Your body may be feeling the effects of many months of stress today, as constant changes and uncertainty about your money situation are now starting to manifest physically. Shifts in your financial prospects



Today, creative labors will help you step more fully into the new person that you have been becoming over the last several months. you feel strongly empowered,



You may be rudely awakened today by the effects of having repressed certain emotions, experiences, or impulses into your unconscious. 



New or eccentric friends can help liberate you from restrictive ideas about your prospects for a happy future. Collaborative efforts, group discussions, dialogue, and all forms of information exchange are uplifting now, inspiring you to break



You are feeling very inclined to stick with familiar, tried-and-true methods when it comes to your financial security and streams of income. Thankfully, you are creative enough to manage this, even as extreme changes shake up your career. 



Today you may emotionally reconcile with a recent paradigm shift or spiritual awakening that has been disturbing your peace of mind. This kind of open-mindedness does not come easily to you,



Earthquake-like shocks of upheaval and change have driven you into a quiet, contemplative state today. You may be feeling withdrawn or laconic, preferring to turn your attention toward meditation, prayer, or other spiritual pursuits.


Upheaval, tensions, or feelings of constriction may be surfacing with some intensity in your close relationships. However, these feelings are serving to help open you up to new friendships, emotional experiences, and ways of relating to others.



You may not be particularly thrilled by the amount of work on your plate, nor with the particular tasks that have been left for you to do. 

you are even more of a magnet for wealth, fun, and expansion than usual. 



The faculties of your higher mind are wide open today. Because you are receptive and open to new modes of thinking, you are liable to channel inspiring insights and ingenious solutions from levels beyond your conscious mind. 



 Your moods and emotions are very intense now and might even feel foreign or strange to you, as though they belong to someone else. Today, you may reach some peace with recent upheavals in your conception of who you truly are, 



Highly intelligent conversations with an eccentric or revolutionary-minded person may open you up to new perspectives today, or you may be sharing your own ingenious ideas with someone else. You will enjoy an easy balance between independence and cooperation,


# 7 18 22 30