You feel a surge of power and drive that’s thrilling and, perhaps, a tad unsettling at the same time. There is so much energy churning inside you today, but you can’t allow it to spill out into the world all at once.


You might come across a tidbit of knowledge that makes you hungry for more. Taking care of your mind and body with the right nutrition and proper amount of sleep empowers you to keep searching for answers. A superhero’s work is never done.


Past hurts or traumas may loom large in your thoughts now. Appreciate what time and moving forward has already done for you, even if there is more healing to do.


Giving to others out of guilt or coercion is emotional manipulation, not generosity. Perhaps someone is quietly, or not so quietly, trying to strong arm you into acquiescing to their demands.


Most of the biggest changes start in your heart. Perhaps you have strong emotions, even frustration, about a transformation you’re trying to create in your life.


You need something or someone who totally captivates your mind now or you may grow restless and bored. Go ahead and indulge your feelings as long as no one gets hurt. Carpe diem!


You may be confronted with intrigue and a touch of emotional drama when dealing with family members today. Proceed with caution when it comes to matters of the heart.


Perhaps you discover a previously unobserved detail wholly by accident, prompting you to observe your environment or your daily life with great care. Embrace transformation.


Your relationship with the physical world makes a palpable shift today. The recent financial improvements may be a relief, but you’ll never have enough if you’re still focused on what you lack or fear losing in the future.


Focusing on all your faults and vices is an unfortunate misuse of your energy. Giving yourself room to breathe creates an immediate positive impact on those around you.


Sometimes you must face parts of yourself or chapters of your past which you wish to avoid. This emotional conflict might lead you to saddle yourself with heavy guilt today. Resiliency is an act of rebellion.


You’re prone to engaging in passionate discussions in a group setting today, which could happen online or in person. Emotions might be at a high while manners and reason are at a low.

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