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7 Things You Need to Know (5-24-22)

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp Defamation trial….More HERE

Liam Payne and his Fiancée, Maya Henry have split….More HERE

Fort Bragg is going to be re-named Fort Liberty…More HERE

The outdoor pools at Legion Stadium and Robert Strange Park will open to the public Saturday ….More HERE

Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook 2022: 70% likelihood of 14-21 named storms of which 6-10 could become hurricanes, including 3-6 major hurricanes…More HERE

Ritz Crackers and Oreo Cookies will be teaming up for a first of-its-kind product mashup…More HERE

Over 2,000 students from three high schools in Indiana may have set a new record for largest game of Duck, Duck, Goose…..More HERE


Video of The Day

‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Trailer…. More HERE


Weird News:

Heinz is launching an “Art of the Burger” nationwide competition in search of the ultimate burger creation. The winning burger will be featured on BurgerFi menus in fall 2022. The creator of the winning burger recipe will also win $25,000, and 50 runners-up will get Heinz Art of the Burger merchandise. Heinz is asking participants to use Heinz sauces to create a Heinz Art Burger inspired by one or more of these artistic themes: Classical, Maximal, Minimal, Sculptural, and Experimental. To win, just post a photo of your best burger creation on HeinzArtOfTheBurger.com, or post it on Twitter using the hashtags #HeinzArtBurger and #contest. The competition runs through July 12th.

Bride Calls Off Wedding After Discovering Her Groom is Bald: The India Times says a bride from India recently called off her wedding after discovering her groom was bald. The couple was halfway through their ceremony when the groom’s toupee fell off. The bride halted the wedding and demanded a refund. The bride’s uncle says, “If they would have told us about the groom’s baldness, we could have mentally prepared the bride and she would not have been shocked. You cannot expect marriage to start on falsehood”


7 Things You Need to Know (5-23-22)

The man accused of tackling Dave Chappelle says he did what he did because he was “triggered” by Dave’s LGBT jokes….More HERE

“Click it or Ticket” campaign from May 23 to June 5…..More HERE

Halsey says her new music is being held up by her label unless she can make a “viral TikTok moment” to promote it….More HERE

Arby’s selling burgers for 1st time ever….More HERE

The first Batman comic book was auctioned off over the weekend for $1.74 million….More HERE

Rihanna allegedly plans to raise her son in Barbados….More HERE

Wendy Williams has been placed under a financial guardianship…..More HERE


Video of the Day

In this “Cut for Time” sketch Pete Davidson pays tribute to Lorne Michaels…..More HERE


Weird News:

Woman Calls 911 To Complain About Incorrect McDonald’s Order: Fox News says the Lakeland, Florida police recently arrested Tianas Jones for calling 911 about an incorrect McDonald’s order. The 22 year old went through the drive-thru and ordered a Happy Meal with a chocolate shake, a fish fillet sandwich, tea and fries. Jones became upset after her order was prepared incorrectly. She entered the restaurant and started screaming at employees. She then threw a stack of cups at them and called 911 to complain. Officers charged her with assault, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and misuse of 911. Officer Grady Judd says, “I don’t know what was wrong with her that night. I don’t know if she was two fries short of a Happy Meal, but she created a McMess and acted like a McNut… she ended up a McBurglar.”

Take The SAT Exam And Earn $1,000: WGN-TV says a tutoring company is paying $1,000 for an adult to take the SAT exam. Lerner says they want to see if the adult can score higher than the national SAT average score of 1,060. “Our ideal candidate doesn’t need any special qualifications, just a confident ‘can-do’ attitude and the ability to spend three hours taking a test. You’ll get paid $1,000 cash once you’ve “completed the job requirements of taking the SAT exam that we provide.” People can apply for the test on Learner’s website

Man Blames Speeding Ticket On ‘Baby Mama’: The Telegraph says a Monroe County, Georgia Sheriff recently stopped a 21 year-old man for going 111 mph on Interstate 75. The man told cops he was speeding because he was being chased by his ‘baby mama’. The man didn’t say why the woman was pursuing him. Cops hauled the man to jail


7 Things You Need to Know (5-19-22)

Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy…. More HERE

There’s a new J-Lo documentary called ‘Half-Time’ coming to Netflix on June 14…..More HERE

America more interested in Depp-Heard trial than any other topic….More HERE

Masked Singer Season 7 Winner…More HERE

Eating cranberries could improve memory and ward off dementia….More HERE

[STUDY] Hugs don’t help Men with stress…..More HERE

Nick Cannon announced he’s already had a vasectomy consultation…..More HERE


Video of the Day

This compilation of dogs being rescued at the animal shelter will have you crying happy tears of joy….More HERE


Weird News:

A woman who is attracted to objects and married a zombie doll in 2018 says she recently started her dream family of nine when she got six zombie doll childrenMore HERE

Man Drowns While Trying To Recreate Titanic Scene: The Daily Record says a man from Turkey recently drowned while trying to recreate the ‘I’m flying” scene from ”Titanic”.  Furkan Ciftci and his partner, Mine Dinar, got drunk and then went to the edge of a pier where he hoisted her into the air. The couple fell off the pier before Furkan tragically drowned. His girlfriend was saved by a fisherman, who reeled her into his boat with his fishing pole.

Massive Asteroid To Pass Earth: Newsweek magazine says an asteroid, that is 5,900 feet wide, will pass by Earth next week. It is the size of two of the world’s tallest buildings. The asteroid will be 2.5 million miles away from Earth on May 27th. It will be traveling at 47,200 mph or 20 times faster than a bullet. NASA says the Earth is safe

Woman Marries Someone Else After Drunk Groom Arrives Late For Wedding: The India Times says a woman from India married another man because her groom got drunk and was late to their wedding. The groom was out dancing at a bar. The bride and her family got so frustrated that she decided to marry someone else. The groom was stunned when he arrived and learned what happened. The police were called to separate the families.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-18-22)

[VIDEO] Taylor Swift gave the commencement address at New York University…. More HERE

U.S. Soccer reaches equal pay agreement with women’s and men’s teams…..More HERE

Don Gorske from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin has eaten a Big Mac every day since May 17, 1972….More HERE

[STUDY] A new study claims yawning evolved as a social cue to warn others that we are less alert….More HERE

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is making a come back without animals…More HERE

[SURVEY] Only 53% of people felt like an adult when they turned 18….More HERE

There was a strange study out of Switzerland three years ago, which found cheese tastes better when it’s been exposed to ’90s hip-hop…..More HERE


Video of the Day

The first trailer for ‘She-Hulk’….More HERE


Weird News:

Mom Eases Formula Shortage By Donating 45 Gallons Of Breast Milk: Newsweek magazine says Andrea Heidenreich, of Dubuque, Iowa, is being hailed as a hero for donating 45 gallons of breast milk to mothers, who are struggling to find baby formula. She Facebooked, “Today was a big day. It marks the end of my pumping and breastfeeding journey. I donated the last of my breast milk to the Mothers Milk Bank of Iowa this morning. I have donated just over 45 gallons after my donation today. It makes me so happy to know I am helping the Mammas and Babies who need it. I have been so blessed to have the ability to donate.”

Man Abducted By Aliens 60 Times: The India Times says Russ Kellett, of Yorkshire, England, claims he has been abducted by aliens 60 times. He says the aliens are 15 feet tall. “The first time was when I was 16 when I was travelling home on my motorbike. I went through a tunnel that I’d never seen before, and the next thing I knew, I was in what looked like a dentist’s surgery, with 15ft tall alien men, that look very much like Dracula without the sharp teeth, surrounding me. I had some sort of tube pushed down my throat, and whatever liquid they pumped into me, it turned me into one of their super soldiers. For the past 30 years, I have been part of their army fighting the opposing race of aliens, the “Dragos”, which are tall and scaly, they have heads like dragons. I’ve been gone for years and people don’t realize, as four hours here is four years on one of the planets I’ve been to.”



7 Things You Need to Know (5-17-22)

Wheel of Fortune Live is coming to the Wilson Center on Sept. 15….More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp Defamation Trial….More HERE

Congress is holding a hearing on UFO’s….More HERE

Bam Margera just completed a 12-month treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse….More HERE

50% of British drivers don’t know how to set their car’s clock, 70% have no idea how to operate turn signals…..More HERE

The average American is getting 26 scam calls and 11 unsolicited spam texts a week . . . More HERE

Latest fashion trend: black wedding dresses…..More HERE


Video of the Day

Worst First Pitch of ALL TIME….More HERE


Weird News:

Hangover Bagel Going Viral: The Express-News says Boss Bagels, in San Antonio, is going viral because they have created a breakfast bagel sandwich they claim cures hangovers. The Country Ham Hangover Cure has bacon, cheddar cheese, fried eggs, cream cheese, baked potatoes and egg yolk stuffed in between an onion bagel. It costs $9.75.

Man Runs Marathon In 111 Shirts: United Press International says David Rush, of Idaho, recently set a new world record when he ran a half-marathon while wearing 111 t-shirts. He completed the marathon in 2 hours, 47 minutes and 55 seconds. He beat the previous record of 82 shirts. David says, “My arms lost circulation and after a couple of hours my hands swelled to what felt like twice the size, my normally loose wedding ring was a constricted ring, and I couldn’t even touch my thumb across my hand”


7 Things You Need to Know (5-16-22)

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian got married over the weekend….More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp Defamation case….More HERE

[LIST] The Best TV Theme Songs….More HERE

[LIST] Biggest viral moments from the Billboard Music Awards….More HERE

The Carolina Beach Music Festival is set to return for its 36th annual event on Saturday, June 4….More HERE

Chris Brown is going to do a residency in Vegas…..More HERE

Florida man caught golfing on side of I-75……More HERE


Video of The Day

Surfin’ Dog……More HERE


Weird News:

Raising 3 or more children could make you literally lose your mind….More HERE

DQ Naming Blizzard After Highest Bidder: Dairy Queen is auctioning off the opportunity to have a Blizzard named after a person. Fans can start bidding today. Dairy Queen says, *The highest bidder will receive honorary renaming privileges for a Blizzard Treat from the Summer Blizzard Treat Menu (excluding the Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard Treat) consisting of: the highest bidder’s name of choice on the selected Blizzard Treat on the DQ.com homepage from June 5-30, 2022, and one DQ post about the renamed Blizzard Treat on each of the following DQ social channels in June 2022: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Start date for naming on the DQ homepage is contingent on timely receipt of highest bidder’s name of choice.”


7 Things You Need to Know (5-13-22)

[LIST] The Best & Worst Cuts of Steak…..More HERE

Marc Anthony is engaged again…More HERE

Elon Musk just put his twitter deal on hold..…More HERE

How to Fight a Goose and Win…..More HERE

Google unveiled new glasses that can translate people speaking other languages, and spit out subtitles in real time……More HERE

UNCW makes history, advances to first CAA softball championship game….More HERE

An animated revival of “Married…With Children” is in development with the original series main cast set to return….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Waterfront property is now the property of the Ocean….More HERE


Weird News:

The Case of Clive Wearing, A Man With Dual Amnesia Who Lives His Life Seven Seconds at a Time…..More HERE

Florida Woman Tells Cops That Getting Arrested Is On Her Bucket List: The Daily Mail says a Florida teenager recently told a police officer that going to jail was on her bucket list. Janiya Douglas was speeding through Key Largo when an officer attempted to stop her. She fled before eventually stopping at an intersection. The 19 year-old told cops that getting arrested had been on her bucket list since high school. She was charged with fleeing and eluding.

Couple Suing Son Because They Want Grandkids: Newsweek magazine says a couple from India is suing their son and his wife. They are demanding a grandchild within the next year or $645,000 in support money. The potential grandfather says, “I gave my son all my money, got him trained in America. I don’t have any money now. We have taken a loan from bank to build home. We’re troubled financially and personally. We invest in our children, make them capable of working in good firms. Children owe their parents basic financial care.”

Drunk Woman Arrested For Bad Dancing: WFLA says a Pinellas County, Florida woman performed a ballet and various Irish folk dance moves during a recent traffic stop. Amy Harrington crashed into another car one mile from her home. Officers gave her a field sobriety test. That’s when she performed several dance moves and was charged with a DUI and property damage


7 Things You Need to Know (5-12-22)

[PIC] The Event Horizon Telescope Group captured an image of a black hole in the middle of our galaxy….More HERE

[PIC] Ever seen a fish that measured a whopping 8′ 2″, and weighed at least 300lbs….. More HERE

Naomi Judd committed suicide by firearm….More HERE

Lebron James is the world’s second highest paid athlete…. More HERE

[LIST] MTV TV and Movie Awards nominations…. More HERE

Andy Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery…. More HERE

Rhode Island kickball player Gianna Pecchia was banned from the dating app for life after the service discovered she was using the app to recruit teammates…More HERE


Video of the Day

When the passenger becomes the pilot…. More HERE


Weird News:

11 Greek Phrases You Should Know…..More HERE

People Staying At Texas Chainsaw Massacre Motel On Friday The 13th: KPRC says a group of Houston residents plan to celebrate Friday the 13th tomorrow by staying at the famed Texas Chainsaw Massacre motel. They are going to wear night vision goggles and document their overnight stay for a local TV station

School Sends Thong Underwear Instead Of Flowers For Mother’s Day: CBS says a Catholic school in Philadelphia is apologizing for sending mothers red thong underwear instead of red roses for Mother’s Day.  The principal for Saint Anselm’s sent an Email to parents saying: ”The roses sold at our Mother’s Day plant sale were not the single faux flowers originally intended. Instead, the item was a Valentine’s Day gift intended for adults. The administration will determine how the error occurred and take steps to prevent a further recurrence.”


7 Things You Need to Know (5-11-22)

[VIDEO] The Hoggard High School baseball team made a comeback win against Southern Alamance with a grand slam from Bennett McNeill…..More HERE

Shave, Wax, Or Use Creams? The best ways to remove unwanted hair….More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp Defamation Trial…More HERE

Ellen’s series finale will air on Thursday, May 26th….More HERE

10 websites where you can find FREE STUFF…. More HERE

21 Pilots were getting set to work with producers for a new song for Top Gun soundtrack until Tom Cruise ‘came in and just fired everyone’…. More HERE

Five ‘Magic Words’ that will solve Wordle every time…..More HERE


Video of the Day

She loses her shoe coming off the starting block. What place do you think she’s finishes?….. More HERE


Weird News:

Cirque du Soleil Offers Job To Amazing College Baseball Player: BroBible says Cirque du Soleil has offered a job to a college baseball player, who recently went viral for balancing things on his face. Cole Hampton plays third base for Missouri S&T. During a recent rain delay, his teammates filmed him balancing a bat, a hat, a helmet, a folding chair, a hand sanitizer dispenser and a pipe on his face. Cirque du Soleil producers saw Hampton’s video and Tweeted; ”Let him know we’ll be here if baseball doesn’t work out”

Soccer Star Fired For Passing Gas: TMZ says Brazilian soccer star Marcelo recently lost his first team spot because he repeatedly broke wind and laughed about it in the locker room. The athlete’s punishment reportedly came about after he passed gas near the team’s manager and director. His contract with French soccer club Lyon was terminated before he signed with another team.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-9-22)

[PIC] Best photograph of a UFO ever taken…..More HERE

25 years ago the best movie ever came out – “Fifth Element”…. More HERE

Britney Spears just set her wedding date…..More HERE

Fred Savage has been fired as a producer from ”The Wonder Years” reboot because of inappropriate conduct….More HERE

Selena Gomez is going to host ”Saturday Night Live” this week. Post Malone is the musical guest….More HERE

White House announces a program to make high-speed internet cheaper for millions of Americans… More HERE

Travis Scott is set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards….More HERE


Video of the Day

Avatar – Way of the Water trailer…More HERE


Weird News:

Do you know what Herping is?…….. More HERE

How to pay attention to the “pink flags” in your relationships….More HERE

Couple wakes up to find strange dog sleeping with them in their bed…..More HERE

Manic Mondays: A survey by the dating site Victoria Milan reveals that Monday is the day when most people look the hardest for someone to have an affair with. Other findings: 36% of cheaters look for an affair on Monday because of a boring weekend spent with a partner, 29% of cheaters look for an affair on Monday because they want an adrenaline rush, Saturdays are the second busiest day for affairs followed by Fridays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays


7 Things You Need to Know (5-5-22)

Virgin Atlantic flight packed full of passengers had to turn around and head back to London because one of the pilots revealed he was unqualified to fly…..More HERE

Intuit owes customers $141 million after it ‘cheated’ them out of free tax services…..More HERE

A$AP Rocky just called out Chris Brown in a new song called D.M.B….More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp defamation trial…..More HERE

[RECAP] Masked Singer….More HERE

Researchers in Hungary found evidence that dogs have an episodic-like memory, which means they can recall events from their past, just like humans….More HERE

The average person will pack up and move five times in their lifetime….More HERE


Video of the Day

“Mom of the Year” candidate…More HERE


Weird News:

Carolina math: Farts, rotten eggs, and black panthers = Dead prankster girlfriend…..More HERE

Students Catfish Teacher: WWMT says three students, from Gobles, Michigan, are in trouble for catfishing one of their teachers. They set up a dating app profile with stolen pictures from a 35 year-old woman. They then contacted their teacher and catfished him. The students got the teacher to send them scandalous pictures. The students then tried to blackmail the teacher. Cops got involved and cleared the teacher of any wrongdoing. The students are now under investigation.

It turns out the shape of your face, your very bone structure, influences how people perceive your personality. University of New South Wales researchers measured the facial-width-to-height (FWHR) ratio of over 17,000 passport images of male and female faces and then had others rate the faces for aggression. The results showed faces with high FWHR (square faces) were rated as more aggressive than people with low FWHR (oval faces)—particularly if they were young men. Researchers say this suggests young male square faces may serve as a signal of physical strength, which is why we perceive them as more aggressive. They also add, “It is possible that there are broader physical changes in aging that explain the pattern. For example, because BMI is moderately correlated with the FWHR, one possibility is that age-related BMI changes are different for males and females.” Other studies have found that men with square faces have higher sex drives, and are also more likely to cheat.





7 Things You Need to Know (5-4-22)

Dave Chappelle had a rough night last night….More HERE

The “leak” wasn’t a “leak” it was deal brokered between Ray J, Kim and Kris Jenner and Vivid Entertainment….More HERE

Post Malone and his girlfriend are expecting….More HERE

What do Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, Eminem, and Dolly Parton have in common? They are getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…..More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp defamation case…More HERE

The NFL is going to play a game in Germany on Nov 13…More HERE

BTS is going to drop a new album called “proof” on Friday, June 10, 2022…….More HERE


Video of the Day

That’s sportsmanship….More HERE


Weird News:

Tensions mount over the canceled Gilroy Garlic Festival and its proposed move to Stockton by Asparagus Festival people…..More HERE

NASA Sending Naked Pics Into Space: The NY Post says NASA scientists will soon launch pictures of naked humans into space in an attempt to lure aliens to Earth. The hand-drawn images will feature a nude man and woman waving next to a depiction of DNA. The pictures will include an invitation for potential aliens to respond. Researchers hope the pics will help humans finally make contact with extraterrestrials.

Asteroid To Buzz Earth: Newsweek magazine says an asteroid, that is 2700 ft wide, will pass by Earth next week. The asteroid is bigger than the world’s tallest building in Dubai. The asteroid will be traveling at 25,000 mph when it passes Earth on Monday, May 9th at 8:13 p.m. Eastern time. The asteroid will be 3.5 million miles away from Earth

Trying to become a Ghost: I’m not sure if this guy was trying to hide from the cops or HAUNT the motel he got kicked out of . . . Police in Belfast, Maine got a call Sunday night about a drunk guy at a motel called the Admiral Ocean Inn. (Belfast is about halfway up the coast, just south of Bangor.) His name is Philip Dulude. They kicked him out and said they’d arrest him if he came back. But he didn’t listen. A cop swung by again around 12:40 A.M. to make sure he wasn’t there. And he tried to hide from them . . . by draping a BEDSHEET over himself. They found him sitting outside on a chair, fully covered by a white sheet.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-3-22)

Leaked memo from SCOTUS suggest it might overturn Roe v. Wade….More HERE

[PICS] Red Carpet photos from the Met Gala….More HERE

Wendy Williams says she’ll be back on TV by the end of the year….More HERE

Free Comic Book Day on Saturday…..More HERE

[LIST] 14 signs you have been ‘Bone-Zoned’….More HERE

A new study from the University of Greenwich found that three or four beers can ease your pain better than some over the counter painkillers….More HERE

Yo! MTV Raps will premiere on May 24….More HERE


Video of the Day

Celine Dion + Smashmouth = LOL….More HERE


Weird News:

High Schooler Makes Prom Dress Out Of Harry Potter Books: KARK says a Prairie Grove, Arkansas high schooler is going viral because she made her prom dress from the pages of her favorite book. Haley Skoch used two full Harry Potter books and help from her mother to create her white dress. She says it took four days to fasten the pages together.

Couple Earns $15K Per Month Dressing As Tarzan And Jane: The Daily Mirror says a Bristol, England couple is going viral because they earn $15,000 a month on Only Fans dressing as Tarzan and Jane. Michael and Terri Martin both quit their jobs when they realized they could make more money dressing as the famous couple. Michael says, “I don’t think people realise how much work goes into it. People who hear about OnlyFans think you can just join and the next thing you will be a millionaire – it doesn’t work like that. Yes you can make good money on it but it takes a lot of work. We work 40 hours a week to get content out. We are very aware it is different to manual labour and it is so much better than our jobs before.”

Worst Mother EVER: Newsweek magazine says the Okaloosa County, Florida police recently arrested Shyla Heidelberg for leaving her three-year-old child asleep on a sidewalk while she partied inside a nightclub. Cops found the toddler at 1 a.m. and then found two additional children alone at Heidelberg’s apartment. She was charged with child neglect.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-28-22)

[INFO] How to officially submit your Emoji idea….More HERE

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to launch on Dec. 16….. More HERE

There’s a new airline coming to Wilmington (Avelo Airlines) that’s going to offer nonstop routes to New Haven, Orlando and Washington D.C….. https://bit.ly/36UP6Im

Amanda Bynes fiancé called the cops on her last night….More HERE

Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on The Walking Dead, is no longer going to star in the Darryl-Carol Walking Dead spin-off…… More HERE

Remember MTV reality series “Making the Band,”?  Choppa who was on the show got arrested for sex trafficking…..More HERE

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp defamation case….More HERE


Video of the Day

What????….. More HERE


Weird News:

Man regrets buying cockatoo after discovering it likes to sing Drowning Pool’s Bodies….. More HERE

Georgia Tech students create 4.2-mile hopscotch course for world record….More HERE

Nike Selling $80,000 Virtual Sneaker: The Sun says Nike is selling a virtual sneaker for $80,000. The sneaker can be purchased in the Metaverse. Those, who buy the sneaker can change its skins and digitally alter the colors of it. LAD Bible says one pair of virtual Nikes recently sold for $186,000

Man Sells Stinky Used Socks Online: The Daily Mirror says a London man, named Billy Joe Gray, makes $2,000 a month by selling his used socks online. Billy wears the socks and then places them in Ziploc bags before sending them to customers. He says, “I have a lot of Americans who buy my used underwear and my used socks and keep them for their own enjoyment. I get regular buyers who will buy used socks all the time. I’ll go to the gym on specific days for them and wear them over the course of one to three days for them.”

To keep your significant other happy you’ll want to share and swap chores, finds a new study. University of Utah researchers analyzed the results of a bunch of surveys and found that couples who shared the same tasks reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Study leader, professor Daniel Carlson says, “The number of equally shared tasks matters a great deal for both men’s and women’s relationship quality. Indeed, among recent cohorts, there is evidence to suggest that it matters as much if not more than each partner’s overall proportion of housework.” This all suggests you should switch off household responsibilities, rather than each partner sticking to their assigned chores, and Carlson adds, “For both men and women, the number of equally shared tasks is associated with a greater likelihood of A) feeling their relationship is fair to both partners, B) feeling satisfied with their own housework arrangement, and C) feeling satisfied with the relationship overall.” Carlson speculates that this is because not all chores are created equally.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-27-22)

[UPDATE] Johnny Depp Defamation trial…More HERE

KFC Mother’s Day Bouquet….. More HERE

[VIDEO] MLB fan catches a foul ball while feeding his baby…..More HERE

A gigantic “potentially hazardous” asteroid that may be twice the size of the Empire State Building is set to zoom past Earth tomorrow…More HERE

Average teacher pay in NC sank by $700 last year, ranks 38th nationally….More HERE

“Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook” is going to be released on October 11th….More HERE

[STUDY] Boys are more demanding than girls before they are born…More HERE


Video of the Day

Ja Morant Dunk….More HERE


Weird News:

“I don’t care if you’re Jesus Christ. Don’t kiss me in the men’s locker room”…..More HERE

KFC Mother’s Day Bouquet: Tasting Table says KFC is selling a fried chicken bouquet for Mother’s Day. ProFlowers is delivering the $50 bouquet. It has a mix of chicken and flowers. The ProFlowers website reads: ”The Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from Proflowers will include 12 colorful and vibrant roses, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, eight skewers (for KFC’s world–famous fried chicken previously purchased at KFC.com and not included in kit) and a card to tell mom just how special she is.”

Take The Wienermobile To Prom: Comic Book magazine says high schoolers can take the Wienermobile to prom. Oscar Mayer wants students to create a video and then post it to Tik Tok or Instagram talking about why the Wienermobile should take them and their date to prom. Videos need to have the hashtag #OscarTakeMeToProm. Entries must be received by Tuesday, May 3rd.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-26-22)

[LIST] Free Summer Concert Guide 2022…..More HERE

Joe Exotic from Tiger King has a new fiancé…..More HERE

Ne-Yo got remarried to his Ex, Crystal Renay…More HERE

According to research, it takes just over one year to become bored of your home after moving in…..More HERE

Lil Nas X is going out on his first ever World Tour…..More HERE

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers’ relationship has been sidelined once again…..More HERE

According to TiVo survey, average U.S. pay TV customer spends $204 per month on pay TV, whether it be satellite, cable, or streaming…..More HERE


Video of the Day

“Am I supposed to tackle a goat, are you crazy?”…..More HERE


Weird News:

How To Manifest Anything In 17 Seconds…….More HERE

A day in the life of a professional Twitter flirt…….. More HERE

Florida Man Climbs 25 Foot Tree To Avoid Arrest: The Tampa Free Press says William Shumpert Jr attempted to avoid being arrested by climbing a 25-foot tree. Officers stopped William for a traffic violation. He took off and then ran into the woods before scaling the tree. William surrendered after K-9 units started barking at him. He had no shirt on and cowboy boots with no socks

Man Marries Hologram Singer: The Daily Mail says a Japanese man, named Akihiko Kondo, is going viral because he married a hologram singer named Hatsune Miku. He says they dated for 10 years before getting hitched. She wore a white gown while he wore a black tuxedo. Kondo says his wife pulled him out of a deep depression. He can no longer talk to Miku because her vocal software was terminated


7 Things You Need to Know (4-25-22)

By the time the alpacas arrive outside the Fairfax County Courthouse, it’s not really that surprising…..More HERE

Twitter has accepted Elon Musk’s buyout offer of $44 billion….More HERE

Time travel could be possible, but only with parallel timelines….More HERE

Megan Thee Stallion did her first sit-down interview to talk about what happened with Tory Lanez on the night she was shot in the foot….More HERE

The California man allegedly said he would bomb the offices of Merriam-Webster dictionary because of its definitions of the words “girl” and “female.”…. More HERE

UNCW men’s tennis team wins CAA championship…..More HERE

In a new survey, 32% of Americans say they want scientists to attempt to bring extinct animals back using genetic science….More HERE


Video of the Day

Mia the Cat….More HERE


Weird News:

Meridian man’s pet squirrel goes nuts on burglar…..https://bit.ly/3LrNy7y

Company Hiring Chief Taco Officer: WJET says a Texas-based food delivery company, called Favor, is hiring a Chief Taco Officer. The job pays $10,000 and entails tasting tacos and then reviewing them on social media. The company says, “Tacos are one of the top favored foods across all of the cities we serve throughout Texas. The history and culture behind one of the most iconic foods in the Lone Star State vary from city to city, and we’re excited for our new Chief Taco Officer to discover some of the best and most authentic tacos out there.” The job also includes free food, accommodations and transportation


7 Things You Need to Know (4-13-22)

Protester glues herself to court during Timberwolves game….More HERE

J-Lo has a Netflix Documentary coming out on Jun 14th….More HERE

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial is underway….More HERE

A school district in Texas will be switching to a four-day school week for students…..More HERE

[STUDY] University of Georgia researchers found that the “biggest jerks” in many people’s lives are middle-aged men…More HERE

[LIST] Embarrassing, weird, or shocking celebrity moments that happened on live TV…..More HERE

“The Adam Project” is now the fourth most-watched Netflix movie of all time……More HERE


Video of the Day

He just rode a wave over 115 feet tall….More HERE


Weird News:

New Law Calls For Jail Time For Ignoring Chores: The Daily Mail says a French politician, named Sandrine Rousseau, is proposing a new law that would make it a criminal offense not to do household chores. She says women do most of the chores in France. Her new legislation would make chores a 50/50 proposition for men and women. Rousseau believes as of right now, 14% of people could file criminal charges against their partner for not helping with housework.

I’m a professional baby namer: Rich parents pay me $10K to do it for them…..More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (4-12-22)

‘American Idol’ platinum ticket contestant Kenedi Anderson just quit the show….More HERE

[QUOTE] “You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”….More HERE

[QUOTE] “Kanye wants to quit everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist.”….. More HERE

[VIDEO] The official trailer for ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Season 4 has been released….More HERE

[STUDY] You just might be more productive if you work less…..More HERE

Missing dog from Alabama found in Pender County….More HERE

Fake DEA agent busted while trying to get discount at Wendy’s…. More HERE


Video of the Day

The train rolls to a stop a few feet in front of the people on the tracks….. More HERE


Weird News:

Woman Jumps In Bed With Boyfriend And Mistress: INDY 100 says a Tik-Tok member, named Taylor Dunham, recently came home after a 16 hour work shift to find her boyfriend and his mistress in bed. She posted a picture of her tired self along with the caption; “Me thinking about the time I came home from a 16 hour shift and my ex was in my bed with another girl and I jumped in bed with them and asked them to finish somewhere else because I was too tired to fight.”

Man Eats Burgers After Crashing Into Burger King: The Henderson Dispatch says a Henderson, North Carolina man drove his truck into a local Burger King restaurant yesterday. Daniel Orr ate a burger while waiting for the police to arrive. He told cops that he accidentally pushed his gas pedal after his foot slipped off his brake as he was parking. Orr’s s truck jumped the curb and slammed into the restaurant.

Cops Ticketing Drivers for Dirty Cars: LAD Bible says the London Police are cracking down on people with dirty cars. They are handing out $150 tickets to people, who have dirty mirrors and windshields. The police say the tickets are for driving without due care and attention and for careless driving. Cops will also issue tickets if people have garbage on their floor boards because discarded boxes can get caught between the floor and a car’s pedals.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-11-22)

Trish Cyrus just filed for divorce from Billy Ray….More HERE

J-Lo and Ben Affleck are engaged…..More HERE

Triple H reveals the minimum salary for WWE Superstars…..More HERE

Mushrooms can talk to — and protect — each other with ‘up to 50 words’…..More HERE

‘The Batman’ is set to stream on HBO Max on April 18th…..More HERE

There’s only three K-Marts left in the country….More HERE

In a survey, 20% of Millennials say they learned how to do laundry by looking at social media tips and watching tutorials…..More HERE


Video of The Day

Michael Jackson got a lot of mileage out of grunts, squeals, and yelps…..More HERE


Weird News:

Major Cheese Heist Puts Dutch Dairy Farmers on Alert…..More HERE

Roommates Fight Over What A Mosquito Looks Like: Some people must be really, really bored. Police in Dallas, Texas, arrested 43-year-old Victor Shavers after he allegedly beat his roommate with a stick following an argument about what a mosquito looks like. Police say on April 4th they found Shavers’ roommate standing outside with blood all over his face, and he told them Shavers had assaulted him. Police found Shavers inside the home, sitting on his bed with blood on his head and hand. The victim then told police how a discussion about what a mosquito looks like escalated to a fight. The roommate said Shavers grabbed a stick from behind his bed and started hitting him on the head with it. The roommate then grabbed a metal bat from his closet and hit Shavers multiple times in the head. Police say the roommate had deep cuts on his left cheek and side of his head and required multiple stitches. Shavers had a cut on the back of his head and possibly a broken hand. Shavers admitted he hit his roommate first, and he was charged with aggravated assault family violence.

[GOOD NEWS] Man Donates $217 Million Lotto Prize To Charity: Newsweek magazine says a lottery winner from France has donated almost all of his $217 million lottery jackpot to charity. The winner, identified only by his first name of Guy, won the lottery in December 2020. He placed the money in a fund and started donating to hospitals. Now, the man plans to donate the rest of his winnings to charity organizations that help the environment.

Construction Company Demolishes Wrong Home: WKRG says a Mobile, Alabama construction company accidentally demolished the wrong home. Jennifer Pulliam owns the home. It belonged to her grandparents before being passed on to her. Family members called her and told her the home had been demolished while she was working in Leakesville, Mississippi. Jennifer cried and then hired an attorney. She is planning to sue the construction company because they have not offered an apology or a new home.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-7-22)

[PICS] Here’s what it would look like if Humans had Animal Anatomy…..More HERE

‘SNL’ star Kenan Thompson and his wife Christina Evangeline are splitting up….More HERE

[RESEARCH] 1 cup of coffee can significantly improve your problem-solving abilities….More HERE

KitKat is launching a new flavor called Blueberry Muffin…..More HERE

Will Smith’s favorability rating dropped from 80% to 50% after he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

[VIDEO] “Carpool Karaoke” returned on last night’s “Late Late Show with James Corden” feat. Nicki Minaj…..More HERE

[PHOTO] Optical illusion reveals if you have a female or male brain…..More HERE


Video of the Day

Undercover with MGK…..More HERE

Paul Rudd Dancing….More HERE

TV Station goes from Black & White to Color during a News segment….More HERE


Weird News:

What does He do for a living? Two counts attempted murder, one resisting and obstructing, one third-degree fleeing and eluding, malicious destruction of police property, malicious destruction of a building , one DUI, open intox, and driving on a suspended….More HERE

Turns out the Tyrannosaurus Rex has a good reason for its tiny arms….More HERE

How to sue robocallers and WIN….More HERE

Elle Fanning tells Net-A-Porter magazine that a psychic recently told her that her famous sister, Dakota, came from outer space. “I’ll call [psychics] and it’s like a silly thing, but I use a different name. She was like, ‘Your sister is an alien; she’s a little further along than everyone else.’ I’m from the past, which makes sense. I don’t really feel like I fit into this TikTok time, where everything is on display. I love the feeling of mystery.”


7 Things You Need to Know (4-6-22)

[QUOTE] “It’s such a good feeling just to be at peace.”…. More HERE

[LIST] All the cars that sank on the Felicity Ace….More HERE

The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia are set to replace Kanye at Coachella….More HERE

Azalea Fest kicks off tonight with the Queen’s Coronation Celebration Concert….More HERE

Robert Downey Jr. is developing two Sherlock Holmes projects for HBO Max…..More HERE

Which rapper set the Guinness World Record for most words in a song. He squeezes 225 words into one 30-second segment – that’s a rapid 7.5 words per second….More HERE

Ja Rule sells Fyre NFT for $122K…..More HERE


Video of the Day

A guy named Jared Guynes “RickRolled” the city of Dallas, Texas as an April Fools’ Day joke…..More HERE

Family thought they were safe filming this accident by afar then this happened… More HERE


Weird News:

Ohio man goes on all-beer diet again for Lent to lose weight, gain money for charity….More HERE

Fish Can Do Math: A new study by Germany’s University of Bonn reveals that fish can do math just like humans. Researcher Vera Schlussel says,  “We trained the animals to perform simple additions and subtractions. In doing so, they had to increase or decrease an initial value by one. Successful fish showed abilities far above chance level, specifically in the stingrays. Again, this raises the question of what abilities fish may be capable of if being asked the ‘right’ question.” The university says fish correctly answered 296 out of 381 questions

A 37-year-old man in New York threw a glass bottle at a crossing guard on Monday . . . and told police that chucking bottles at unsuspecting people is just something he enjoys doing.


7 Things You Need to Know (4-4-22)

14 Awkward Moments From The 2022 Grammys…..More HERE

Taco Bell’s fan-favorite Mexican Pizza is coming back on May 19th…..More HERE

Kanye West will no longer be performing at Coachella this year….More HERE

Scientists are broadcasting a new radio message to space in hopes of reaching alien life…..More HERE

Johnny Knoxville wrestled at Wrestlemania yesterday and won…..More HERE

55% of people say that they had to go on prescription medication during the last 2 years because of anxiety-related issues…..More HERE

Estelle Harris, who memorably played George’s mother Estelle Costanza on “Seinfeld” passed away over the weekend….More HERE


Video of the Day

That moment you forget you have a twin!…. More HERE

Caught Em’…..More HERE


Weird News:

This Guide To Scottish Sayings and Slang Will Have You Drinking With the Locals in No Time…..More HERE

Dancing Garbageman Goes Viral: WMBB says a dancing garbageman, from Port St Joe, Florida, is going viral. Reko Gainers dances on the side of the road while collecting trash. He says people honk and wave. Gainers says some customers challenge him to a dance battle. “One woman, every Tuesday, we have a dance battle when I service her garbage cans I get out I dance in the street and she dances in her living room every Tuesday she came out and gave me a Christmas card with a hundred dollars and she had tears in her eyes”

People Using Tesla Cars To Go Ghost Hunting: Newsweek magazine says people are now using their Tesla cars to go ghost hunting in cemeteries. The trend started last October when a man posted a video of himself driving through a cemetery. His dashboard cam showed a person in front of his car even though no one was there. Now, more people are driving through cemeteries and posting videos of themselves seeing ghosts and imaginary people. Edgar Osurnia recently drove through a Taft, California cemetery where his dashboard display showed a pedestrian walking in front of his car even though no one was there.

Man Arrested For Getting 90 Vaccine Shots: WDIV says a 60 year-old Berlin, Germany man was recently arrested for getting 90 coronavirus vaccine shots. The man got the shots so he could sell forged vaccination cards, with real vaccine batch numbers, to people who refuse to get vaccinated. The man got busted at a vaccination center when he showed up for his 91st shot.

Mustard Ice Cream: WGRZ says Main Street Ice Cream, in Hamburg, New York, is going viral because they are selling a mustard-flavored ice cream. The ice cream shop debuted the new flavor on Friday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Weber’s Mustard.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-31-22)

There were 66 FCC complaints because of the “Slap heard around the World”….. More HERE

Masked Singer Recap.. More HERE

You can now buy “Weird Al” Yankovic video cards….More HERE

[STUDY] Motivational conversations have little impact on weight-loss efforts….More HERE

[The Cat Code] What every feline noise you hear means….More HERE

Did you know a “Shrek”-themed burlesque show exists?…. More HERE

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Todrick Hall is getting sued for $60K in unpaid rent, which is weird because He said he already owned the house…..More HERE


Video of the Day

No Bev Salem….More HERE


Weird News:

When you’re driving to court to answer for stolen car charges, be sure to take a good, long thought about your mode of transportation….More HERE

Mural Of Will Slapping Chris: Inside Edition says a Dominican artist, named Jesus Cruz, has painted a mural of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. The mural is on a wall in Berlin, Germany. It’s quickly become a tourist hotspot as people stop and take pictures

Man Fined For Sending Toothpaste To Neighbor With Bad Breath: The Daily Mail says Londoner Steven Wright was recently fined $375 for harassing his neighbor. He sent him toothpaste because he has bad breath. The neighbor, Colin Jones, moved out because Wright was stressing him.



7 Things You Need to Know (3-30-22)

Bruce Willis is retiring from the acting after being diagnosed with aphasia….More HERE

Eric Church has canceled a huge concert this weekend so he can watch UNC play Duke in the Final Four…More HERE

Britney Spears accused Justin Timberlake of weaponizing her name for “Fame And Attention”….. More HERE

Scientists Found a Wild Dolphin That Might ‘Speak’ Porpoise…..More HERE

Tom Parker from The Wanted is dead after a battle with brain cancer…..More HERE

Braces, mini-fridge, fake eyeball among bizarre beach trash in New Jersey……More HERE

‘It’ prequel series is in works at HBO Max….More HERE


Video of the Day

I’m guessing this is the Florida way to catch a ride…..More HERE


Weird News:

Man has been living in the Beijing International Airport for 14 years to get away from his nagging family just so he can smoke cigarettes and drink booze…..More HERE

Coke Pie Challenge: AOL says a new Tik Tok challenge is trending online. The Coke Pie challenge involves pouring Coke into an empty pie crust before baking the pie for 15 to 20 minutes. TikTokers are then filming themselves eating whatever comes out of the oven. Most of the pies appear to be mushy


7 Things You Need to Know (3-29-22)

NFL overtime rules are officially changing…..More HERE

Ticket prices for Chris Rock’s comedy tour surge after Oscar slap drama…..More HERE

Ezra Miller (Flash from the DC Movies) arrested over the weekend…More HERE

US poised to release 2.4bn genetically modified male mosquitoes to battle deadly diseases…..More HERE

Anthony Anderson’s wife, Alvina, is divorcing him after 22 years of marriage…..More HERE

63% of Americans say they’ve bought something online and then forgotten about it until it showed up on their doorstep. The average person does it eight times a year…..More HERE

Harry Styles is releasing the first single off his upcoming album, “Harry’s House”. It’s called “As It Was” and it comes out Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern…..More HERE


Video of the Day

“I’m just going to go into the game and if I make it, I make it,”…..More HERE


Weird News:

Do you have a ‘shadow side’? The psychology of why we find some people inexplicably annoying…..More HERE

A man in the U.K got into a fight with his girlfriend about where to get pizza . . . he wanted Pizza Hut but she wanted a place called Pizza Choice . . . and at some point he stabbed her in the BACKSIDE with a knife. She’s okay, and he’s going to jail.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-28-22)

The Smack heard around the world! Will Smith vs. Chris Rock….More HERE

Taylor Swift’s childhood home in Pennsylvania on the market…More HERE

Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters passed away over the weekend…. More HERE

James Bond reality show is coming to Amazon Prime……More HERE

KFC is teaming up with with rapper Jack Harlow for the introduction of Jack Harlow’s Kentucky Fried Favorites…. More HERE

[STUDY] Dolphins ‘use wingmen to find partners’….. More HERE

Snoop Dogg Is Doing a Song with BTS….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Badu The Singing Cat demonstrates he can sing the blues just like a human… More HERE


Weird News:

Perfectly preserved word salad from 2008 still puts many modern journalists to shame…. More HERE

Eating Seafood May Be Immoral: A new study by York University reveals that eating seafood may be immoral because octopuses, squid and crabs have emotions and feel pain. Researcher Kristen Andrews says the aforementioned sea creatures have feelings because they are invertebrates. “A London School of Economics (LSE) report commissioned by the U.K. government found there is strong enough evidence to conclude that decapod crustaceans and cephalopod mollusks are sentient. Invertebrates such as octopuses may experience other emotions such as curiosity in exploration, affection for individuals, or excitement in anticipation of a future reward.”

A 34-year-old man with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, was able to speak thanks to an experimental brain implant. The unidentified man was diagnosed in 2015 and lost the ability to move his eyes in 2019. He has used the device to tell his son he loves him, ask for a beer, and request an album by Tool, a rock band.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-25-22)

Triple H is retiring from wrestling….. More HERE

[PIC] You can now buy Dog Chastity Belts….More HERE

Megan Thee Stallion docuseries in the works….. More HERE

[VIDEO] Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend Brian Hickerson got in a BIG BRAWL yesterday…. More HERE

The latest annoying trend is spamming the comments with a brownie recipe…..More HERE

Cardi B is turning into Sharki B for the April 15th episode of Nickelodeon’s “Baby Shark’s Big Show”….. More HERE

Americans spend 11 minutes per day talking about the weather…..More HERE


Video of The Day

How to pick up a Duck…… More HERE


Weird News:

And the Envelope, Please: The Academy Awards are Sunday. Marc Friedland Couture Communications makes the Oscar envelopes. Each one is handmade and takes 110 hours to create. The envelopes weigh a quarter-pound and cost $200 a piece. Only the winners get to keep their envelopes and cards as the rest are destroyed to prevent resale. Tom Hanks says, “These envelopes are works of art in themselves.”

Pizza Roll Shortage: WLKY says a pizza roll shortage is occurring because of high demand, labor shortages and supply chain issues. General Mills says they can only meet 70% of customer demand at the moment. Pillsbury Dough is also in short supply. The shortages may continue because of soaring wheat prices and inflation.



7 Things You Need to Know (3-22-22)

Heidi Montag accuses Lady Gaga of stealing her song & sabotaging her music career…..More HERE

Cape Fear Craft Beer Week kicks off tomorrow….More HERE

Scientists have spotted ‘odd radio circles’ in space….More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to Netflix in April….More HERE

[SURVEY] 90% of Americans have a co-worker who annoys them….More HERE

A live-action “Voltron” movie is in the works….More HERE

The Masked Singer Recap…..More HERE


Video of the Day

First, he gulps down a bowl of soup . . . then a hair dryer BLOWS an entire salad into his mouth. There’s also a spinning ear of corn . . . a machine that cuts up a hot dog and feeds it to him . . . and then a toy train shoves a whole éclair into his mouth……More HERE


Weird News:

The jokes that have made people laugh for thousands of years….More HERE

Airlines Handing Out North Pole Diplomas Because Of Russia-Ukraine War: Business Insider says airlines are avoiding Russian airspace because of their war with the Ukraine. Finnair is flying completely around Russia. They hand out diplomas to passengers when flying over the North Pole. The diplomas read: “We hereby certify that you have flown over the North Pole with us in 2022.” Kids get stickers

Man Holds Birthday Party At Morgue: The Hans India says a group of men recently held a birthday party in a morgue. They posted pictures of their party online. It took place in a public hospital in the middle of the night. The men were seen drinking and sitting on post-mortem tables. The police are investigating

252 Lions Set World Record: UPI says 252 people set a Guinness World Record yesterday for the largest gathering of people dressed in lion costumes. The Wicklow and District Lions Club used members, students and teachers to set the record. It took them three years to find enough people to dress in costumes


7 Things You Need to Know (3-23-22)

[VIDEO] Miley Cyrus’s plane got struck by lightning, damaging the aircraft and forced an emergency landing…..More HERE

1/3 of US workers make under $15/hr……More HERE

CBS is rebooting ”The Love Boat” as a reality dating show called ”The Real Love Boat”…..More HERE

Tyreek Hill just got traded to Miami….More HERE

Detroit is the best pizza city in the U.S….More HERE

49% of online daters will check a person’s social media before going on a date to make sure they’re not nuts…..More HERE

The lower-back tattoo (Tramp Stamp) is making a comeback….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Bear vs. Pig. Who would win?…… More HERE


Weird News:

CHEERLEADER WHO FREED STUCK BALL DURING MARCH MADNESS GETS OWN NIL DEAL: Cassidy Cerny, the cheerleader who was lifted up by her teammate to free a basketball that was stuck in the backboard during the game between Indiana and Saint Mary’s during the first round of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament last week, has gotten her own name, image and likeness (NIL) deal. Cerny’s deal is with sports apparel company Break T., which has created a T-shirt showing the moment that went viral with the caption, “The cheerleader saves the day.”

Do you ever wonder what your dog is dreaming about? Dr. Deirdre Barrett, with Harvard Medical School, says it’s likely our pooches dream about their everyday experiences, just like humans do. This means there’s a good chance they dream about their owners. Barrett says, “Humans dream about the same things they’re interested in by day, though more visually and less logically. There’s no reason to think animals are any different. Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell, and of pleasing or annoying you.” Barrett adds that you can try to improve your dog’s dreams by exposing them to “happy daytime experiences” and providing them with a safe and comfortable environment to rest in at night.

Man Escapes From Burning Building By Diving Into Dump Truck: The Daily Voice says a Willimantic, Connecticut man was recently stuck on the second floor of a burning building. Flames were closing in. A dump truck driver was cruising by and saw the man. He stopped, reversed his truck to the building, and allowed the man to dive into the back of it. The driver quickly pulled away as the blaze engulfed the building. The driver is a volunteer firefighter. The man, who jumped was treated for smoke inhalation

Woman Sets McNugget-Eating World Record: UPI says Leah Shutkever, of England, recently set a new world record by eating 19 Chicken McNuggets in one minute. She beat the old record by two ounces of meat. Leah also holds a world record for eating pickled eggs in record time.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-17-22)

[LIST] The 10 most common vehicles driven by drunk people….More HERE

Contestant walks off set and an Emmy Winner unmasked – Masked Singer Recap…More HERE

Justin Bieber performing in Denver last night and then the lights went out….More HERE

Kanye West banned from Instagram for 24 hours….More HERE

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is coming out with his own beer. It’s called Broken Skull American Lager….More HERE

People in Britain were told to brace themselves for the hottest day of the year this week. It will be 64 degrees….More HERE

Amazon to build distribution center in Pender Co….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Another Day, Another Wheel of Fortune mess-up….More HERE


Weird News:

Forget Patrick: March 17 is also St Gertrude’s Day, commemorating the patron saint of cats….More HERE

City Bans Kissing During St Patrick’s Day Parade: WSAV says the city of Savannah, Georgia has banned kissing during their St Patrick’s Day parade because of the Coronavirus. The city’s website reads; ”NO KISSING!!!! For years, parade-goers have breached the parade attendants to kiss their favorite soldiers and parade walkers.  In the day and age of COVID, please be mindful of social distancing and personal space.  DO NOT BREAK INTO THE PARADE TO KISS ANYONE!!!”

Jet Blue Flight Crew Forgets About Passengers: WMTW says JetBlue passengers were recently left on a jet after the flight staff deplaned and left them there. Passenger Sabrina Ruelle told WCVB, “It was silence, then the pilot said, ‘I have something embarrassing to tell you guys — there is nobody to get you off the flight,’. They had no staff available to get us off the airplane!” The police showed up and helped passengers deplane. JetBlue is questioning the flight crew to find out how they could have possibly forgotten about the passengers

A 40-year-old Florida woman is facing battery charges after shooting a neighbor with a squirt gun. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the victim was shot in the face with a water gun as she passed the home of Renee Bolduc on Saturday (March 12th). Deputies say that Buldoc sprayed the victim because she was upset that she was walking on “her street.” She was arrested and held on a $500 bond.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-16-22)

What was in the Fanny Pack?…. More HERE

Trevor Noah stepped in the Kim/Kanye drama….More HERE

Q: How fast does the Earth move? A: 1042 miles per hour… More HERE

[SPOILERS] Bachelor Finale….. More HERE

[STUDY] Men with dark personality traits are more likely to be repeat cheaters….More HERE

White Castle and Puma have teamed up to create a new limited-edition, slider-inspired sneaker… More HERE

You can also buy Lucky Charms-themed crocs….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Man vs. Dog! Who would win?….. More HERE


Weird News:

The “3 second rule” no longer just applies to dropped food…. More HERE

Someone on Reddit just came up with the perfect gift if you’re about to end a relationship . . . but it’s the other person’s birthday or it’s Christmas right before. Give them a book of homemade coupons for things like dinner at a fancy restaurant and a romantic weekend away. It SEEMS generous and thoughtful . . . but once you break up with them, they won’t cash in any of the coupons.

Russians Selling McDonald’s Food Online: News Nation says most McDonald’s restaurants in Russia closed this week because Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine. Now, Russians are selling McDonald’s food online. Pepper packets are going for $4.71 a piece. One man is selling a Big Mac for $470. A Happy Meal, with the toy, is selling for $80.

Man Robbed By Tinder Date: KPEJ says an Odessa, Texas man was recently robbed by his Tinder date. Kiysah Blakey asked the man to rent a room at the Motel 6 where she was staying with her children. They were in his room when she went to check on her kids. Two armed men then entered the room and demanded the man send money to Blakely through a cash app. They stole $80 in cash and the victim’s phone. Cops quickly arrived at the hotel where Blakely told them the two thieves forced her to help with the robbery. Cops didn’t believe her and took her to jail


7 Things You Need to Know (3-15-22)

BTS, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Lil Nas X with Jack Harlow are set to perform at The Grammys…More HERE

Someone came up with a guide to explain all of Pete Davidson’s tattoos….More HERE

Jussie Smollett is out of the psych ward at Cook County Jail….More HERE

Kanye wants to take Kim to court because of custody issues….More HERE

Uber and Lyft add fuel surcharges to rides as gas prices surge nationwide…More HERE

42% of parents returning to work will miss their pandemic dog more than their kids….More HERE

Here’s the reason why you don’t see a lot of cats on TV Shows…More HERE


Video of the Day

Bad case of the Monday’s…..More HERE


Weird News:

A man in Texas reported a naked woman approaching his back door minutes before she broke in, stole his shotgun, and sliced herself with a sword…..More HERE

Have you gone into “goblin mode”? The Guardian reports the term embraces the comforts of depravity, think spending the day in bed watching trashy TV shows while eating junk food. It’s notable that the internet says the mode can be switched on and off. First appearing on Twitter as early as 2009, Google Trends says the phrase started to rise in popularity in early February and spiked after a doctored headline attributed to a quote with the phrase to Kanye West’s muse and it-girl of the moment Julia Fox. Fox later stated the headline was fake. On TikTok, the hashtag #GoblinMode is put on videos that show a variety of videos, from “hoarding weird s*** in case you run out” and “not taking your meds” to videos of women wearing no makeup and mismatched clothing. The trend represents a departure from the hyper-curated “cottagecore” influence of early pandemic days, which thrived then, which many people assumed would only be a few boring weeks at home. With the pandemic now beginning it’s third year, it’s understandable people might be done with curating their online image.

Wisconsin Mustard Museum Protesting Russia: The Wisconsin Mustard Museum is protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by removing all of their Russian mustards. They say once the invasion ends, and Russian recognizes and respects Ukraine, they will return the Russian mustard’s to their display cases

Teen Assembles Mr Potato Head In Record Time: UPI says a 13 year old British teen recently broke a Guinness World Record by assembling a Mr. Potato Head in 5.69 seconds. Matilda Walden beat the world record by .9. She says, “I had to be joining the nose and mustache together as I picked them up in one hand. I have disabilities, and sometimes find that in other community events I was not welcome and people judge me. I thought a Guinness World Records attempt would be a great idea.”


7 Things You Need to Know (3-14-22)

“In bed with your wife” Kanye vs. Pete…..More HERE

Tom Brady just un-retired….More HERE

Ryleigh Bunch from Whiteville advances in American Idol competition…..More HERE

The family of Scott Hall — the wrestling legend who was one of the famous founding members of the NWO — will “discontinue” his life support on Monday….More HERE

LeBron James just became the first player in NBA history with at least 30,000 points, at 10,000 rebounds, and at least 10,000 assists….More HERE

The NCAA Tournament begins March 15, so get your 2022 March Madness bracket here….More HERE

Wyoming has a new app that allows people to claim ROADKILL….More HERE


Video of the Day

Things you won’t see everyday….More HERE


Weird News:

Russian McDonald’s fan, who might of had one too many fries, chains himself to Moscow restaurant to stop it from closing down over Ukraine war….More HERE

Shrinkflation Hits Doritos: The Washington Free Beacon says Frito-Lay plans to reduce the number of chips in each bag of Doritos because of inflation. Each bag will now have five fewer chips than it used to. The company says, “Inflation is hitting everyone. … We took just a little bit out of the bag so we can give you the same price and you can keep enjoying your chips

Man Calls Cops So They Can Test His Drugs: WTSP says the Spring Hill, Florida police recently arrested Thomas Colucci after he called 911 and asked if they could test his drugs to see if they were real. The 41 year-old thought he was sold bath salts. He wanted cops to go after his dealer. The drugs tested positive as cops hauled Thomas to jail



7 Things You Need to Know (3-10-22)

Pete Davidson has been cast in a comedy series about Pete Davidson, so you can watch Pete Davidson while you watch Pete Davidson….More HERE

[One Mask Falls Off, Another Singer Suffers Medical Emergency Mid-Song] Masked Singer Recap….More HERE

Jussie Smollett got sentenced in his “Hate Crime” Hoax case….More HERE

[VIDEO] Emotional night for Tiger Woods yesterday as he was inducted to the Golf Hall of Fame….More HERE

Elon Musk and Grimes have welcomed a second child….More HERE

Tinder now lets you run background checks on your matches…. More HERE

There’s a hotline where you can get words of wisdom, encouragement, and life advice from a group of elementary school kids….More HERE


Video of the Day

Watch the news tonight to see if this happens…. More HERE


Weird News:

Ever thought about ditching dry land and just living on a cruise ship? For 20 years?…. More HERE

VIDEO: Florida Man struck by car asks if his beer is okay, deputies say….More HERE

A helipad, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a putting green and a large waterbed…and it gets about 4 miles per gallon….More HERE

Man With 200 Tatts Changes Name To Neon Demon: LAD Bible says Soren Lorenson, of Clearwater, Florida, has changed his name to Neon Demon. He has covered his body with 200 tattoos and says, “My entire extended family hates my tattoos and has made no effort to reach out or speak to me ever since I first got my face done. My parents love me and support me but they have told me numerous times that I need to pray for god’s help and that they will never understand me. People tell me I’ve ruined my life, but what should one reply to that? I am happy with myself, who I am inside and out. Show love to others and love yourself.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-9-22)

Kelly Clarkson’s divorce is a done deal….More HERE

[VIDEO] Bridgerton season 2 trailer is out…..More HERE

Eminem became the top certified artist in RIAA history for singles, which includes 166 million Gold and Platinum certifications for singles. He also holds six Diamond awards and became one of seven artists to have three or more Diamond albums…..More HERE

A huge solar eruption may sideswipe Earth on Thursday…..More HERE

You can now buy Late Night Taco Truck Jelly Beans, which taste like Guacamole, Salsa, and, yes, even Beef Taco….More HERE

Troy Aikman is launching his own ultra-healthy beer line……More HERE

Mother of Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison seeks restraining order against him….More HERE


Video of the Day

Little girl furious that dad isn’t married to her stepmom yet….More HERE


Weird News:

What is dead butt syndrome? Here’s who’s at risk, and how to prevent it….More HERE

Playboy Model Divorces Self: LAD Bible says a Playboy model, who married herself, has now divorced herself so she can party more. Cris Galera went viral in 2021 when she married herself because she was disappointed with relationships. She says, “I didn’t divorce myself because I got tired of myself. I like to have a very solid reason and that’s why the partying. For a man to get my attention he has to be beautiful, powerful, charming, fragrant and rich. That’s the kind of man I want to attract to be on my side.”

Teacher Bites Two Students: Newsweek magazine says a Florida teacher was arrested for biting two students. Bartow, Florida educator Rhonda Rice attempted to take a jar of pickles from Bartow Middle School. Two 15 year old students stopped her. Rice bit them both in order to get them to release the pickle jar. When confronted, she said she was joking with the students and only licked them. Rice is no longer working at the school.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-8-22)

Camila Cabello explains why she broke up with Shawn Mendes….More HERE

Aaron Rodgers just signed a 4-year, $200 MILLION contract with Green Bay….More HERE

10 Signs Your Cat Is Totally Annoyed With You…..More HERE

Today is International Women’s Day….More HERE

NASA says it may study sex in space as it is ‘crucial’ to long-term Mars missions….More HERE

Walking Dead spin-off is going to feature Maggie and Negan….More HERE

REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ named the saddest song of all time….More HERE


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Just one of those days…..More HERE


Weird News:

Staying Up, Messiness And Swearing Are Signs Of Major Intelligence….More HERE

KHON says Dan Graham, of Austin, Texas, has made $75,000 suing telemarketers. He listed his number on the National Do Not Call Registry. Dan still received telemarketing calls so he decided to start filing lawsuits in Travis County. He’s collected $75,000 in settlements and plans to continue suing telemarketers. The extra money is nice because has two young kids and a wife.

Naked Man Arrested For Using Neighbor’s Porch As Bathroom: The Smoking Gun website says the Clearwater, Florida police recently arrested Kenneth Carlisle for stripping naked and then going to the bathroom on his neighbor’s porch. He was caught on camera. The 64 year old gave no reason for his odd behavior. He was charged with criminal mischief.

What music does your pooch like? A study by Hillarys analyzed the top sleep playlists on Spotify to find the best sounds to send your dog to dreamland. They found the top artists for lulling dogs to sleep were: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer. The data also shows the most relaxing music to dogs is acoustic and instrumental sounds. Researchers also looked at the music most-likely to make humans sleepy, and found artists The Weekend, Drake, and One Direction made up the top three. In case you didn’t know, experts say an eight-week-old puppy should sleep 18-20 hours each day, or, spend more than 80 percent of their day sleeping.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-4-22)

Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray almost played the Dynamic Duo in a never-made Batman film…..More HERE

[TRAILER] A low-budget film called Amityville in Space comes out in July….More HERE

Samantha Markle is suing Meghan Markle for defamation…..More HERE

Pete Davidson is talking to Jeff Bezos about blasting off in a Blue Origin spacecraft!….. More HERE

Supreme Court reinstates Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence…..More HERE

Approximately 80% of NFL players go broke within three years of retirement…..More HERE

Netflix is launching a daily interactive trivia series called “Trivia Quest”…..More HERE


Video of the Day

X Games + Rodeo = Bullfighters Only, Freestyle Bullfighting’s Premier Professional League.


Weird News:

From ‘Pocketing’ To ‘Eclipsing’: The Modern Dating Terms To Know In 2022….More HERE

Coleslaw Wrestling: Bike Week starts today in Daytona Beach. Coleslaw Wrestling is expected to rival bikini contests and wet t-shirt contests in popularity. The competition typically draws 10 to 30 women and is run as a simple double-elimination contest. There’s also no distinction of weight class.(Old and Busted, New Hotness)

Old Bay-flavored vodka will hit store shelves on March 8th. McCormick & Company, the makers of Old Bay seasoning, teamed with George’s Beverage Company to create the one-of-a-kind 70-proof vodka. It has an alcohol by volume of 35%



7 Things You Need to Know (3-3-22)

Kanye West has a new music video out where he buries Pete Davidson alive….More HERE

One of the reasons why Bill and Melinda Gates split….More HERE

“White Men Can’t Jump” reboot with Jack Harlow…..More HERE

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting Kid number 2…..More HERE

Mountain Dew is releasing a new flavor but it’s only available at BWW….More HERE

[LIST] The Best and Worst boxed mac-and-cheese….More HERE

Suzanne Somers says she made almost $300 million from the ThighMaster alone….More HERE


Video of the Day

Black Cat sings the Blues…..More HERE


Weird News:

Playboy Model Booted From Airbnb For Being Too Attractive: The NY Post says a Playboy model, named Suzy Cortez, says she was kicked out of an Airbnb in Brazil because the host found her too attractive. She plans to sue Airbnb and says the apartment owner suffers from Hot Girl Phobia. “This is the biggest prejudice and nightmare I’ve ever lived. I am extremely embarrassed and psychologically shaken. A trip to see my parents turned into a horror movie. From the second day I started to receive complaints about my gym clothes, which by the way were leggings. The host simply said that I would have to leave the apartment because it was inhabited by familiar people and not like me. He only came in because I suffer persecution for being too pretty.”

Minors Arrested For Silly String Assault: WBBH says the Cape Coral, Florida police recently cited two young men for spraying Silly String at two other minors. Officers were called to an ice cream store where the victims told them they were shot with Silly String. The parents of the victims demanded to press charges so cops found the Silly String shooters and cited them for battery. A court date is pending

Bathroom Turns Into Disco: The Daily Mail says the Perch restaurant, in East Sussex, England, is going viral because their women’s bathroom turns into a disco. There is a red button on the wall that reads: “Push it… What’s the worst that can happen?” A woman videotaped herself pushing the button. The Bee Gees’ song ‘Stayin’ Alive’ started playing as multi-color disco lights started flashing.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-2-22)

Kim K is officially single….More HERE

[KARMA] ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev just got swindled….More HERE

Paris Jackson is about to go on tour….More HERE

MLB is cancelling some games because nobody to agree on the CBA….More HERE

[PIC] You can now buy a dryer for your dog….More HERE

There’s Cow milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk and pretty soon you’ll be able to buy COW FREE milk….More HERE

Megan Thee Stallion announces first ever VR concert tour….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Two minutes of torture….. More HERE


Weird News:

I spent $4,000 to be on ‘The Bachelor,’ and I got sent home the first night…..More HERE

A nine-year-old in Brazil ran away Saturday morning . . . snuck onto a FLIGHT at a nearby airport . . . and flew 1,700 miles to visit family without telling his parents. His mom realized he was missing and called the cops. She didn’t find out what happened until the airline called around 10:00 P.M. to let her know he was okay….. More HERE

People with lactose intolerance are NORMAL . . . people WITHOUT lactose intolerance are mutants. Humans all used to be lactose intolerant . . . people who aren’t have a mutated gene that allows them to process dairy.

Cops in Virginia were chasing a guy on foot when a random GOAT showed up and started chasing him too. It was faster than the cops . . . chased him into some woods . . . helped flush him OUT of the woods . . . and he got arrested….. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (3-1-22)

Kim K back in court tomorrow….More HERE

[PIC] Rihanna = Maternity Wear Queen….More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to Netflix In March….More HERE

Coors Light is ditching plastic rings on its six-packs and replacing them with an environmentally friendlier option….More HERE

Training Day Prequel is in the works……More HERE

Cargo ship carrying luxury cars sinks after massive fire….More HERE

UFC legend Cain Velasquez has been arrested and booked on an attempted murder charge….More HERE


Video of the Day

That’s one way to close a door….. More HERE


Weird News:

Woman NOT Worth $110 Million Tries To Buy Home: KTAL says the Tyler, Texas police recently arrested Mary Strobel for claiming she had $110 million to purchase a home. She and a man made an offer on a $1.2 million house. She agreed to put down $10,000 in earnest money and provided a document that showed she was worth more than $110 million. Mary claimed she inherited the money from several dead relatives. The document was forged. Mary was arrested and charged with forgery. She is now facing up to 99 years in prison, if convicted.

Man Arrested For Assault With A Deadly … Pizza Slice: WKYC says the Sandusky, Ohio police recently arrested Matthew Baker for assaulting another person with a slice of pizza. Baker walked into Daly’s Pub and saw two people eating a pizza pie. He placed a slice in his mouth and then slapped one of the customers in the face with it. Sauce splattered everywhere. The customers had never seen Baker before. A bartender called the police. Baker had bloodshot eyes and smelled like booze. He was charged with disorderly conduct, assault and intoxication

Man Uses Pepperoni Pizza To Rob Pizzeria: WVLA says the Zachary, Louisiana police are looking for a man, who recently robbed a pizzeria. The man didn’t like his pepperoni pizza and complained to an employee. He took $100 from the cash register while the employee was distracted. The suspect then took off. Cops are using surveillance video to identify the man

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