Explorations beyond your own backyard are required today if you feel stuck. Blind acceptance of restrictions or self-limitations could be detrimental to your progress. Forging forward soothes your soul.


Your feathers are rarely ruffled, but today your good humor might be put to the test. Disagreements may come out of the blue and disturb your good mood.


You may be so attuned to your senses today that you can pick up extremely subtle signals. Repetitive cosmic patterns disguise themselves as feelings of déjà vu. Intuition is a double-edged sword.



 Flirting with half efforts only creates a mess. Work involves deeper organization if you’re truly determined to achieve your goals. You can amaze nearly everyone today, from those you’re close to to those you have barely met. 



Your inclination toward drama is on full tilt today. Although you may be tempted to minimize priorities and kick up your heels, nearly anything is achievable if you commit to making it happen. Work now; play later.



 Competition motivates you to excel at everything you undertake now. Whether you’re playing a game or trying to gain cooperation on a project, observe each person’s behavior to assess the talents they bring to the table.



You’re connecting to higher energies today, enabling you to dazzle others with intuitive insights. You seem to have a natural gift for gab, making it easy for people to learn quite a bit from you. You’re not just spewing words,



People are craving fresh ideas today, and you just might be the one to supply them. Stalled energy exists among those who fear change and you may be needed to stir things up.  



 Wandering outside your immediate borders may be second nature to you. You Archers require wide open spaces — literally, as in the great outdoors or metaphorically, as in a larger desk area. Ideas arrive fast and furious, begging for expression.



Your authentic self is more than enough. While it’s impossible to act like a superhero in every situation, your efforts tend to go beyond whatever is asked. You might end up making a positive first impression, but overextending your resources can bend you out of shape. 



Solitary pursuits offer you the chance to stretch your creative potential. Working with others may seem like an undue hardship, especially if you spend more time explaining than doing today. 



You fit into society by being yourself and accepting your responsibilities with pride. Cultivating a wide-angle perspective is one of your special talents. 


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