Tuesday, April 7, 2020

98th day of the year.

There are 268 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is Green Shirt Day, National Beer Day, National Coffee Cake Day, National Making The First Move Day, National No Housework Day, and World Health Organization Day

There are 5 days remaining until Easter

Tuesday’s Birthday Cake

Russell Crowe (56)

Jackie Chan (66)




Carole Baskin is not going to appear in the rumored extra episode of Netflix’s ”Tiger King”.

  • Four tigers and three lions in New York City have tested positive for the coronavirus, thanks to an infected zookeeper.

Today is National Beer Day. The Beer Institute recently asked 1,000 people what celebrities they would most like to share a beer with. The Rock topped the list followed by Tom Brady and Lady Gaga 

  • The biggest, brightest supermoon of 2020 will be appearing in the night sky TONIGHT Watch for the biggest full moon of the year 

AUTO INSURERS GIVING REFUNDS AS PEOPLE STAYING HOME DUE TO CORONAVIRUS: Some auto insurers are giving refunds to their customers since many Americans aren’t using their cars as much as they’re following stay-at-home directives amid the coronavirus pandemic. AllState said most customers will get a 15 percent refund in April and May, and American Family Insurance is refunding $50 per vehicle. Geico and State Farm are encouraging customers to contact them to discuss their policies based on them driving less. The Wall Street Journal said American Family customers drove 40 percent fewer miles in the last three weeks of March, which has led to fewer claims. Company COO Telisa Yancy told the Journal, “It is real dollars we expected to pay out this year and no longer have to pay out. We are sharing it back right now when our customers probably most need it.”

Coronavirus Trending

– Business Insider says 35 million Americans could lose their health insurance due to coronavirus layoffs.

– CBS says Michaels has donated $1 million worth of fabric for coronavirus face masks. The retailer says the material should be enough to make 750,000 masks.

– Footwear News says Jo-Ann Fabrics customers have made over 25 million masks for health-care workers battling the coronavirus 

– Business Insider says Peloton is temporarily canceling its live classes because one of its New York employees has tested positive for the coronavirus. Members can still access on-demand classes.

– A new survey by the dating app Crush reveals that 78% of singles are open to meeting someone during the current coronavirus pandemic.  NO..IT CAN WAIT!!

– TMZ says UFC president Dana White is planning to hold UFC fights on a private island during the coronavirus. Fighters would fly in on private planes, brawl, and then go home. The UFC plans to screen fighters and staffers before bouts.

GREAT VIDEO  MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY PLAYS BINGO WITH SENIORS: Virtual cuteness alert! Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila, their two children and his mom Kay hopped on Zoom to play Bingo with seniors at the Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living in Texas. “Thank you to Matthew, his wife Camila, and his mom Kay for hosting our residents for a few rounds of virtual bingo!” the facility wrote alongside a video they shared of the interaction. “Our residents had a great time playing, and they loved talking with Matthew about his family heritage and his favorite drink.”


Coronavirus Trending .. FOOD & DRINK

– WCVB says some 7-Eleven stores won’t serve customers unless they are wearing gloves and masks.

– Delish magazine says participating Domino’s pizza restaurants are giving away 10 million slices of pizza to hospitals, medical centers, students and people in need. Over 6,000 restaurants are participating in the free giveaway. Local franchisees will choose, who gets the free pies and slices

– NPR says shoppers in Mexico are panic buying beer because of the coronavirus. A Governor from Mexico has recommended banning alcohol sales because he is worried quarantining people may become addicted and because domestic violence cases may spike.


Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson provided a treat for local health care workers on Saturday.

The couple delivered 120 tacos to healthcare workers at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California.


National Beer Day 2020

Americans are getting hilariously creative with their do-it-yourself coronavirus face masks. Shoppers have been photographed in public wearing underwear, socks, paper bags, and other items over their faces to protect themselves from the virus.

(NEW .. RAW AUDIO) Lady Gaga Announces Coronavirus Benefit … Gaga joined a World Health Organization briefing recently to announce the “One World: Together at Home” performance airing on Saturday, April 18th. She says she’s doing this to highlight the kind global community that is rising right now. It’s also to celebrate the human spirit. Gaga says her heart aches for the medical personnel that are sleeping in their cars to make sure they don’t infect their families. She salutes them for putting themselves in harms way for the rest of us. Gaga says they’ve raised $35 million dollars to help combat the virus. She wants people to put their wallets away when watching the special and just enjoy it.


Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil is hosting an online benefit concert from her home in Tampa. Proceeds will go to a children’s charity and for a new tanning bed. She says, “I’m planning on bringing the tan to me if we’re stuck here for a long while.”

Lights Out With David Spade Monologue … He says his show got cancelled.

High Schooler Holds Own Graduation Ceremony Because Of Coronavirus: WCBD says Meghan Mims, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, recently held her own high school graduation ceremony because of the coronavirus. Her ceremony was canceled so she put on her cap and gown and walked across her lawn as her family cheered for her. Megan will be majoring in nursing when she attends the University of South Carolina in the Fall

Just Married: The York Daily Record says David Fox and Holly Rankin, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, recently got married in their backyard because of the coronavirus. Their family socially distanced all over their backyard as they walked down the aisle and exchanged vows. They lined their sidewalk with Corona beer and handed out hand sanitizer and gloves to guests. David and Holly wore medical masks that said ”Just Married” following their ceremony. Their party included salmon, potatoes, broccoli and green beans. Guess took home Corona beer, cookies and a roll of toilet paper


Florida Man Hangs Giant Toilet Paper Roll in Front Yard
In Florida, Donald Ryan decided to poke a little fun at the ridiculous toilet paper frenzy that has gripped the nation in response to coronavirus. Ryan owns the arts and crafts business “Who Wood Wonder” and hung a giant replica of a toilet paper roll between two trees in his front yard.

A Grandfather’s Touching Tribute to Our Medical Frontline Workers
A 59-year-old British grandfather decided to pay his respects to NHS medical workers in an extra special way – by playing the drums naked in the middle of his street. Marting Lloyd decided to play his granddaughter’s drums with no clothes on outside his Penmaenmawr home during the weekly applause for NHS workers who are dealing with coronavirus patients. His wife Phyllis was supposed to record the performance but didn’t press the record button in time. Fortunately a neighbor did and uploaded the video to social media. The 25-second-long footage shows Mr. Lloyd, a truck driver, bearing all while drumming away and even standing up to greet the crowd at the end. Lloyd, who said he and his wife are nudists anyway, explained, “It was a last minute decision. There’s a nurse who lives on our street, so I thought why not play the drums to lift spirits, then I thought why not do it naked. They deserve an applause for what they’re doing now, they’re putting their own lives at risk.”


  • a four-week ordeal during which she says she was drugged at a restaurant on her birthday, taken to a foreign country and raped by an unnamed attacker.
  • In a post on her own website, the singer said she was making the details public in order to free herself of her emotional burden and help others who “have suffered the same.”
  • She added that she eventually told a female police officer what happened, after someone threatened to go public with the story.
  • However, she said, “the identity of the rapist should be only handled by the police, and that is between me and them.”


This is certainly a sign of the times. Lisa Jamieson baked a chocolate fudge sponge cake on Tuesday evening (March 31st), iced it to look like a toilet paper roll, and spelled out “STAY HOME” around the cake’s base. By Wednesday morning (April 1st), the mom, from Milton Keynes in England, had set up a JustGiving page to auction off the cake to raise money for Milton Keynes Hospital. By the time the auction was closed on Thursday (April 2nd) Lisa was amazed to have gathered $2,681 from 260 supporters. Jamieson says she’s very grateful to all who donated.


Images of squirrels eating at a tiny picnic table have gone viral, and now people are making or buying miniature picnic tables of their own. Rick Kalinowski posted his new garden creation on Facebook last week. He says he built it and put it outside his living room window so he could “watch the squirrels eat while I have my coffee every morning.” The post quickly went viral, and now people are making and posting photos of their own tiny picnic tables and their local squirrels enjoying them. If you’re not handy yourself you can also buy the tiny tables on Etsy.