The last thing you want today is a supervisor or nosy neighbor peering over your shoulder, watching your every move. You are most comfortable when there is plenty of elbow room to freely maneuver.



 You may sense that change is afoot today, but pinpointing the source can be tricky. Locating the origin of the problem is challenging because it is outside of your control and almost entirely in someone else’s hands. 



Sharing a practice of self-discipline raises the odds of reaching your goals. You might sense that it is time to take a more serious approach to your physical health, while simultaneously wishing to improve your social life. 



You need to be savvy to make the most of your competitive edge today. Nothing is likely to be presented on a silver platter, but there is plenty that can be obtained by showing initiative and going after it.



Your relationship with authority or your occupational power structure may be in a state of fluctuation. Recent events bolster or otherwise alter your status, or the prestige of someone with whom you are close. 



An interruption or surprise could shake up the familiar routine in a way that brings you face to face with distant relatives, casual acquaintances, or neighbors today. Circumstances may demand that you work through a challenge together, whether united or as opponents.



Your money may have wings today, making it even more important than usual to pay close attention to exactly where it is going. Double-check service charges. Make sure a running tab is appropriately itemized. Count your change. 



Experimenting with your appearance could be fun today, especially if you are headed out on the town. The reactions inspired by a change in your hairstyle, cosmetics, or your wardrobe can be priceless. 



Similarities between an early experience and current conditions may have you psychologically braced for a replay today. If you catch yourself swallowing a lot of feelings you prefer to express, it could be that a recent event is stirring a subconscious memory. 



The location of the finish line when you set out may not be where it is by day’s end. But this conundrum is not likely to be due to any outside forces moving the goalposts. 



A professional ambition and a personal aspiration might butt heads today, each vying for the upper hand in your psyche. Multitasking propels you just so far, but no further before decision-making time rolls around. 



Storytelling builds bridges between worlds. Communicating with a member of a generation far younger or older than your own can be a healthy reminder of the benefits of keeping an open mind. 

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