This could be a very significant time for you; be open to all forms of aid.

This could come through something tangible like a monetary bonus or a helping hand on a project, or it might be something more subjective like emotional encouragement.



Today is a day for acting on your visions. You may be fantasizing about escaping or advancing in some way with a partner; whether it’s a friend, lover, or even a client, someone’s inspiring you to think big.



Talking about your feelings at work today could garner great understanding from the collective. It’s even possible you find that some of your opinions are shared by others on the team



 Get ready to process some buried emotions today; it seems like this will be unavoidable. Luckily you have a lot of cosmic backing in this area now, so it’s a good time to dive in. 


Working through sensitivities you’re carrying around relating to your family situation or childhood could be favorable to your health today. Look beyond the obvious — you may have to dig a little to find the most constructive answers, but your efforts will be worth it.



Your communication skills are bolstered today, but the more feeling you put into your message, the more effective it will be. While you tend to stick to facts and details, 



 Your awareness about money and material possessions is acute today as you consider ways to sustain your home and family. A bigger income isn’t the only option to improve or solidify your situation: your time and effort are other resources you can readily give. 


You can convey your feelings with clarity and send a powerful message now. It’s a great time to speak your inner truth, especially in relationships with siblings or neighbors.



Taking time to connect on an intuitive level with the things you value most will help you direct your energy and resources in the right places. You may also find extra comfort at home and with family now. 



Sincere declarations from friends could provide a big boost to your confidence today. Heartfelt conversations allow you to hear things you really needed to hear, almost as if your social circle is your very own cheerleading squad.


Aquarius. . 

A message arrives from someone with authority in your life, and it may help to assuage some unspoken fears. If you’ve been feeling on shaky ground professionally, like you don’t have what it takes, this interaction may quell these concerns. 



 Think beyond the boundaries of the situation and focus on the feelings you’re having — insight can come from high in your mind and deep in your heart now.


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