Your broad-mindedness serves you well in climbing the ladder of success today. It would be an auspicious time to pursue a promotion or raise, especially since you’re exceptionally friendly and charming now.



You might be working undercover today, perhaps planning a secret getaway or surprise for someone special. Or, you could be engaged in a hush-hush relationship, which gives you an exciting, attractive glow. 



It’s a significant day in your social life as friends and acquaintances are lining up to spend time with you. There’s a special feeling of bonding now and you can connect with others on a new and deeper level. 



 Much deserved praise comes your way as others recognize your gentle leadership. You’re highly supportive of others and your generosity comes back to you in warm waves of appreciation today



Tackling challenging projects makes your enthusiasm soar today and your energy is infectious to your coworkers, helping to boost everyone’s morale. Your emotions are invested in your work now and you’re eager to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. 



You have a heightened awareness of others’ needs and emotional states right now, which can have a positive effect on your relationships. 



There’s an added level of importance today in one of your platonic or romantic relationships. The more compassionate you are toward this person, the closer you will become, as warmth and affection are returned to you in kind. 



You’re on top of your game and can work through your daily to-do list with great efficiency. Especially if you’re in a front-facing job, your ability to put people at ease and meet their needs will get rave reviews now.



Your fire is lit and an air of romance and play follows you everywhere today. If you’re looking for love, you could experience a quick, fiery connection with someone new now. 



Your family and your roots are a great source of strength, growth, and confidence now. You feel lighter than you have in ages, although some lingering personal matters must be resolved. 



Friendly encounters take the spotlight in the form of both brief exchanges and meaningful conversations today. You’re blessed with a special compassion for others now and are eager to connect and listen.



Money and other blessings could find their way to you today, possibly through a group project or humanitarian organization. It will be easier to get a profitable project off the ground if you band together


# 8 10 16 23