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7 Things You Need to Know (3-30-23)

Flo Rida’s son was rushed to the ICU after falling out of a window 5 stories up….More HERE

[LIST] Easter festivities planned for southeastern N.C. communities…. More HERE

Bam Margera was arrested for public intoxication….More HERE

Mama June’s daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell has been diagnosed with cancer….More HERE

EX-‘Bachelorette’ contestant Joshua Tylerbest was arrested for child pornography…. More HERE

Netflix could soon allow you to use your phone to control games on your TV….. More HERE

[STUDY] Getting less than eight hours of sleep every night could be contributing to your beer belly….. More HERE


Video of the Day

In honor of Opening Day, Here’s the pettiest ejection an Umpire has ever made….. More HERE


Weird News:

5 types of women that men avoid at all costs…. More HERE

How would you get into this house????… More HERE

BEWARE – Tik Tok Bucket Prank Sends Woman To Hospital: Fox News says a Tustin, California woman was recently the victim of the Tik Tok Bucket Prank. Lana Monahan was shopping at Target when four teenagers ran up and placed a bucket over her head. She fell to the ground as the teenagers laughed at her. Lana was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-29-23)

Jeremy Renner has an interview with Diane Sawyer coming out this Saturday where he talks about his snow plow accident….More HERE

Cup Noodles’ new ramen flavor is basically “Breakfast in a cup”…. More HERE

‘Ultra-rare’ pink diamond expected to sell for more than $35 million at auction…More HERE

Mike Fleiss, the creator of “The Bachelor,” has announced his exit from the reality show after over 20 years of work….More HERE

NFL owners have voted to allow players to wear the number “0”….More HERE

Leaked document shows what WWE superstars can’t do during live events….More HERE

Easter egg hunt for dogs planned Saturday in Oak Island….More HERE


Video of The Day

The category is “Fun & Games”…… More HERE


Weird News:

Chances are you’ve heard of the term “gaslighting.” But what about “ambient gaslighting?” – Most people now know gaslighting, put simply, is when someone tries to make someone else question their reality. “Ambient gaslighting” refers to the subtle undercurrents of mistreatment or disrespect that we experience in small doses and may not realize are a form of gaslighting….http://bit.ly/3KdZCv7

Profanity Good For Pain Relief: A new study by the research agency Perspective Global reveals that using profanity numbs pain. The study found that cursing triggers adrenaline, which is a natural form of pain relief. People, who use profanity on a regular basis may become immune to its pain numbing properties.

Woman Is Eternally Single Because Of Job: Savannah Boan, of Florida, claims she can’t get a date because of her crazy job. She is a crocodile handler and tells The Daily Mirror, “My job affects my dating life in the way that I believe most people are afraid to date such a strong woman that works with prehistoric beasts on a daily basis. Maybe they’re afraid of me? Maybe they’re afraid of the animals I work with? Maybe they think I’m crazy? I’m not too sure. As far as potential partners go, I’m a super hard worker with no days off. Anyone I would ever be involved with would have to be a superhero just like me and that’s kind of tough to find. But I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere.”

Woman Is A Professional Baby Cuddler: NBC says a retired kindergarten teacher works as a baby cuddler at San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital. Libby Clemmer puts on scrubs, a gown and a face mask before cuddling babies for 10 minutes at a time. She does the cuddling when mothers and fathers can’t be there for their newborns. Clemmer started volunteering at the hospital after the death of her husband. She says he loved babies as much as she does

The NY Post says Apple is launching a ”buy now, pay later” service in the U.S..The company will allow people to pay for their purchase with four payments over six weeks. The service is similar to the ”buy now, pay later” service at used car lots


7 Things You Need to Know (3-28-23)

Robert Downey Jr ‘s chewed gum from Jon Favreau’s Walk of Fame ceremony is currently up for sale on eBay and it has a starting bid of $55,000….. More HERE

‘John Wick 5’ Back on the Table After Box Office Blowup…. More HERE

Only 4 songs in history have been certified 15-times platinum….More HERE

[PICS] 95 of the Important Historical Photos…..More HERE

There’s a phobia called consecotaleophobia (con-sec-o-tal-e-o-pho-bi-a) . . . where you’re afraid of chopsticks…. More HERE

A fashion brand in New York invented a new shoe you can wear backwards that goes on sale April 11th…. More HERE

Chanel West Coast is leaving MTV’s “Ridiculousness” after 30 seasons….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Some people sing songs on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ but not Lil Nas X …. More HERE


Weird News:

Spring Break Shark Warning: The NY Post says North Carolina Spring Breakers are being warned about a great white shark named Breton. The 13 ft beast weighs 1,437 lb. A marine research group tagged the shark near Nova Scotia in 2020. It’s moved to North Carolina’s Outer Banks and is swimming off the coast as Spring Breakers flock to the water.

Man And Ragdoll Welcome Third Child: The Daily Mail says a Colombian man, who is engaged to a rag doll, says he and the doll have welcomed a third child into the world. Christian Montenegro says Natalia is the love of his life. He posted pictures of her in a hospital gown being tended to by a ragdoll doctor.  They have named their newborn son Sammy.

A new virtual reality simulation tries to give people a taste of what it’s like . . . to DIE. And it’s apparently so convincing that it causes anxiety and panic in some people. So you can raise your hand if you want out.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-27-23)

Boyz II Men to perform at Live Oak Bank Pavilion….More HERE

Starbucks launched a new site that tells you what drink to order based on your zodiac sign…. More HERE

Rihanna’s driver’s car was stolen outside her home….More HERE

80% of receipts at major store chains contain “toxic” chemicals, report says…..More HERE

Starting on April 1. To get a blue check mark, you’ll have to pay…..More HERE

[FYI] Here’s why 350 degrees is always the suggested temperature for baking…. More HERE

There will be no American Music Awards this year… More HERE


Video of the Day

This is a scene out of a movie…. More HERE


Weird News:

14 First-Date Signs You’re Dating An Idiot….More HERE

Florida plastic surgeon receives a poor google review which results in him receiving less work and pay. He decides his best course of action is to C: Sue his employer unsuccessfully then kill their attorney and hide his body…..More HERE

NPR says some colleges are eliminating grades to help students make the transition from high school to college. The practice is called ”un-grading”. University of California-Santa Cruz advisor Jody Green says, “Grades are not a representation of student learning, as hard as it is for us to break the mindset that if the student got an A it means they learned. If a student already knew the material before taking the class and got that A, they didn’t learn anything’. And if the student came in and struggled to get a C-plus, they may have learned a lot.”

Sniffing Body Odor Reduces Anxiety: A new study by the Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden, reveals that sniffing someone else’s body odor can cure social anxiety. Researchers collected underarm sweat from scores of volunteers. They then had study participants sniff it. Researchers found that the participants’ anxiety was reduced by 33% after sniffing the BO.

The NY Post says Kanye West is trying to make amends following his anti-semitic statements. He posted; “Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again. No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people. No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew. Thank you Jonah Hill I love you.”


7 Things You need to Know (3-24-23)

[STATS] 8.5% of dog owners in NC, broke up with a significant other who didn’t like their dog…. More HERE

Locks of Beethoven’s hair reveal ailments and secret family history….More HERE

What kind of chip are you based on your zodiac sign?…. More HERE

According to Forbes, Jay-Z is now worth $2.5 billion….. More HERE

A guy traveled from South Carolina and walked up to Rihanna’s home on Thursday to ask her to marry Him… More HERE

Lionel Messi scores 800th career goal….. More HERE

Jeep Cherokee rides into the automotive sunset….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Dog rescued from SC shelter holds hands with new owner on the way home…. More HERE


Weird News:

There’s a new trend on TikTok, where kids are logging out of Netflix, and then asking their parents for the password. If one of the kids’ names is in the password, they’re the parents’ secret FAVORITE….. More HERE

Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan says he plans to work a half-day shift once a month in one of the company’s stores in an effort to stay close to its culture and customers…. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (3-23-23)

[LIST] The most dangerous highways in North Carolina….More HERE

Nick Cannon admitted that he regrets not having children with Christina Milian….More HERE

“Endure the betrayal of false friends.” –  Tom Brady after Gisele Bündchen’s recent divorce comments…..More HERE

NC MedAssist has announced that a free mobile pharmacy event will take place on Saturday, March 25, at Wilmington Health…..More HERE

Mac and Cheese Festival returns to Carolina Beach this weekend…..More HERE

[LIST] 25 greatest revenge movies of all time…..More HERE

Diddy is getting a reality series on Hulu that will include all seven of his kids…..More HERE


Video of the Day

Video shows moment teacher sucked out of classroom during rare California tornado……More HERE


Weird News:

Police who raided Afroman’s house under false pretenses and possibly tried to steal from him upset that it made them look inept and sue Afroman for publishing video of the failed raid….More HERE

Brewery Creates World’s First Powdered Beer: The Drinks Business website says an East Germany brewery has created the world’s first powdered beer. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle says they created the beer to reduce CO2 emissions and the world’s carbon footprint. The powered beer is poured into a glass before being mixed with water. It immediately turns into a frothy drink much like instant hot chocolate

Man Gets Unflattering Tatt Of Wife: The NY Post says an Australian man recently got an unflattering image of his wife’s face inked on his body. The tattoo shows Jared Groves’ wife gritting her teeth and rolling her eyes as if she is mad. He says, “The fact that she hated the photo of her pulling this face so much, I just had to get it tattooed. She hates the face that she pulls but I love it. I could not wait to come home and see Tegan’s reaction. I knew it would go one of two ways, either we would laugh together or I’d never see this girl ever again. I’ve had some people asking what would happen if we got a divorce, and I guess I’d get laser. However, our relationship is so tight, that wouldn’t happen. She’s my soul mate and nothing will change as long as we are laughing.”


7 Things You Need to Know (3-22-23)

Amanda Bynes Psychiatric hold is going to be extended….More HERE

[PICS] Cast reunion photos from your favorite movies and sitcoms of the 90s…. More HERE

A proposed California bill could ban the sale of Skittles, Hot Tamales and more…More HERE

Ed Sheeran’s youngest daughter is named Jupiter?!?!….More HERE

‘Dad jokes’ could help your kids development.. More HERE

Tekashi 6ix9ine was savagely beaten by a group of men inside a South Florida gym…. More HERE

Someone looked at google search stats to find the most common words we struggle to spell and the number 1 word is ‘Restaurant’…..More HERE


Video of the Day

Lets take a ride on the Mo Mountain Mutts Bus…. More HERE


Weird News:

Louisville or London? U.S. Beyoncé fans share why they’re opting for European tickets….More HERE

2 Virginia inmates tunneled out of jail with a toothbrush and traveled 7 miles to go to IHOP, cops said…. More HERE

Afroman Sued by Ohio Sheriff’s Deputies Who Raided His Home….. More HERE

If you get arrested 10 times in one month facing 18 felonies and 15 misdemeanors with charges including stealing six vehicles, DUI, vandalism, fraud, & possession of a controlled substance your life purpose may be only to serve as a warning to others…. More HERE

Amazon Driver Delivers Package In Middle Of Police Standoff: Outkick magazine says an Amazon delivery driver recently delivered a package in the middle of a police standoff in Raleigh, North Carolina. . Officers had surrounded a house when the driver pulled up, exited his van, and started walking towards the front door with his package. An officer grabbed the package from the deliveryman and placed it on the front porch. The Amazon driver took a picture to confirm the package had been delivered. He then drove off….. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (3-21-23)

[VIDEO] Taylor Swift took Stage Diving to the next LEVEL…..More HERE

The Weeknd captures Guinness World Records, is officially the world’s most popular artist….More HERE

Heath Ledger’s Manhattan home, where he died more than 15 years ago, just got sold for $14.25M…..More HERE

During its first year of release, players died in Elden Ring over 9 billion times….More HERE

60% of Americans think the government is tracking their data, and 80% believe companies are spying on their internet activity….More HERE

Ringling Bros. circus returning without animals….More HERE

[LIST] 10 best foods and drinks of the 90s that people forgot about….More HERE


Video of the Day

A Florida A&M University cheerleader went viral for her ruthless trash-talking of opponents and even referees….More HERE


Weird News:

13 Favorite Foods Of Leaders Around The World…..More HERE

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Raiders career might start off with a bang….More HERE

Bush’s Baked Beans Selling Whoopie Cushion For April Fool’s Day: Boing Boing says Bush’s Baked Beans is celebrating April Fool’s Day with a bean-themed whoopie cushion. The pink cushion features a can of Bush’s kidney beans on the front. It costs $15 while an artist’s edition, which is signed and numbered, costs $44.

Man Discovers His Wife Is His Sister: Times Now News says an unidentified man discovered his wife was actually his biological sister after she became ill. The man was adopted as a child. He found out he and his wife were brother and sister after they took a DNA test because she needed a kidney transplant. The man posted; “We’re related – no, I’m not kidding. I don’t know what to do moving forward but I know it may be wrong. She is my wife and the mother of our kids. Just after our son was born, my wife fell ill and is now in need of a kidney transplant. We checked with her relatives and none were a good match or a viable donor, according to our inquiry. I knew it would be a long shot so I decided to get tested to see if I could donate. I got a call the other day saying that I was a match.”


7 Things You Need to Know (3-20-23)

Amanda Bynes has been placed on a psychiatric hold after she was found roaming the streets naked and alone…. More HERE

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is looking to hire “professional bear huggers!”….More HERE

As of today, there are ZERO perfect March Madness brackets …More HERE

Rick Ross has 2 pet buffaloes?????….. More HERE

The Moon is moving away from Earth at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year….More HERE

NC is the 17th most sleep deprived state….. More HERE

Adam Sandler is the latest to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor…..More HERE


Video of the Day

She fainted before she could give the weather…. More HERE


Weird News:

Use the Sofa Dating Theory to Take the Pressure Off Dating….More HERE

Beer Good For Home Cleaning: With many people planning to do their spring cleaning this weekend, Fantastic Services says beer can be used to clean homes. The cleaning service says beer is good for removing coffee stains, polishing furniture, polishing copper pots, removing brown spots on grass and keeping insects out of gardens.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-16-23)

According to science, the perfect age to get married is 26…. More HERE

Paris says she felt unsupported when Pink parodied her sex tape in the music video for “Stupid Girls”…More HERE

[PICS] NASA just unveiled new spacesuits that astronauts will use on moon….. More HERE

[RECAP] Masked Singer…. More HERE

Putt-putt party with local NFL star Alex Highsmith being held at Jungle Rapids…. More HERE

According to U.S. Currency Auctions, some versions of the 2 dollar bill could fetch as much as $4,500…. More HERE

DJ Khaled made his runway debut at Hugo Boss’ fashion show last night in Miami….More HERE


Video of the Day

New video was released Thursday showing a Russian fighter jet downing an American surveillance drone over the Black Sea….More HERE


Weird News:

“What’s your biggest regret at your wedding?” His answer — “Saying ‘I do.'”….. More HERE

Would you like a “Cry Pie”?….. More HERE

The weirdest TV shows from the ’80s….. More HERE

World’s Shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade: WFHN says Adamsville, Rhode Island is holding what they say is the World’s Shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade. Proceeds from the parade will benefit the Little Compton Food Bank. The parade is 89 ft long. Irish step dancers, bagpipers and the Colonial Navy of Massachusetts will all perform  

A man in Georgia was arrested for impersonating an officer recently . . . and it turns out that he WAS a real cop, but had been let go several weeks prior. When he was caught, he was in uniform . . . directing traffic


7 Things You Need to Know (3-15-23)

An untitled STARZ series starring Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson is set to film in Wilmington starting later this month… More HERE

Aaron Rodgers: ‘It is my intention to play for the Jets’…. More HERE

For the first time in three decades, the U.S. has a new favorite dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club it is the French Bull Dog … More HERE

Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile company just got bought out by T-Mobile for 1.35 Billion…. More HERE

The Smokey Mountains has been named the best tourist attraction in the U.S….More HERE

Charity Lawson was announced as the lead for the upcoming 20th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette…. More HERE

Drew Barrymore is going to host the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards…. More HERE


Video of the Day

It’s because the TV told her to do that….. More HERE


Weird News:

A 1958 article about how to ‘get a husband’… More HERE

Naked Car Show To Take Place: The Valley View Recreation Club, in Cambridge, Wisconsin, has announced they are holding a naked car show on August 12th. Clothing will be optional. The nudist campground also features skinny dipping, naked volleyball, naked jogging and body painting.

Coors Selling Beer Popsicles For March Madness: WFLA says Coors Light is selling beer-flavored popsicles in time for March Madness. Six packs of popsicles are available through April 3rd. Fans can buy the popsicles on the Shop Coors Light website. The popsicles are also going to be available at 800 bars nationwide.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-14-23)

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant…. More HERE

How to get deals and freebies on National Pie Day…. More HERE

How many times you can wear different types of clothing without washing them…. More HERE

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao set for rematch as part of a boxing tag match….More HERE

7th annual Great Chowder Cook Off is going to happen on April 8 in Carolina Beach…..More HERE

Billie Eilish has a new Nike Air Force 1 shoe coming…. More HERE

Buffalo Wild Wings is being sued because their ‘boneless wings’ are just breast meat…. More HERE


Video of the Day

It all goes down at ‘The House’….More HERE


Weird New:

A Florida man is facing federal charges after allegedly pretending to be a Safeway employee in Washington and ordering nearly a half-million dollars worth of crab in an effort to transport the seafood… More HERE

Why do we laugh when someone falls down? Here’s what science says….More HERE

Playboy relaunches as digital-only publication and takes on OnlyFans….. More HERE

Traditionally, if your dad caught you smoking, he’d make you smoke the whole packet as punishment…. More HERE

World’s Shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade: KASN says the World’s Shortest St Patrick’s Day Parade is going to take place in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Friday. Actor Christopher MacDonald, who played Shooter McGavin, in the movie ”Happy Gilmore”, is going to fire the starting pistol to kick off the parade. Country music star Justin Moore will serve as the Grand Marshal while the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and The Village People will perform.  The parade route is 98 feet long

Man Changes Name To Fire Exit: The NY Post says a man, named Deano Wilson, has legally changed his name to Fire Exit. He tells the paper that he did it as a family joke. “Nobody else has a name that well-known, not even Elton John. People are always coming up to me in bars and at parties — they know who I am. People have given me loads of free drinks, and one barber even cut my hair for free because he heard about my name change.”


7 Things You Need to Know (3-10-23)

‘Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival’ to take place this weekend…..More HERE

You’ve heard of ‘Life Coaches’, but what about ‘Decision Coaches’…More HERE

8 classes that should be required for all students to take before they hit adulthood….More HERE

Hidden Valley ranch dressing ice cream being released…..More HERE

Vinyl record sales have surpassed CDs for the first time in 35 years…..More HERE

Peppa Pig theme park to open in Texas next year…. More HERE

Wilmington Sharks offering local college baseball players chance to make the roster…. More HERE


Video of the Day

There is now a Cocaine Shark movie… More HERE


Weird News:

What does it mean when someone’s at their ‘beekeeping age’?…. More HERE

TikTokers are talking about a fantasy trend gone wrong: Imaginationships. This describes a romantic connection that is at least 50% in your head….whether you’re imagining a romantic date, deciding their personality traits, or envisioning meeting their parents. The #imaginationship tag has 13.9 million views describing the disappointing contrast between fantasy and reality. User @fiakova posts her conundrum, writing: “When you’re trying to figure out how to respond to his dry message because he’s your favorite imaginationship and you like to keep seeing his name pop up.” One user recommends leaving the real-life man behind, and “continue dating the him in your head.”

Florida like behavior detected as suspected DUI leads police on chase, then spends 5 hours in standoff where he huffs nitrous straight from a can and vapes “an unknown substance”….More HERE

Yahoo News says this year’s Academy Awards gift bag is worth over $100,000. Nominees will receive a vacation to Italy, three nights at a private estate in Ottawa Canada, gourmet fruit from Saudi Arabia, a plot of land in Australia, skin care products, flip flops, edible massage oil, tequila, wine, chocolate, popcorn and vegan body butter, among other things. The Oscars are Sunday on ABC

Prison Makeup Challenge: BuzzFeed News says the Prison Makeup Challenge is trending on Tik Tok. An inmate recently posted a video of themselves wearing makeup. A security guard requested a tutorial so the inmate told her she used red Fireball candy as lipstick, a graphite pencil as eyeliner and a blue M&M for her eyeshadow. Tik Tok users are now recreating the look and then posting videos of themselves online.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-9-23)

New Hanover County inspector finds alligator in the attic of a house……More HERE

[PICS] The WORST wax statues of Prince William and Kate Middleton…..More HERE

[RECAP] Masked Singer….More HERE

Wilmington is #2 on the list of ‘Most expensive homes in NC’….More HERE

Former NBA star, Shawn Kemp, was arrested in a drive-by shooting….More HERE

SunnyD unleashes ‘power of the sun’ and alcohol in new adult beverage…..More HERE

There are about 3 U.S. train derailments per day……More HERE


Video of the Day

A Texas meteorologist used Snoop Dogg’s lyrics in a TV weather report…..More HERE


Weird News:

Popular Australian beer recalled due to A: Botulism scare? B: Contaminated ingredients? or C: Excess alcohol?….. More HERE

A Thai man is facing two years in prison for selling calendars featuring yellow ducks. Bangkok’s criminal court said Ton Mai mocked the country’s king, as ducks are sometimes used as a symbol of Thailand’s pro-democracy movement. Inflatable ducks have also been spotted at anti-government rallies. Elaine Pearson of Human Rights Watch asked Thai authorities to “quash the sentence” and release Ton Mai. “The prosecution and three-year sentence of a man for selling satirical calendars shows that Thai authorities are now trying to punish any activity they deem to be insulting the monarchy,” she said


7 Things You Need to Know (3-8-23)

New Hanover Co. Schools officially adds esports as a high school sport…. More HERE

Carlos Rising from Wilmington appeared on the season premiere of “The Voice”…. More HERE

[MAP] Each US States’ love language…. More HERE

Fox is going to have a Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers crossover this Sunday….. More HERE

Bam Margera got arrested again….. More HERE

An Oklahoma State University study found both men and women prefer friends who are mean to the people we dislike…..More HERE

Tiger Woods’ latest girlfriend of about 6 years is taking him to court over an NDA she claims he made her sign….. More HERE


Video of the Day

It’s safe to say, these 2 Ferraris are totaled…More HERE


Weird News:

Do you want to smell like St. Patrick’s Day?…. More HERE

‘Tip Creeping’ has changed the way we tip….More HERE

The Mean Girl effect: Women enjoy it when their friends are nasty towards people they dislike, study finds….. More HERE

Girl Scout Cookies Selling For $220: MarketWatch says resellers are continuing to scalp the new Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookie. One ebay seller recently sold a bunch of boxes for $220. A box normally sells for $5. Girl Scout Troops are also running low on Samoas. The Scouts are blaming supply chain issues and delivery challenges for causing the shortages


7 Things You Need to Know (3-7-23)

Hershey is going to start selling plant-based Reese’s Cups, chocolate bars….More HERE

Nick Cannon will star in new game show, ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’…. More HERE

Live Nation to host job fairs at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater….. More HERE

[PICS] Have you ever wondered what every American president would look like with a mullet?….. More HERE

If you want to see if you’re compatible with your partner. You have to check your moon phases…..More HERE

“Popular Science” says the best place to sit in a movie theater is the middle of a row, about two-thirds of the way back. That’s where you get the best visual and auditory experience….. More HERE

[PIC] Friends don’t kiss like that: Tyga and Avril Lavigne….More HERE


Video of the Day

Florida woman calls for ‘Sugar Daddy-Mommy Appreciation Day’ at local board meeting….More HERE

Its safe to say, these 2 Ferraris are totaled…More HERE


Weird News:

Get Paid $10,000 Just for Going to the Bar on St. Patrick’s Day….More HERE

Play ‘Run Until’ to Stay Motivated During Your Workout…..More HERE

An Illinois wife found the mummified corpse of her husband buried in a closet at their home – eight months after she reported him missing…..More HERE

When does 136 and 12,000 = 18 Million: A 31-year-old woman in Louisiana has been accused of using her 73-year-old aunt’s debit card to make 136 purchases from DoorDash, for more than $12,000 worth of food. Now she’s being held on a $18 million bond

New Tik Tok Trend Is Scaring People: Latestly says a new Tik Tok trend is scaring people. Teenagers are running up to front doors before loudly banging on them. The trend has spread around the world. One Des Moines, Iowa man was charged with criminal mischief because he drove his son and his son’s friends around the neighborhood so they could bang on resident doors. Some teens are banging to the beats of popular songs.

Son Sues Father For Stealing Wife And Bike: Oddity Central says a man from India has filed a police report against his father because he eloped with his wife. Pawan Vairagi says his father secretly romanced his wife and then convinced her to marry him. Pawan must now care his six-month-old daughter alone. He told cops his father also stole his bicycle


7 Things You Need to Know (3-6-23)

[VIDEO] Pete Davidson crashed into a house on Saturday night….More HERE

Target is coming to the Monkey Junction area in 2025…..More HERE

People around the world spend on average 20.1 hours per week listening to music….More HERE

[LIST] The 20 Best Love Songs of All Time….More HERE

Daylight Saving Time impacts pets….More HERE

A study found the average person spends almost four hours a day on their appearance…. More HERE

Optimus Prime was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Jake Gyllenhaal filmed some scenes for the upcoming “Road House” remake at this weekend’s UFC 285 event….. More HERE


Weird News:

Florida woman calls for ‘Sugar Daddy-Mommy Appreciation Day’ at local board meeting….More HERE

Girls basketball team forced to play boys team in the championships or lose practice facility. Girls win and denied title and trophy because they’re girls…More HERE

How to get ‘Beach Body’ ready in 2 days: An UK man devised an unorthodox way to get toned abs in a flash without doing a single sit-up — by having a six-pack tattooed on his stomach….More HERE

Man Sues After Surgeon Mistakenly Removes Manhood: Metro UK says a French man sued a surgeon for mistakingly amputating his manhood. The 30-year-old urologist believed the elderly man had a tumor on his groin so he removed his manhood. A post-surgical analysis revealed there was no reason for any removal. The elderly man was awarded $58,000 by a court


7 Things You Need to Know (3-3-23)

The most popular slang words by state… More HERE

Kim Kardashian is teaming up with James Corden for ‘Carpool Karaoke’…. More HERE

Locally-filmed ‘Florida Man’ is set to be released on April 13….. More HERE

Alex Murdaugh will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the murders of his wife and son….More HERE

NFL Players’ Association releases its first-ever team report cards…. More HERE

‘Bold glamour’ TikTok filter can harm mental health….More HERE

An Idaho State University study found that people more prone to boredom are more likely to turn into celebrity stalkers….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Is this really how they do it???….More HERE


Weird News:

You’ve heard of ‘Bro Code’ and ‘Girl Code’ but what about “Golden Arches Code”….More HERE

50 bizarre laws that have existed or still exist in America…. More HERE

Hot Dog Jello Is Trending On Tik Tok: Canada’s Breakfast Television says Hot Dog Jello is trending on Tik Tok. People are preparing Jello before putting hot dog chunks, pickles, onions, red peppers and relish in it. They wait for the Jello to cool and become gelatinous before posting videos of themselves eating it. Some people are placing hot dog chunks in Lime Jello.

Southern California Seeing Snow: The Daily Mail says California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in 13 counties because of a historic snow storm. Some residents in San Bernardino County are trapped in their homes because the area received seven feet of snow. There is also a frost-covered mountain behind the Hollywood sign. Some people claim snow fell on the sign earlier this week. Flurries also fell in Disneyland for the first time since 1882

Freezing Hair Contest Underway: The Daily Mail says the Best Freezing Hair Contest is currently taking place at Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Yukon, Canada. Participants jump in the hot springs where the temp can reach 107 while the outside air temp is – 20. They get their hair wet before sculpting it into different shapes and designs. Awards are given for Best Female, Best Male, Best Group, Best Facial Hair, Most Creative, and the People’s Choice Award.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-2-23)

[New Couple Alert] Avril Lavigne and Tyga…..More HERE

[VIDEO] Billy McFarland and Andy King are back at it again….More HERE

The boyfriend of Honey Boo Boo has been arrested DUI, following a police chase while she was in the car…..More HERE

Win a 3-day trip to Frying Pan Tower with new fundraiser…. More HERE

A Juror in the Alex Murdaugh got dismissed today but wouldn’t leave without her belongings which included her purse, a bottle … and a dozen eggs!!!…. More HERE

Nelly now has his own music festival called the Hot In Herre Festival…. More HERE

If you need something to do this weekend, The North Carolina Rice Festival is happening in Brunswick County…..More HERE


Video of the Day

A keyboard player made a car alarm listenable by composing a song to play over the incessant honking….More HERE


Weird News:

Kent Online says bartenders are taking part in a new Tik Tok challenge called the Blind Beer Challenge. Bartenders blindfold themselves and then attempt to pour beer without spilling it. The bartender, who pours the closest to the top of a mug, without spilling, wins

Tik Tok’ers Eating Raw Meat And Butter Sandwiches: Mashed magazine says Tik Tok content creators are taking part in a new trend called the Butterdog Challenge. They are wrapping a piece of raw meat around a stick of butter before eating it like a hot dog. One man sent shockwaves through the Internet yesterday when he placed a stick of butter between Rocky Mountain oysters (bull’s testicles) and ate it.

Target Customer Straps 75 Inch TV To Back And Then Rides Off On Unicycle: Ebaumsworld says a Target customer is going viral because he recently strapped a 75 inch TV to his back and then rode away from the store on a unicycle. Another shopper pulled up and started videotaping the man as he was trying to balance himself on his cycle. The cyclist rode off in a wobbly fashion. He gave a thumbs up to those, who were taping him. No word on where or when the video was shot

Officials were able to use DNA from a sweet potato to arrest a suspect 12 years after the crime was committed. Victim Todd Lampley was shot in a Massachusetts home in 2011, and shell casings along with the snitchin’ spud were found outside a bedroom window. Police suspect the potato was used as a silencer in the crime. The suspect, Devarus Hampton, spit in a puddle in 2016, and police used the DNA from the phlegm to compare with DNA on the potato. Additional evidence includes texts and GPS data


7 Things You Need to Know (3-1-23)

[LIST] Every state’s favorite text abbreviation… More HERE

Eli Lilly will cut prices for insulin users…..More HERE

What cereal you should eat, based on your Zodiac Sign….More HERE

Taco Bell is bringing back the Bacon Club Chalupa…. More HERE

Justin Bieber has fully canceled his world tour….More HERE

When you gotta go, ya gotta go and that’s what a dog did during the half-time show during a basketball game last night….More HERE

‘Stranger Things’ is getting an official play set in 1959…..More HERE


Video of the Day

He was knocking “them” down like bowling pins (and what I mean by “them” is people)….. More HERE


Weird News:

Aruba wants to give you the World’s Easiest Job….More HERE

NASA is sweating it that three skyscraper-sized asteroids are hurtling towards Earth this week….More HERE

Get Paid To Wash Other People’s Dirty Laundry: KTLA says a startup company, called SudShare, is paying people to wash other people’s dirty laundry. The company bills itself as an ‘Uber for laundry’. Washers agree to wash other people’s dirty laundry in their own home. They pick up, wash, fold and then deliver clean clothes within 24 hours. There are over 200,000 ‘Sudsters’ nationwide. The average washer makes $200 a week. Sudshare charges $1 a pound for cleaning. Washers keep 75% of every dollar. The company’s top 10 Sudsters earn over $5,000 a month.

Rage farming: the tactic of intentionally provoking political opponents, typically by posting inflammatory content on social media, in order to elicit angry responses and thus high engagement or widespread exposure for the original poster.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-28-23)

Tom Brady is in talks with Netflix to be the center of a roast special called “The Greatest Roast of All Time.”…. More HERE

According to a new patent filing, future Ford vehicles could repossess themselves and drive away if you miss payments…. More HERE

Netflix’s first-ever live streaming event is this Saturday with Chris Rock’s standup special, “Selective Outrage”…. More HERE

[LIST] Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in March….. More HERE

According to Heinz, You should store your Ketchup in this one specific place in your kitchen…. More HERE

Tom Sizemore’s family might have to pull the plug on him because he’s shown no signs of improvement since suffering a brain aneurysm on Feb 18th….. More HERE

50 Cent’s Grand Champion wine recently sold for $325,000 at the Rodeo Uncorked Champion Wine Auction and Dinner….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Peanut butter prank: Son covers parents’ entire kitchen in food spread….. More HERE


Weird News:

Are a ‘dry texter’…. More HERE

The McRib Locator…. More HERE

Students Use Marshamallows To Check Pulse: The Daily Mail says a third grade teacher, from Louisiana, is going viral because she posted a video about how to check a child’s pulse with just a marshmallow and toothpick. Libby Richards has students place a toothpick in the marshmallow and then put the marshmallow on their wrist. Students then calculate their pulse by counting how many times the marshmallow rises and falls.

Bride’s Sister Marries Her Groom After She Has Heart Attack: The Daily Star says a bride from India recently had a heart attack during her wedding ceremony. Her family rushed her to the hospital where she passed away. Rather than cancel the wedding, the bride’s family substituted her younger sister for her. The younger sister and groom quickly tied the knot.

Renter Selling Kidney For Security Deposit: The India Times says landlords in Bengaluru, India are being put on blast with a funny poster. A renter has been putting up flyers that read: “Left kidney on sale … need money to fund the security deposit amount landlords are asking for”. One resident posted; “Should have put the ‘right’ one on sale. There are very few buyers for the ‘left’ in India lately.”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-27-23)

Wendy’s Chili is going to be available at grocery stores….More HERE

[LIST] All 162 injuries sustained by John Wick in the first 3 films…..More HERE

[PIC] Michael B. Jordan is the new face of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2023 collection…. More HERE

Adele and Rich Paul are reportedly engaged….More HERE

There’s a Miss Cleo documentary on HBOMax….More HERE

Being Facebook friends with wealthier people is associated with a lower risk of dying from heart disease….More HERE

The Pokémon Sleep App…..More HERE


So far, King Charles has been turned down by Elton John, the Spice Girls, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, and Adele to perform at his coronation…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Frodrick the frog…. More HERE


Weird News:

Invasive ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’ could be harmful to people, Florida’s environment…..More HERE

10-Day Egg Diet Trending On Tik Tok: Hull Live says the 10-Day Egg Diet is trending on Tik Tok. The new trend requires a person to eat 10 eggs a day for 10 days. The diet boosts metabolism and burns fat because it is high in protein and low in carbs. People are supplementing the diet with vegetables and fruit. The diet is expensive because of the current egg shortage.

Pickle Challenge Trending On Tik Tok: The Manchester Media Group says the Pickle Challenge is trending on Tik Tok. College students are buying pickles in jars or individually wrapped ones before removing them and then chugging the pickle juice. A person wins the challenge if they do not gag or get sick

The Blast says Jennifer McBride is suing Lady Gaga for $2 million. McBride returned Gaga’s stolen French Bulldogs two days after they were dognapped at gunpoint. McBride was then arrested and charged as part of the dognapping. She pleaded no contest and was given two years of probation. McBride wants $500,000 from Gaga and an additional $1.5 million in damages because she says Gaga did not pay her the $500,000 reward for returning the dog ‘no questions asked’.

83-year-old Claude Hamrick has had his “CASH” vanity plate since 1970, and now he’s selling it…for $2 million. The plate is for sale in the state of California at PlateBroker.com. The site claims that Hamrick “ran down to the DMV right when vanity plates were released.” The plate has only been on Buicks and Cadillacs. Who is the ideal buyer? According to the listing, “this plate is perfect for a high profile performer, investor, or socialite.” Would someone pay that much for a vanity plate? There’s some precedent: In 2018, a low-numbered license plate in Delaware sold for $410,000.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-24-23)

The FCC had 103 complaints about Rihanna’s half-time show….More HERE

Jeff Hardy had his license suspended for 10 years….More HERE

A Disneyland super fan has etched his name in the Guinness Book of World Records — by going there 2,995 times in a row…..More HERE

[Good News] Netflix is lowering its cost in more than 30 countries worldwide [Bad News] Not in the U.S…..More HERE

Two Million COSORI® Air Fryers are being recalled….More HERE

Houston TX is #1 and Fayetteville NC is at 7 on the list of most stressful cities for workers to live in….More HERE

Lil Wayne hasn’t eaten fast food for the past 20 years….. More HERE


Video of the Day



Weird News:

70 Percent Of People Say They Won’t Date Someone Who Disagrees With Them On This Topic…..More HERE

Guy named Adam Sandler, dressed as ‘Cookie Monster,’ prompts warning from city….More HERE

Woman Drives Through Popeyes Because They Forgot Her Biscuits: WJBF says Belinda Miller recently drove her SUV through a Richmond County, Georgia Popeyes restaurant. She was upset because Popeye’s workers forgot to include biscuits with her original order. The restaurant manager says they made good and gave Belinda biscuits to complete her order. She still was not happy and drove through the side of the restaurant. Belinda just missed hitting an 18 year old employee. She was charged with assault and criminal damage to property


7 Things You Need to Know (2-22-23)

[LIST] Everything coming to Netflix in March….More HERE

[VIDEO] Another day, Another video from Britney…..More HERE

Enfamil maker recalls potentially contaminated baby formula….More HERE

The 13th annual Novant Health Wilmington Marathon happens this weekend….More HERE

[LIST] The best fast food French fries….More HERE

Cape Fear Community College students plan to blow up a car for a television pilot on Sunday, Feb. 26, and the public is invited to watch….More HERE

A University of Oxford study found women’s overall health improved when they spent time with four best friends twice a week…..More HERE


Video of the Day

A Canadian shelter sells older cats like used cars…..More HERE


Weird News:

High School wrestler costs his team a Championship for the heinous infraction of *checks notes* premature removal of shoulder straps during celebration…..More HERE

Woman ‘barred’ from supermarket after trying to buy 100 cucumbers ‘for business reasons’….More HERE

11 Year-Old Retires From $133,000-A-Month Job: The Daily Mirror says an 11 year old Australian girl is retiring so she can concentrate on school instead of her company. Pixie Curtis made $133,000 a month selling toys, hair accessories and fidget spinners. Pixie now plans to spend her time getting ready for high school


7 Things You Need to Know (2-21-23)

A New York University study found that it takes you less than five seconds to decide if you like a song…. More HERE

Da Brat is pregnant….More HERE

Mama June got married yesterday…. More HERE

NC is ranked 41 out of 50 states that are the most prepared for a Zombie apocalypse

Smith, Williams and Johnson: The most popular last names in NC….More HERE

First-generation iPhone, still in the box, sells for $63,356.40 at auction….More HERE

A Japanese startup announced plans Tuesday to launch commercial space viewing balloon flight


Video of the Day

How in the world did she get this wrong….. More HERE


Weird News:

A man called Hollywood PD Sunday threatening to blow the famous L.A. landmark to smithereens with pipe bombs — that is, unless he was paid a WHOPPING $10,000. Here’s the problem … we’re told the dude didn’t even dial the right department. In attempting to reach L.A., our sources say he actually dialed cops in Hollywood, FL…..More HERE

We knew A.I. would come for all our jobs eventually, but I didn’t think about it happening like THIS: “The Washington Post” did a big write-up on how companies are now using artificial intelligence to choose who gets LAID OFF…. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (2-20-23)

[STUDY] A study from Swansea University found that women may be letting out a form of aggression when they post selfies on social media….. More HERE

4 former Presidents are going to have samples of their hair shot into space in honor of Presidents Day….More HERE

Top 5: The five biggest rap flops of all time…. More HERE

Average NC gas prices fall again, down another 5.6 cents….More HERE

US prosecutors ask for 25 more years in prison for R. Kelly….More HERE

Tom Sizemore was hospitalized over the weekend in critical condition…..More HERE

“Judge Mathis” and “The People’s Court” are both ending their runs at the end of the current season….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Man Accidentally Blows Up His Entire Yard Trying To Get Rid Of Pests….. More HERE


Weird News:

The 7 Main Reasons People Lie, According To Psychologists….. More HERE

Proposed bill bans Florida dogs from sticking heads out car windows….More HERE

Bad: DUI driver crashes into your bedroom. FARK: City sends you a letter threatening fines for the hole in your wall and missing window…More HERE

Ramen Noodle Lasagna: Yahoo News says people are taking part in a new Tik Tok trend where they are making lasagna with Ramen noodles instead of traditional flat noodles. Tik Tok content creator King Ramen Ivan started the trend. People are now posting videos of themselves making their lasagna. Some cooks are buying the ingredients for the lasagna at dollar stores that have groceries. They are creating an entire meal for less than $5

Alien Abductions Preventing People From Coming To Work: The Daily Star says HR directors have seen a rise in people using alien abductions as an excuse for not coming to work. The international HR firm, Experts Bright HR, says, ”You hear a few out of this world excuses working in HR, but ‘ET phone in sick’ is a new one even for us! Believe it or not, alien abduction and ghost hunting were real excuses for absence that employers were given in 2022, as recorded by our BrightHR absence management software. When things go bump in the night, chances are the kids have fallen out of bed. Something that, usually, has little impact on work. But who are you going to call when something spooky happens? Surely the bosses whose employees called in sick due to having “been abducted by aliens” or “seen a ghost” saw green. It may not have been just saucers that went flying in that workplace.”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-17-23)

The most outrageous food challenges in every state….http://bit.ly/3XEGBFC

Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino bottles recalled due to some drinks possibly containing glass…. https://yhoo.it/3YXh4su

21 new emoji’s will be coming out later this spring….http://bit.ly/3S6dJVM

Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard claims Biggie Smalls wasn’t killed in a Drive-By…. http://bit.ly/3ka27Ez

Letter arrives more than 100 years after being sent….http://bit.ly/3YIflra

Congress may soon reintroduce The Unsubscribe Act later this year to make it easier for Americans to cancel subscriptions….http://bit.ly/3S6opnc

The Young and The Restless 50th broadcast anniversary is on March 26…. More HERE

Here’s what Lizzo will look like in the season 34 finale of “The Simpsons”…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Don’t mess with Florida Woman….More HERE


Weird News:

Why Burger King’s Whopper jingle controls us all… More HERE

Man’s Rag Doll Is Pregnant With Third Child: The Daily Mail says a man from Colombia claims the rag doll he is dating is expecting their third child together. The man, whose Tik Tok name is montbk959, recently took baby shower pictures with his life-like rag doll. He says they plan to name their child Sammy.  The rag doll is wearing a pregnancy belly

Couple Marries At Gas Station: MarketWatch says Lindsay and Tim McDermott recently got married at a Rocket Market gas station in Spokane, Washington. They spent $986 on their wedding. He wore a blue suit while she wore a veil and a white dress. Lindsey says they opted for the gas station because it holds wine tastings every Friday night. They rented the convenience store for $500 and served guests gas station chicken skewers, hummus, vegetables and sandwiches. The gas station provided a wine sommelier


7 Things You Need to Know (2-16-23)

Ryan Seacrest is leaving “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”…. More HERE

[VIDEO] New ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ trailer is out…..More HERE

The average tax refund amount stands at $1,963….More HERE

“The Masked Singer” Recap….More HERE

“Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys makes people happier than any other song……More HERE

The biggest sale in Walmart history was made by Shaquille O’Neal. He spent $70,000 at one store when he was traded from Miami to Phoenix in 2008 and he bought everything for his new house there…..More HERE

[LIST] New analysis breaks down most and least sinful states…..More HERE


Video of the Day

A guy posed so hard that he passed out, fell into the mirror, and broke his nose….More HERE


Weird News:

Caviar On Doritos Is Trending On Tik Tok: The Times newspaper says a new food trend is becoming popular on Tik Tok. People are placing caviar on Doritos. Others are placing the caviar in taco shells before videotaping themselves eating the delicacy. The price of caviar has come down by 25% in the last decade.

Man Falls In Love With Balloons: Jam Press says a man from India is currently in a committed relationship with a collection of balloons. Aakash Majumdar says he is attracted to inanimate objects. His love affair with the balloons began as a friendship before inflating into something more substantial. He now sleeps with the balloons and claims they have a “physical relationship” together. “I like their presence and warmth, and share intimate feelings with my balloons and vice versa. When you’re in love, you spend a lot of time together and accept all kinds of flaws. Every morning, I wake up by saying ‘good morning’ and giving a kiss to my balloons that sleep beside me, and vice versa. I make out with my balloons. Since I’ve confessed my love for my balloons, my life has changed for the better. Our love is so strong that I can’t live without them. I can talk to them, take them shopping and for a walk in the garden. The balloons should have the freedom and the chance to see the world, and that is the reason why I walk with them everywhere.

Man Starting Underwater Hockey League: WEHT says Dominic Poggi is starting an underwater hockey league in Evansville, Indiana. He says he started a similar league in 2011 while living in Chicago. Two teams of six attempt to score goals with a three pound puck that scoots across the bottom of the pool floor.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-15-22)

[PIC] Here’s your first look at Lady Gaga in the “Joker” sequel.….More HERE

[LIST] The 10 most insulting movie endings of all time…..More HERE

Bam Margera’s wife is filing for legal separation….More HERE

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is making changes to appointment scheduling, office hours and technology to increase walk-in availability….More HERE

Buffalo NY has the most single ladies in America….More HERE

Jewel, Post Malone, Vin Diesel are set to perform at the NBA All-Star Game…..More HERE

Jason Derulo is a part-owner of a new professional volleyball team…. More HERE


Video of the Day

My anxiety went up to 100 after looking at this…..More HERE


Weird News:

The ‘Cocaine Bear’ 8-Bit Video Game…..More HERE

Myrtle Beach business owner openly defies state law. Encourages children to break the law in his establishment. “I don’t have any problems sleeping honestly,” Pinkas said….More HERE

Wine 101: CBS says Florida Gulf Coast University, in Fort Myers, Florida, is offering a course on wine. Students drink all sorts of wine in order to learn, which ones pair best with food. The class is part of the university’s hospitality program. It is taught in a state-of-the-art wine lab.

Teacher Shares the Sad Truth Behind Why Teachers in the U.S. Have a “Bathroom Bucket” in the Classroom…More HERE

North Korean authorities are compelling girls and women with the same name as leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter, Ju Ae, to change it to something else, per a Radio Free Asia report. According to Yahoo News, the report cited two anonymous sources from North Pyongan and South Pyongan provinces who said local government officials issued orders for women to change their birth certificates in the cities of Jeongju and Pyongsong.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-14-23)

The #1 thing that makes a marriage feel safe and secure is..….More HERE

Bill introduced would make happy hour legal in North Carolina….More HERE

Patrick Mahomes said that coach Andy Reid threatened to bench anyone who left the locker room to see Rihanna’s performance….More HERE

The kid who went viral for taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake during his Super Bowl halftime show, was arrested the night before this year’s Super Bowl…..More HERE

[LIST] Valentine’s Day Deals…..More HERE

Pharrell Williams is taking over as Louis Vuitton’s new men’s creative director…More HERE

If you’re at a Florida Beach and don’t want to be bitten by a shark? Don’t go in the water in September between 2:00pm and 2:59pm…..More HERE


Video of the Day

This Kid won!!!…. More HERE


Weird News:

KXLY says women’s underwear costs more than men’s underwear because of the U.S. government. The tariff rate on women’s underwear is 15.5%, while the tariff rate on men’s underwear is 11.5%. Women pay an average of 35 cents more for their underwear than men do

Man Offering Dating Services For Valentine’s Day: DNA India says a man from India is offering his dating services for Valentine’s Day. Shakul Gupta has been seen around the city of Gurugram holding a sign that says “Boyfriend for Rent”. His online post reads; “I can give you my shoulder to lean on or be your friend this V-Day. I can double up as your make-up practice model, or if you prefer being lazy, I can make you any kind of food while you relax! If you’re feeling lonely or are in need of companionship, feel no shame in renting me so that I can give you the best date of your life!”

Mom Uses Birthday Cake To Bust Daughter With Fake ID: Distractify says a Tik Tok content creator, named @ellajoy, was recently surprised when her mother placed 22 candles on her 19th birthday cake. Ella’s mother found her fake ID and busted her with the candles. Ella’s mom posted a video of her busting online. Ella blushed and covered her face as she laughed.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-13-23)

Dancing With the Stars: Live! Tour stops at Cape Fear Community College’s Wilson Center Tuesday, February 14….More HERE

Rihanna is pregnant….More HERE

According to relationship experts, The one thing every relationship needs to survive is lying…… More HERE

US jets down 4 objects in 8 days…. More HERE

[PSA] How many slices of pizza should you eat depending on how much you weight…. More HERE

[RECAP] Super Bowl commercials…. More HERE

Vin Diesel is doing another “Riddick” movie…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Dunkin’ Drive-Thru Outtakes….. More HERE


Weird News:

McDonald’s ‘McCrispy’ Billboard Removed From Crematorium: The Daily Mail says a Cornwall, England McDonald’s has removed a billboard that was next to a local crematorium. The billboard was advertising the McCrispy chicken sandwich and had the words ‘McCrispy’ in large black letters. The company says, ‘We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop. However, in light of the concerns raised, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed.’

Teacher Leaves Bomb Threat Because He Wanted A Day Off: WXYZ says the Hazel Park, Michigan police have arrested a teacher for leaving a fake bomb threat note in his classroom. Paul Jacobs’ note said the school would be blown up the next day. Ten bomb sniffing dogs and dozens of police officers converged on Hazel Park Junior High. They did not find any bombs. Jacobs placed the note in his classroom because he wanted a day off. He was charged with making an intentional threat and violence against a school

Restaurant Bans Rowdy Kids: Fox News says Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, is making headlines because they have banned children under the age of 10. The Italian restaurant says the ban was necessary because of how rowdy children are. “We love kids. We really, truly, do. But lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s. Kids running around the restaurant in circles when we’re trying to carry trays of food and drinks has made doing our jobs extremely difficult. We have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation. As of March 8, the day we return from our winter break, we will no longer allow children under 10 to dine in the restaurant.”

New Doggie Dating Service: Yappy.com has launched a new doggy dating service ahead of Valentine’s Day. People can create profiles for their dog on the website. Yappy says, ”At Yappy, we believe everyone is capable of finding love, including our pups. We are delighted to launch our doggy dating service, in time for Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to begin the match-making!”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-10-23)

[LIST] 13 of the biggest Super Bowl scandals….. More HERE

Rihanna prop bets on Sunday….. More HERE

[STUDY] Only half of your friends actually like you….More HERE

KFC ‘simplifies’ menu, removes wings, popcorn chicken to cut serving time…More HERE

Drake will have to answer questions about XXXTentacion’s murder…..More HERE

Local independent film, “The Devil’s Stomping Ground”, starts one-week run in theaters….More HERE

India’s animal welfare department is asking citizens to celebrate February 14th as “Cow Hug Day”… More HERE


Video of the Day

Best home tour ever….More HERE


Weird News:

TikTokers are complaining about a strange side effect of dating with the tag #boyfriendair. The topic has over 18 million likes, with girlfriends complaining they seem to get uglier when they visit their boyfriends’ house. Side effects include breakouts, hair that won’t cooperate, and having to constantly reapply deodorant. Married woman Jan said she didn’t believe in Boyfriend Air until she stayed at her mother’s house for a few days, and felt gross when she came home to her husband.

Cartoon-Like Red Rubber Boots Are Trending: The Daily Mail says people are paying $350 for red rubber boots that resemble the cartoon shoes Super Mario wears. MSCHF, the company that also makes WD-40 cologne, is selling the boots. Resellers are selling them for $1,200. Several supermodels and NBA players have posted pictures of themselves wearing the boots.

You could say this guy is the TRIATHLETE of criminals . . . because he can drive, run, ride, AND swim to avoid capture. To an extent. A man in Northern California named Michael Oyarzo led cops on a high-speed chase on Wednesday . . . and it was quite a show. He drove until he reached a dead-end . . . then tore through three separate backyards before his vehicle got stuck. He got out and ran . . . until he spotted a motorcycle. He stole it, and rode off . . . but the cops were on his tail. He hopped off the bike . . . ran to the edge of the Sacramento River . . . jumped in and started SWIMMING across it. (???) On the other side, he climbed up a tree. The police got to it, circled it . . . and he finally came down and was cuffed. Michael was wanted for questioning regarding an armed robbery that occurred earlier that day. There aren’t any details on that, but for now, he’s been booked for vehicle pursuit, vandalism, resisting arrest, and vehicle theft.


7 Things you Need to Know (2-9-23)

Rihanna is working through 39 different setlists to get the right one for Sunday…. More HERE

8 alternatives to dining out on Valentine’s Day….More HERE

Friends and Family were planning on doing an intervention with Britney….More HERE

Kevin Durant just got traded to the Phoenix Suns…..http://bit.ly/3RMzQQQ  and Russell Westbrook is getting traded from the Lakers…. More HERE

Scientists claim there’s a proven link between guys overcompensating for their size and sports cars….More HERE

Chick-fil-A testing its first plant-based sandwich…. More HERE

17 yrs later, Akon and Eminem’s “Smack That” video has reached a billion views on YouTube…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Dutch Whistling Champion Can Whistle Any Song…..More HERE


Weird News:

Mothers who let adult sons live with them “pay a really huge cost”…. More HERE

Tik-tok “star” who accused a Idaho professor of killing the four murdered students based on her reading of Tarot cards, and was sure she’d win a defamation suit filed against her, has just lost it by default. Also may need some new cards…. More HERE

Pizza Delivery: Super Bowl Sunday is Domino’s Pizza’s busiest day of the year. They will deliver more than 11 million pizza slices and 3 million chicken wings on Sunday. Domino’s business jumps by 80% on Super Bowl Sunday

Your Super Bowl Guacamole Received A Police Escort To The U.S.: The Courier Journal says 100 million pounds of avocados from Mexico will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. The avocados were brought to the border by police escorts because cartels are leaning on avocado growers. They are demanding the growers pay them for protection. If the growers don’t, delivery drivers and avocado loads are attacked. One avocado farm owner refused to pay a protection fee. His workers then started disappearing.

Researchers Want To Add A Fourth Color To Traffic Lights: Researchers from North Carolina State University want to add a fourth color to traffic lights because of self-driving vehicles. Scientists say adding a white light will help control traffic flow when self-driving vehicles become more popular. Scientist Ali Hajbabaie says, “This concept we’re proposing for traffic intersections, which we call a ‘white phase,’ taps into the computing power of autonomous vehicles (AVs) themselves. The white phase concept also incorporates a new traffic signal, so that human drivers know what they are supposed to do. Red lights will still mean stop. Green lights will still mean go. And white lights will tell human drivers to simply follow the car in front of them.”

7 Things You Need to Know (2-8-23)

Tomorrow is National Pizza Day…..More HERE

Lebron James is officially the NBA’s all-time leading scorer….More HERE

[PICS] Here’s the 2023 full player line up from Team Ruff and Team Fluff…..More HERE

Ron Jeremy has being shipped off to a mental hospital….More HERE

Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera????…. More HERE

Derick G.S. Davis Community Center at Maides Park is hosting e-gaming tournament on Friday….More HERE

[LIST] The 12 best romantic movies on Netflix…..More HERE


Video of the Day

If you blink, you’ll miss it…..More HERE


Weird News:

Suspect Asks Siri To Help With His Alibi: CBS says a Troy, Michigan man used Apple’s Siri assistant to help him with an alibi after he was arrested. Wayne Wallace was sitting in the back of a police car by himself when he used the “Hey, Siri” feature on his iPhone to call his friends. He asked Siri to make the calls because the phone was out of his reach in the front seat. Wallace allegedly spoke to multiple people and asked them to help him cover up a mail fraud scheme. Officers were unaware that he had been making calls and continued with his arrest.

Highway Smells Like Jack Daniels After Truck Accident: CDL Life says Interstate 40, in Greensboro, North Carolina, smelled like Jack Daniels late Monday night. A Jack Daniels truck overturned before the liquor spilled onto the highway. Drivers were asked to avoid the area during yesterday’s morning commute. Crews spent 10 hours cleaning up the booze and broken bottles


7 Things You Need to Know (2-7-23)

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[PICS] Navy releases pictures of Chinese surveillance balloon recovery off Myrtle Beach coast…. More HERE

Arkansas House passes bill restricting ‘adult’ performances…More HERE

Orlando Brown from “That’s So Raven” , is getting a mental evaluation to see if he’s fit to stand trial in his Ohio criminal case…. More HERE

More people in NC are rooting for the Eagles than the Chiefs…. More HERE


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Dutch Whistling Champion Can Whistle Any Song…..More HERE

“White Men Can’t Jump” teaser trailer…. More HERE


Weird News:

Franchising.com says Hooters is celebrating Valentine’s Day with free wings. Diners, who come in and shred a picture of their ex-partner will earn 10 free wings when they buy 10 wings of the same style.

Restaurant Celebrating Valentine’s Day By Lighting Ex-Lovers On Fire: WIFR says a Beloit, Wisconsin restaurant is celebrating Valentine’s Day with an Anti-Valentine’s Day event. Truk’t Street Tacos Tequila and Whiskey wants people to bring a picture of their ex-partner to their bar. Bartenders will light the picture on fire and then reward spurned lovers with a free shot of booze. Truk’t has a limit of one shot per guest

Woman Steals Her Own Car After BF Takes Mistress To Dinner: Distractify says a Tik Tok content creator, named Alayshiaa, recently videotaped her friend stealing her car back. The friend found out her boyfriend had borrowed her car in order to take his mistress to a restaurant. She located her car and used her spare key to take it back.  Alayshiaa posted; “pov: you help your friend steal her own car from her boyfriend who is having lunch with another female. hope him a his date get home safe”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-6-23)

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Post Malone and Brian Quinn were almost arrested filming a Season 10 episode of “Impractical Jokers”….. More HERE

Eminem’s daughter Hailie got engaged….More HERE

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Beyoncé breaks Grammys record, is now most-decorated artist….More HERE

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If you propose at a Cracker Barrel for Valentine’s Day, you could win free meals for a whole year… More HERE


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Poker Face (Lady Gaga) – 1940s Western Swing edition…..More HERE


Weird News:

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Where Did the Term ‘Shot of Whiskey’ Come From?…. More HERE

‘Time traveler from 2858’ claims scientists in Area 51 are presently working on merging species to create the ‘world’s first centaur’….More HERE

Americans Smuggling Eggs Into U.S.: The Daily Mail says Americans are smuggling eggs in from Mexico because of how expensive they are in the United States. Border agents have seen a 300% jump in seized eggs since egg prices started rising. Mexican eggs are not allowed into the U.S. because of the risk of the bird flu spreading

If you PROPOSE at a Cracker Barrel for Valentine’s Day, you could win free meals for a whole year. You have to share video of the proposal on Instagram . . . and include certain hashtags to enter the contest……More HERE


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Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie and his wife, Sarah, welcomed a new baby earlier this week…. More HERE

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Archaeologists found the remains of a nearly 5,000-year-old tavern in Iraq….. More HERE

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At a high-school basketball game in North Dakota last week, a seventh-grader named J.J. Franks got the chance at a half-court shot for $10,000, and DRAINED IT. It actually wasn’t just a half-court shot. He had to make a lay-up, free throw, three-pointer, AND one from half-court, all in a row…. More HERE


Weird News:

Have you heard of the “Seinfeld Bill”…. More HERE

Want to get Beyoncé tickets? Ticketmaster just shared step-by-step instructions… More HERE

Here are some things that can happen if you work more than 40 hours per week: Your risk of having a stroke or heart attack goes up . . . your risk of getting injured on the job goes up . . . and you stop actually being good at your job. Researchers found that at the 50- hour mark job performance starts to plateau . . . and at more than 65 hours a week, performance sharply drops off…. More HERE


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[QUOTE] “At first it was a joke… but now this has its problems” – Man with 102 children calls it quits on having anymore children… More HERE

With Travis and Jason Kelce facing off in the Super Bowl, fans are petitioning to get their mom, Donna, to do the coin toss before the big game in Arizona….More HERE

Cult leader David Koresh’s ’68 Chevrolet Camaro SS is up for sale….More HERE

Ne-Yo and his ex-wife just finalized their divorce….More HERE

Lanny Poffo, The younger brother of the Randy Savage, has passed away…..More HERE


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Reminder: Don’t tease the animals….Zoogoer hits chimpanzee with water bottle — and the chimp hits back….More HERE


Weird News:

Do you know what FOFO is?…. More HERE

Heads-up to parents: 15 students in Mexico had to be hospitalized this week after taking part in an internet “challenge” where kids take TRANQUILIZERS, and then see who can stay awake the longest…..More HERE

“Buy Now, Pay Later” For Super Bowl Tickets: The price of Super Bowl tickets is skyrocketing so SeatGeek is offering a ‘buy now, pay later’ program. Fox News says people can buy tickets through SeatGeek and then pay them off through a third party company. The payment plan may include high interest rates.

The state of Maryland is considering a law that would give businesses incentives to adopt a four-day work week in place of the usual five-day week. The bill offers tax breaks to companies that offer the changed schedule to  their employees. Studies have shown that fewer hours in the office actually leads to greater productivity, not to mention greater employee satisfaction.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-1-23)

Tom Brady is retiring “for good.”…. More HERE

Beyonce just announced her “Renaissance World Tour” dates and she’s coming to Charlotte on Aug 9th….More HERE

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Wilmington records warmest January since 1974….More HERE

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I want some fries now…..More HERE


Weird News:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a naked scavenger hunt in Philadelphia….More HERE

“The first rule about the Target parking lot club is you don’t talk about the Target parking lot club”…. More HERE

Couple Leaves Baby At Airline Check-in Counter After Refusing To Pay ‘Infant Fee’: The website View from The Wing says a couple abandoned their baby yesterday at Israel’s Tel Aviv Airport. The couple and their infant were flying to Brussels. The mother and father hadn’t paid the airline’s $27 fee for infants. When confronted, they refused to pay and left their child at Ryanair’s check-in counter. Ryanair called the police. The parents were taken into custody for questioning while their baby was returned to them

Band Plays Impromptu Concert During Traffic Jam: KDVR says an impromptu concert recently took place on Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. A snowstorm stranded drivers for hours. Members of the Bluegrass band Elk Range took out their instruments and started performing. Some drivers sang along with the band. They did a 20-minute set and then took requests. Some people posted videos of themselves dancing