You might initially wish you could take the day off to be with friends. Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.



Paradoxically, you can learn more by teaching today. Caring is sharing, especially when it’s knowledge.



 Removing useless or idle objects is a wonderful way to free up energy and space around you. You’re inspired to perform a serious purge of unused items at home or at work today.



Your friends and coworkers are moved by your honesty and sincerity today, enabling you to be very persuasive and compelling. Those closest to you understand that you’re willing to do whatever is in your power to support them.



You’re on track to make patient, yet smart choices with your work today. Once you’re committed to your objectives, your clarity of mind and effusive enthusiasm empower you to manifest your desires.



Your impressive ability to launch deep and hard into whatever needs to be done is both feared and respected by those around you. Balance is essential if you hope to sleep well at night.



 You may be consumed with accomplishing a great deal at home today. A year from now, nearly everything you are stressing about won’t even matter.



You are fully capable of being the driving force behind a laudable goal today. Perhaps a group of your friends looks to you for leadership now, even if that’s not your typical preference. Step out of the shadows and shine.



Your boundless energy perfectly matches your creative ingenuity. Putting your lesser-known talents and resources on full blast takes your work to another level today. 



You’re eager to tackle anything or anyone standing in your way today. Pacing yourself gives you the stamina to strive for the success you seek.



People may come to you for your penetrating insight and unconventional advice today. Your intuition is both a blessing and a curse.



Reconciling with a colleague or friend sets you both up to move on without any emotional baggage. Perhaps you each find it easier to release a grudge 


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