An attitude of gratitude allows you to push past your fears. Certain things seem to matter a lot today, but strong emotions confuse your judgment.



 Paradoxically, feeding your ego to strengthen it weakens you. Naturally, deciding a course of action informed by positive thinking rather than worry produces a better outcome.



Your bark is bigger than your bite. Your opinions could inadvertently rub others the wrong way, possibly turning a conversation into a verbal warfare. 



Your intuition is the peacemaker between the warring rational and irrational aspects of your psyche. You may lament that some people are being outrageous with their demands and the expression of their feelings today.



There may be so much on your plate now that there’s little time left over for relaxation. Nevertheless, you may seek quieter and cozier spaces. Embrace whatever solitude you can now, since this is just a temporary lull in the storm.



You may want to talk about sensitive topics you avoided voicing in the recent past, but you might be justified in your fear of coming off sounding too judgmental. 



Explore the relationship between efficiency and effectiveness today. You might be inclined to take the easy way out of a complex situation. Scorpio


 You might feel as if too many people know your business now, motivating you to be even more protective of your personal life. Nevertheless, you still want to be a positive force for change for anyone who needs it. 



Managing intense emotions can be risky unless you filter them for your audience. Be careful that your mouth doesn’t race too far ahead of your brain or you will spend time trying to unsay what’s been said.



Details matter most when stating your intentions today. Aim carefully, plan cautiously, and practice your routine because there is little room for error now. 



Sometimes, a little confusion can act as a catalyst that changes everything. You might be stuck between two options now, yet not satisfied with either course of action.



Separating fact from fiction can be tough at times. It’s nice to stroll down Memory Lane, but don’t get lost along the way. Looking over old photos or even reaching out to an old flame seems like a natural thing to do with so much nostalgia lingering in the air.

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