Friday, November 8, 2019

312th day of the year.

There are 53 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is Cook Something Bold Day, National Cappuccino Day, National Dunce Day, National Harvey Wallbanger Day, and X-ray Day

There are 20 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 21 days remaining until Black Friday

There are 24 days remaining until Cyber Monday

There are 47 days remaining until Xmas



Jimmy Dean Sausage is giving away sausage-scented wrapping paper to people, who post their holiday sausage recipes on their gift exchange website. The company also has sausage-flavored candy canes, maple and sausage-flavored lip balm and a glass sausage ornament.

delivered their prescriptionS using a drone IS HAPPENING

– Clash magazine says Joe Pesci is releasing a new album on November

29th titled ”Pesci: Still Singing.” Maroon 5’s Adam Levine guest stars on the album



ALESSIA CARA RELEASES ‘MAKE IT TO CHRISTMAS’: Alessia Cara has released her new holiday song “Make It To Christmas

– The Daily Mail claims Cindy Crawford’s 18 year-old daughter, Kaia, was recently spotted wearing a “P” necklace just days after a date with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

– Uproxx claims a fifth ‘’Scream’’ movie is in development. No word on if Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox or David Arquette will reprise their roles.

– A new survey by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that 25% of couples sleep in separate bedrooms. Top reasons for sleeping separately include snoring, body heat, different schedules, and wanting personal space.


‘Frozen 2’ hits theaters on Friday, November 22nd.


Fox is not renewing the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot for a second season.


Kanye West recently paid his wife, Kim Kardashian, $1 million not to model for a competitor, who has sneakers that resemble his.


Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines is releasing a new cookbook titled  ”Magnolia Table, Volume 2”. It will feature 145 new recipes. The book will include recipes for Mushroom-Guryére Quiche, Grilled Bruschetta Chicken, and Magnolia Press’ Chocolate Cake. It will be released on April 7th. Joanna’s first cookbook became a New York Times bestseller.


  • McDonald’s is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their Happy Meals by offering some retro toys from years past in their Happy Meals sold between now and Monday.


Bose is jumping in to the Smart Speaker market with their own version.


Celebrity chef Tyler Florence coming to Wilmington

Another Food Network star is headed to the Port City this year to raise funds for the Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington.





Michael Bublé is adding new North American dates to his An Evening with Michael Bublé world tour.


  • 18 – Charlotte, NC – Spectrum Center
  • 20 – Raleigh, NC – PNC Arena
  • May 14 – Moline, IL – TaxSlayer Center



a 77-foot Norway spruce has been harvested from a wooded area in Orange County, New York. It will be this year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. WSPA claims a 60-foot blue spruce has been chosen as this year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas tree. It was cut down earlier this week in the Carson National Forest in New Mexico. The tree will arrive in Washington DC on November 25th


a 9 year-old girl from Charlotte, North Carolina is being hailed as a hero because she held fundraisers to buy 108 Thanksgiving meals and turkeys for families in need. Alex Fischer started out helping the Charlotte Rescue Mission in 2017. She packed 10 to 20 boxes of food her first year. Alex then held several fundraisers and will donate 130 boxes this year. Some of her fundraising included selling lemonade




What kind of nuts have the most expensive sneakers? CASHEWS.”


Expensive Xmas Gift For Rich Kids: Marie Claire magazine says Louis Vuitton is selling a set of coloring pencils for $1,230. The pencils have a leather Louis Vuitton case. The set contains 40 different colors



MATCHBOX CARS, COLORING BOOK, MAGIC: THE GATHERING INDUCTED INTO TOY HALL OF FAME: The National Toy Hall of Fame inducted three new entrants on Thursday (November 7th): Matchbox cars; the coloring book; and the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. They were chosen over other finalists that included Care Bears, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Jenga, Master of the Universe, My Little Pony, Nerf Blaster, Risk, the smartphone and the top. The ceremony took place at the Hall of Fame, which is located inside The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, with the inductees joining 68 previous winners. The entrants are recognized for their innovation, longevity and ability to foster creativity or discovery through play.


WOMAN WINS LOTTERY BEFORE WEDDING AND AGAIN ON ANNIVERSARY: A North Carolina woman who won a $50,000 lottery jackpot three days before her wedding scored another big win on her one-year anniversary. Genia Harrell had her first brush with lottery luck in 2018, when she won $50,000 from a Powerball drawing. Harrell said she experienced a sense of deja vu when she scored a $5,000 prize from the Lottery’s October Lucke-Rewards drawing


AUDIO:  Kanye West Wants To Run For President In 2024 … West says he’s going to run for President in 2024. He says he’ll win because he’s going to create so many jobs.


a woman, who purchased a hoodie from Chris Brown’s garage sale found a pill bottle containing marijuana in it. The woman posted pictures of the weed online



There’s a HUGE college football game taking place on Saturday as #2 LSU takes on #3 Alabama. Time for ‘Name The Celebrity School.’ What college did your favorite celebrity attend?

John Legend:

  1. Arizona State
    B. University Of Pennsylvania
    C. UCLA

Lil Wayne:

  1. University Of Houston
    B. Tulane University
    C. Mississippi State

Brad Pitt:

  1. University Of Missouri
    B. USC
    C. University Of Wisconsin

Sandra Bullock:

  1. Kansas State
    B. University Of Kentucky
    C. East Carolina University


What the What?
Meanwhile in China, a 24-year-old complaining about a pain inside his ear was found to have a family of cockroaches living inside his head. No kidding. Dr. Zhong Yijin, an ear nose and throat specialist at Sanhe Hospital, found “more than 10 cockroach babies inside,” along with the larger “mother.” Yijin told AsiaWire, “they were already running around,” inside his ear. Yijin removed the baby cockroaches and the “mother” cockroach one by one using a pair of tweezers, according to the report. The man suffered minor injuries to his ear canal and was discharged the same day.




Did you recently get a mysterious text message sent to your phone? If so, you are not alone. People on social media have been sharing stories about mysterious text messages being sent from their phones to their loved ones.  The messages show no record of being sent from the smartphones in question, but they are being received by people on the other end. One person tweeted, “so, my best friend’s husband got a text message from her at 4:45 AM that said “am I gonna get sued for sexual harassment.” she didn’t send it and there’s no evidence of it on her phone (or  her phone bill!) but it’s on his phone. has anyone ever heard of this?!” One man revealed that he received a text from a friend that said “Eat Sara.” He wrote, “Jeez. My buddy sent me this, what I thought was a random text. I texted him this morning asking him if he’d been texting in his sleep. He just called me & said, ‘I didn’t send that.’ Must be the work of some prank factory in Russia.” So what’s really going on? According to Mashable, multiple phone carriers have confirmed that this is the result of a glitch.




A new study has found that most Americans feel pressure to work when they are sick. The survey was conducted by One Poll, in conjunction with Robitussin, polled 2,000 Americans, 1,930 of them employed.  The survey found that 69% of feel like having a bad cough is not enough reason to stay home from work.  Meanwhile, 1 in 3 fear that their boss wouldn’t consider it a valid reason to stay home. 78% of employed participants said that they feel pressure to power through the workday when they’re not feeling well. However, 82% of participants admitted that they would be annoyed if one of their co-workers came to work with a cough




A new law went into effect in Italy yesterday (November 7th) that requires parents to have alarms on young children’s car seats, a measure intended to prevent the tragic cases of children dying after being left behind in a parked car when parents forgot they were in the back seat. The mandate, which applies to car seats for children younger than age 4, requires that the alarms give off sound and visual signals that are triggered if a child is left in a car seat. The alerts must be able to be heard and seen both inside and outside a vehicle. Violations can lead to fines of up to $360, and losing points on a driver’s license.




HashtagRoundup asked people on Twitter about what they do before going to sleep at bedtime with the hashtag, #BeforeIFallAsleep. Some of their answers included:

  • I watch “just one more” episode on Netflix
  • I clear my browser history.
  • I have to turn my brain off.
  • I make room on the bed for my cat
  • I look under the bed seven times. Not six, like a wuss…not eight like some psycho, but seven times.
  • I usually drop my phone on my face while scrolling through Twitter.
  • I remember all the awkward & embarrassing things I’ve ever said and done
  • I make sure my phone is charging
  • I watch the Golden Girls.



Today’s Mindbender: “Downing this one hour before your workout will improve your results and performance by 30%. What is it?”

Extra Clue: not a protein shake

Extra Clue: pumps you up

Final Clue: not an energy drink

Final Clue #2: caffeine

Answer: coffee

Thursday, November 7, 2019

311th day of the year.

There are 54 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is International Merlot Day, Hug a Bear Day, Little League Girls Day, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, National Men Make Dinner Day and Notary Public Day

There are 21 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 22 days remaining until Black Friday

There are 25 days remaining until Cyber Monday

There are 48 days remaining until Xmas

Thursday’s Birthday Cake

Lorde (23)

pop star Tinie Tempah (31)

pop star and DJ David Guetta (52)

Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight (62)



– Variety magazine says just under 9 million people watched ”The Little Mermaid Live” on ABC on Tuesday night.

– Pop Sugar claims people are rushing to Costco to buy their eggnog because it has an alcohol by volume of 13.9%. A bottle costs $9

– Observer magazine claims JetBlue is adding meditation sessions, breathing exercises and sleepscapes to its onboard entertainment channels.

– CBR says Netflix loses $1.5 billion a year because of password sharing.

– Epic Sunny is selling a Golden Girls Ugly Christmas sweater for $47.
 The blue and pink sweater features a picture of the four main stars, snowflakes, reindeer and other festive designs.


  • In 1927, a telephone call from New York to London cost $75.00 for the first 3 minutes.


Today is National Men Make Dinner Day


SO STRANGE:  In South Korea, fake funerals are becoming popular, as the living can see how much impact they have on the world in which they live.


  • The rumor going around is that the Los Angeles Chargers could become the London Chargers. The team denies it.


Nick Jonas “Midway” …in theaters tonight!!!


JLo’s Super Bowl Rehearsals … He says Jennifer has always dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl. She was in tears when she got the big invitation. Alex says she has been rehearsing for the past six weeks.



  • John Cena has granted over 600 wishes for the Make a Wish foundation—more than any other celebrity in history
  • Cena considers it a privilege to be requested by the kids, who are suffering from critical illnesses
  • Cena also donates to other charities, notably giving $500,000 to battle the fires taking place in California



Katy Perry is selling a new high heel shoe for the holidays. The brown shoe resembles a gingersnap and has red and clear beads along with a white icing design. The shoe sells for $149


  • Spanx founder Sara Blakely revealed that she was the one who bought Olivia Newton-John’s pants from “Grease” at a recent auction for $160,000.



James Holzhauer Is Back On Jeopardy! … Holzhauer won $2,464,216 during his 33 appearances on the show. He competed in the ‘Tournament Of Champions’ last night. Holzhauer dominated the entire game and answered the ‘Final Jeopardy’ question correctly. He now moves onto the semifinals of the tournament


a seven year-old cat from Houston is making international headlines because of her ability to open doors. Quilty is currently available for adoption in Texas. She opens doors by jumping up and releasing the handles. Shelter staffers say she does this several times a day. One night, Quilty opened a door so the other cats could roam around.


Half-Size Xmas Trees: Simplemost claims half-size Christmas trees have become a hot seller this holiday season. The six-foot trees are bare from the floor to three feet. A small tree then expands from three feet to a star at the top of a pole. Pet owners are buying the tree so their dogs and cats won’t eat or destroy them. The trees come in green and white.


106 Year-Old Stays Young By Gambling: The Midland Daily News says Katie Schlosser, of Midland, Michigan, celebrated her 106th birthday yesterday. A party was held in her honor at her senior living facility. Katie and her family plan to celebrate her birthday this weekend at a local Olive Garden. She stays young by playing cards with friends and going to a local casino to gamble.




Florida Cop Surprises Young Cancer Patient With Disney Trip: The Florida Wire says a St. Augustine, Florida boy battling cancer recently received the shock of his life after a police officer gifted him with a trip to Disney. Deputy Sgt. Napolian Staggers presented seven-year-old Coya Gilliard with the trip after getting to know him while patrolling his family’s apartment complex. Sgt. Staggers raised enough money for a weekend vacation before The Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in to extend the trip to a full week.

Sgt. Staggers says, “I’ve grown to know pretty much everyone over here and these kids, these are my kids, these are my babies. Even the ones that don’t like me, they’re still my babies. I just wanna be there for them as much as I can. Coya is always outgoing, he’s vibrant, he’s just has that glow about him. Always running, always jumping, always laughing.”



Chris Brown held a yard sale yesterday at his Tarzana, California home. Fans lined up 24 hours in advance to buy his memorabilia. TMZ says police officers tried to shut down Chris’s garage sale because they claimed he did not have the proper permits


Justin Bieber is now selling a natural deodorant called Here + Now. It has hints of spicy citrus, warm florals and the woods. The deodorant costs eight dollars at Target


Whitney Houston’s alleged lover, Robyn Crawford, has written a new book in which she claims Eddie Murphy tried to prevent Whitney from marrying Bobby Brown


Woman Marries Three Men At Once: Oddity Central claims a woman from Uganda married three men at the same time. Ann Aguti decided to try polygamy after her previous marriage to one man fell apart. She tells the Sunday Vision newspaper, “My husband was useless and I remained the breadwinner. When I left him, I started looking for that special someone, but I have not yet found him because even now, I have to feed the men that I have. So, my search continues.”

Aguti’s three husbands each live in separate huts and eat meals together. They all get along well with one another. Aguti is currently pregnant with her fourth child. It is not clear who the father is because each husband is claiming responsibility.


Three months ago, 60-year-old Darlene Quinn’s car broke, so she started walking to work. 12 miles to work, 12 miles home every day. This week, her co-workers pooled their money and bought her a car.


FEEL GOOD STORY:   BOSS PAYS OFF EMPLOYEE’S MORTGAGE SO HE CAN RETIRE: A 69-year-old Vietnam veteran is retiring early thanks to the generosity of his boss of over 13 years. Albert Brigas has worked as a mechanic for Rudy Quinones since 2006 and was planning to retire after paying off his mortgage next year. But now Brigas is able to retire and live in his house with his wife without a mortgage payment — thanks to Quinones’ big heart. Quinones, the owner of Renown Auto Restoration, wrote a check for about $5,000 to completely pay off Brigas’ mortgage.


Role Model Survey

The University of Phoenix recently asked 2,000 people to name their biggest role model. Here’s what they found


  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Teacher/professor
  • Celebrity (actor, athlete, etc.)
  • Coach or other instructor (arts, music, etc.)
  • Historical figure
  • Manager/boss
  • Pastor or youth leader
  • Family friend
  • Friend
    • Never give in to critics
    • Always be proud of who you are
    • Be yourself and love yourself
    • There will never be a shortcut to success
    • Fight for your dreams



The University of Alaska have been accepting jars of peanut butter and jelly from students in lieu of cash for unpaid parking fees. The students can donate the PB & J for two citations issued within the past 45 days or tickets within a 60 day “late status” window. The jars of PB&J will go to students in need and will be distributed through the school’s Emergency Food Cache. The school said on its parking services webpage, “The goal of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Drive is to provide the UAA community an opportunity to pay for parking citations with a food donation that benefits our local community by addressing food insecurity on campus.’ Two 16-ounce jars are good for a $10 credit, three jars for a $35 credit and five jars for a $60 credit. The PB&J drive ends tomorrow (November 8th).



Today’s Mindbender: “31% of women won’t go on a date without wearing this makeup. What is it?”

Extra Clue: not lipstick

Extra Clue: women use it to enhance

Final Clue: dark in color

Answer: mascara

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

310th day of the year.

There are 55 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is International Stress Awareness Day, National Eating Healthy Day, National Nachos Day and National Saxophone Day

There are 22 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 23 days remaining until Black Friday

There are 26 days remaining until Cyber Monday

There are 49 days remaining until Xmas


Wednesday’s Birthday Cake

Emma Stone (31)




  • China has approved a seaweed-based drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • NASA is sending a real oven into space to make cookies.






Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm allegedly have an interest in dating one another.
– Uproxx claims Colin Farrell is in talks to play the Penguin in Robert Pattinson’s new Batman movie.




– CBS says this year’s American Girl holiday doll costs $5,000 because it is wearing a dress with 5,000 Swarovski crystals and beads. The less expensive version of the doll, which doesn’t have real crystals, costs $36.

– Mash Viral says Dunkin Donuts new Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich will debut today. The sandwich has less saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium than other Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches


The Dow Jones is up 18% for the year.  YOUR RETIREMENT ACCTS SHOULD LOOK PRETTY GOOD


There’s no polite way to say this: Moving your body helps you move your bowels. The muscles in your digestive system are positively affected even by something as simple as brisk walking and staying active throughout the day,



the average commute is 48 minutes long.

– 20% of people have a commute to work that is longer than one hour






Camila Cabello Rejected “Senorita” At First … When Shawn Mendes first sent her the song, she didn’t want to record it. Camilla finally agreed to do it because she couldn’t get it out of her head.


Taylor Swift Is Glad She Had A Strict Mother Growing Up … her mother is sweet, warm and logical. She was strict with Taylor and her brother. She taught them manners and how to clean a house


‘Midway’ hits theaters tomorrow

‘Charlie’s Angels’ opens a week from Thursday

‘Honey Boy’ is in theaters tomorrow.  WRITTEN BY SHIA



Toilet Seat With 40,815 Diamonds: A Hong Kong jewelry company unveiled a gold toilet yesterday at a convention in China. The toilet seat has 40,815 diamonds embedded in it. The seat is encased in bulletproof glass and has a total of 334 carats. A Guinness Book of World Records representative is expected to certify the toilet today as having the most diamonds on a commode. The toilet is worth $1.3 million



Cookie Dough Recalled Because It Contains Rubber Pieces: The NY Post says Nestle is recalling some of its cookie dough products because they may contain rubber pieces. The recalls have the batch codes 9189 through 9295. The recalled items include Nestlé’s Toll House Holiday Chocolate Chip Tree Sprinkle Cookie Dough, Nestlé Toll House Pinch of Grinch Cookie Dough and Monster Munch Cookie Dough


Ousted McDonald’s CEO Now Getting $70 Million: The NY Post says ousted McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook will not only receive a $675,000 severance check, but also $70 million in the form of McDonald’s stocks and options. He was fired for having an affair with a co-worker. McDonald’s board of directors voted to allow Easterbrook to keep his stock options.




Teen Jeopardy! Champ Donates $10k To Cancer Center In Honor Of Alex Trebek: 18-year-old Jeopardy! champion Avi Gupta recently donated more than $10,000 of his winnings to a cancer research facility. The donation was in honor of Alex Trebek, who is battling pancreatic cancer. Gupta won the $100,000 grand prize in last June’s Jeopardy! Teen Tournament. He says, “I hope it makes a difference


Mother Wheels Sleeping Son To School: LiveLeak claims a young boy from Peru recently refused to wake up for school. The boy’s mother dressed him before putting him on top of a suitcase with wheels and wheeling him to school. The boy slept as his mother pulled him. His feet were dragging behind the suitcase.


A miracle puppy that was found in a rural Australian backyard after possibly being dropped by a bird of prey has been discovered to be a purebred dingo. (AUSTRALIAN DOG)



North Carolina Man Confuses Bear Hunting with America’s Funniest Videos
It almost sounds like a winning episode of America’s Funniest Videos – if it weren’t so serious. In Haywood County, North Carolina, a bear that had been shot by a hunter fell out of tree, bit the hunter and then both tumbled down a cliff! North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission Capt. Andrew Helton said the hunter rolled off a slight cliff with the 350-pound bear in on Saturday. The bear walked away after the two tumbled off the cliff but it was found dead on Sunday and was taken to a state Department of Agriculture lab for rabies testing. The hunter was taken to a hospital in Asheville with several injuries. Somebody cue up Yakety Sax



“New App Helps You with App Addiction!”
Trash! But they do have a new app that helps you avoid downloading new apps.

“Christmas Trees to Be Replaced This Year By Holiday Bushes!”
Trash! They’d have to pry that brown, dead Christmas tree from my clenched, sappy hands.

“New Study: People Like Presents Better That Are Wrapped Badly!”
Truth! Apparently if they’re all Martha Stewart perfect, the expectation for the gift is raised but rarely met. Presents with wrapping flaws have lower expectations which are often exceeded!



FLORIDA MOTHER OVERWHELMED BY RESPONSE TO AUTISTIC SON: A Florida mother has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support since posting on Twitter about her lonely autistic son. Kerry Bloch’s 21-year-old son David has been non-verbal for most of his life, but he amazed his parents by asking his first question, “Would someone like me?” Bloch was absolutely stunned by her son’s question, but still managed to assure him that he was a “wonderful boy.” She posted about the interaction on Twitter, which started a deluge of support for David. She received messages from military members, fire and police departments, and even Australian NBA star Joe Ingles, who invited David to a Utah Jazz basketball game.


FISHERMEN SAVE DEER SWIMMING FIVE MILES FROM SHORE: A commercial lobster fisherman shared video of the unusual catch he netted five miles off the coast of Maine — a disoriented swimming deer. Ren Dorr was fishing with his crew off the coast of Harrington when they spotted the deer swimming away from land. The crew gave the deer a half-hour taxi ride to the nearest beach and dropped it off before continuing with their fishing





A New Zealand woman lost at sea for two days survived by eating a handful of candy. 45-year-old Kushila Stein was vacationing on a sailboat near the Greek Island of Folegandros. She boarded an inflatable boat on Friday (November 1st) to get supplies.  A day later, Greek authorities alerted that she was missing. She was found Sunday morning (November 3rd)  40 miles southwest of Folegandros.  Stein said in a statement, “I was blown away, blown away in my dinghy.” She also revealed that she survived on candy that she had with her and wrapper herself in three plastic bags she had in her bag to keep herself warm at night. Stein also wore a red bag on her head so that she could be easily spotted.



A massive 2,000 foot asteroid is slated to zoom past Earth later this month.  According to NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, the asteroid — known as 2006 SF6, the rock will zip past Earth on November 20th at approximately 2. 7 million miles at roughly 12:01 am EDT. The rock was discovered on September 17th. 2006. The space rock will reportedly fly past Earth again at approximately 17,800 miles per hour and will come within close proximity to Earth again on November 5, 2020. Back in August, an asteroid slightly shorter than the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, flew past Earth



Turns out, failing 15% of the time can actually lead to success.  Researchers at the University of Arizona did a study and found that the sweet spot is when we get the right answer of grasp something 85% of the time. Lead author and assistant professor at the University of Arizona, Dr. Robert Wilson said, “These ideas were out there in the education field – that there is this ‘zone of proximal difficulty,’ in which you ought to be maximizing your learning. We’ve put that on a mathematical footing.” Dr. Wilson and other colleagues came up with the “85% Rule” after conducting a series of machine-learning experiments.  He said, “If you have an error rate of 15 per cent or accuracy of 85 per cent, you are always maximizing your rate of learning in these two-choice tasks.” He added, “If you are taking classes that are too easy and acing them all the time, then you probably aren’t getting as much out of a class as someone who’s struggling but managing to keep up. The hope is we can expand this work and start to talk about more complicated forms of learning.




Today’s Mindbender: “16% of women have spied on their partner by checking this. What is it?”

Extra Clue: smartphone

Extra Clue: not text messages

Final Clue: location

Answer: GPS history

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

309th day of the year.

There are 56 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is National Chinese Take-Out Day, National Gunpowder Day, National Love Your Red Hair Day

There are 23 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 24 days remaining until Black Friday

There are 27 days remaining until Cyber Monday

There are 50 days remaining until Xmas

Tuesday’s Birthday Cake

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. (27)

Kevin Jonas (32)


the Jonas brothers are releasing an original holiday song titled  ‘Like It’s Christmas’




For the record, Microsoft tried out a 4-day work week in Japan this summer and productivity went up 40%.


40% of engagements occur between Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day.


  • A fifth of Millennials say they’ve never eaten a Big Mac.


Retailers say it’s rare that men purchase a candle


They say that some parents are hiring video game coaches for their kids, so they can play more competitively, at $100 an hour.


Kim Kardashian says that she’s put on 18 pounds over the past year. In her words, “Sometimes we fall off.”

– Bama Central claims Donald Trump may attend this weekend’s Alabama-LSU college football game.

– E! News says Anna Faris was recently spotted wearing an engagement ring.

– A new survey by The Knot reveals that the average cost of an engagement ring is now $5,900. .

– Ryan Clancy, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently set a new world record by playing pinball for 32 hours and two minutes. He raised money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin during his record-breaking event. Ryan beat the old record of 30 hours and 10 minutes.

– Mashable claims the navigation app Waze is bringing back Cookie Monster’s voice to give people turn-by-turn directions. The voice will be available for a limited time. It was the most popular Sesame Street voice when it originally debuted on the app


Pringles is celebrating Thanksgiving with turducken chips. They are selling turkey, duck and chicken flavored chips in order to give people a turducken experience. The stackable chips will go on sale at noon eastern time on Thursday on the Kelloggs store Website. The chips will sell for $16 each


Man Stabbed To Death Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich:Fox 5 says a man was stabbed to death last night while fighting over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich at a Popeye’s restaurant in Oxon Hill, Maryland. When officers arrived, they found the victim in the parking lot suffering from stab wounds. He was rushed to a hospital where he later passed away. Detectives are working the case


People Fighting Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich: The Daily Mail claims fights have broken out at Popeye’s restaurants in Ellenton Florida, Edgewood, Maryland and Harlem, New York as people battle to get the chain’s chicken sandwich. Staffers at a Popeye’s in Tallahassee, Florida reportedly fought one another because they were frustrated with the demand for the sandwich


People Fighting Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich: The Daily Mail claims fights have broken out at Popeye’s restaurants in Ellenton Florida, Edgewood, Maryland and Harlem, New York as people battle to get the chain’s chicken sandwich. Staffers at a Popeye’s in Tallahassee, Florida reportedly fought one another because they were frustrated with the demand for the sandwich


People react …

  • “I had a Popeyes chicken sandwich yesterday, they made them a lil bit smaller but they still hitting the same”
  • ”The chicken in the Popeyes chicken sandwich is way smaller than the previous release. This is sad..”
  • Popeye’s is refusing to comment




11 Year-Old Saves Friend From Croc Attack: Oddity Central claims an 11 year-old girl from Zimbabwe is being hailed as a hero for saving her friend from a crocodile attack. Rebecca Munkombwe and her friends were swimming in a stream when a crocodile grabbed her nine-year-old friend Latoya. Everyone started screaming except Rebecca. She gouged the crocodile’s eyes before it released Latoya. The two girls then quickly ran to shore.


Man Shoots Brother In Butt: The Anniston Star says an Anniston, Alabama man was recently shot in the butt by his brother. The two men got into an argument at their home before the 61 year-old victim was shot in the buttocks. His friend drove him to the hospital where he is expected to recover from his injury. Cops are still investigating


Plane Lands On Golf Course: WGN says a small plane landed on a golf course in Glenview, Illinois on Sunday. The plane was running out of fuel when the pilot and a student pilot landed on the 13th hole at the Glen Club Golf Course. The plane touched down on the fairway. Golfers were not hurt. The club told them to skip the 13th hole while they removed the plane


Here are some funny things that kids have told their school nurse (from

  • “My ear hurts when I burp.”
  • “My lips are tired.”
  • “I’m leaking plasma.”
  • “I have a hernia in my knee.”
  • “I think my sister has the weasels.”
  • “My right eye is blinking.”
  • “Somebody fwode up and it made me sick.”
  • “I had a crustacean on my eye.” “I had to see the eye optimist.”
  • “My sister has mice in her hair.


  • In North Carolina, a father and son digging around on their land for treasure came across a 100-year-old _________. (ship: 94 feet long, 32 feet wide and the hull is 7 feet deep)


The discovery in Nash County is believed to be the Robinson Gold Dredge, a vessel built in the early 1900s in New York then shipped in pieces by train to North Carolina. Research shows it was rebuilt in Nash County and used to dredge the land for gold.



More Men are Opting for Laser Hair Removal… Down There – (11/05/2019)

Looks like ladies aren’t the only ones who are opting for laser hair removal down below: NY owners of laser hair removal businesses are reporting a steady uptick in their male client base, particularly in younger men between the ages of 24 and 45. One owner reported that 40% of his clients are male, and that many choose laser treatment because it requires less energy and maintenance



Today’s Mindbender: “3% of men have tried to improve their appearance by doing this. What is it?”

Extra Clue: hair

Extra Clue: not a transplant

Final Clue: Steve Carell

Answer: wax their chest