Tuesday, January 15, 2019

There are 350 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is Humanitarian Day, National Bagel Day (first of two, other on Feb 9th), National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day, National Hat Day, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day, Rid the World of Fad Diet and Gimmicks Day and Wikipedia Day

There are 18 days left until Groundhog Day

There are 30 days left until Valentine’s Day

— On this date in 1929, Martin Luther King, Jr. was born

— On this date in 1967, the first Super Bowl, which pitted Green Bay against Kansas City, was played

— On this date in 1974, Happy Days premiered

Tuesday’s Birthday Cake

rapper Pitbull (38)

QB Drew Brees (40)

  • It’s come to this-Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than in a car accident.


THE GAME Fortnite generated nearly $4 billion for Epic Games last year.


More than 3,000 people have signed an online petition asking President Donald Trump to merge North Dakota and South Dakota into a single state called “MegaKota.


  • The Detroit Auto Show is underway. MORE TO COME


  • UPDATE:  That rare 1943 copper penny went for $204,000 at an auction last week.


  • A clip of Marilyn Monroe’s hair is going on the auction block and expected to pull in over $16,000.


  • Scotty Pippen, Jr. has committed to Vanderbilt for basketball.


  • New M&M flavors on the way this year: English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeno Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut.


  • A photo of an ordinary, brown egg has broken Kylie Jenner’s record for most-liked photo with over 30 million likes.


  • School teachers in Los Angeles went on strike yesterday for the first time in 30 years.  The teachers are striking for better pay, smaller classes, fewer standardized tests, charter school regulation and more counselor, librarians and nurses.


Ariana Grande recently got an Eevee Pokemon tattoo because she is now addicted to playing the game. She posted; ”honestly. yesterday i had a day off and i played pokémon let’s go eevee for fifteen hours. Honestly.



WHAT BRINGS OUT THE CREATIVE IN ED SHEERAN:  Ed he needs tea before he can start writing songs



Ruth Spurr’s dog, Willow, recently fetched her phone and saved her life after she collapsed in her kitchen. The 24 year-old Londoner suffers from a rare, genetic tissue disorder. She was cooking dinner when she collapsed. Willow, who has been training to become an assistance dog, grabbed Ruth’s phone before licking her face to wake her up. Ruth was able to call First Responders for help. Willow is being hailed as a hero and had never been trained to fetch a phone


Watercooler Audio Montage soundbites:

  • Attorney Gloria Allred plans to put R. Kelly behind bars
  • James McAvoy talks about playing 20 characters in the new movie, “Glass”
  • John Cena’s former fiancee, Nikki Bella, talks about dating Bachelorette star Peter Kraus


SOUNDS:  (THIS IS INTENSE)   911 Call; Woman Calls 911 To Say She’s Found Jayme Closs … The Huffington Post claims Jayme Closs’ kidnapper, Jake Patterson, was officially charged yesterday with abducting her and killing her parents & kidnapping. Kristin Kasinskas, of Gordon, Wisconsin, called 911 to report that her neighbor had found 13-year-old Jayme Closs. Kristin tells the 911 operator that she’s 100% sure it’s Jayme. She lets the operator know that Jayme isn’t going to run and is just relaxing in her house.


President Trump Treats NCAA Champion Clemson Tigers To Fast Food Feast … Clemson University’s championship football team visited the White House last night to celebrate their win over Alabama last week. Donald Trump bought McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and pizza with his own money because the government is shut down. He proudly served the food on silver platters. Trump tells the Tigers that he had a choice; either have Melania Trump make them salads, or buy them hamburgers. He went with the hamburgers.



Free Beer For Fuloughed Federal Workers: USA Today claims a new website has been started to buy beer for furloughed federal workers, who aren’t working because of the government shutdown. reads: “Beer makes everything better, so we’re buying local craft brews for federal employees impacted by the government shutdown. We want to step up and help them out as best we can. Free beer is a great way to pick people up when they’re feeling down.”

People donate $7.50 for each craft beer they want to buy for a federal employee. The federal employee then goes into a participating brewery to claim their beer


Snowstorm Causes Sonic DriveThru Awning To Crash Down On Cars: KOB claims the winter storm that socked the midsection of America over the weekend caused a Los Alamos, New Mexico Sonic drive-thru awning to collapse. Three cars were parked under the awning when it came crashing down under the weight of heavy snow. No one was injured. The cars were crushed.


Valentine’s Day Cockroach Gift: The Sacramento Bee claims the Hemsley Conservation Center, in Kent, England, is allowing people to name a cockroach after their ex-partner for Valentine’s Day. The cockroach naming costs $1.92. The Conservation Center will send you a certificate once you name the roach after your ex


Criminals Using Fortnite To Make Money: The Daily Mirror claims criminals are using Fortnite to launder and make money. Criminals steal credit card numbers before using them to buy v-bucks from the official Fortnite store. The criminals then sell v-bucks to players at a discounted rate. They profit through Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Fortnite generated nearly $4 billion for Epic Games last year. Over 200 million people play the game.




Katy Perry was recently going through her belongings when she found a 1996 suspension report from her former high school. It read; “At the 2:00 p.m. recess, Katy and four other students were in an ‘off-limits’ area (behind the backboards) practicing a skit/ Katy pretended that a tree was Tom Cruise and began making sexual motions (pelvic thrusts) to the tree. When Katy met with Mrs. Calkins, Mr. White, and myself, she was asked to describe or demonstrate what she had been seen doing on the playground in front of some other students/ Katy chose to describe it. Her words were ‘it was inappropriate’ and ‘like making out.'”


Man Rents $1,500 Apartment For Daughter’s Cats: San Jose, California resident Troy Good recently rented a $1,500-a-month apartment for his daughter’s two cats because his current apartment does not allow pets. Troy adopted the cats for his 18-year-old daughter, who is away at college. He tells the San Jose Mercury News; “They definitely have the nicest cat apartment in Silicon Valley.










Unicorn Armpit Hair   

The Daily Mirror claims unicorn armpit hair has become a hot trend in 2019. Women are growing their armpit hair before dying it red, yellow, green and blue. They are then posting pictures on the Internet. Miley Cyrus is taking part in the trend


Twitter Ads info and privacy


Other popular food-related searches included: keto diet, keto recipes, and romaine lettuce. 


$aving $urvey:

A new survey by Go Banking Rates reveals that the average person spends $5,300 a year on non-essential goods and services. If a person cut that number in half and invested $2,650 in a retirement account they could have anywhere between $100,000 and $600,000 by age 65. Non-essential spending is classified as take out and food delivery, coffee, booze, ride-sharing services and other wasteful expenses.


What do you do when the boss is away? Here’s what a recent poll shows, and some responses by our listeners.

  • Duplicate their faces on the copying machine (and other body parts).
  • Play football with a roll of toilet paper.
  • Walk up and down the fire escape for exercise.
  • Sleep
  • Do their children’s homework.
  • Try to find a job for their husband.
  • Try to find a husband.
  • Practice dance steps.
  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Look for a new job.


DRAKE TO LAND A LAS VEGAS RESIDENCY? Drake may be the latest star heading to Las Vegas for a lucrative residency. Rumors began to swirl of a possible Sin City run after Drizzy performed at the Wynn’s XS Nightclub in Vegas Thursday and teased that the set wouldn’t be the last they’d see of him. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the rapper told the crowd “Vegas, when I came back, I thought it’d be back at T-Mobile Arena…but I’ll be back here at XS all year.”




CAR CRASH VICTIM ASKS DRIVER TO JOIN HER IN EDUCATING KIDS ABOUT DRUNK DRIVING: A Montreal woman shocked the court at a sentencing hearing for a man convicted of hitting her while driving under the influence by not only forgiving him, but asking for his help. Back in June 2015, Tina Adams was out jogging near her Montreal home when a car swerved off the road and hit her. Since then, Adams has become an advocate for road safety, traveling to schools to talk about her experience and the dangers of impaired driving. During Jordan Taylor’s sentencing last week, he expressed remorse for his crime and Adams forgave him. She then asked him to be an advocate for school safety, which Taylor immediately agreed to. Taylor will serve eight months for the incident.



If you want your craft beer to taste as great as it possibly can, you’ll want to store it in a cool place and consume it as soon as possible. Researchers from the Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology of Munich found that after three month, cold stored beer already loses more than one-third of an important hop odorant which characterizes the typical aroma of many craft beers. At the same time, storing the beer at room temperature for the same period of time causes the concentration of the substance to decrease even more significantly. Study co-author Klaas Reglitz adds, “Anyone who prefers a beer with strong hop aroma should not store craft beer for long.”





Today’s Mindbender: ”10% of pre-schoolers know how to do this. What is it?”

Extra Clue: nothing to do with a computer

Exta Clue: two

Final Clue: below the waist

Answer: tie their shoes