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Coronavirus Update

The New Hanover County Board of Education presented 2 options for High School Graduations, “Drive-in” or “Drive-through” …..More HERE

UNCW announces revised schedule for the fall semester…..More HERE

According to numbers released Wednesday morning, lab-confirmed cases in the state increased by 888 and currently stands at 30,777…..More HERE

The city of Wilmington on Wednesday announced that its annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration has been postponed…..More HERE

Steven Avery from ‘Making a Murderer’ tested positive for the Coronavirus…..More HERE

Dick’s Sporting Goods lost $143 million in the first quarter of 2020 because of the coronavirus.

A new survey by Wallethub reveals that 73.5 million Americans plan to look for a new job that is more pandemic proof.

[PIC] A shoemaker from Romania has created a leather shoe size 75—which is about 2.5 feet long—to encourage social distancing….More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (6-3-20)

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister just said Carole Baskin’s Husband’s Will was forged….More HERE

Danielle Bregoli (Cash Me Outside girl aka Bhad Bhabie) just checked in rehab…..More HERE

Butcher in upstate New York installs 24-hour meat vending machine….More HERE

“Check Your Privilege” Challenge…..More HERE

Mexican senator goes TOPLESS during government Zoom and forgot her Camera was still on…..More HERE

Emily Canellos-Simms has received the Guinness World Record for the largest library book fine ever paid which was $345.14…..More HERE


Video of the Day

A man in a Spider-Man costume scaled the Manhattan Bridge yesterday as the NYPD cornered George Floyd protesters. Spider-Man sat on a cement ledge as the chaos unfolded below him


Weird News:

Man Charged With Assault For Throwing Large Pickle: CBS says the Vermont State Police recently arrested Christoph Herrmannsdoerfer for throwing a large pickle at a Vermont highway worker. The 34 year-old was traveling on Route 7 near the Massachusetts border when he tossed the pickle out of his car window. It hit the highway worker before he called the police. The highway worker provided a description of Christoph’s car. The cops cited him for simple assault.

Man Busted For Claiming To Be The Manager Of The Village People: KOIN says Howard Harlib was sentenced to supervised release yesterday for falsely claiming to be the manager of The Village People. He swindled the Mill Casino, in North Bend, Oregon, out of $12,500. Howard created a fake entertainment company before booking the group for a concert that never existed. The casino busted Howard after they saw that the Village People were scheduled to play a concert in Florida on the same day they were scheduled to play at their venue

Thirsty Thieves Tunnel Into Liquor Store: Fox News says thieves recently tunneled their way into a closed South African liquor store. The trio stole $18,000 worth of alcohol just as the country’s coronavirus lockdown was about to be lifted. They entered a storm drain before building their own tunnel into the store. The store may not reopen because of the theft.


Coronavirus Update:

A curfew is in effect for New Hanover County and Wilmington effective immediately….More HERE

CFPUA has announced it is extending its suspension of delinquency-related service disconnections and late fees through July….. More HERE

According to numbers released Tuesday morning, lab-confirmed cases in the state increased by 626 and currently stands at 29,889…. More HERE

Coronavirus polo T-shirt is now available on Lacoste’s website for $130. Proceeds are going to the American Red Cross….. More HERE

7 Things You Need to Know (6-2-20)

Halsey has opened up about her “horrifying” experiences at Sunday’s LA protest….. More HERE

Carole Baskin, now has control of the Joe Exotic’s zoo….. More HERE

The girl who captured George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis PD officers on video seeing a therapist who specializes in trauma…..More HERE

There’s going to be a full strawberry moon on Friday…..More HERE

There might be a Clerks: The Animated Series reboot….. More HERE

Samantha Marie Ware, who appeared in Season 6 of Glee as Jane Hayward, accused Lea Michele of participating in “traumatic microagressions” that made her reconsider her career….. More HERE

Managers and Supervisors play more games at work than their employees (54 minutes per week)


Video of the Day

Clogging Champions of America


Weird News

The NY Post says a 20-page love letter that Michael Jordan once wrote to actress Amy Hunter was recently auctioned off for $25,703. The letter was first sold in 2014 for $2,560. Its value increased because of the ESPN docu-series ”The Last Dance.”

The newspaper claims Jordan allegedly had an affair with Hunter and wrote:  “Amy, sometimes I am the most selfish person on this earth because for one whole year all I thought about was Michael. I admit I made a mistake, but found it difficult to change it. Let’s say I do change the mistake. You would not believe the problems we would encounter. It is unthinkable. We wouldn‘t have a pleasant relationship or a private one. Our business up for opinions by the whole world. This is a pressure I can’t live with. Amy, if I was Michael Jordan, the ordinary man with a 9 to 5 job, then it wouldn’t be hard to admit my mistake. But instead, I am the Michael Jordan who is put on the pedestal and viewed to be the perfect role model. A lot of people, not just kids, but whole families. Can you imagine the responsibilities I have to deal with. Not to mention a baby by a lady who I have loved for 3 1/2 years.”

Company Makes Employees Eat Worms: The Daily Mail says workers at an interior design company in Western China were recently forced to eat live worms after they failed to hit their sales goals because of the coronavirus. A co-worker posted video of the worm eating before local officials announced they are investigating the company for employee abuse


Coronavirus Update:

After much discussion, the Senate voted Thursday to reopen North Carolina’s bars with certain restrictions in place…..More HERE

According to numbers released Thursday morning, there have been 25,412 lab-confirmed cases in the state…..More HERE

Gov. Roy Cooper and members of the Coronavirus Task Force are holding a media briefing…..More HERE

CVS Health opens new drive-thru test sites in Wilmington area…..More HERE

Kobe Bryant won’t be enshrined into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this year … the induction ceremony is being pushed to 2021 because of the novel coronavirus.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are hoping to have all of their stores open by the end of June.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-28-20)

[LISTEN] Rihanna’s demo of Selena Gomez’s ‘Same Old Love’ got leaked online…..More HERE

National Hamburger Day Coupons, Freebies and Deals…..More HERE

Google launches a website to help people avoid online scams…..More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to HBO Max in June…..More HERE

Ellie Goulding revealed that she will be releasing her fourth album, Brightest Blue, on July 17th…. More HERE

[STUDY] Multitasking is making your anxiety worse….. More HERE

Chick-fil-A operates a Hawaiian restaurant in Georgia…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Pole Dancing Bear


Weird News:

Quote of the Day – “Hell yeah it was worth it.”….. More HERE

Friends Drive 7 Hours For Big Macs: The Daily Mail says Londoners Ryan Hall and Paisley Hamilton recently drove 250 miles for a Big Mac. The drive took seven hours round trip. Ryan and Paisley spent 15 minutes eating their meal before heading home. The friends drove the long distance for their meal because that McDonald’s restaurant was one of the closest that had reopened.

Man Breaks Into AMC Theatre; Spends Days Eating Snacks: WKRG says the Mobile, Alabama Police recently arrested Raif Mitchell after he broke into an AMC theater and spent days eating the cinema’s snacks. The 33 year-old also drank from the soda machine. He was charged with third-degree burglary. The theater is closed because of the Coronavirus


Coronavirus Update:

We should have a decision about High School Graduations on June 2nd….More HERE

According to numbers released Wednesday morning, there have been 24,628 lab-confirmed cases in the state…..More HERE

A new survey by Your MD reveals that 80% of people have picked up an unhealthy habit while quarantining

TGI Fridays may close up to 20% of their restaurants permanently because of the coronavirus

Social Distancing Alarm: WISN says a Waukesha, Wisconsin company has developed a social distancing alarm that sounds when people get closer than six feet. EmbedTek’s PariRange device vibrates when another person violates your personal space. The company is working on an additional design that monitors the wearer’s temperature.

Mama June is selling her own line of coronavirus masks for $17 a piece


7 Things You Need to Know (5-27-20)

If you ever wanted to text Eminem here’s the number…More HERE

Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts for 5 days in June….More HERE

UNCW launches new eSports program…..More HERE

25 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in USA….More HERE

Billie Eilish just dropped an almost-four-minute film titled “Not My Responsibility,”…. More HERE

More ‘Tiger King’ episodes are on the way….More HERE

HBO Max launched today….More HERE


Video of The Day

That was QUICK!!!


Weird News:

Boys Allow Black Widow Spider To Bite Them So They Can Become Spider-Man: Telemundo says three young boys from Bolivia recently tried to turn themselves into Spider-Man by allowing a venomous black widow spider to bite them. The boys were watching goats graze when they found the spider and allowed it to sting each of them. Their mother rushed them to the hospital after they started suffering from muscle aches, the sweats, a fever and tremors. The hospital administered a spider serum. The boys were discharged a week later


Coronavirus Update:

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo announced several changes effective at 5 p.m…..More HERE

Carolina Beach to allow restaurants to use parking area for outdoor dining…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC increased by 708 and now stands at 21,618….More HERE

Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent and treat coronavirus……More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-22-20)

There’s a new reality TV show called ‘Labor of Love’ where 15 men compete to impregnate a woman….More HERE

Kendall Jenner just dropped 90 grand to settle her Fyre Festival lawsuit….More HERE

Netflix to release game show called ‘Floor Is Lava’…..More HERE

ESPN is planning a nine-part Tom Brady Docuseries called ‘Man In The Arena’….More HERE

A remake of ”Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”, is in the works…..More HERE

LongHorn Steakhouse has set up a grilling ‘hotline’ to help you out with your BBQ…. More HERE

[LIST] ‘Good Morning America’s’ Virtual Summer Concert Series: Full Lineup…. More HERE


Video of The Day

Don’t you hate it when you’re going to work but get held up because people are shooting off fireworks on the Highway


Weird News:

Peru Mayor Fakes Death After Breaking Coronavirus Rules: The Daily Mail says the mayor of Tantara, Peru recently broke curfew in order to go drinking at a local bar. Jaime Torres jumped into a coffin, put on a coronavirus mask, and pretended to be dead when officers showed up to his house to arrest him for violating curfew and breaking social distancing laws. Locals demanded Torres be arrested for publicly drinking. Cops say he is no different than any other citizen and has been charged accordingly.

Daughter Sues Mother For Posting Pics Of Her Kids On Facebook: Newser says a Dutch court has ordered a grandmother to delete pictures of her grandchildren from Facebook. The grandmother’s daughter asked her to remove the pictures because she did not have permission to post them. This led to a feud between the two women before the daughter took her mother to court and sued. The court ruled in favor of the daughter.


Coronavirus Update (5-21-20)

Roughly 38.6 million people have now filed for unemployment since the start of the coronavirus pandemic….More HERE

Phase 2 of the Re-opening of NC starts tomorrow at 5p…More HERE

UNCW’s Fall 2020 Planning Team is expected to complete its report of recommendations no later than May 29….More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC now stands at 20,910….More HERE

Victoria’s Secret is closing 250 North American stores due to the coronavirus.

The NY Post says the NFL will lose $5.5 billion if they play games without fans in 2020.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-21-20)

Lori Loughlin has agreed to 2 months in prison and a $150,000 fine and 2 years probation for her role in the college admission scandal…..More HERE

[LIST] Memorial Day Freebies and Deals…..More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to Netflix in June….More HERE

[LINK] Sylvester Stallone is hosting a free livestream of the classic 1976 film Rocky on Facebook tonight at 7p….More HERE

Billie Eilish has reportedly had her house blurred from Google Street View…..More HERE

Rolling Stone has released their “100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time” rankings list, and Spears sits at the top with “…Baby One More Time……More HERE

TakeSpruce.com is looking to hire a dog-lover to binge-watching 10 classic dog movies and lucky candidate will be paid $1,000.…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Man Caught Doing Pushups On Roof Of Moving Car: The Wauwatosa Patch newspaper says the Milwaukee, Wisconsin police are looking for a man, who was recently caught on video doing push ups on the top of a moving car. Other drivers videotaped the man as they drove through downtown Milwaukee. The video was posted on social media. Police are planning to charge the man with reckless behavior


Weird News:

Dad Drives 1,152 Miles To Deliver Chick-fil-A To His Daughter: Fox News says Julio Segura, of El Paso, Texas, is being hailed as a hero for driving 1,152 miles to deliver Chick-fil-A to his daughter on her 19th birthday. Julio spent eight-and-a-half hours in his car until he arrived in Austin with balloons, Chick-fil-A and a sign for his daughter. Fox News quotes her as saying, “He told me that since he couldn’t do much, he wanted to know what I’d like for lunch and he would send an Uber Eats order. He brings me that sandwich for lunch on my birthday every year — so far he hasn’t missed a year. I was so excited. I haven’t seen him in months, since winter break. I didn’t think that I would see him again until August. He has always been someone who loves gestures, but I never imagined he would do this in a pandemic.”

Woman Gives Birth In Bathtub; Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant: ABC says a Houston, Texas woman, named Cindy, recently gave birth to a surprise baby in the bathtub. She didn’t realize she was pregnant until her contractions began. Cindy says, “I started getting cramps, so I got in the bathtub, as I normally would, and then, not even an hour later, he was here. I never felt like I had to push, but at a certain point, I felt like my body was pushing, and then he came very quickly after that.”  Cindy and her boyfriend are now scrambling to adjust to life as new parents.


Coronavirus Update:

Wrightsville Beach lifting restrictions on beach activities and more….More HERE

Gov. Cooper is expected to make a formal announcement today moving forward with plans for beginning Phase Two on Friday….. More HERE

WECT’s Sounds of Summer concert series canceled for 2020…More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases now stands at 20,122.…..More HERE

Google has revealed the top-searched Cocktail recipes in every state during quarantine and for NC it’s the Bushwacker….. More HERE

Drive-in music festival coming to Orlando next month…. More HERE

U Chicago study finds that 16M of the jobs lost over the past two months aren’t coming back….. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-20-20)

Eminem interested in taking on DMX in ‘VERZUZ’ battle on Instagram Live….. More HERE

The Weeknd and Doja Cat tease remix of ‘In Your Eyes’…. More HERE

The body of ex-WWE superstar Shad Gaspard (Member of Cryme Tyme) has been found after his drowning accident over the weekend…. More HERE

Sia confirmed that she just adopted 2 teenage boys…. More HERE

Ruby Rose is leaving Batwoman after 1 season…. More HERE

Today is National Rescue Dog Day….. More HERE

{STUDY} Adopting a dominant pose can improve self-confidence in children…. More HERE


Video of the Day

TikTok’s ‘Wipe It Down’ challenge?…… More HERE

@joshsadowskiWho’s ur fav character?😂 ##wipeitdown♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY

@erinmcleodxAnyone else’s mirror actin up in quarantine?! ##wipeitdown ##fyp ##thistookforever♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY


Weird News:

Man Arrested For Naked Mall Run: The News-Herald says the Morganton, North Carolina police recently arrested Derrick Davis for running naked through the Fiddler’s Run Shopping Center parking lot. The 38-year old was immediately taken into custody because of his behavior and outstanding warrants. Davis left his six-year-old child alone at a hotel to go for his naked run. He was charged with indecent exposure and child abuse, among other things


Coronavirus Update:

The U.S. Treasury Department announced Monday it’s going to start mailing about 4 million payments stimulus payments on debit cards….More HERE

American Red Cross launches Virtual Family Assistance Center for families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases increased by 422 and now stands at 19,445…..More HERE

Los Angeles-based clothing brand Canava just rolled out a new line of women’s underwear branded with the last names of Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and Gavin Newsom….More HERE

Because of the Coronavirus, Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light are making a comeback…..More HERE

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts to graduating seniors dressed in their caps and gowns….More HERE

14% of people are consuming more alcohol because they are quarantining. 10% of people said they are consuming less

58% of people are spending more time in front of their television, computer and phone because they are quarantining

38% of people are spending more time cooking and baking at home because they are quarantining


7 Things You Need to Know(5-19-20)

[VIDEO] Jason Derulo doing the ‘Corn Cob on a Drill” challenge and he chips a tooth….More HERE

Lebron James said back in 2011 he actually started training to become an NFL player and the Cowboys offered him a contract….More HERE

Tekashi 6ix9ine is now beefing with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber over who has the number 1 song in the country……More HERE

‘Scream’ sequel to film in Wilmington later this year….More HERE

[STUDY] People who make major life decisions by flipping a coin end up happier….More HERE

Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox break up after 10 yrs of Marriage…More HERE

Wendy Williams is taking a hiatus from her daytime talk show, due to symptoms of fatigue surrounding Graves’ disease….More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to Disney+ in June…..More HERE


Video of the Day


Weird News:

Toddler Stuck With The Name “Baby Boy”: ABC says a two-year-old Tucson, Arizona boy is stuck with the name “Baby Boy” because his mother took too long to name him. The hospital used “Baby Boy” as a placeholder so the birth certificate could be filed for state records. Baby Boy’s mother, Laela Olague, says she doesn’t want to pay the $500 fee required to change his name. “We wanted to name our son based on what’s at or near his zenith at the hour of his birth and what’s in space when he’s born. I made calls to vital records every few months through my pregnancy to make sure there’s no new legalities that would cause the situation that has happened. I’m paying $500 to name my son and other people don’t have to do that and it’s not right. Because I didn’t name him at one-year-old, he’s now legally named after his birth record. No one told me this would happen after I asked so many times.” Laela wants to change Baby Boy’s name to Perseus.

Man Wins Lotto On Way To Job Interview: Fredd Jordan, of Smithfield, North Carolina, recently won a $200,000 Lottery jackpot while on the way to a job interview. He stopped at a convenience store and bought a scratch off ticket before seeing that he won. Jordan plans to invest his winnings and take a trip to California. It is not known if he got the job

Jilted Girlfriend Sends A Ton Of Onions To Ex-Boyfriend: The Daily Mail says a woman from China recently sent a ton of onions to her ex-boyfriend. He cheated on her and then dumped her before she sent him a truck load of onions along with a note that read; ‘I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn’. Delivery instructions read, ‘Just dump the onions at the front door’.  The jilted girlfriend tells the paper, “I heard from my friends that he was not upset at all after breaking up with me. I spent three days at home crying. I was so heart-broken. So, I ordered a tonne of onions to his home. I’ve got money. I wanted him to know the taste of tears.” The onions weighed 2,000 pounds.


Coronavirus Update:

Tony from the Walmart on Sigmon Road in Wilmington got a little unexpected national attention Sunday while doing his job…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases increased over the weekend by 1,894 and now stands at 19,023….More HERE

Business Insider says hot dog sales have jumped by 120% since the start of the coronavirus

Uber drivers and passengers will be required to wear coronavirus masks starting today

Coronavirus Changes Baseball: Yahoo News says Major League Baseball players have been told that showers and spitting will be banned when play returns. Other coronavirus precautions include no high-fives, fist bumps or hugs and a ban on chewing tobacco. Major League Baseball plans to test players, coaches, stadium personnel and management on a weekly basis.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-18-20)

[SYUDY] A single domesticated pet cat is capable of killing up to 186 reptiles, birds and mammals in one year…..More HERE

[Quote of the Day] “It was absolutely unbearable” Noah Cyrus talking about her experience growing up as Miley Cyrus’s little sister…..More HERE

Looks like Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are a thing…..More HERE

Just Sam is your ‘American Idol’ winner…..More HERE

Michael Jordan didn’t have “flu-like symptoms” before a crucial Game 5 against the Utah Jazz, it was bad pizza….More HERE

Matthew Perry has allegedly joined the dating app Raya…..More HERE

Chuck E. Cheese appears to go by a new name on Grubhub called Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings…More HERE


Video of the Day

Men Lasso Escaped Tiger: NDTV says a tiger recently escaped from its enclosure in Jalisco, Mexico. A man in a minivan chased the tiger while another man in a white cowboy hat with a lasso followed behind. They cornered the tiger on a street before the cowboy was able to lasso him. The men returned the tiger to its enclosure


Weird News:

WKRG says the Melbourne, Florida police recently arrested Audra Adams for attempting to kiss strangers at a bar and then calling 911 to complain about the bar not practicing social distancing. The 32 year-old called 911 five times from The Monkey Bar and Grill. Officers showed up during the fifth call and said customers were complaining that Adams was trying to kiss them. She tried to run before being charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, misuse of 911 and disorderly conduct

Man Marries Cousin Because Wife Is Stuck In Quarantine: The Daiji World newspaper says a man from India recently married his cousin because his wife is stuck quarantining at her parents’ house. The wife has been quarantining with her parents and children since March 19th. Her husband, Naeem Mansoori, married his cousin and is now living with her. Naeem told his wife that he is open to having two wives. She has filed a complaint with the local government because she does not want him to be married to another woman.

Restaurants Hiring Bouncers To Enforce Social Distancing: The Westword newspaper says a new Castle Rock, Colorado restaurant is hiring a bouncer to enforce social distancing. The restaurant’s job ad requires potential hires to have no fear of the coronavirus, the ability to operate a DVD player and the ability to work with a diverse clientele.


Coronavirus Update

Gov. Cooper: “still too early to tell” if North Carolina can move into Phase 2 of reopening on May 22nd….More HERE

Columbus County health officials announced that a COVID-19 drive-thru testing site is opening on Friday…More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases increased by 691 and now stands at 16,507….More HERE

36 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit…..More HERE

Prince’s Estate has authorized a three-day streaming of the New York leg of his Purple Rain tour concert, starting Friday going through Sunday, to support coronavirus relief…..More HERE

CVS is hiring 50,000 new employees because of increased demand due to the Coronavirus

Fox Sports To Use Virtual Fans And Fake Crowd Noise

The average American says they’ve made six new friends as a result of attending virtual gatherings during quarantine…..More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-14-20)

Apparently all Jeeps have a hidden object or image somewhere on the vehicle…..More HERE

Mary-Kate Olsen is getting divorced…..More HERE

Coors Light launched a website that will help you sneak out of video calls….More HERE

Tom Hanks dragged into feud between son Chet and Tekashi 6ix9ine….More HERE

Facebook Avatars are rolling out in the U.S……More HERE

According to Rihanna she “lost” her album…..More HERE

Lady Gaga is promoting the release of her upcoming album “Chromatica” by selling Chromatica jockstraps and thongs….More HERE


Video of the Day

Imagine running of the Bulls but with Goats : NBC says 200 goats recently escaped from a rancher’s property in San Jose. One of the goats was eating flowers when it bumped into an electric fence. The fence discharged and fell down as the other goats started stampeding into a residential neighborhood. The rancher got the goats back onto his property in less than 10 minutes.


Weird News:

258 Year-Old Cognac To Be Auctioned Off: The Express & Star newspaper says a 258 year-old bottle of cognac is going to be auctioned off. The cognac is from 1762 and is in its original bottle with its original label. The owner has had the bottle in their family’s wine cellar for 140 years.

Tik Tok Candy Challenge: Distractify says a new Tik Tok Challenge, called the Tik Tok Candy Challenge, is trending online. Parents place a bowl of candy in front of their children before telling them they can have some when they return to the room. Parents then secretly time their kids to see how long they can last without eating the candy. Some parents are going with a healthy alternative and replacing the candy with fruit.


Coronavirus Update:

Students protest Pender County Schools graduation plan….More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in North Carolina now stands at 15,816….More HERE

Could Wilmington close streets to allow for more dining?….. More HERE

Coronavirus, Murder Hornets and now Cicadas will soon emerge in North Carolina…..More HERE

Five of the largest buffet restaurant chains in the country are changing with the times and rolling out new features to bring in patrons…..More HERE

Starbucks is going to require customers to wear a coronavirus mask before entering their cafes.

Old Navy is donating $30 million worth of clothing to families in need.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-13-20)

Lady Gaga, Lizzo, and Madonna are among the victims of a new cyberattack….More HERE

Krispy Kreme announced its 2020 Graduate Dozen promotion, which includes a box of a dozen doughnuts for free….. More HERE

New episodes of ‘Jeopardy!’ will return this month….More HERE

[RUMOR] Khloé Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with her second child with Tristan Thompson…More HERE

Everything you wanted to know about the October premiere of Season 2 of the Mandalorian…..More HERE

[QUOTE] “As a child-focused campaign, it is our policy to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values.”…The Nonprofit No Kid Hungry just turned down Tekashi 6ix9ine’s 200,000 donation…..More HERE

[STUDY] Why teenagers should be allowed to sleep in….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Did that person just wave????


Weird News:

Company Selling Fake Muscle Suits And Fake Breast Implants For Virtual Dates: Radio.com says the sporting goods company Sportarly is selling fake muscle suits and fake breast implants for people, who want to look good on their virtual dates. The ad for the $66 breast enlargements reads, ”Virtual dates can be awkward and well, sometimes having something to grab attention as soon as you connect can help. The Virtual Date Breast Enlargements integrate perfectly with your digital date set up. Order now and watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor on your next virtual date. They are most effective when worn under the clothes and create a sexy, subtle bust which your socially distant partner won’t be able to take their eyes off.  Whilst they are distracted, don’t forget to scope out their surroundings to see if this is someone you can see yourself spending more (virtual) time with. For best results wear under the clothes.” The ad for the $36 muscle suit reads,  ”The Virtual Date Muscle Suit gives you bulging biceps, perfect pecs and washboard abs. The padded shirt offers that subtle, sexy and seriously shredded look that many of us dream of. Order now and watch your socially distant partners jaw hit the floor on your next virtual date.”

Coronavirus Cocktail Mask: The NY Post says fashion designer Ellen Macomber has created a new coronavirus mask with a hole for straws. The straw opening is meant for sipping cocktails. Ellen is charging $30 a piece for her masks. Each one takes an hour to sew at her New Orleans studio

Free Donuts For Graduating Seniors: Krispy Kreme’s website claims they are giving free donuts to high school graduates on 5/19/20. The promotion reads …

Are you a 2020 high school or college senior?  Get a FREE 2020 Graduate Dozen on 5/19/20 by visiting a Krispy Kreme shop and wearing or bringing something from the list below!

Cap and gown with 2020 tassel

Class of 2020 apparel (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.)

2020 letterman jacket featuring senior status

2020 class ring

Graduation announcement featuring name with matching ID

Student photo ID featuring senior status

Other Class of 2020 senior swag

The 2020 Graduate Dozen includes an assortment of classic varieties:  Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled, Strawberry Iced Kreme Filled, Cake Batter Filled, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Strawberry Iced with Sprinkles, and Yellow Iced Original Glazed Doughnuts.

The 2020 Graduate Dozen is available at participating Krispy Kreme shop locations only while supplies last.

T-Rex Walking Club Brightening Spirits During Outbreak: The Palm Beach Post says the Ferndale, Michigan T-Rex Walking Club is brightening spirits during the coronavirus outbreak. Two dozen members dress in inflatable zebra, bear, polar bear, Hello Kitty, Minion and other costumes before walking and waving to neighbors. The group often plays songs like The Bangles’ ‘Walk Like an Egyptian,’ and ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ by Was (Not Was). Group member Sarah Ignash says, ”It’s so much fun. Nobody can really see, (because) I have my mask on. And when I walk, I’m just smiling from ear to ear. We do not tell anybody where we’re going to walk, where we’re meeting or the time that we’re going to walk. A lot of us are very large and we have very long tails. So, maintaining social distancing is very easy in these.’


Coronavirus Update:

Fauci warns of serious consequences if US reopens too soon…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases now stands at 15,346….More HERE

Surf City has become the latest to require face coverings, whenever you go inside of a public space…More HERE

Liquor sales spike at ABC stores during 1st full month of stay-at-home order….More HERE

Kure Beach to lift more restrictions Friday, May 15 at noon….More HERE

The top 10 emojis people are using the most during the pandemic…..More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-12-20)

WWE’s Becky Lynch is pregnant….More HERE

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift may have a duet on the way!….. More HERE

Scooter Braun opened up about his feud with Taylor during an interview with British GQ….More HERE

Bill Murray and Guy Fieri will battle it out in a Nacho Competition on Friday…..More HERE

There’s a new Tik Tok Challenge is trending online called the Froggy Bread Challenge…..More HERE

New Bathing Suit trend out right now called a ‘Trikini’….. More HERE

Robert Pattinson just did a quarantine interview with GQ and somehow nearly burned down his kitchen….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Man Jumps Into Giant Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shop

Brawl over a face mask


Weird News”

Woman Getting Rich Off Her Long Toenails: Oddity Central says Arinda Weaver, of Ohio, earns a living by posting videos and pictures of her long toenails. She went into business for herself in 2006 after people started commenting on some pictures she posted online. Men pay $14.39 for videos of her tapping her toenails on the ground and popping bubble wrap. Weaver charges more for one-on-one phone calls.

Screen Geek says a new Murder Hornets movie has wrapped up production. ”Angry Asian Murder Hornets” is about a Murder Hornet invasion of Southern California. A local anthropologist attempts to save the West Coast from being stung and killed. The movie will be released on DVD and Video On Demand on June 1st.

Man Arrested For Burger King Food Fight: The Sun Post-Herald claims the North Olmsted, Ohio police recently arrested a man for throwing a bag of food at a Burger King employee. The drive-through customer yelled at the employee for a minute because he thought his coffee tasted stale and bitter. He threw his bag of burgers and fries at the employee before driving off. Cops quickly arrived, found the man, and cited him for disorderly conduct


Coronavirus Update:

Independence Mall is set to open Tuesday, May 12 at 11 a.m…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC now stands at 15,045….More HERE

Guy Fieri has helped raise more than $20 million for out-of-work restaurant workers…More HERE

Coronavirus cases would dwindle if 80% of Americans wore masks, says study…..More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-11-20)

The representative of the pilot who was flying the helicopter that killed Kobe and Gianna Bryant, along with 6 other passengers, claims the people on board were responsible for the fatal crash…..More HERE

Former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio, was arrested over the weekend…..More HERE

Viral video sensation ‘double rainbow guy’ dies at 57…..More HERE

A pair of Idaho men tackled an unusual Guinness World Record by most table tennis balls caught in shaving foam on the head in 30 seconds….More HERE

“13 Reasons Why” will air Its final season next month…..More HERE

Lil Wayne and his fiance, Leticia Thomas, have ended their engagement….More HERE

A fourth Bad Boys movie is in development.


Video of the Day

Mike wasn’t sweating the Glove


Weird News:

Best Job EVER: People magazine says the CBD distributor Spruce is hiring a person to binge watch 10 Disney dog movies. Their press release reads, “Our team is full of dog lovers, and one of our favorite ways to relax with our furry friends is by curling up together to watch one of the many excellent dog movies available on streaming services across the web. From 101 Dalmatians to Eight Below, these tales of incredible dog and human relationships have left us inspired, energized, and all the more thankful for our own pups. Who’s eligible? Between now and May 29, hopeful dog enthusiasts (18 or older) can apply online.” The job pays $1,000 and includes a year of Disney+ and a Spruce CBD gift box

Cops Bust Fugitive After He Passes Gas: The Daily Record says the Birmingham, England police recently captured a fugitive after hearing him pass gas. Detectives chased the man into a wooded area before losing him. The fugitive accidentally passed gas and gave away his location. Cops quickly apprehended the man. One of the officers tells the paper  “I was almost out of wind running but luckily [the suspect] still had some. I heard him letting rip and followed the noises to a bush.”

Woman Busted For Speeding Twice Within 13 Minutes: CBS says a Rochester, New Hampshire woman was stopped for speeding twice within 15 minutes. A State Trooper caught Nicole George going 90 mph on the turnpike on Saturday. Thirteen minutes later, she was caught driving 111 mph on Route 16. Nicole was charged with reckless operation and is facing future charges for drug possession.


Coronavirus Update:

Mayor Saffo extends local stay at home order with some modified restrictions remaining in place…. More HERE

‘Phase one’ of reopening NC begins today at 5 p.m…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC has increased by 471 and now stands at 13,868…..More HERE

The U.S. unemployment rate hit 14.7% in April and Optimism is high among workers that they can return to their pre-pandemic jobs, but economists warn over 40 percent of job losses could become permanent…..More HERE

Pender County Schools (PCS) has created a detailed plan to give seniors the maximum traditional graduation experience……More HERE

You can now buy a social distancing picnic blanket….More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-8-20)

[PHOTOS] What celebs would look like with symmetrical faces…More HERE

[VIDEO] Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber just dropped a new video for Stuck With U and It’s loaded with celebrity cameos…. More HERE

“Taylor Swift’s City of Lover Concert,” is scheduled to air on ABC next Sunday, May 17, at 10 p.m…More HERE

Princess Love and Ray J are officially divorcing….More HERE

[LIST] 25 “Trashy” songs that are honestly masterpieces…..More HERE

There is a new Chrome extension lets you skip the scary parts of Disney movies….More HERE

[Quote of the Day] “Dull, boring, horrible, always the same, completely been done before, terrified to reference or not reference.” – Music critics on Drake latest album, ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Underwear-Clad Man Commanders Wine Truck: CBS says the Modesto, California police recently arrested a man for hopping on a tanker truck carrying red wine. Gabriel Moreno was videotaped running down Highway 99 before jumping on the truck. He climbed under its belly, unscrewed a valve, and began drinking the vino as the truck traveled along the highway. The driver pulled over because he thought he had a mechanical problem. He found Moreno in his underwear running off. The trucking company lost 1,000 gallons of wine or enough to fill 5,000 bottles


Weird News:

8 Year-Old Boy Reported Missing; Found At Walmart Buying Mother’s Day Gift: Village Media says a mother from Bradford, Ontario, Canada recently called the police after her eight-year-old son went missing. Police started a missing persons investigation before finding the boy at a local Walmart. He said he secretly went to the store to buy a Mother’s Day gift. The boy was safely returned home and advised to communicate with his mother before leaving the house

Man Wins $2 Million Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot With Fortune Cookie Numbers: Claude Guezodje, of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently won a $2 million-dollar Mega Millions lottery jackpot using numbers from a fortune cookie. He tells Lottery officials, “Those numbers were from a Chinese fortune cookie and random numbers I picked for myself. I just liked those numbers and put them together. The first thing I’ll do is pay off my car and try to find a small house — nothing crazy. And then of course I want to help my family back home.”

Man Will Complete Marathon On Hands And Feet: The NY Post says Devon Levesque plans to complete the New York City marathon on November 1st on his hands and feet. The 27 year-old tells the paper that he will bear crawl through the entire race.  “I wanted to understand my mind and body, You’re in disbelief you can do it, but you find out things about yourself when you discover you can do it. I decided my resolution for 2020 [would be] to bear crawl 26.2 miles to raise awareness for mental health.”


Coronavirus Update:

UNCW student sues university for COVID-19 tuition refunds…..More HERE

Roughly 33.5 million people have now filed for unemployment….More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC has increased by 639 and now stands at 13,397….More HERE

President Trump’s personal valet has tested positive for coronavirus….More HERE

Cheddar.com says McDonald’s has given away 10 million free meals to coronavirus frontline workers. The meals are valued at $50 million


7 Things You Need to Know (5-7-20)

Elon Musk and Grimes can’t name their son X Æ A-12 on his birth certificate because its Illegal…. More HERE

Michael Jordan reportedly had secret agreement with Chicago grocery store so he could shop in peace….. More HERE

Paramore’s Hayley Williams just revealed who “Misery Business” was written about…..More HERE

Ariel Winter says she sliced off the tip of her thumb while cooking — and ‘Accidentally Threw It Away’….. More HERE

Kesha gets her boyfriend to apply a butt mask for her every night which she says ‘brings her happiness’ in lockdown…… More HERE

Win a trip to Orlando with three members of *NSYNC for their All-In Challenge….. More HERE

How to clear your Instagram search history…… More HERE


Video of the Day for Thursday

Always make sure your homemade wine has fully fermented before opening


Weird News:

Last Words:  “I guess I won’t do this again,” were her last words before she was pulled under….. More HERE

Topless Woman Arrested For Riding Cart At Walmart: The Shelby Star says the Shelby, North Carolina police arrested a woman yesterday for riding topless on a motorized shopping cart at Walmart. Brekaila White was cruising through the parking lot when officers stopped her. The 19 year-old was charged with felony larceny.

Mom Calls 911 On Teen Son For Refusing To Clean: Cleveland.com says a Parma Heights, Ohio mother recently called 911 on her teenage son because he refused to help her clean their apartment. A dispatcher sent officers to the woman’s apartment after she heard screaming in the background of the call. Officers spoke with the teen about helping his mother

Woman Spends 56 Hours In Labor: A BBC reality show, called “Life and Birth,” recently chronicled a pregnant woman’s shocking 56-hour delivery. The Birmingham, England woman is being hailed as a hero for “pushing like a demon” after her baby’s back-to-back position made the delivery difficult. Doctors were eventually able to deliver her son with a pair of forceps. The woman was so exhausted that she felt numb when her baby was finally born.


Coronavirus Update:

Gov. Cooper outlines details of ‘phase one’ of reopening NC….More HERE

The total number of positive cases in NC now stands at 12,758….More HERE

U.S. businesses cut an unprecedented 20.2 million jobs in April…..More HERE

Nike pledging to donate more than 130,000 pairs of shoes and socks to frontline workers who are battling to stop the spread of COVID-19….More HERE

Miley Cyrus said She has “No Idea” what the Coronavirus Pandemic is really like because of Her privilege as a Celebrity….More HERE

CBS says The Lumberjack World Championships have been canceled because of the coronavirus. The Wisconsin event, which features log rolling, ax throwing and speed pole climbing, have been rescheduled for July 29th, 2021

NBC says the World Naked Bike Ride has been postponed because of the coronavirus. The ride has been rescheduled for July 17th, 2021.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-6-20)

[PHOTO] Adele just broke the internet with this new picture….More HERE

Iggy Azalea had a baby?????…..More HERE

Grimes tried to explain the name for her baby with Elon Musk and Im still confused on how to pronounce it??????…… More HERE

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is preventing her from having another baby……More HERE

Charles Barkley says he’s still VERY sad about his broken friendship with ex-BFF Michael Jordan….More HERE

The best ‘Animal Crossing’ hacks, tips, and tools for advanced players…..More HERE

[SKIN HUNGER] The Neuroscience of why you could really use a hug right now…..More HERE


Video of the Day

This Mail Carrier accidentally interrupted a TikTok Video and became a viral star…. https://bit.ly/2Wa8uJm

@lexnotalexisIM CRYIN @collinskitchens  ##neverfitin ##acnh ##onecommunity ##fail ##viral ##funny♬ Party Girl – StaySolidRocky


Weird News:

Firecrotch, booze, cops, stun gun – This Ohio story has a lot going on in it…..https://bit.ly/2L5n6mL

Murder Hornets Are A Japanese Delicacy: The NY Post says Murder Hornets have been consumed as a delicacy in Japan for many years. Tokyo foodies are known to eat the insects in various dishes with steamed rice. Some restaurants have turned Murder Hornets into alcoholic drinks. Chef Joseph Yoon says, “People have compared it to a popcorn-y flavor without the butter. Depending on how you prepare it, it can have different flavors. For example, marinated larvae of these Japanese hornets will take on the flavor of the submersion liquid.”

Cops Stop Zombie Response Team: The Daily Star says a group of Zombie Hunters were recently stopped by Swedish Customs officials. They were driving a Hummer that read: ‘Zombie Response Team’ and “Infected people will be shot”. The police found 20 weapons including guns, crossbows, tasers, a knuckleduster and a tear gas dispenser. The couple is part of a role-playing organization


Coronavirus Update

The Town of Carolina Beach announced Monday that it has opened select parking lots and metered spots…..More HERE

NCDHHS: Over half of adults in NC are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19….More HERE

The total number of positive cases of the coronavirus in NC now stands at 12,256…..More HERE

Some Wendy’s locations across the US are taking burgers off the menu because of the meat shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic…..More HERE

Popeyes is hiring out-of-work musicians to record another version of their iconic “Love That Chicken At Popeye’s” jingle. They hope to help singers affected by the coronavirus

J.Crew and Gold’s Gym has filed for bankruptcy because of the coronavirus.


7 Things You Need to Know (5-5-20)

Elon Musk just names his kid X Æ A-12 Musk. How do you even pronounce that????… More HERE

Hasbro unveils ‘Baby Yoda’-themed Monopoly set….More HERE

[LIST] National Nurses Week Deals and Freebies…. More HERE

How ‘murder hornets’ came to the U.S…… More HERE

[PHOTO] Andrea Emilova Ivanova, 22, from Sofia, Bulgaria, who has quadrupled the size of her lips….More HERE

[STUDY] The average person takes 24 minutes to actually get out of bed to start the day…..More HERE

Justin & Hailey Bieber Debut New Facebook Watch Show ‘The Biebers On Watch’…..More HERE


Video of The Day



Weird News:

Boy Steals Mom’s Car; Heads To California With $3 To Buy Lamborghini: ABC says a Utah highway patrolman recently stopped a five-year-old boy. The trooper thought he was following a drunk driver until he stopped the car and realized a kindergartner was behind the wheel. The boy got mad at his mother after she refused to buy him a Lamborghini. He stole her car and was heading to California to buy one for himself. The boy had three dollars in his pocket. He did not crash. No one was hurt.…. More HERE

Bloody Brawl On Spirit Airlines Flight: BroBible says a Spirit Airlines flight traveling from Los Angeles to Detroit had to make an emergency landing in Des Moines, Iowa after a bloody fight broke out between three passengers. One passenger was trying to sleep while two others were being loud. The trio started throwing haymakers as flight attendants stood back and allegedly told passengers that they weren’t getting paid enough to break up the fight. No one was arrested because of jurisdiction issues. The sleeping passenger was escorted off the plane. Passengers say Spirit didn’t clean up the blood and took off again with a nearly full flight.

Woman Arrested For Cleaning Topless: The Smoking Gun website says the Vero Beach, Florida police recently arrested a woman for cleaning her garage while topless. A neighbor called 911 after several children saw Stephanie Wright cleaning with her tank top around her waist. She told cops that she was cleaning topless because she was allowed to. They jailed her for indecent exposure


Coronavirus Update:

Gov. Roy Cooper signs 2 COVID-19 bills, providing $1.5B in relief funding….More HERE

The total number of positive cases of the coronavirus in NC now stands at 11,848….More HERE

UNCW cancels summer programs through Aug. 5….More HERE

Sales of Clorox cleaning products jumped by 32% during the first quarter of 2020 because of the coronavirus

Online searches for ‘How To Cut A Mullet’ have increased by 124% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in America.

The Centers for Disease Control has released another statement that says the coronavirus cannot be spread through passing gas


7 Things You Need to Know (5-4-20)

Two pranksters were able to trick Carole Baskin into giving them her first interview since Tiger King came out, and they did it by making her think she was talking to Jimmy Fallon…..More HERE

[LIST] Every single ‘Harry Potter’ spell, ranked by usefulness…..More HERE

DJ Khaled had to shut down a girl on IG live because she was trying to twerk…More HERE

Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas instead of Nike….More HERE

Legendary NFL Coach Don Shula passed away…..More HERE

Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting married…..More HERE

[VIDEO] Hafthor Bjornsson, who played The Mountain on Game of Thrones, broke a world deadlift record on Saturday….More HERE


Video of the Day:



Weird News:

Murder Hornets Invade U.S.: CNN says murder hornets have invaded the state of Washington. The giant hornets are from Asia and have a sting that is strong enough to puncture a beekeeper’s suit. Scientists don’t know how the hornets made it from Asia to the U.S.-Canadian border. Some are comparing the hornet to a Spider-Man villain. The hornet is typically active from July through October.

Jogger Runs In Different Costumes Each Day: CBC News says Noel Beckel, of Winnipeg, is brightening people’s spirits during the coronavirus outbreak by jogging in a different costume each day. His neighbors come outside at 2 p.m. to cheer him on. Noel has dressed as a T-Rex, superheroes and Chewbacca. One neighbor is a DJ and plays music as he runs by


Coronavirus Update:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said Thursday that he is hopeful the state is moving towards re-opening next week as scheduled…..More HERE

Four F-15E fighter jets from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base flew over New Hanover Regional Medical Center as part of a tour around Eastern North Carolina to show gratitude for emergency personnel…More HERE

The total number of positive cases in North Carolina now stands at 10,923….More HERE

American Airlines to require face masks for all passengers…..More HERE

NASCAR to officially return without fans, four May races in Charlotte including Coca-Cola 600…..More HERE

Disney is selling character face masks….More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (5-1-20)

The Weeknd’s ‘American Dad’ episode is set to air this Monday…. More HERE

Drake just dropped a new mixtape last night and he says he has a new album coming out in the summer…..More HERE

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with kid #2….More HERE

Anderson Cooper is the proud new father of a baby boy…..More HERE

J Crew is preparing for a bankruptcy…. More HERE

[STUDY] Wearing a 24 pound weighted vest all day may be more effective than exercise…. More HERE

Cereal Pancakes are now a thing…. More HERE


Video of the Day

This husband will be on the couch for the rest of his life!


Weird News:

Brobible says a new Tik Tok challenge is trending on the Internet. The “Pee Your Pants Challenge” involves people peeing in their pants while videotaping themselves in front of a mirror


Coronavirus Update:

30 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit…..More HERE

Medac Urgent Care now offering COVID-19 antibody testing…..More HERE

UNCW, other UNC schools expected to open back up by fall….More HERE

The total number of positive cases in North Carolina now stands at 10,509 (New Hanover County – 81 Brunswick County – 43, Columbus County – 141, Pender County – 13 and Bladen County – 21)… more HERE

Mattel is saluting coronavirus frontliners with their own line of action figures…. More HERE

59% of people would give up dating for a year in return for college football in the Fall


7 Things You Need to Know (4-30-20)

Eminem came face-to-face with a home intruder who made it into his living room….More HERE

Polar Bear shipped 1,900 Miles to mate, Immediately get killed during sex….. More HERE

Chick-fil-A to sell meal kits you can heat up at home…..More HERE

The NBA is in talks to resume the remainder of the season at Disney World…. More HERE

Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to drop new music and a video on May 8th…. More HERE

Today is National Honesty Day…. More HERE

The Savage Remix Challenge…. More HERE


Video of the Day:

Coronavirus Anthem


Weird News:

Kids Steal $1 Million Worth Of Cars: CBS says 19 children, between the ages of nine and 16, recently stole 46 cars from 18 dealerships in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina. The stolen cars are worth more than $1 million. Most of the cars have been recovered by authorities. Many of the young suspects have been taken into custody.

Man Creates Life Jacket For Pet Goldfish: The NY Post says Massachusetts resident Jackson Cullinan recently built a tiny life jacket for his five-year-old goldfish. He came up with the idea after the fish developed a bladder disorder that causes him to float upside down. The invention contains a tube that wraps around the fish’s body and holds him in the proper direction. Jackson says, “I tried many ways to treat it and it never worked. I made this life jacket based on what I had seen online. It helps him swim and eat.”

Man Has 43 Sponges Thrown in Face: David Rush, of Boise, Idaho, recently set a new world record when he had 43 wet sponges thrown in his face. Jonathan Hannon only missed nine throws. David beat the old record of 36.


Coronavirus Update

Wilmington-area leaders announce update on restrictions…..More HERE

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in NC stands at 9,948, with New Hanover County – 79
Brunswick County – 43, Columbus County – 103, Pender County – 11 and Bladen County – 20….More HERE

The United States became the first country yesterday to have 1 million cases of the coronavirus

Wilmington Sharks’ season delayed till July 1…..More HERE

Poll: Half Of Americans Financially Affected By Coronavirus…..More HERE

Indian man buys 28 tons of onions and drives 869 miles disguised as an onion seller to beat lockdown….More HERE

TV & Movies Newsletter!…. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (4-29-20)

Facebook is hosting a virtual graduation with Oprah as commencement speaker….More HERE

Will Smith just had a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reunion on his new Snap Chat show…..More HERE

[LIST] The Biggest Box Office Bombs Of 2019…..More HERE

The Crying Jordan meme is over, Now we have The Last Dance Jordan meme….More HERE

AMC Theaters has decided to ban all Universal-produced movies from their cinemas….More HERE

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are having a baby…..More HERE

Kentucky governor apologizes to Tupac Shakur for unemployment mix-up…..More HERE


Video of the Day

He just Shot His Shot on TV


Weird News:

Missing Fries Leads To McDonald’s Melee: The Daytona Beach News Journal says a brawl recently broke out at a Daytona Beach, Florida McDonalds. Heather Haney and Damian Mills bought food for themselves and their children before realizing their order of large French fries was missing. Employees told them to wait by the drive-thru window for their fries. Heather then entered the restaurant and asked where her order was. A manager tossed the bag of fries at her before she and Damian started arguing with him. Damien and the manager had a chest bumping match that evolved into a wrestling match. Heather joined the fight before other McDonald’s employees jumped in. Heather and Damian were charged with trespassing.


Coronavirus Update:

The total number of positive cases in NC now stands at 9,568 with New Hanover at 79 cases, Columbus Co. with 94, Brunswick at 43, Pender County with 11 and Bladen County with 18 cases…..More HERE

A dog out of Chapel Hill tested positive for the Coronavirus…..More HERE

Carolina and Kure beaches reopen with restrictions…..More HERE

Toddler Trim Quarantine Challenge…..More HERE

UNCW reschedules spring graduation ceremonies for August….. More HERE

Wilmington man to run across the country to raise money, awareness during COVID-19 pandemic….. More HERE

The L.A. Lakers are giving back $4.6 million in federal loan money aimed to help small businesses affected by COVID-19….. More HERE

[INFO] The pandemic is messing with our concept of time…. More HERE

7 Things You Need to Know (4-28-20)

[VIDEO] The Pentagon just released official UFO videos #Aliensarereal…. More HERE

Kim Kardashian just jumped into the “All in Challenge”….. More HERE

Ms. Minnie from “Little Women: Atlanta” has died from injuries suffered in a car accident…. More HERE

Lea Michele’s Pregnant…. More HERE

Liam Payne has started a new weekly video series on YouTube…. More HERE

Instagram’s ‘quarantine duvet dress challenge’…. More HERE

Pete Davidson’s “The King of Staten Island” will premiere on home entertainment June 12…. More HERE

Video of the Day

Zoom Meeting Meltdown


Weird News:

Woman Saves Choking Owl With Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation: Tabetha Kleeman, of Australia, is being hailed as a hero for saving an owl. Her daughter found the bird flopping around in their backyard. The owl was choking so Tabitha used barbecue tongs to remove a poisonous toad from its throat. She then gave the owl mouth to mouth resuscitation before bringing it back to life. Tabetha and her daughter took the bird to an animal sanctuary where they cared for it and then released it back into the wild.

Welcome Mat Reads “Come Back With A Warrant”: The Brownsville Herald claims Flagler County, Florida Sheriff’s recently went to a home they thought was infested with drugs. When they arrived, they encountered a welcome mat that read, “come back with a warrant”. Sheriff Rick Staley says “This poison peddler had a doormat that said, ‘Come back with a warrant,’ so we did! Our detectives did a great job in following up on tips received on this residence. We still have some follow-up work to do, but for now the deadly drugs and syringes seized are off the streets.”


Coronavirus Update:

COVID-19 cases in the state are up to 9,142 cases with New Hanover at 79 cases, Brunswick at 40 and Columbus at 90 cases….More HERE

New Hanover County to expand coronavirus testing…..More HERE

CDC adds 6 new Coronavirus symptoms….More HERE

Billie Eilish, ,Ariana Grande , The Weeknd, and 5 Seconds of Summer release face masks for charities…More HERE

Quarantine Quitters of America (the QQA for short)….. More HERE

All in Challenge Up Date – Yahoo Sports says someone has paid $240,000 for a double date with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara. Proceeds are going to benefit Feeding America, Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry. The auction was part of the All-In Challenge

New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men have recorded a new song for coronavirus relief called “House Party”….. More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (4-27-20)

Rumor has it Ariana Grande might be in the upcoming season of American Horror Story…..More HERE

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are breaking up…..More HERE

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson’s home was caught up in a drive by over the weekend….More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to HBO Now in May…..More HERE

[VIDEO] Cardi B posted a video of Herself getting a Bikini Wax….More HERE

Jermaine Dupri revealed why he never married his ex Janet Jackson….. More HERE

YouTube to host a free Virtual Film Festival….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Stuck in the House


Weird News

City Starts Joke Hotline To Brighten Spirits During Coronavirus: The Anchorage Daily News says the city of Juneau, Alaska has started a joke hotline to brighten people’s spirits during the coronavirus pandemic. All of the jokes at 907-586-0428 are clean. Three volunteers record a new joke every day by 10 AM.

City spokesperson Dawn Welch says, “People just need a laugh. We thought, this is a perfect time to do this. Just good, clean, corny jokes.

Woman Gives Birth During High Speed Chase: The NY Post says Illian Head, of Bristol, England, recently led cops on a 10-mile high speed chase. Speeds reached 90 mph as he rushed his pregnant wife, Marie, to the hospital. Illian blew through several red lights as his wife gave birth to their baby daughter in the front seat. Cops blocked his Ford Fiesta as he arrived at the hospital. They stood down once they learned Marie had a baby

Man Breaks Quarantine In Order To Take Goldfish For A Walk: The NY Post says a man from Northern Spain was arrested over the weekend for breaking quarantine. A pair of police officers busted the man taking his goldfish for a walk. The fish was in his bowl and being carried by his owner.


Coronavirus Update:

Governor Cooper extends NC “Stay at Home” order through May 8….More HERE

COVID-19 cases in NC have reached 7,608 people, with 72 cases in New Hanover Co, 76 in Columbus and 38 in Brunswick County….More HERE

Wilmington Health begins COVID-19 swab testing at open air sites…..More HERE

26 million have sought US jobless aid since virus hit…..More HERE

Study: COVID-19 could cost Wilmington 42,000 jobs….More HERE

Carolina Beach looking at “soft opening” for beach access Monday….More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (4-23-20)

Post Malone is set to live stream his Nirvana tribute tomorrow….More HERE

NFL Draft is on tonight….More HERE

Khloe Kardashian revealed she was considering using her ex, Tristan Thompson, as a sperm donor for her future children….More HERE

New viral challenge called “Glow-Down Challenge”…..More HERE

[LIST] Everything coming to Netflix US in May…..More HERE

The Masked Singer … Banana is unmasked and it’s Bret Michaels….More HERE

Drake has purchased a $400,000 mattress….More HERE


Video of the Day

Stunt men in quarantine


Weird News:

Last Couple In The World To Find Out About The Coronavirus: The Daily Mail says Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne only recently found out that the world is infected with the coronavirus. The couple, who live in Manchester, England, set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in early March. They recently arrived on the Caribbean island of St Vincent where they were informed about the pandemic. Elena tells the BBC,  ”In February we’d heard there was a virus in China, but with the limited information we had we figured by the time we got to the Caribbean in 25 days it would all be over. We told our shore contacts we didn’t want to hear any bad news, which was a difficult job as it was pretty bad news.’

The Mohawk Challenge: ABC says elderly men are taking part in a new Internet challenge called The Mohawk Challenge. A World War II veteran started the challenge to spread cheer during the coronavirus and pay tribute to his fallen friends. Many grandfathers are allowing their grandchildren to shave their heads

Quarantining Man Runs 62 Miles Around His Bed: The NY Post says a Russian marathon runner recently jogged 62 miles around his bed. Dmitry Yakukhny had been training for a 155-mile marathon through the Moroccan desert when the race was postponed due to the coronavirus. He wanted to keep in shape so he started running laps around his bed. It took Dimitri 10 hours and 19 minutes to run 62 miles in his bedroom.