Thursday’s History Lesson: December 10th is the 345th day of the year. There are 21 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is .. Chanukah, National Lager Day, Human Rights Day, International Animal Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day and Dewey Decimal System Day

There are 15 days remaining until Xmas

There are 21 days remaining until New Year’s Eve

— On this date in 1906, President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt became the first person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

– NBC says Boston’s annual Santa Speedo Run has been canceled because of the coronavirus. Organizers say the event is going to be held virtually as people run in Speedos and smaller groups on Saturday.

– A new survey by Langer Research reveals that 50% of Americans plan to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it is available to the public 

– Business Insider says Burger King restaurants in Singapore are selling ice cream sundaes stuffed with French fries. The chain started offering the new dessert after noticing diners were dunking fries in their soft serve.

– The NY Post says Larry King has been ordered to pay his estranged wife, Shawn, $33,000 a month in spousal support. Larry must also pay a one-time lump sum of $20,000.

Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show is losing advertisers, celebrity bookings and ratings because of her toxic workplace.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are selling their New York condo for $40 million. The couple bought the 12th floor unit in 2018 for $25 million. The condo has five bedrooms and a 1,900-foot terrace.


Nicolas Cage is going to host a six-episode series on Netflix called “The History Of Swear Words”. It will premiere on January 5th as Cage interviews historians, entertainers and experts about the history of profanity. Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman and Nikki Glaser are among the comedians who are going to appear on the show 


 the cast of “Elf” is doing a live table read on December 13th at 4 p.m. Eastern to support Georgia Democrats Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff. The politicians are involved in an upcoming Senate runoff in the state. The donation price to watch the live stream starts at $30. Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, Bob Newhart, Edward Asner, Mary Steenburgen, Andy Richter, John Lithgow, Jon Favreau and  Ed Helms are participating. 


Pay It Forward Line Has 900 Cars: KATC says 900 cars recently Paid It Forward at a Brainerd, Minnesota Dairy Queen. The Pay It Forward line started at night and ended two-and-a-half days later at closing. People heard about the line and came to the restaurant just to be a part of it.


Uber Driver Has Xmas Tree Instead Of Passenger Seat: Narcity says a Toronto Uber driver recently replaced the front seat in their car with a Christmas tree. Their entire car is decorated with lights and ornaments. The driver has presents under the tree.


FAO Schwarz Now An Airbnb Rental: ABC says New York’s famous toy store, FAO Schwarz, is being offered as a $25-a-night rental on Airbnb. One family of four will be able to stay overnight in the store and have access to all of the toys and their private theater. Fans can book their stay starting on December 15th.


Florida Encouraging Residents To Catch And Eat Pythons: The Sun Sentinel says the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is encouraging Floridians to catch and eat invasive pythons. Burmese python owners have released the snakes into the Everglades because they can no longer care for them. The Burmese python population has exploded leading the state to hire python hunters. The Wildlife Commission says they want hunters to eat what they catch. “We would like to use consumption as another way to encourage people to remove pythons in Florida if the meat is safe to eat.” Many hunters make python chili or sautee snake meat with onions and garlic. Some add their python meat to their pasta or make jerky out of it.


Man Has 31 Marvel Superhero Tatts: LiveLeak says Rick Scolamiero, of Saskatchewan, has set a new world record by having 31 Marvel superheroes tattooed on his body. Rick started his tattoo collection in 2011 with Spider-Man. He also has multiple tattoos of Deadpool, Wolverine, Hulk, Thanos and Captain America. Rick also met Stan Lee before he passed. He signed his wrist 


Today’s Mindbender: “9% of people will only spend $5 on a holiday gift for this person. Who is it?”

Extra Clue: may annoy you

Extra Clue: may see them every day

Final Clue: 9 to 5

Answer: co-worker

Wednesday’s History Lesson: December 9th is the 344th day of the year. There are 22 days remaining til new years eve

Today is .. National Pastry Day, International Anti-Corruption Day, World Techno Day, Christmas Card Day, National Llama Day, International Human Rights Defenders Day and International Day of Veterinary Medicine

There are 16 days remaining until Xmas

— On this date in 1884, roller skates were invented ..

On this date in 1965,  A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered.

– Business Insider says the UK started administering Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine yesterday. The first British man to receive the vaccine was named William Shakespeare. He is 81 

– Courthouse News says a new FDA study claims Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is highly effective after the first dose. Two doses of the vaccine are needed for full protection. Joe Biden hopes to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his presidency

– The NY Post says 1.6 million pay-per-view buys were made on Mike Tyson’s exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. The fight generated more than $80 million and is going to rank among the top 10 most purchased pay-per-view events of all time.

– Simplemost says a holiday meal is headed to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Roast turkey, shortbread biscuits, cranberry sauce and tubes of icing are on the latest cargo ship headed to space.

– The Daily Mail says Mike ‘’The Situation” Sorrentino’ and his wife, Lauren, are expecting a baby boy 

– LeBron James was recently spotted driving a $1 million Porsche 918 Spyder on a Los Angeles freeway. He was wearing a coronavirus mask while behind the wheel of his convertible. LeBron waved at several fans before speeding off 

Woman Lives With 1,300 Dogs: Oddity Central says a 68 year-old woman from China shares her estate with 1,300 dogs, 100 cats and four horses. Wen Junhong gets up every day at 4 a.m. to remove 30 barrels of waste from her home. She cooks 1,100 pounds of rice, vegetables and meat for her animals.

Wen tells the website, “Some people think I’m a psychopath. It’s important to look after these dogs, each of us should respect life, and the Earth is not only for humans but for all animals.”

Wen and her animals survive on her pension, savings and donations from animal lovers 

Man Catches 9-Pound Goldfish: The NY Post says a nine-pound goldfish was recently caught at Oak Grove Lake in Greenville, South Carolina. A man was electrofishing when he stung the fish causing it to float to the surface. The goldfish was released back into the water.


TARGET WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT IN-STORE RETURNS: Target’s CEO Brian Cornell has announced on the brand’s website, “To be extra cautious, Target will stop accepting in-store product returns and exchanges for the next three weeks.” He added, “but don’t worry if you have a return that expires during that period, because we’ll still honor them three weeks past the holding period.” Effective immediately, Target employees will also no longer handle reusable bags, and paper and plastic bags will be available at checkout (local stores will waive any corresponding fees associated with using them.) Additionally, checkout lanes will be cleaned after each guest interaction. The store also recently adjusted store hours (most locations will now close at 9 p.m.), and the first hour of shopping each Wednesday will be reserved for “vulnerable guests.


Today’s Mindbender: “The average person buys nearly three of these every holiday season. What is it?”

Extra Clue: women are better than men when it comes to using it

Extra Clue: colorful

Final Clue: easily rips

Answer: wrapping paper rolls

Tuesday’s History Lesson: December 8th is the 343rd day of the year. There are 23 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is .. National Brownie Day, Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, National Lard Day and National Blue Collar Day

There are 17 days remaining until Xmas

There are 23 days remaining until New Year’s Eve

— On this date in 2019, The first coronavirus case is confirmed in China

— On this date in 1963, Frank Sinatra’s son, Frank Sinatra, Jr., was kidnapped from a hotel in Lake Tahoe, California. Three days later he was released after his father paid a $240,000 ransom ..

— On this date in 1976, The Eagles released the album Hotel California ..

— On this date in 1980, Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon outside his New York City apartment

 ABC says 129 Americans a minute are testing positive for the coronavirus. Over 30 million Americans are in lockdown because of various stay-at-home orders throughout the country.

– The Baltimore Sun says President Donald Trump is going to attend the Army-Navy football game on Saturday.

– Business Insider says Dr Anthony Fauci plans to celebrate his 80th birthday on Christmas Eve with a Zoom party. He says, “We’re going to have a Zoom celebration with my wife and I in my house, and my children scattered throughout the country.”

— On this date in 2013, Metallica performed a show in Antarctica, making them the first band to perform on all seven continents.


– On Sunday, TMZ announced that the Flowbee had sold out because George Clooney uses it to cut his hair. Now, Flowbee units are selling on eBay for as much as $1,200.


– NBC says U.S. Air Force officer Chuck Yeager, who broke the speed of sound, has died at the age of 97. He broke the sound barrier in 1947 while piloting a rocket plane over Muric Dry Lake in California.

Anti-Masker Sings ”We Wish You A Merry Christmas” While Being Arrested: The Buffalo News says a 61 year-old Cambria, New York anti-masker sang ”We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as she was being arrested for not wearing a coronavirus mask inside a cable television store. Patricia A. Elstrodt refused to exit the store. Officers quickly arrived and told her to leave. She refused again and started singing ”We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Patricia then laid on the ground and curled up in a fetal position with her body wrapped around her cable box. Officers cuffed her as she resisted arrest.

Man Fined $3,500 After Breaking Quarantine For 8 Seconds: CNN says a man from the Philippines was recently fined $3,500 after he broke Taiwan’s coronavirus regulations for eight seconds. The man was quarantining in a Taiwan hotel when he briefly stepped outside of his room and set foot in the hallway. His “crime” was captured on surveillance cameras.

911 Butt Dial Calls On Rise: Fox News says Minnesota police departments are seeing a rise in 911 butt dial calls from ice fisherman.

The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office posted: ”PLEASE CHECK YOUR SMART PHONE… Be aware of the emergency activation on your cell phone, our 911 center has been taking a large number of pocket and “butt dial” 911 calls today… especially on Upper Red Lake. Crouching over an ice hole with your phone in your pocket can press the magic call 911 buttons. We don’t mind the fishing reports, but lets reserve 911 for emergencies.”


Dog Gives Birth To 13 Puppies: Laura Fox, of Glasgow, Scotland, says her French Bulldog recently set a new world record by giving birth to 13 puppies.

She tells Glasgow Live,  “I was told we’d have four plus puppies – I didn’t expect this! They just kept coming. It got to eight and I thought ‘right, that’s her’, but nope, she had another five. People say 13 is unlucky – not for me. Roxy and the ‘lucky’ 13 are all happy and healthy. It’s a world record. Only one other dog has done it and she was called Roxy too!”

Farmer Finds 14 Carat Diamond: The NY Post says a farmer from India recently found a 14.98 carat diamond. The rock is worth more than $80,000. Lakyn Yadav found the diamond on a piece of land he is renting for $2.70 a month. He sold the diamond and plans to use the money to send his children to a better school.

Man Allows Himself To Be Bitten By Snakes: WMTW says a Florida man has been posting videos of himself being bit by wild snakes. David Humphlett is a herpetologist and posts the videos to show people that snakes aren’t as dangerous as they seem. He says, “For the majority of the bites I take, especially the snake bites, they’re not really painful.”


Today’s Mindbender: “This is the most regifted item. What is it?”

Extra Clue: something you wear

Extra Clue: soft

Final Clue: a pair

Answer: socks