you would have expected. Early experiences of competing with your siblings or other childhood peers,



Being seen as a cosmopolitan adventurer or as a philosopher who ponders deep mysteries could be a reputation you really enjoy having. However, that may also make it harder for you to embrace the part of yourself that actually likes the more routine side of life. 



Communicating in a close relationship could be frustrating for you at the moment. You might feel like you’re seen as the bad guy, while from your perspective, you aren’t given the opportunity to be anything else.



Picking at someone in your life over petty things may be tempting. The more they try to respond to your complaints and please you, though, the more you might find that they could improve.



Difficult dynamics in a social group could provoke you to question whether your devotion to this group is reciprocated. You may take pride in your ability to serve the needs of the people you care about, 

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