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7 Things You Need to Know (9-21-18)

Did you know that Hurricane Florence dumped 8 trillion gallons of rain on the state of NC….More HERE

[VIDEO] The Cleveland Browns won a football game, first one since 2016 and the celebrated with the Bud Light Victory Fridge….More HERE

Suge Knight will get 28 years in prison after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter….More HERE

Beyonce’s former drummer accuses the singer of ‘WITCHCRAFT’, ‘tapping her phone’ – and even claims she murdered her KITTEN….More HERE

Rihanna is an Ambassador of Barbados….More HERE

[VIDEO] 20 of the funniest YouTube videos ever…..More HERE

[PIC] Would you pay $530 for these shoes….More HERE


Videos of the Day

And this happened at their Wedding Reception! Not a good way to start off a marriage. MORE HERE…. More HERE

Who knew that Kevin Hart was so scared


Pop Quiz: Man who led officers on high speed chase surrenders due to: (a) running out of gas (b) guilt (c) mosquitoes?  Find out the answer HERE

If you have an extra $1500 on you, You can now get the The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Cardi B and Travis Scott may perform with Maroon 5 at halftime of the Super Bowl….More HERE

People magazine claims Imagine Dragons and Post Malone are going to perform at the American Music Awards on Tuesday, October 9th on ABC

Hold Up…..Florence might come back???…. More HERE

Cape Fear Community College to resume classes on Monday, October 1


Saturday is National Singles Day.

82% of singles say bad table manners are a turn-off (Elite Singles)

13% of singles say ordering too much food is a turn off (Elite Singles)

30% of singles are open to meeting someone at the gym (Planet Fitness)

29% of singles are open to meeting someone online (Planet Fitness)

34% of singles say chocolate-covered strawberries are the most seductive food followed by wine and cheese (28%) and ice cream (12%) (Zoosk)

15% of singles say weddings are a good place to hook up because the alcohol is flowing (POF)

A survey by the dating site Elite Singles reveals that 72% of men believe in love at first sight.

A survey by Match.com reveals that 50% of singles are turned off by texting during a date.

Dating Dealbreakers

A survey by the dating app TwoPeas reveals that 79% of people want to date someone who is happy with just one partner. Other findings:

75% of singles want to date someone, who is employed full-time

91% of singles want to date someone who has never cheated before

96% of singles say romantic chemistry is a must.

57% of singles can’t stand when people chew loudly.

99% of singles want to be with somebody who would give up their seat for an elderly person on a bus

97% of singles say a sense of humor is important


7 Things You Need to Know (9-11-18)

Latest on Hurricane Florence….More HERE – Hurricane survival checklist…..More HERE – List of Evacuations….More HERE

17th Anniversary of 9/11…More HERE

Nicki Minaj just talked about the “Shoe Throwing” incident with Cardi B….More HERE

An Ohio grocery store employee is facing felony theft charges for eating $9,200 worth of deli ham and salami….More HERE

A new study has found that most teens prefer to text than to have a face-to-face conversation…..More HERE

The most likely time to find a spider in your house is 7:35 pm….More HERE

Dancing With the Stars season 27 cast update….More HERE


Music News

Drake tells the Huffington Post that he’s learned to appreciate his success. “A lot of people get on and it’s like they’re just waiting to get more on. They’re always waiting for a bigger moment to come. But I’ve started to realize that this is it. This is the moment. And it reads, you know? People come up to me now and they’re like, ‘Man, you look good! You look like you’re happy.’ I feel incredible about how I’m able to support my family and friends and how supportive my family and friends have been of me.”

Taylor Swift tells GQ Magazine that she was a big fan of VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’. “I used to watch Behind the Music every day. When other kids were watching normal shows, I’d watch Behind the Music. And I would see these bands that were doing so well, and I’d wonder what went wrong. I thought about this a lot. And what I established in my brain was that a lack of self-awareness was always the downfall. That was always the catalyst for the loss of relevance and the loss of ambition and the loss of great art. So self-awareness has been such a huge part of what I try to achieve on a daily basis.”

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo tells Rolling Stone Magazine that he uses Tinder as a songwriting tool while touring. “My description says, ‘Not looking to hook up, just trying to have new experiences and get some ideas for songs.’ I’m not super excited to talk to people who know that I’m in Weezer. It’s more exciting when I find people that are interested in me as a person. When I’m in a city I’m not totally familiar with, I can meet someone on Tinder and they can take me around.”


Ever seen a Dog make pancakes???


Weird News

Student Bringing Staff Of 12 To College: The Sun claims the daughter of an Indian billionaire is bringing a staff of 12 with her to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has hired a maid, a butler, a housekeeper, a chef, a chauffeur, three bodyguards, a personal assistant and a Glam Squad. Each staffer will be paid $45,000 a year

Man Stuck In Cadillac For 13 Hours: Fox News claims a 75 year-old Cleveland, Ohio man was recently trapped in his 2006 Cadillac for 13 hours. Pete Pyros pulled into his garage before his car’s electrical system went dead. He was unable to unlock his doors because his key fob also stopped working. Pete left his smart phone inside his home so he was trapped until a neighbor found him. He tells the network; “I was screaming. I tried to punch the window. I tried to kick the window. Nothing happened. Hot is not the word. Hot is not the word. I felt like I was in hell. I was convinced I was gonna die. That’s all I could think of.” Pete may sue Cadillac for not having emergency levers to unlock doors

Does Anyone Know A Nicole? Buzzfeed claims Carlos Zetina, of Alberta, Canada, recently Emailed 246 women named “Nicole” in an attempt to find the ‘Nicole’ he met at a bar. He used the University of Calgary’s school directory to send the following message to every student named Nicole; “Hi, this is a mass e-mail to all Nicoles. If you don’t fit this description, then ignore, and if you are the one and just don’t want to talk to me, that’s okay as well. If your name is Nicole and you’re from Holland, you think Nietzsche is depressing, then text me. I’m Carlos btw. I’m the guy who took you and your friend home last night.” The 246 Nicoles from the mass Email quickly became friends and started a “Nicole From Last Night” Facebook group. The original “Nicole” from Holland later found the group and reconnected with Zetina.


Boring Survey

A new survey posted by SWNS Digital reveals that the average person spends five years of their life feeling bored. Other findings:

The average person spends two hours every day being bored.

Peak boredom occurs at 1:10 p.m. everyday

– 23% of people are bored at work

– 33% of people are bored at home

– 25% of people believe life is more dull as an adult than it was as a child

– 47% of people feel like their weekends are wasted


  1. Being placed on hold

  2. Slow Wi-Fi

  3. Waiting for video ads to finish playing

  4. Junk mail

  5. Waiting for a website to load


7 Things You Need to Know (9-10-18)

Hurricane Florence Update….More HERE

Closings and Cancellations from Hurricane Florence….More HERE

First a Plane scare, then a Car crash and now Home Invasion: Not a good couple of weeks for Post Malone….More HERE

Quote of The Day: “From the state with 84 percent of the U.S. fresh water but none for its residents to drink, I am Miss Michigan Emily Sioma”….More HERE

People magazine claims Meghan Markle has been named Best Dressed Star of 2018….More HERE

[VIDEO] Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight at a New York Fashion Week party…..More HERE

New study says Women wash their bedsheets less often than Men do….More HERE


Music News

Maroon 5’s big break came at a house party. Bassist Mickey Madden tells GQ magazine, “We were playing at a house party in Malibu. I guess we were freshmen or sophomores in high school. And this producer was, like, literally walking his dog and heard us. And he came in and watched the show.”

Shawn Mendes tells Billboard magazine the meaning behind his song ‘In My Blood.’ “The concept of this song is about how it feels when you’re about to give up, and then you don’t. That’s the whole payoff in the chorus section…It’s about something that I think everybody goes through and it’s something that I think people don’t talk about often, especially in music.

The Irish Mirror claims Bruno Mars may play Prince in a new movie about the late singer’s life. A source tells the newspaper; “Bruno says it will probably be the most nerve-racking move of his career if it happens. Prince was one of his idols so to be asked to take on a hefty role like that especially as a debut acting move is full-on. The offer has come out of the blue. Bruno used to love acting when he was younger but it’s not an avenue he’s explored.”


Weird News

Man Places Son In Trunk In Hopes Of Becoming An Internet Sensation: The Chicago Tribune claims the Chicago Police recently arrested Boguslaw Matlak for child endangerment. He was at a Panera Bread restaurant when he placed his toddler son in the trunk of his Audi and then drove off. Witnesses called 911. Cops were unable to locate Matlak until he returned to the restaurant. His trunk was empty because he returned his son home to his wife. Matlak told cops that he placed his son in his trunk because he was conducting a ‘social experiment’ and wanted to establish a YouTube channel in order to become an Internet sensation. Cops went to Malak’s home where they found his son safe and sound.

Leftovers Are Bad For You

A new study by the University of Southern California and University of Michigan reveals that eating leftovers makes you eat more and exercise less.

Researchers say; ‘’We know that growing portion sizes increase consumption, but grossly enlarged portions also cause consumers to face more and more food leftovers. The psychological drivers of this phenomenon are twofold. Larger leftovers reduce perceived consumption, which leads people to feel better about themselves. And feeling better about themselves, in turn, reduces people’s motivation to compensate.”


7 Things You Need to Know (9-7-18)

Crystal Reed has been chosen as the female lead in Swamp Thing….. More HERE

Offset is now a model????….. More HERE

First a plane scare and now a car crash, that’s what happened to Post Malone earlier this Morning…. More HERE

An 83-year-old Japanese DJ has been named by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest…. More HERE

In 2017, an estimated 2,300 people had to go to the emergency room for pizza-related injuries…. More HERE

Booking.com and DJ Khaled have teamed up to launch Booking.com’s Booking Experiences in the U.S…. More HERE

September 7th is National Beer Lover’s Day…. More HERE


Music News

Shawn Mendes tells Billboard magazine the meaning behind his song ‘In My Blood.’ “The concept of this song is about how it feels when you’re about to give up, and then you don’t. That’s the whole payoff in the chorus section…It’s about something that I think everybody goes through and it’s something that I think people don’t talk about often, especially in music

Ariana Grande tells Time magazine that she has three “go-to” emojis. “There’s a brunette, severed head with the driest expression of all time on her face, and I really like that one. I feel like I relate to it. After that, I put the thinking bubble emoji followed by the boy emoji so it’s ‘girl-thinking-of-boy.’ I really like that combination. There’s a navy blue square with stars in it, and it’s supposed to look like the universe. I really like that one as well. Those are my go-to.

Teen Vogue claims Rihanna is teaching a one day makeup class in Dubai on September 29th. She will teach students how to apply her makeup line. The class costs $1,497

Post Malone tells HipHopDX that he inherited his love for music from his father. “My dad was always playing music. Not like playing music, but listening to music. And he put me on everything — folk and funk and rap. He played everything. N.W.A. and Ice T, Body Count. I moved to Dallas and I started making music. So, that’s really it. And from then on I just started making what I like. Playing guitar. And writing my own songs. And just making music.”

Eminem will show his hometown some love when the rapper reps the Detroit Lions for their opening coin toss against the New York Jets at Ford Field on Monday night (September 10).


Weird News

Man Fakes Kidnapping To Get Beer Money: The Scottish Sun claims Londoner Leigh Ford faked his own kidnapping in order to get beer money from his pregnant girlfriend. The 45 year-old told his girlfriend that the kidnappers were going to break his legs and cut off his privates unless she gave them $100. Leigh wanted the money to go drinking with his friends. His girlfriend transferred the money into a designated account before calling the police. Cops busted Leigh when he arrived home. He was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail. Leigh and his girlfriend are still together.

Man Cracks 217 Walnuts With Head: Navin Kumar, of India, has set a new world record by cracking 217 walnuts with his head. He accomplished his feat in under one minute and beat the old record by 36 walnuts. Kumar placed his hands behind his back before head-butting the nuts on a table.


Single and love the NFL? NFL Fans And Dating

A survey by We Are Fanatics reveals that 17% of people will not date a New England Patriots fan. Other findings:

2% of people will not date a Los Angeles Rams fan.

24% of Baltimore Ravens fans would rather give up lovemaking for a year than date a rival fan

21% of Chicago Bears fans would rather give up lovemaking for a year than date a rival fan

20% of Houston Texans fans would rather give up lovemaking for a year than date a rival fan

19% of Buffalo Bills fans would rather give up lovemaking for a year than date a rival fan

16% of Atlanta Falcons fans would rather give up lovemaking for a year than date a rival fan.



Hired on Thursday, Fired on Sunday and in jail on Monday. What do you think happend?…..More HERE


Video of The Day

A man in India has broken the Guinness World Record for cracking nuts with your head

Metallica doing Princes’ ‘When Doves Cry’



7 Things You Need to Know (9-6-18)

Drake’s track “In My Feelings” is now officially Billboard’s 2018 Song of the Summer…More HERE

Full list of all the Fall Festivals coming to the area….More HERE

The nominees for this year’s People’s Choice Awards were just announced…More HERE

Ty Dolla $ign was arrested yesterday because cops found weed in the limo he was riding in….More HERE

The number of patients at urgent care centers in the US has increased by 119%….More HERE

[VIDEO] Ever seen a chilled out Lion hop into a van full of tourist and cuddle?…. More HERE

A study reveals that Tinder daters who pursue one-night stands tend to have psychopathic traits….More HERE


Video of The Day

Ariana Grande’s Ponytail is ALIVE!!!!…..http://bit.ly/2wQc2mW

Ever seen a Crackhead fall through a ceiling???….https://dailym.ai/2wOappS


President Trump Calls The New York Times ‘Gutless’ And Says He’s Winning In 2020 … President Trump responded to a New York Times Op-Ed piece from an anonymous White House official. Trump called the story ‘gutless.’ Trump then went on to say that he’s going to win the 2020 Presidential election

The NY Post claims the website MyBookie is out with their odds on who they think is the anonymous White House leaker.

VP Mike Pence 2-3

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo 4-1

Chief of Staff John Kelly 4-1

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis 5-1

Attorney General Jeff sessions 5-1

Ivanka Trump 12-1

Jared Kushner 12-1

Music News

Teen Vogue claims Rihanna is teaching a one day makeup class in Dubai on September 29th. She will teach students how to apply her makeup line. The class costs $1,497

Halsey is going to star in Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s new movie ”A Star is Born.” She Tweeted; ”I guess now is a good time to finally tell you guys that I have a little cameo in A Star Is Born! Thank you so so much to Gaga and Bradley for including me. It was an honor to watch both of your talent and dedication on set. an all time life highlight for me for sure. I play myself for a very small moment! Which is insane because it means Gaga and Bradley saw me worthy of representing a piece of the current state of music in this film forever. They could have picked any artist. It was so humbling and unreal.”

Tyga tells Harper’s Bazaar that inspiration for new music can hit him at any time or place. “Sometimes it could be just during the day, when I’m riding in the car or on the plane. I’ll hear somebody say something that strikes a chord and I write it down and write bars at a time, and then when I’m in the studio I go to those bars and I’m like, ‘Maybe I should make a song about this.’ Sometimes I’ll have a whole song done without having a beat. I’ll just rap on an instrumental tempo and recreate a whole new song just around the lyrics.


NFL Trending …

– The NFL season kicks off tonight. – It takes one adult cow to produce 7 – 10 footballs.

– According to bluemoo.net, it takes 3,000 cows to supply the 22,000 footballs the NFL uses every season.

– With almost $1 billion in yearly revenues, the NFL is the world’s richest professional sports league.


New Movies Opening Tonight

Final Score (Rated R) … STARRING: Pierce Brosnan … Terrorists take over a sold-out soccer game before Michael Knox (Dave Bautista) uses his military training to save fans.

Peppermint (Rated R) … STARRING: Jennifer Garner … Riley North (Jennifer Garner) wakes up from a coma to discover that a cartel has killed her husband and daughter. She seeks justice on her own


Weird News

Woman Loses $51,000 To Online Boyfriend: The Shelby Star claims a Shelby, North Carolina woman has spent the last 5 months sending $51,000 to her online boyfriend. The 55 year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, was about to cash in her 401K until her co-workers talked her out of it and convinced her she had been scammed. The victim met her online boyfriend on policesingles.com. He claimed he was working on a project in Africa and needed money in order to return home to be with her. The woman sent iTunes gift cards and cash before realizing she was being scammed

Scientists To Clone 40,000 Year-Old Horse: The Daily Mirror claims scientists from Russia and South Korea are going to try to clone a 40,000 year-old horse. The horse was 20 days old when it died and was discovered in a crater in Russia.

A researcher from Russia’s Mammoth Museum tells the paper; “Fortunately, the animal’s muscle tissues were undamaged and well preserved, so we managed to get samples from this unique find for biotechnology research. If we manage to find a cell, then we will do our best to clone the unique animal.”

Woman Fakes Kidnapping To Avoid Paying Workers: Newser claims Maria Gonzalez, of Fresno, California, recently faked her own kidnapping in order to avoid paying her subcontractors. The 32 year-old claimed two armed men carjacked her before robbing her and tying her up. Maria told cops the men stole $9,000 from her purse. Officers questioned her for two hours before she admitted she made up her story because she didn’t have any cash to pay her workers.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Facial Mask : The Summer Fridays cosmetics company is releasing a moisturizing mask that smells like Pumpkin Spice Latte. The mask is made with pumpkin, apricot seeds, oats and vitamin E. A tube costs $44. Summer Fridays claims the mask ‘exfoliates and hydrates skin for blinding brightness


Twitter Thought of The Day: There is no physical evidence to say that today is Thursday, We all just have to trust that someone kept count since the first one ever


7 Things You Need to Know (9-5-18)

[VIDEO]One of the biggest thing to happen at the US Open was a lady dipping her Chicken Fingers into a coke….More HERE

[VIDEO] Final trailer for the last season of ‘House of Cards’….More HERE

Today is National Cheese Pizza Day…..More HERE

Kanye West has apologized to Drake for being Kanye West….More HERE

NBC has ordered a new Law & Order series titled “Law & Order: Hate Crimes”…. More HERE

Wedding Dresses with pockets are now a thing….More HERE

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal cause of 30 more illnesses, CDC reports…..More HERE


A homeless man whose act of kindness prompted a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign, said that the money raised for him is gone…More HERE


McDonalds Poster Guys…..I have to try this….More HERE


“World Championship of Death Diving”… More HERE


Rise N Shine Survey

A new survey by Best Mattress reveals that it takes the average person 11.6 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. Other findings:

It takes the average person 43 minutes to leave the house in the morning.

What people do when they first get out of bed in the morning

Check their phone 11%

Take a shower 9%

Make breakfast 4%

Use the bathroom 55%


Strange NFL Stadium Food



7 Things You Need to Know(9-4-18)

GoT Spoilers….More HERE

Beyonce turns 37 today…..More HERE

Colin Kaepernick Is the Face Of Nike’s 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” Campaign….More HERE

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died on this day in 2006…. More HERE

Danielle Bregoli(Cash Me Outside) her song Gucci Flip Flops has gone GOLD…. More HERE

Camila Cabello just became the first female artist to have a song hit one billion streams on Spotify for “Havana”….. More HERE

Netflix has 52 original shows and movies debuting in September….. More HERE


New Dance Challenge #DoTheLilo – More HERE


I need to get one of these next Summer


Now you can get paid just to eat avocados, but you had better really like them. You’ll be required to eat avocados every day for six months. Participants will be paid $300 at the end of the test. Researchers at four leading universities are trying to find out if this oil-rich calorie-heavy fruit really is a super-food that helps people lose belly fat and improves heart health….. More HERE

Geoffery Owens from the Cosby Show is getting shamed for his new job…. More HERE

Joey Chestnut won the Buffalo Wing Eating Championship on Sunday by downing 206 chicken wings in 12 minutes. Last year, Chestnut ate 220 wings

Contact Music claims the sixth Die Hard movie is going to be called ”McClane.”

Uproxx claims another Police Academy movie is in the works. Steve Guttenberg Tweeted; ”Adam , the next Police Academy is coming, no details yet, but it is in a gift bag being readied!”


Music News

The Drinks Business website claims 50 Cent is launching his own brand of champagne. It’s called Le Chemin du Roi, and means the ‘King’s path’. High-end bottles cost $1,000 and come with a 14 karat gold plated King’s chess piece. 50 Cent says the champagne is for ‘winners only’

Celebrity Insider claims Cardi B’s husband Offset recently got their daughter’s name Kulture tattooed on the side of his face

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson tells the Huffington Post that Nick Carter and A.J. McLean once got into a fight over Mario Kart. ” I think Nick got mad and threw the remote at A.J. and they just locked up and started rolling around the floor. And it was really funny. They were both really young. Nobody got really injured or anything, but I think maybe they scuffed up their faces a little bit. Some carpet burn, something like that. But no real injuries occurred. We let them go for a little bit and laughed at them, then me and Brian broke them up. Sometimes it gets heated, but at the same time we all love each other.”


7 Things You Need to Know (8-31-18)

[PICS and VIDS] Aretha Franklin funeral….More HERE

Eminem dropped a new album this morning called ‘Kamikaze’….More HERE

The annual Pooch Plunge next week….More HERE

Gweneth Paltrow just gave the best quote about paying attention…More HERE

Emmy Rossum announces unexpected exit from ‘Shameless’…..More HERE

Revealed: The 10 words to put on your dating app profile to GUARANTEE a right-swipe….More HERE

Apple’s new iPhones will be announced on Sept 12th….More HERE

Video of The Day

In My Feelings Challenge with Cows


Weird News

A survey by Printerland reveals that 42% of workers have fantasized about having an affair with a co-worker or client.

Flirtatious News Anchors Brawl: Ftvlive claims a news anchor and a meteorologist from WSAZ-TV in Charleston, West Virginia recently brawled at a local bar. Erica Bivens and Chelsea Ambriz got into a fight after Chelsea allegedly flirted with Erica’s husband. Erica took exception to the advances and confronted Chelsea. Chelsea shoved Erica before both of them fell over. Erica injured her eardrum and head. Chelsea may be charged with battery. Both of them work on the 4 p.m. newscast…..More HERE

In England, 16-year-olds can down a pint in a pub, but under a new government proposal, it would be illegal for them to buy an energy drink like Red Bull at the corner shop…..More HERE



7 Things You Need to Know (8-30-18)

According to YouTube, the No. 1 Song of the Summer for 2018 is “I Like It,” by Cardi B…. More HERE

Wile E. Coyote Movie in Development….. More HERE

New research says Goats are drawn to happy people…. More HERE

#Florida – A 47-year-old man was jailed after allegations he gave his girlfriend a “wet willy”…. More HERE

The science behind hot selfies revealed in new study….. More HERE

The sequel to John Krasinski’s movie “A Quiet Place” is going to be released on May 15, 2020…. More HERE

Carowinds is adding the first double launch roller coaster in the Carolinas, called the Copperhead Strike…. More HERE


Labor Day Weekend is almost here. 41.5 million Americans are expected to travel during the weekend This Labor Day Weekend we’ll devour over 65 million pounds of beef and nearly 70% of Americans will grill this weekend and can someone explain to me why you don’t wear white after Labor Day?


Music News:

Ed Sheeran tells Entertainment Weekly that he wants to record with Drake

Shawn Mendes tells Variety magazine that being a popstar is like being a politician. “People forget how important groundwork is—physically being in every city, meeting people, like in a presidential campaign.

Kelly Clarkson’s fans are petitioning for her to play the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Cardi B tells her Twitter followers that her daughter, Kulture, was born flipping the bird. “Minutes after my daughter was born she was sticking out her middle finger and she’s doing it now all the time. She is so disrespectful. Wonder where she got it from?”

DJ Khaled is launching his own luxury furniture line called ‘We The Best Home’…More HERE


Weird News:

KFC Will Give You $11K If You Name Your Baby After Colonel Sanders: USA Today claims KFC is giving away $11,000 to the first mother, who has a baby on September 9th, and then names them Harland in honor of Colonel Harland Sanders. KFC says they chose to give away $11,000 because of their 11 herbs and spices. KFC is holding the promotion to celebrate Colonel Sanders’ 128th birthday…… More HERE

Myrtle Beach Hands Out 289 Tickets For Cursing: WGAL claims the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina made $22,000 last year by citing people for cursing. Officers handed out 289 citations for profanity. People with potty mouths can be fined $500 or spend 30 days in jail.

People have all types of names, and some are apparently more offensive than others. New-York based reporter for the sports website SB Nation, Natalie Weiner, was attempting to make an account on MaxPreps, a website that covers high school sports recently, but her last name posed a problem. When she tried to sign up she got an error message saying “Offensive language discovered in the name field.” She says she laughed and shared the error message on Twitter, where it soon went viral. Many responded to her post saying they knew others with the similar issues….. More HERE


Aaron Rodgers has signed a four-year, $134 million contract extension with the Green Bay Packers. $100 million of that is guaranteed. Aaron will receive a record $57.5 million signing bonus and will earn $80 million by the end of March 2019. If Aaron plays out the contract through 2023, he will have earned $315 million during his playing career.


7 Things You Need to Know (8-29-18)

Oreo is introducing wasabi and hot chicken wings cookies….. More HERE

[VIDEO]That moment Josh told Drake he was going to be a Dad….More HERE

Tyga is suing Lil Wayne and Birdman for unpaid royalties…More HERE

[VIDEO]It’s just Kanye doing Kanye…http://bit.ly/2ojNxKf

[VIDEO] It’s not every day you see 40,000 bees swarm Times Square hot dog stand….. More HERE

Did you know that eating up to three bars of chocolate each month cut a person’s risk of heart failure by 13 percent….More HERE

You can get fined 77 dollars for cussing in Myrtle Beach…More HERE

Music News

Naughty Gossip claims Taylor Swift’s next record deal could net her $20 million per album

The Independent newspaper claims Ariana Grande’s new album “Sweetener” tops this week’s Billboard charts with 231,000 albums sold.

The NY Post claims Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram with 141 million followers. One of her posts is equal to $3.5 million in advertising

Weird News:

Woman Arrested For Stealing Mother’s Wine: The Independent Alligator newspaper claims the Gainesville, Florida police recently arrested Linda Litza for breaking into her mother’s home through a doggie door. She stole two bottles of wine while her mother was sleeping. Officers found Linda in some nearby woods. She was charged with burglary. Her mother says she nailed her doggie door shut, but Linda broke it anyways. This is the second time Linda has stolen wine from her mother.

Straight.com claims Vancouver’s Electric Bicycle Brewing is selling a Ramen noodle beer. Named Kaedama, the beer is dry and crisp and has hints of noodle flavors. Brewers used 40 pounds of fresh Ramen noodles and 100 packs of Mr. Noodles to create the beer.

The Daily Mirror claims Eric Ramirez had his nose and ears removed in order to resemble a skull. The tattoo artist is covered from head to toe in ink. Eric tattooed his eye sockets black and split his tongue in order to give hit a forked appearance.

Why you’d want to spend time anywhere near an airport if you’re not flying is beyond most people, but unidentified man jumped a fence and ran onto the runway at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Monday (August 27th) and began doing pushups. He was taken into custody within two minutes of being spotted on the runway. Police say the airfield the man traveled to, as well as nearby aircraft, underwent a security sweep, and the airfield was closed for about 20 minutes. The man is being held by authorities as they investigate.

What we talked about:

Ashlee Simpson finally talks about that SNL Lip-Sync disaster 14yrs ago……More HERE

Love my guy!! Can’t wait for you guys to see our show! #AshleeAndEvan

A post shared by Ashlee Simpson Ross (@ashleesimpsonross) on

 The Science behind why you can’t buy just one thing at Target….More HERE


I have no idea what’s going on with me today. I feel like Im in a “rut” and can’t shake it!!

7 Things You Need to Know (8-28-18)

[PIC] Rihanna just posted a rare pic of herself with her Mom and Dad…. More HERE

[VIDEO] The World Gravy Wrestling Championships were held yesterday…. More HERE

Eddie Murphy is about to get into the double digits! Kid #10 is on the way…. More HERE

NerdWallet is out with their list of the best things to buy in September…More HERE

Weber Grills says nearly 70% of Americans will grill during Labor Day weekend.

Teen with dwarfism ‘humiliated’ as college ‘bans’ him from the kitchen because he’s a ‘safety risk’…. More HERE

Listen to this before you go to bed, Rockabye Baby!’s Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga….. More HERE


Music News

5 Seconds Of Summer On Writing “Youngblood” … the group says they were burnt out when they wrote the song. It’s the result of them taking a step back to get their lives together.

Ariana Grande tells Coveteur that she gets a lot of inspiration when she’s on the treadmill. “I have a lot of ideas on the treadmill. If I need help writing or being creative, or coming up with an idea, I’ll work out. I came up with the idea for the ‘Side To Side’ video on the treadmill. Usually I’ll listen to throwback ’90s hip-hop, or stuff that makes me amped.”

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine tells GQ that he deals with the paparazzi by pretending he is a government spy. “Every part of my being is allergic to walking out of a place and seeing them. It’s fun if you look at it like a spy movie. ‘We’re trapped in here! How do we get out?'”


You want the 8th Pic!!

If you play fantasy football, you know that the right pick can make all the difference. But a new study shows that’s THE EIGHTH pick makes someone most likely to win. This can all change from season to season, depending on which players get taken first in your league.

According to the study, the five best draft positions to have in a 12-team league are eighth, second, sixth, first, and seventh. The 11th and 12th have the lowest chances of winning.


It’s Back to School Day!

7 Things You Need to Know (8-27-18)

We finally know who had the song of the Summer….More HERE

Nike plans to launch a sneaker designed by Justin Timberlake this week….More HERE

The man who supplied Demi Lovato with drugs the night she OD’d said she knew exactly the chance she was taking…..More HERE

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are back together…..More HERE

The average American spends almost $2000 on their dog each year….More HERE

Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell was arrested on charges of simple battery after running on stage at a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert…..More HERE

Game of Thrones season 8 teaser trailer….More HERE


Ariana Grande Has ‘Rapper Hands’ … Ariana says she has ‘active hands’ when she performs live. She says she has weird ‘rapper’s hands’

Billboard magazine claims Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II Tour has surpassed $150 million earned


Weird News

The Seattle Times claims the city of Mayo, Florida changed its name to Miracle Whip, Florida on Saturday. Kraft-Heinz, which owns Miracle Whip, paid the town between $15,000 and $25,000 for the name change. The name change is just a joke. The money will be used to beautify and restore certain parts of the city.

Comingsoon.net claims William Shatner is releasing a Christmas album called ”Shatner Claus: The Christmas Album.” Iggy Pop and Brad Paisley contributed to the album.

Track listing includes ….

Jingle Bells Feat. Henry Rollins

Blue Christmas Feat. Brad Paisley

Little Drummer Boy Feat. Joe Louis Walker

Winter Wonderland Feat. Todd Rundgren & Artimus Pyle

Twas the Night Before Christmas Feat. Mel Collins

Run Rudolph Run Feat. Elliot Easton

O Come, O Come Emmanuel Feat. Rick Wakeman

Silver Bells Feat. Ian Anderson

One for You, One for Me

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Feat. Billy Gibbons

Silent Night Feat. Iggy Pop

White Christmas Feat. Judy Collins

Feliz Navidad Feat. Dani Bender


7 Things You Need to Know (8-24-18)

G-Eazy and Halsey are back together…..More Here

$250 Down the Drain – Hundreds miss out on  a Beyonce and Jay Z concert in Nashville because they were still in the security line when the concert ended….More HERE

[VIDEO] This security guard lost his job for farting at work…More HERE

[VIDEO] This guy named Jacques Bailly, can pronounce EVERY word in the dictionairy….More HERE

[VIDEO] Drunk Driver hits car, still drinking on bottle while getting filmed….More HERE

On and off again relationships was associated with more psychological distress symptoms such as depression and anxiety…. More HERE

Logan Paul and KSI have a big MMA fight tomorrow…..More HERE

Video of The Day

Bad Lip Reading : White House Press Briefings Edition


Olive Garden’s annual pasta passes sold out in less than one second yesterday. The yearly and eight week passes are good for all-you-can-eat pasta meals, salad & breadsticks

Ace Showbiz claims Snoop Dogg is writing a cookbook called “From Cook to Crook”. It will contain 5,000 of his favorite recipes. He says, “You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favorite recipes, ya dig?”. Snoop loves baked macaroni and cheese, baby back ribs and chicken and waffles


Have you done the #snootchallenge yet? When you do be sure to tag us in the video…More HERE

Job Alert!!: Earn $185,000 a year to clean poop off the streets…..More HERE

A North Carolina woman accused of trying to bite off her ex-boyfriend’s testicles has been found not guilty of malicious castration…..More HERE

Child Survey

A new study by Deichmann Shoes reveals that having children means everyday tasks take twice as long to complete. Other findings:

– It takes 45 minutes for people with children to get ready to leave the house in the morning.

– It takes 22 minutes for people with no kids to get ready and leave the house in the morning.

– Food shopping takes 30 minutes when kids are brought to the grocery store.

– cleaning the house and meal times double after adults have children.

– 35% of parents miss their pre-child days

Most time-consuming things to do with children:

1. Packing for a holiday – 36 minutes longer

2. Cleaning the house – 35 minutes longer

3. Clothes shopping – 33 minutes longer

4. Ironing – 30 minutes longer

5. The weekly food shop – 30 minutes longer

6. Shopping for shoes – 30 minutes

7. Cooking – 28 minutes longer

8. Completing life admin – 26 minutes longer

9. Dinner time – 26 minutes longer

10. Walking the dog – 23 minutes longer


7 Things You Need to Know (8-23-18)

VIDEO] Did you know there was a Police chase that ended on the campus of UNCW yesterday??..More HERE

[VIDEO] A Kids reflection moves before he does….More HERE

Hopefully the 3rd time’s the charm. Ben Affleck is back in rehab….More HERE

Big Bang Theory is going to end in May….More HERE

Marion, North Carolina has named Bigfoot as its official animal….. More HERE

Self-Esteem is highest at age 60…. More HERE

Spotify and Guinness World Records has announced the launch of the ultimate record-breaking playlist The Year in Pop….More HERE

Drake-Themed School Decorations….More HERE

In true “how do you do, fellow kids” fashion, schools across the US are remixing Drake’s In My Feelings hit to get students excited about reading.https://t.co/gQiysrbMyj



10 Ways to get over an ex:…. More HERE

14 times Celebs should’ve been banned from Social Media….More HERE

A man who posed as his ex-fiancée’s dead mother in a bid to win her back….More HERE

Melissa McCarthy’s new puppet movie, ”The Happytime Murders”, opens tonight

Busted Coverage claims Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are going to play a $9 million golf match on Thanksgiving weekend. The match will be carried on pay-per-view

Taylor Swift has broken the record for the highest grossing tour by a female artist. Her Reputation Tour has earned $191.1 million. She broke her own record which she set in 2015 with her ‘1989 Tour’.

Tinder IRL..More HERE


Video of The Day

Guy arguing with a Goat


7 Things You Need to Know (8-22-18)

First thing you do after an emergency landing…Get some booze….More HERE

New TV show called “Reprisal” is set to be filmed and Wilmington and they’re are looking for EXTRAS….More HERE

Tinder just launched ‘Tinder U’….College only dating app….More HERE

[PHOTO] Hands down the most concerned-looking dog EVER…..More HERE

Pumpkin Spice season kicks off on Aug 28th…..More HERE

The Death Nut Challenge…..More HERE

What’s coming and going on Netflix in September…..More HERE


#Trending (8-22-18)

A past survey by Playboy reveals that 41% of college students know a person, who has hooked up with a professor or teacher’s assistant

A new survey by Opploans reveals that the average worker spends 6.9 job hours a week on their fantasy football team

The Daily Mail claims Gmail now allows users to unsend embarrassing messages if they hit an undo button within 10 seconds of sending.

5.2 million people watched the MTV VMAs on Monday. Complex magazine claims the ratings were the lowest ever for the show. The show aired on 11 Viacom-owned channels…..http://bit.ly/2PvXJvB

American Idol auditions are being held in Charlotte on Aug 31st……http://bit.ly/2Pxd7Ia

Bustle magazine claims Fruit Loops is launching their own fashion line. It will include hats, beanies, jackets, shirts, dresses and footwear. All of the apparel will feature bright colors


Weird News (8-22-18)

I want this job!!!

Radar Online claims Mariah Carey pays her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, a $10,000-a-week salary. A source tells the website; “Bryan used to get paid $12,000 a week, but after Mariah changed management his salary was lowered to $10,000 a week. He loves to go shopping on her dime and is constantly telling her to buy him this or buy him that. Of course she complies because she only likes her man to look his best and thinks that he should never wear anything that is not designer. Everything that Mariah buys him is tiger themed. He has gotten tiger themed Balmain jackets and Gucci jackets. They send tiger love emojis to each other non-stop and they are constantly growling at each other, as if they were real tigers. Mariah loves being his Queen Tigress and the two of them get into some really nasty tiger roleplay.”

You lose because you didn’t drink enough Beer??

Beer Mile Winner DQ’d For Not Drinking Enough Beer: Fox News claims Corey Bellemore, of Windsor, Canada, recently set a new world record for the fastest time in the Beer Mile World Classic. After completing the race, officials stripped him of his title because he didn’t drink enough beer during his 4:33 mile run. Runners must drink four, 12 oz beers before crossing the finish line. Corey was disqualified after race officials found 4.5 ounces of beer in one of his cups.. More HERE



It’s the most Monday-est Tuesday ever. Im still sore from Saturday night and a bug almost flew down the back of my shift. Now I feel like I need to go take a shower because I can still feel that bug on me

7 Things You Need to Know

Everything that went down last night at the VMA’s….. More HERE

South Dakota is at 38.27, North Carolina is at 88.53 and NYC comes in at 297.27 : How much an average date costs per state….More HERE

How Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana Grande….More HERE

Looks like G-Eazy and Halsey are back together…. More HERE

A real life Kwik-E-Mart opened up in Myrtle Beach on Friday…. More HERE

Missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbets found dead….. More HERE

[VIDEO] Knight Rider theme song performed on a banjo….. More HERE


What we talked about:

I’ve never watched the Bachelorette but I would watch this Knock-Off version…More HERE


Must See Video:

Drake surprising an 11yr. old girl waiting for a Heart transplant after she did the In My Feelings Challenge

The most inappropriate school sign EVER!!! ….. More HERE

N- Never abandon your friends

U- Understand your friend’s feelings

T- Tell your friends how you feel!


17,999 out of 18,000 pieces….More HERE

The best tweets about Nicki Minaj’s beef with Stormi….More HERE


Top Things People Consider Cheating according to a new survey by Ashley Madison

Having a deep, emotional bond with someone besides your partner … 55%

Sending naked pictures to someone other than your partner .. 46%

Sexting someone other than your partner … 44%

Having an online dating profile .. 29%

Spending time with an ex-partner .. 29%

Flirting with someone other than your partner … 18%

Having dinner with a member of the opposite sex … 18%

Communicating with an ex … 16%


Monday (08-20-18)

I’m so SORE today! I went over to my friend Dean’s house on Saturday and his buddy Tim, has one of those Walls you run up(think America Ninja Warrior). Anyway, lets just say I couldn’t do it…I tried for about 30 minutes and my arms are extremely SORE.

It’s even hard for me to open bottles. I’m pretty sure this is my “sign” that I need to get off my lazy butt and get in shape



7 Things You Need to Know (8-20-18)

CFCC Barber School is offer up free Back to School Haircuts for kids ages 5-15….Here for More

Did you know that your personality changes as you get older …..Here for More

[VIDEO] Rihanna ducks when her best friend throws out wedding bouquet….Here for More

The lost city of Etzanoa has been found in Kansas…..Here for More

Everything you need to know about tonight’s 2018 MTV VMAs…..Here for More

Did you know that Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might be married ……Here for More

Kevin Spacey’s “Billionaire Boys Club’ made $126 at the box office…..Here for More


Today is National Bacon Lover’s Day and National Radio Day

”The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” aired last night on SyFy. Fin went back in time to try and stop the first Sharknado. The film starred Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox and Ian Ziering : Consumer Reports says a sharknado attack would most likely be covered by your homeowners’ insurance.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Kevin Spacey’s new movie ”Billionaire Boys Club” opened in ten theatres on Friday and only made $126. The film may be performing poorly because of the sexual assault allegations levied against Spacey earlier this year.

Ariana Grande tells Beats 1 Radio that she will change her last name to Grande-Davidson after she marries SNL star Pete Davidson. She also wants three children

Pete Davidson was pulled over by cops in Upstate New York … but even though he was behind the wheel it was his boy who ended up going to jail.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will have a direct shot at Nicki Minaj during the VMAs … this after Nicki blasted them for cheating her out of the top spot on the Billboard chart…..

A new documentary on Rihanna will reportedly be released this fall.

Post Malone just broke a record Michael Jackson has held for 34 years. Post Malone’s “Stoney” album has spent 77 weeks in the top 10 of Billboard‘s Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums chart


Weird News (8-20-18)

The Sun claims teeth tattoos are becoming a hot trend among Millennials. Tattoos of barb wire, superhero logos, family portraits, dollar signs, musical instruments, motorcycles, rainbows, computers and hearts are the most popular dental inkings. Teeth tattoos cost anywhere between $75 and $200.

Wendy’s Worker Fired For Coming To Work Early: Cleveland.com claims a Wendy’s worker recently went wild after she was suspended and ultimately fired for coming to work early. The manager of the East Cleveland, Ohio restaurant asked the worker to clock out. He then suspended her for arriving early. The employee became enraged and went into a storage room before throwing dipping sauces all over the restaurant. The woman was fired, but not arrested.


7 Things You Need to Know

1. Swamp Thing’ TV series confirmed for Wilmington….. http://bit.ly/2MQTGIm

2. Ready for your weekly internet challenge? #DeleAlliChallenge….. http://bit.ly/2MyoGzR

3. Rihanna + Childish Gambino(AKA Donald Glover) = Song??? Might happen…http://bit.ly/2L1pQ23

4. Waffle House recently debuted a new fleet of food trucks…..http://bit.ly/2OIDQQq

5. Ariana Grande finally dropped her “Sweetner” album…http://bit.ly/2vRZTgS

6. Did you know Kelly Clarkson has a daytime talk show coming out…. https://et.tv/2BhT2T5

7. Why 95.8% of Female Newscasters Have the Same Hair…. http://bit.ly/2nNfj1o

Weird News:

Man Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail For Working At Michael’s: The Northwest Florida Daily News claims a Florida judge sentenced Alfred Scott to 90 days in jail because he got a job at Michael’s instead of Home Depot. Scott pled guilty to drug possession before attempting to work at Home Depot. Judge Russell Healey said Scott violated his probation when he got a job at Michael’s and McDonald’s because Home Depot wouldn’t hire him. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail. An appellate court overturned Healy’s ruling saying he failed to provide any proof that Scott purposely violated his probation. Healey wanted Scott working at Home Depot

Weird Quote: Ariana Grande’s fiance, Pete Davidson, tells GQ magazine that they are learning how to be adults. “It’s like, we have six beanbags, but we have no forks—you know what I mean?” We’re learning how to be adults. We’re having a really fun time. She’s like, ‘This is our house,’ and I’m like, ‘You’re very nice for saying that. Thank you for letting me stay here’. She’s like, ‘We’re getting married!’ And I’m like, ‘I know, thank you for letting me stay here.