Activity levels escalate a notch at home. Just when you thought you had completed some essential domestic duties, you may discover that they need to be revisited. 



Inject new life into your goals to propel you to greater heights. Ideas that seem just outside your reach are inching closer to feasibility now. A mindset shift is all that is necessary to get them on the runway for takeoff. Your authenticity sets you free



Sensitivity at work reaches a fever pitch today. The messages you are receiving now come through your intuition more than direct communication“Everything is figureoutable.”



Speak from your heart and the rest will follow. Unfortunately, you might think it is easier to hide today than to deal with the possible repercussions of sharing your feelings. When you commit to a vision, the universe rises to meet you.



You may come to a point of stillness today. The world around you might still be bustling, yet in your personal zone you are surrounded by a tranquil calm. Intuition is earned, not learned.



Conversation fuels you forward now. You may feel as though you are repeating the same message and running in circles today. Multiplying your brainpower exponentially increases your potential for success.



The tide appears to be coming back in as an old issue resurfaces at work. Right when you thought you could move on, you are faced with the same predicament once again. Your instincts are activated and you may need to mobilize every fiber of your being to deal with the situation.



 Break out the old photo albums, yearbooks, and journals. Or spin up the hard drive with the archive of your digital memories. You may not look back very often, but today you could feel inspired to reminisce about your favorite travels, school experiences, or your formative years. 



History is written in the present moment. Everything you do contributes to the storehouse of human experience. Ancient artifacts also allow you to understand the experiences of your forebears. If you are unsure of your family’s origins, pick a favorite culture to explore. 



People are coming out of the woodwork today. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get enough space to think. You may encounter folks you have not seen in a while, maybe even decades. Hearts thrive on human connection.



The little things could add up to a big surprise today. You normally approach the material world with a tinge of idealism, but you may come face to face with your tendency to see things through rose-tinted glasses. Tangible actions can produce miracles.



Perhaps you recently stumbled into some sort of magical fountain of youth. An enlivened vigor washes over you and you feel thoroughly rejuvenated. “Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.”


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