Not only are resources and support coming from unexpected places, you have the dedication required to make a mark. It is this very commitment that is aiding your success.



A recent bout of introspective leisure leads you to express yourself more lightheartedly in your professional sphere now. Although you might still be subtle about it, anyone paying close attention will pick up on your joviality.



Distinguishing the near from the far enables you to triangulate yourself in worlds both present and yet to be. Sharpening your perspective improves your self-confidence.



You test your own capacity to sustain various relationships. Ultimately, your smartest strategy is to pursue the people who make you smile.



A partnership recharges your creative engine. Others inspire you to take unprecedented action in your professional life.



Thinking just outside the box injects fresh momentum into your routine. It may seem like not much is going on today, but the incremental is your bailiwick.



Some deeper truths are emerging from underneath the jovial surface. Your thoughts drift and your mouth runs when you spend all day playing or chasing creative pursuits.



Your inner landscape stimulates your relationships, and vice versa. You encourage significant others and friends alike to take a risk and try something original.



The hustle demands bustle. As you go out and about around town, you collect information from one spot and deliver it to another. In this way, you broaden your horizons even while at home.



A faint hint of inventiveness streaks through your value system. Take note when someone proposes a fun venture because there may be a lucrative hook.



You are often so concerned with humanity at large, you might easily overlook yourself. Instead, turn the focus back onto your own life and reflect on how you appear in the world.



Poetry flows like water. Ideas are surfacing from out of the blue depths even if you are not a wordsmith. Write down the best thoughts if you wish to have them stick. You can make art out of anything if you think beyond traditional forms of expression.