Deeper involvement with your community could be a simple matter of reaching out. Big adventure might only be a phone call or a few mouse clicks away. Sharing your gifts makes the world a better place.



Let your shrewd instincts work for you if you’re trying to get ahead at work, at school, or in sports. Don’t downplay or deny the kind of competitive spirit that can serve you so well if properly acknowledged and nurtured.



Accurately identifying how you know what you know today can be tough. It’s okay to let some private perceptions be yours, and yours alone. The truth is actions speak louder than words.



The more complex the challenge or multifaceted the situation, the more tightly it holds your attention in its grip today. Tuning out distractions is not a problem when you’re totally absorbed in what you’re doing.



You can slip right into the role of consummate host or indispensable tour guide without batting an eye. Few can resist your charm, and you’ll soon have even the most finicky guest or member of an audience eating from the palm of your hand.



Take pride in what’s made with your own two hands today. Do-it-yourself instincts are front and center in your life, and at times might even crowd out virtually every other care and concern. Your dedication to perfection is your key to success.



When you’re brimming with good will, you’re eager to share it. It’s not that you are anti-work today; you just want to have fun while doing it.



The strong ties of family, culture, and tradition are powerfully influential to your decision-making process today. You’re thinking above and beyond personal needs of the moment and are taking a wider range of factors into consideration



You are likely to sense some ground-rumblings today, even if there’s nothing earth-shaking about the events on your schedule today. From patience is wisdom born.



If you’re looking for your feet, they are planted squarely on the ground. Not only are you comfortable managing property, belongings, and money, you feel at your best when functioning in practical mode.



Your inner peace is amplified when you’re able to spend some quality time on your own today. You aspire to be self-supervising and cringe a little bit more than usual whenever anyone peers over your shoulder at work.



Your ability to accurately assess exactly what will be needed to complete a job is on point today. You are confident when left to your own devices and can do better as a leader than a follower now.


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