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7 Things You Need to Know (3-18-19)

Mama June got arrested on Friday…More HERE

Paris Jackson was hospitalized Saturday after she attempted suicide….More HERE

Tom Brady is selling autographs for about 1,000…..More HERE

The average hangover lasts 9 hours and 45 minutes….More HERE

Full March Madness bracket…..More HERE

For 469 dollars you can subscribe to the Gourmet Peanut Butter & Jelly Of The Month Club….More HERE

Powerball is now at 550 million…More HERE


Video of the Day

Magic for Dogs


Weird News:

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Saves Life Again: ABC claims a craving for Taco Bell hot sauce recently saved the life of a Winter Haven, Florida man. The man was eating at a local Taco Bell when he got up to get more hot sauce for his meal. Seconds later, a 77 year-old man crashed his SUV into the restaurant where the hot sauce lover was sitting The senior citizen told cops he placed his Nissan Rogue in reverse before it jumped the curb and crashed into the building. No one was injured.

ATM Thief Returns Woman’s Money Because Of Low Bank Balance: The China Global television Network claims a thief recently returned the money he stole from a woman. The thief took out a knife and snuck up on the woman as she was withdrawing money from an ATM machine. He told her to take out all of her cash. The woman handed over $372 before the thief demanded to see her bank balance. When it showed zero he felt guilty and returned all of her money. The woman called the police before they reviewed surveillance tapes and later arrested the thief.

Woman Uses T-Shirt Gun To Smuggle Contraband Into Prison: The Washington Post claims the Sayre, Oklahoma Police recently arrested a woman for using a t-shirt gun to launch drugs, smartphones and other contraband over a prison fence. Keri Jo Hickman was charged with conspiracy and drug trafficking because she had drugs and digital scales in her car.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-15-19)

Louis Tomlinson’s sister died yesterday after suffering a heart attack…. More HERE

[LIST] The 20 greatest breakup songs ever…. More HERE

19 things you might have missed from Avengers trailer….More HERE

New Sport Alert: Competitive Meditation….More HERE

Some students have already filed suit against colleges and universities over the admissions bribery scandal….. More HERE

New Dating Term: “Situationship” – emotional connection and responsibility are established, but the course and nature of the relationship is you are just friends…. More HERE

The Sopranos prequel movie, ”Newark”, will be released in theaters on September 25, 2020…. More HERE


Video of the Day

The Mobile Leprechaun

Shaq on ‘Hot Ones’


Weird News:

To ring in his first day, Lincoln celebrated being the mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont by defecating on the town hall floor, according to Burlington Free Press – Lincoln is a Goat, so its ok

Walmart Perv Asks Women To Stand On His Stomach: WCSC claims the Walterboro, South Carolina police are looking for a 64 year-old man, who asked Walmart shoppers to stand on his stomach. The senior citizen offered money to several women. Police are reviewing surveillance tapes in hopes they can identify the man.

Man Wins Lottery; Ex-Wife Wants To Stop Paying His Alimony: Inside Edition claims Alpha, New Jersey resident Eileen Murray wants to stop paying spousal support to her ex-husband because he recently won a $273 million lottery jackpot. Eileen had been ordered to pay alimony to Mike Weirsky because she earned more than him. She says; “To him, [the alimony] is pocket change at this point. Think about the amount of money that he has just won. What I’m paying him is a pittance.” Eileen is currently petitioning the court to end the alimony arrangement.

Man Crashes Porsche Minutes After Getting It As A Gift: The Daily Mail claims a man from China recently received a $296,000 Porsche 911 GT3 from his mother. He was showing off and speeding down a highway when he crashed into a van minutes after getting the car. The man caused over $60,000 worth of damage. He was filming himself at the time of the crash.

Argument Over White Meat Draws Cops: The Mansfield News Journal claims the Mansfield, Ohio police were recently called to a Church’s Chicken because a manager and a fry cook were arguing about white meat. The cook complained that the restaurant did not have enough white chicken meat to meet the demand of its customers. The manager told cops that the cook threatened him after their argument became heated. Cops filed a report, but did not charge either man.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-14-19)

Bail was set at a MILLION….More HERE

[EXPERT SAYS] You should pick your nose and eat the boogers to enhance your immune system…More HERE

Powerball is close to 500 Million….More HERE

Jussie Smollett just pleaded not guilty…More HERE

[VIDEO] Pete Kaiser won the Iditarod sled dog race yesterday…..More HERE

Today is PI Day….More HERE

The average Netflix subscriber spends two hours a day on the service…..More HERE


Video of the Day

If the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was set in 2019

That wind gust is NO JOKE!!


Weird News:

Elephant Poop Gin: The Daily Mail claims people are flocking to buy Ibhu Indlovu Gin because it is infused with elephant dung. The South African company collects the dung before drying it, crumbling it and then sterilizing it for their drink. The gin has different tastes because of where the dung is collected and what season it is collected in.

One of its makers tells the newspaper; ”There is a definite flavour from the dung. It gives it a very earthy, citrusy flavour. Because the elephants have such a wonderful, varied diet. They eat the fruits and the barks and all this is mixed in and infused into the gin and gives it a wonderful flavor.”

Man Named “Sober” Arrested For Drunk Driving: The Huffington Post claims authorities in Butler County, Pennsylvania, recently arrested Daniel Sober for driving while intoxicated. Officials say Sober registered a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-13-19)

Lori Loughlin just surrendered to federal authorities in Los Angeles….More HERE

He claims he got over 700 teens into the school of their choice! This is how the whole College Admission scam worked….More HERE

Tomorrow is “Pi Day” on March 14 with $3.14 pizza….More HERE

[INTERESTING] Someone made a graph that show Leonardo DiCaprio has never dated anyone over the age of 25…..More HERE

[PHOTO] ‘World’s sexiest koala’ becomes viral sensation….More HERE

Death metal music inspires joy not violence….More HERE

[SPOILER} How the Bachelor ended….More HERE


Video of the Day

Will Smith tries Stand-Up comedy for the first time


Weird News:

Woman Cuts Off Hand To Collect Insurance Money: The BBC claims a 21 year-old Slovenian woman is facing eight years in jail for insurance fraud. She and another relative cut off her hand in order collect on a $450,000 disability insurance policy. The woman lied and told doctors and insurance agents that she injured herself while sawing branches. Doctors were able to sew the hand back on.

Man Impersonates Subway Employee; Steals Sandwich And $20: NBC claims a Traverse City, Michigan man recently went behind the counter at a Subway restaurant and made himself a sandwich. He then rang up purchases for customers before stealing $20 from the register and fleeing. An employee, who witnessed the incident, tells authorities that the suspect claimed he worked at another Subway location. He is still at large.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-12-19)

IHOP is giving away free pancakes today because it is IHOP Free Pancake Day….More HERE

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been charged along with 48 others in a massive bribery scam… More HERE

“Storage Wars” star Darrell Sheets has landed in the hospital after suffering a heart attack….More HERE

R. Kelly says his “spirit” wanted him to speak to Gayle King about the truth…More HERE

Kevin Hart has a new Netflix special coming out on April 2nd….More HERE

Bon Appetit Restaurant and Catering will close Friday…..More HERE

Harry Potter type Pokemon Go game is coming out this year…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Full length trailer for Aladdin

That’s how you multi-task!


Weird News:

Man On Beer Diet For Lent: Del Hall, of Dayton, Ohio, is making headlines because he has given up all food and drinks except for beer for Lent. Del works at a brewery and was inspired to give up food and drinks by 16th century monks, who made a special bock beer for Lent. He has already lost five pounds.

Iranian Couple Arrested For Public Marriage Proposal: Fox News claims a couple from Iran was recently arrested because of their public marriage proposal. Police arrested the pair for violating public decency laws. They say they offended Islamic morals with their proposal. The man proposed with colorful balloons and a heart-shaped ring of flower petals. Police chief Mostafa Norouzi tells the network; “It’s unacceptable for the young “to do whatever is common in other places of the world and disregard mores, culture and religion.”


7 Things You Need to Know (3-11-19)

Woman wins Virginia lottery 30 times in one day…..More HERE

“Fast N’ Loud” star Richard Rawlings just filed for Divorce….More HERE

This week is Sleep Awareness Week and today is National Workplace Napping Day…More HERE

“Captain Marvel ” .. 7th biggest opening ever for a Marvel movie….More HERE

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have gotten engaged….More HERE

13 million pints of Guinness beer will be consumed worldwide on St Patty’s Day….More HERE

Rapper who brags about committing credit card fraud has been charged with credit card fraud….More HERE


Video of The Day

You land and then get attacked by a Kangaroo

R Kelly interview on SNL


Weird News:

”Springing Ahead” Bad For Criminals: A study published in the MIT Press Journal by Jennifer Doleac and Nicholas Sanders reveals that ‘springing ahead’ into Daylight Saving Time reduces crime. The scholars say: “Results show that daily cases of robbery, a violent and socially costly street crime, decrease by approximately 7% in the weeks after DST begins, with a 19% drop in the probability of any robbery occurring. A 27% decrease in the robbery rate during the sunset hours drives much of this result.” The scholars came up with their findings after studying reports. Jen and Nicholas claim more daylight means more people are outside which means more potential witnesses to any crimes.

Couple Eats At Texas Roadhouse Almost Everyday For 15 Years: The Wichita Eagle claims Ron and Diana Watson, of Wichita, Kansas, have eaten at the same Texas Roadhouse six nights a week for the past 15 years. She orders a chopped steak with onions while he orders BBQ chicken. On Saturday, the Watsons eat at another restaurant. The couple only eats one meal a day because of the large calories they consume at Texas Roadhouse

Demons Made Woman Steal Toyota: The Daily Mail claims the Jacksonville, Florida police recently arrested Gardenia McCullough for stealing a Toyota from an Ace Rent A Car. The 23 year-old was upset that the rental car agency was overbooked so she took keys on her own and drove off in a white RAV4. Officers found her at a Travellodge Inn less than a mile away. Gardenia told cops that demons made her steal the SUV.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-8-19)

Today is International Women’s Day….More HERE

[VIDEO] Jonas Bros were on Carpool Karaoke last night….More HERE

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer team is suing the U.S. Soccer Federation for equal pay….More HERE

Krispy Kreme is celebrating St Patrick’s Day by offering green donuts next weekend…More HERE

Disneyland in California will open their new Star Wars theme park, Galaxy’s Edge, on May 31st….More HERE

[STUDY] Pop music is just as violent and sexist as hip hop….More HERE

South Brunswick High School is preparing to host its annual Prom Closet and are in need of some donations….More HERE


Video of the Day

The Best Political Debate you will EVER HEAR


Weird News:

City Jailing Dog Owners Because Of Yappy Dogs: The Daily Mail claims the city of Saddle River, New Jersey has introduced new legislation that would jail dog owners for 90 days if their dog barks for more than twenty minutes at a time. Fines of $1,000 will also be doled out.

The town’s administrator, Jerry Giaimis, tells CBS, ”People would report to us, that there is an incident, and the police department would go out and determine if there is a summons that needs to be issued.”

Michael Jackson Momo-Style Video: The Daily Mail claims a new Michael Jackson Momo-style video is scaring people on the Internet. A creepy figure, that resembles Michael, tells people that he is going to come into their home at 3 a.m. and shout Jackson’s signature ‘HE-HE’. Michael’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ plays in the background of the horrifying video.

Best Job EVER: The Connecticut Post claims the Swedish government is funding an experiment that will pay someone $2,320 a month to do nothing for the rest of their life. The employee’s only requirement will be to clock in and out of a train station every day. The selected “worker” will be free to do whatever they want during work hours. The job will begin in 2026 and includes raises and vacation time. Applications will be accepted starting in 2025.


Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday.

A Michigan State University study reveals that when we ‘fall back’, and daylight saving time ends, we only gain 12 minutes of sleep and not one hour. In the spring, when that hour is taken away, people lose an average of 40 minutes of sleep

– Fire Prevention experts say people should use the start of daylight saving time to change the batteries in their smoke alarms this Sunday.

– A study by Careerbuilder reveals that the daylight saving time switch costs the US economy $434 million a year in lost productivity and increases in worker injuries.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-7-19)

And now the interview gets REALLY WEIRD…. More HERE

[SCANDAL] The fish on your plate may not be what you ordered…. More HERE

A ‘Hello Kitty’ movie is coming out….More HERE

Two Words: “Milk Coke” – That’s a thing!!!….More HERE

There is a company called Grey Lines that is selling a new candle that smells like a McDonald’s cheeseburger…..More HERE

Meghan Trainor got locked out of some of her social media accounts because they thought she was impersonating Meghan Trainor…. More HERE

Camila Cabello’s song “Havana,” was the best-selling digital single of 2018 globally…More HERE


Video of the Day

Twenty one pilots plays ‘The Quite Game’… More HERE


View this post on Instagram


#TheQuietGame – Manchester, UK – we put a wager on this one.

A post shared by twenty one pilots (@twentyonepilots) on


Weird News:

Millionaire Offering $314,000 To The Man Who Marries His Daughter: A millionaire from Thailand, named Arnon Rodthong, is offering $314,000 to the man, who marries his daughter. Karnsita Rodthong is 26 years old, fluent in English and Chinese, and works for her father. She says, “I first found out about my father’s post when my friends showed me. I was surprised but I can see the funny side to it, too. It is true that I am still single. If I have to get married to someone, I only want him to be a diligent and good person who loves his family.”

24-foot Bottle Of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing: Fox News claims Hidden Valley Ranch is celebrating National Ranch Day on Sunday by bringing a 24-foot bottle of ranch dressing to the Las Vegas Strip. Ranch dressing fans are encouraged to fill up any size container for free. The company says; “If you can carry it, Hidden Valley Ranch will fill it”. Hidden Valley is expecting people to show with coolers and kiddie pools

Fav Cereals Of All Time: MrBreakfast.com recently asked 500,000 people to name their favorite breakfast cereal of all time.

Here are the top 10 …

10.) Puffa Puffa Rice

9.) Fortified Oat Flakes

8.) Rice Krinkles

7.) Concentrate Cereal

6.) Wheaties

5.) Cap’n Crunch Cereal

4.) Honey Nut Cheerios

3.) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2.) Frosted Flakes

1.) Quisp


7 Things You Need to Know (3-6-19)

[VIDEO] R Kelly went FULL BLOWN R Kelly on CBS this Morning….More HERE

Kentucky Fried Hot Tub which resembles a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The jacuzzi is red and white and has the Colonel’s face on the side of it….. More HERE

”Captain Marvel” is expected to earn $350 million worldwide during its upcoming opening weekend….More HERE

DJ Khaled’s “Father of Asahd” album will drop in May…. More HERE

[STUDY] People who drank water after exercising were more likely to experience muscle cramping… More HERE

Family Dollar to close nearly 400 stores….. More HERE

[VIDEO] We have been eating Pineapple’s ALL WRONG….. More HERE


Video of the Day

R Kelly went FULL BLOWN R Kelly on CBS this Morning

‘I had two broken and displaced ribs, a black eye and a popped blood vessel in my eye’


Weird News:

Oreos Are Like Crack: A study by Connecticut College reveals that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine. Professor Joseph Schroeder tells CBS he used lab rats to prove his point. “When we looked in the pleasure center of the brain, we found that the Oreo cookies activated the pleasure center more so than cocaine would activate the same center. The study’s findings are being used to explain how humans just can’t avoid eating high-fat treats, lending credibility to the oft-used saying that “[Insert food here] is so good, it’s like crack.”

$50,000 Sneakers: Business Insider claims American Eagle is going to begin selling a $50,000 pair of sneakers on March 9th. The shoes will be available at Eagle’s New York City store and a pop-up location in SoHo.

American Eagle president Chad Kessler tells the website; “We are excited about the opportunity to pair our great jeans with the coolest sneakers out there. I am not sure everyone is in the market for a $50,000 sneaker. But I am sure lots of people will be dying to come to the store and check them out.”

Father Robs Son: The Daily Chronicle claims the Olympia, Washington police are looking for a 39 year-old father, who robbed his 20 year-old son in a mall parking lot last Saturday night. The son was waiting for a friend when his father snuck up and opened his car door before threatening him with a knife. The father stole his son’s wallet, $70 and credit cards. The police have recovered the father’s car and are planning to charge him with first-degree robbery

Kentucky Fried Hot Tub: Bustle magazine claims KFC launched their new KFC Innovations Lab yesterday. They are working on five projects that require crowdfunding money. The most popular project is the Kentucky Fried Hot Tub which resembles a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The jacuzzi is red and white and has the Colonel’s face on the side of it.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-5-19)

Ice Cube is set to perform at Azalea Festival…..More HERE

Rumor has it that Ariana Grande might launch her own Starbucks drink?….More HERE

[SPOILER] Why Colton jumped the fence last night on the Bachelor… More HERE

WWE Legend, King Kong Bundy passed away yesterday…More HERE

HGTV’s series “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” is expected to film in Sunset Beach this weekend…..More HERE

Kanye West is contractually barred from retiring….More HERE

Someone has created a cheese kebab for vegetarians….. More HERE


Video of the Day

How the Jonas Bros. got back together….


GoT season 8 trailer



Weird News:

JetBlue Offers Free Flights For Deleting Instagram Photos: Business Insider claims JetBlue recently launched a new contest where three people will win free flights for a year if they delete all of their Instagram photos. Contestants must replace their pictures with a customized ad from the JetBlue website. Over 14,000 people have entered the contest so far. Each grand prize is valued at $20,000….. More HERE

Man In Bathrobe Robs Waffle House: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims the Johns Creek, Georgia police are looking for an armed man, who recently robbed a Waffle House while wearing a bathrobe. The thief pulled a gun before demanding money. He then ran off and robbed a Shell gas station. Police believe the suspect lives in the area because he ran away from both crime scenes.

Man In Pink Thong Snarls Miami Traffic: The Sun Sentinel claims a man wearing a pink thong, pink socks and pink sneakers recently snarled traffic on I-95 in Miami. The man was riding his bicycle backwards on the highway. The Florida Highway Patrol say the man violated the law by riding a bike on the highway.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-4-19)

Luke Perry passed away at age 52….More HERE

4 p.m. on Friday, March 29! That’s when Britts Donuts opens….More HERE

Amanda Bynes has returned to rehab for issues related to addiction and mental health…More HERE

The #CheeseChallenge….More HERE

Season 17 of American Idol kicked off last night….More HERE

Johnny Depp sues ex-wife Amber Heard for 50 Million….More HERE

A Jessica Rabbit makeup line is coming to Sephora on March 5th….More HERE


Video of the Day

People are throwing their shoes in the air for the Vans Challenge.More HERE


Weird News

The parents picked the name Kaitlyn for their little girl. Considered Irish in origin, it comes from the name Catherine, which means pure. But rather than spell the name normally, they decided to replace the “ait” with “VIII,” the Roman numeral for eight.

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Saves Man’s Life: Fox News claims Jeremy Taylor, of Sunriver, Oregon, recently got stuck in a snowstorm in Central Oregon for five days. He survived by staying inside his car and eating Taco Bell hot sauce packets. After he was rescued, Jeremy posted; “Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!”

Man Robs Liberty Tax Service Accountant Day After Filing Taxes: Fox News claims the Toledo Ohio police are looking for Terence Conley because he robbed his accountant the day after he filed his taxes. The 44 year-old donned a red wig before walking into a Liberty Tax Service with a gun. He demanded money from accountant Matthew Lammon. Conley left with an undisclosed amount of cash. Lammon called the police and told them Conley filed his taxes the day before. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Man Calls 911 On Cardboard Cutout: WTSP claims a Jordan, Minnesota resident recently called 911 because they spotted a possible ‘deranged person’ standing out in the cold hugging a pillow. The concerned caller told cops the man was not wearing a coat. Cops investigated and found that the man was actually a cardboard cutout of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.


7 Things You Need to Know (3-1-19)

Jordyn Woods finally broke her silence on the alleged cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson/ Khloe’s ex….More HERE

Rumor has it Travis Scott cheated on Kylie…..More HERE

Nick Cannon bringing America’s Teen Mogul competition to Wilmington…..More HERE

Today is National Day of Unplugging…. More HERE

Jonas Brothers are back with a new song and video….More HERE

A new Dr. Seuss book is going to be released on September 3rd…… More HERE

Global Scam calls grew up 325 percent over the last year….. More HERE


Video of the Day

SZA showing off her house and falling down the stairs( go to :33 mark)

Doorbell camera records lightning strike on neighbor’s house


Weird News

The parents picked the name Kaitlyn for their little girl. Considered Irish in origin, it comes from the name Catherine, which means pure. But rather than spell the name normally, they decided to replace the “ait” with “VIII,” the Roman numeral for eight.

Harper Signs For Big Dough: The Miami Herald claims baseball star Bryce Harper has agreed to a record 13-year, $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Sports reporter Darren Rovell says Bryce will earn $156,695 per game or $44,929 per plate appearance

Oreo Cookie DJ Mixer: Elite Daily claims Oreo is selling a DJ mixer that plays Oreo cookies. The mixer plays music when an Oreo cookie is placed on its turntable. Over 200 music combinations are available. The $28 mixer can be purchased on shoporeo.com.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-28-19)

Ariana Grande and Big Sean might be back together…..More HERE

Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke Wednesday…..More HERE

[PHOTOS] ‘Man v. Food’ takes on pierogi challenge at Joe’s Oasis……More HERE

T-Pain won The Masked Singer last night….More HERE

Will Smith has a new show on Facebook Watch titled ”Will Smith’s Bucket List”….. More HERE

Tomorrow is National Day of Unplugging.

Indonesia has banned Ariana Grande’s song ”Love Me Harder” and Ed Sheeran’s single “Shape of You” because they are too pornographic…..More HERE


Video of the Day

When a 4yr old gets “mic’d” up, the results are extremely entertaining…. More HERE


Weird News:

Fla. woman bitten by kitten gets $48,512 hospital bill…..More HERE

Tip .89 cents, that means a double dipping in Salsa…. More HERE

MC Hammer is planning a worldwide tour called “Hammers House Party” with other 90s artists including En Vogue, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Kid ‘n Play, Sisqo, Doug E Fresh, Tone Loc, Montell Jordan, Tag Team, Rob Base, Young MC, DJ Kool, Biz Markie, Coolio, The Funky Bunch and 2 Live Crew. The tour will kick off on April 6th in Tallahassee……More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (2-27-19)

Michael Cohen testified today on Capital Hill…..More HERE

DJ Khaled is going to host the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on March 23rd…..More HERE

Golden Girls hot sauces is now for sale…. More HERE

“A Star is Born” is coming back to theaters with 12 minutes of bonus footage…. More HERE

Man plans to live out ‘golden age’ at holiday inn instead of retirement home…. More HERE

For 130 bucks, you can buy avocado toast shoes…. More HERE

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2019…. More HERE


Video of The Day:

Koala Challenge: New viral trend where you must climb your partner like a Koala

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu


Weird News:

A recent study by Michigan State University reveals that dogs experience profound personality changes as they get older. Researchers discovered that dogs take on the personality traits of their owners as they age.

Tinder’s Spring Break Mode: TechCrunch claims Tinder has launched a Spring Break feature. The mode allows students to swipe through potential matches before heading to their Spring Break destination. The mode is available for the following cities .. Cabo, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta and San Diego

Good Samaritan Buys Up Girl Scout Cookie Stand: CBS claims a Good Samaritan from Greenville, South Carolina recently bought $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies so the scouts wouldn’t have to stand outside in 34-degree weather.

Kayla Dillard is the Cookie Manager of Troop 1574. She Facebooked; “When he told us to pack up all the cookies because he was going to buy them we were shocked. We stood there in shock for a little while. This man purchased seven packs of cookies. Gave the girls $40, told them to keep the change.  Then he came back to the table and said, ‘Pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold’ $540 he spent on cookies. What an amazing soul!!!!”


BuzzFeed claims the Good Samaritan, Dietric McGowan, was arrested yesterday by the DEA on felony drug and racketeering charges. He is accused of trafficking drugs and smuggling $1 million in cash. McGowan told the Girl Scouts that he was taking the cookies to work. Dillard’s Facebook post may have gotten him busted

Food Diggity claims a line of Golden Girls hot sauces is now for sale. Flavors include Bea Spicy (Dorothy), Desert Rose (Rose), Sicilian Fire (Sophia) and Hot Sl*t (Blanche). A four-pack sells for $36 on the Always Fits website


7 Things You Need to Know (2-26-19)

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift is dropping an album VERY SOON…More HERE

Man vs. Food is filming in Wilmington today….More HERE

WWE’s Roman Reigns says his leukemia is in remission and he’s set to make his return to the ring….More HERE

R Kelly posted 100K bail and promptly hit up McDonalds….More HERE

Ariana Grande (146,286,173) has surpassed Selena Gomez (146,267,801) as the most followed person on Instagram…..More HERE

[STUDY] Americans use too much toilet paper and it’s hurting the planet….More HERE

Did you know that Game of Thrones inspired Oreos are coming out….More HERE


Video of the Day

Reebok Classic Presents: Cardi B vs. The 90s

When stunt riding in the “Thunder Dome” goes wrong


Weird News:

Woman Wins Best Job Ever: Londoner Mari Burkinshaw recently won a TV provider’s “box set sabbatical” contest. She won $45,000 and gets to watch TV show box sets for an entire year. She impressed the judges by posting a 60-second video where she dressed as characters from “Game of Thrones,” “Friends,” and other series. Mari had coincidentally just left her job to become a freelancer when she entered the contest.

Restaurant Bans Smartphones: The Daily Mail claims a Sydney, Australia restaurant, called The Pazar Food Collective, has banned smartphones and gadgets. Owner Attila Yilmaz says; ”There’s a time and a place for everything, and when it’s date night for me, the last thing I want to do sit next to kids with their iPads going.”

Woman Ties Naked Hubby And Mistress To A Tree: The Sun claims a woman from China recently busted her husband cheating with his mistress. She marched them into a street before making them strip naked. The wife then tied the couple to a tree. Onlookers laughed and took pictures before the police arrived to break up the crowd.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-25-19)

Complete winners list from last nights Oscars…More HERE

The Razzies winners…More HERE

Some couples are now agreeing to prenups for dating…. More HERE

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World took the top spot at the box office this weekend, bringing in $55.5 million

Ja Rule Places ’30-Year Curse’ on Timberwolves…. More HERE

Amy Schumer’s had to cancel the rest of her comedy tour because of pregnancy issues….More HERE

Remember the game show ‘Press Your Luck’? ABC wants to bring it back…… More HERE


Video of the Day

Watch out for the Elephant


Weird News

Rolling Stone magazine claims the FCC has received 50 complaints from viewers, who were offended when Adam Levine removed his shirt during Maroon 5’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Comments from the complainers read …

“I want him banned, just like they did Janet”

“I am writing because I am upset about the half-naked stripper on stage of the halftime show”

Lucky Charms Beer

People magazine claims the Smartmouth Brewing Company, in Norfolk, Virginia, is brewing a Lucky Charms IPA beer. Saturday Morning IPA is made with several pounds of marshmallows and a tropical fruity hops. The beer has an alcohol by volume of 6.6% and will debut on March 2nd


7 Things You Need to Know (2-22-19)

R Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse…..More HERE

Jussie Smollett just got axed from Empire….More HERE

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a charged with soliciting another to commit prostitution…More HERE

Nike stock market value plunges by $1.1bn after basketball star Zion Williamson’s shoe breaks…More HERE

Today is National Margarita Day…..More HERE

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Apple is coming out with an Apple Pay credit card later on this year….More HERE

Katy Perry has now become a Homework assignment…. More HERE


Video of the Day

It’s not everyday you see someone “surfing” on a sheet of ice?!?!

Official Twilight Zone trailer

Weird News:

The More Kids You Have, The Slower You Age: It turns out there’s something more effective than anti-aging creams for women in the quest to stay young. Research from Simon Fraser University found that the number of children a woman gives birth to can have an effect on the rate at which her body ages– the more kids, the slower her body ages. The scientists say that estrogen protects certain cells in the DNA which ultimately slows down the aging process….. More HERE

Man Wears 260 Shirts To Break World Record: Ontario, Canada resident Ted Hastings recently broke a Guinness World Record by wearing 260 shirts at the same time. He performed the stunt publicly to raise money for his children’s school. Hastings ordered the shirts from India in special “10 XL” and “20 XL” sizes. He tells Timmons Today; “I think around the 100 shirts mark, it felt like it was possible. And around the 150 shirt mark, I thought it was one of the dumber things I’ve signed up for in a long time. You have to assume that each shirt is roughly a pound when you’re talking about shirts from 10 XL up to 20 XL.”

Tween Calls 911 For French Fries: The Greenville News claims the Clemson City, South Carolina Police received nine 911 calls yesterday from a young girl in search of French fries. Each time the girl called she giggled, asked for fries and then gave the dispatcher the cold shoulder. The police tweeted; ”Do you have a young female living with you who has access to an old cell phone with no service? Was she at home yesterday? Does she dislike the police? Does she like fries? Can you tell her to stop calling 911 nine times?”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-21-19)

Here’s whats coming to Netflix in March…More HERE

Jussie Smollett from Empire has just been indicted for a felony for filing a false police report….More HERE

A California college student allegedly created an app so he could sell drugs on campus….More HERE

Just to let you know, Samsung’s new galaxy fold (foldable phone) costs about $2000…More HERE

Idris Elba and Khalid are set to appear on SNL on March 9th….More HERE

The script for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series is being kept in a locked, windowless room. The room has a fingerprint lock. The series is costing $1 billion to produce…..More HERE

Another viral challenge, it’s called ‘Fake plane ride challenge’….More HERE


She was trying to get those “Angles”

Some people aren’t used to Ice Storms

Being in a wheelchair will not stop him from Jumping: A video of a boy in a wheelchair using a trampoline will give you all the feels you can handle. Four-year-old Wyatt Burggraff, who has spina bifida, was caught having the time of his at TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics in Fargo, North Dakota. For the staff at TNT, whose mission statement is “unlocking potential through movement,” the video is nothing out of the ordinary. The company not only works with kids with disabilities, but people from all walks of life, including veterans, people with Parkinson’s and adults with learning difficulties.

Weird News:

Naked Man Walks Through Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter: ABC claims an Arlington, Texas man recently covered himself in peanut butter before walking nearly naked through a dog park. Stephen Shroud was forced to walk naked because he finished dead last in his fantasy football league this year. He had never played fantasy football before. Stephen walked around the park for five minutes before leaving.

Man Busted For Not Paying For Gas 23 Times: Fox News claims Manitowoc, Wisconsin resident Karl Kinyon was recently detained for driving away from a Kwik Trip gas station 23 times without paying. He later told police that he has a “layaway system” with the gas station and always pays “eventually.” Kinyon owes more than $800 for 14 of the 23 drive-offs. He is expected to be charged next week.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-20-19)

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce almost starred in ‘A Star is Born’…. More HERE

Tickets to tonight’s Duke-UNC college basketball game are selling for as much as $10,000…. More HERE

Walmart hosts ‘Baby Savings Day’ this Sat. with specials on car seats, pacifiers, sippy cups and more…. More HERE

Cuffing Season officially ended on Feb 19th! Khloe and Tristian broke up…More HERE

And, GaGa called off her engagement….More HERE

On March 1st you can now get an emoji on your license plate! BTW, you have to live in Queensland Australia to do it…..More HERE

Funko is set to release ‘The Office’ action figures…. More HERE

Netflix has a Mötley Crüe movie coming out…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Autotuned Cat 


Weird News:

Teens Lighting Garbage Cans On Fire To Get High: The Daily Record claims teens are lighting plastic garbage cans on fire in order to get buzzed. The new craze started online. Health experts say the fumes are highly toxic. Law enforcement officials have stepped up patrols where plastic garbage bins are in use

Emoji License Plates Coming To Australia: Personalized Plates Queensland claims Emoji license plates will soon be available in Australia. The vanity plates will contain the Emoji symbols for “laugh out loud,” “heart,” “smile,” “wink,” and “sunglasses.” Law enforcement officials are concerned that the new plates may make it more difficult to identify vehicles. Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts says; “How do you write down the Emoji in your plate number after an accident? I’m still a big believer in the turd. If someone is in real trouble, the smiling turd should come up.”

Girl Uses “Handwriting Robot” To Finish Homework: The Qianjiang Evening News claims a junior high school student from China recently used a handwriting robot to complete an essay. The $118 bot allowed her to complete various assignments in record time. The device is reportedly so accurate that it is difficult to tell the difference between robot and human handwriting. The girl’s mother grew suspicious after she turned in the homework without a single error.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-19-19)

Ariana Grande just broke multiple records with her release of “Thank You, Next” and even tied a record that hasn’t been broken since 1964…. More HERE

Jussie Smollett’s screen time on Empire just got slashed!!…. More HERE

[VIDEO] Did you know Grapes can produce a small fireball when microwaved….More HERE

More than 7,000 people sign a petition to sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion to pay down national debt… More HERE

Adam Lambert and Queen set to perform at the Oscars this Sunday….. More HERE

France has officially recognized Lightsaber Dueling as a competitive sport… More HERE

[QUOTE + PIC] “I WILL be happy if its the last thing I do.” – Noah Cyrus after finding out her ex-boyfriend has a kid on the way….More HERE


Video of the Day:

Cowboy Pinball

Here’s how “Cowboy Pinball” apparently works. Volunteers are rounded up and each placed in a small circle in a rodeo pen. A bull with $100 tied to its flank is released into the pen. Whoever grabs the $100 without leaving their circle is declared the winner. The rest reconsider their life decisions, and possibly head to some kind of medical tent. Watch video below

Lightsaber Dueling is now a THING????


The Backstory behind the Mom and Sons dancing that became viral over the weekend

Weird News:

Man Calls Poison Control For Jennifer Aniston’s Phone Number: The Union newspaper claims a Grass Valley, California man recently called the police and asked to be transferred to poison control. The man claimed he had been poisoned by a batch of chicken wings. Poison Control told the man to stop eating the wings. He ended the call by asking for Jennifer Aniston’s phone number.

Man Finds $20,000 Air Jordans In Dumpster: Clutch Points claims Larry Awe, of Milwaukee, found a $20,000 pair of game-worn Michael Jordan sneakers in a dumpster. Larry was working maintenance at the Capitol Court Mall when he found the shoes in 2001. He brought them home and kept them hidden until now. The autographed shoes are expected to sell for no less than $20,000

Lightsaber Fencing Now An Official Sport: Newser claims France’s fencing federation is now recognizing lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport. The lightsaber competitions last for 3 minutes. Fencing clubs in France are now supplying members with LED light sabers. Some players are spending as much as $400 on protective body armor. A strike to the head or body is worth five points. The first Jedi to 15 wins

Student’s Homework Assignment Goes Viral Beause He Hates Homework: The Daily Mail claims a 14 year-old California student was recently asked to write a letter about why he failed to do his homework. Edward Cortez’s letter went viral because it reads …. ‘I didn’t do my homework because I don’t want to do school work over the weekend because it’s a stress-free time to go out with friends, watch TV and play games. I don’t do it also because it makes me very mad and unhappy. I do  what makes me happy because I want to be happy plus my mom has been finding gray hairs, not trying to stress out dog. The real world jobs don’t give you homework unless you’re a boss or teacher. Homework is not a real thing in the real world so we should not have to do it in school because it’s not useful. Case closed, the court rule in favor of Edward Immanuel Cortez in the case of student vs homework.’…. https://dailym.ai/2BGLIho


7 Things You Need to Know (2-18-19)

Details of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s plea deal are now public….More HERE

Payless plans to close all 2,300 of its shoe stores….More HERE

Super Snow Moon happens tomorrow….More HERE

Shawn Mendes is going to be fronting a new Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign….More HERE

Post Malone is getting his own Funko action figure complete with face tattoos, a man bun and a red Solo cup….More HERE

Scientists find 100 million-year-old spiders with eyes that still glow today…..More HERE

[STUDY] According to The University of Oxford, Women with big butts are smarter and produce smarter children….More HERE


Video of the Day

2019 NBA Slam Dunk Championship


Weird News:

Doritos Keeping Fingers Clean With New Packaging: Fast Company claims Doritos has created a new terry cloth packaging. The reusable green bag was created so people would have a place to wipe their nacho-stained fingers. The packaging is only available for a limited time

Billionaire Wanted: Brobible says no one has claimed the $1.5 billion Mega Millions lottery jackpot that was drawn in October. The ticket was sold in South Carolina. The winner beat odds of 1 in 306 million. The winner will take home a lump sum cash payout of $878 million after taxes. The state of South Carolina is hoping a winner will come forward so they can collect $61 million in state taxes. Last Day to claim that prize is April 19th

Man Loses Pants And $10,000: CBS claims Christopher Hancock, of Randleman, North Carolina, was recently robbed of his pants and $10,000. He met a woman before going to her home to have relations with her. Christopher brought along his girlfriend because they are in an open relationship. She waited downstairs while Christopher went upstairs with the woman. He disrobed before two men sprung out of a closet and choked him out. They stole his pants and money. Christopher woke up grabbed another pair of pants and went to the police. Cops have arrested two of the three suspects.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-15-18)

DJ Khaled’s ‘Days of Summer’ Cruise is happening on June 28th with headliners Cardi B and Post Malone…More HERE

Nickelodeon is developing several SpongeBob SquarePants spin-offs…. More HERE

21 Savage appeared on ‘GMA’ this morning to talk about his recent ICE arrest…More HERE

[VIDEO] “The Mountain” from ‘Game of Thrones’ just dead lifted 1,042 POUNDS!!!….More HERE

American Kids are developing British accents from watching “Peppa Pig”… More HERE

[STUDY] Buying expensive sneakers really does make you a better runner… More HERE

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged!!!… More HERE


Video of the Day

What it was like to go to Blockbuster

MA – Official Trailer


Weird News

Dads, be on the lookout for the “Olive Oil in the Car Prank”….More HERE

Man Lights Home On Fire After Family Argument Over Cheez-It Crackers: KXII claims a crazed Atlanta, Georgia man recently set his home on fire after arguing with family members over a box of Cheez-It crackers. Jeremy Wyatt poured gasoline on his front steps before lighting his home on fire. Jeremy’s mother and brother were able to escape before he was charged with arson. Jeremy was drunk.

Kidnappers Demand KFC Chicken As Part Of Ransom: The Daily Express claims a group of kidnappers recently returned Kenrick Morgan and Kendall Singh to their families in Trinidad. The kidnappers demanded $40,000 and a bucket of KFC chicken. They negotiated and eventually settled upon $12,000, groceries and KFC chicken. Both victims were taken to the hospital where they were given fluids and checked out. The kidnappers held the men in Venezuela.

Woman Excluded From Bridal Party Because Of Large Chest: The Daily Mirror claims an unidentified woman recently excluded her best friend from her bridal party because she has a large chest. The bride, who wishes to remain anonymous,  defended her decision not to include her friend as a bridesmaid. She wrote; “Kristy told me that Erin’s feelings were hurt and then asked me why I didn’t include Erin, and I told her the truth. Erin has MASSIVE breasts. Literally bigger than should be physiologically possible because she has a hormone disorder that caused her breasts to grow to an excessive degree. Part of me has a fear that Erin’s presence would be a distraction. I’ve been Erin’s friend since we were kids. I’ve been there through it all, and I have seen how people react to her situation. When people think back on my wedding, I want them to think about how beautiful the venue was, or how nice the wedding party looked, or (dare I say) my fiancé and I finally getting hitched! I don’t want people to remember my wedding for the bridesmaid with the giant boobs.” I told Kristy these feelings and she more or less told me I was being an a**. I also think that if ever there’s a time I can be a little selfish then it’s probably my wedding day.”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-14-19)

Cardi B and Bruno Mars are releasing a new song this Friday…More HERE

[VIDEO] The real reason why Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in “The Matrix”…More HERE

[QUESTION] Do Americans marry for Love or Money?….More HERE

Time Magazine claims 10,408 U.S. children will be conceived today on Valentine’s Day….More HERE

Gucci is selling Brand New “Dirty Looking” Sneakers for 690….More HERE

Cooking Channel expected to make a stop at Joe’s Oasis on Feb. 27th….More HERE

Halsey just got a tattoo of Marilyn Manson on her torso…More HERE


Video of the Day

The scariest Whistle you’ll ever hear…Even my kids freaked out!!!

Behind the Scene with Ariana Grande


Weird News

New Viral Challenge! IceCream Flip Challenge

Man Receives $980K Tax Refund On $18K Salary: The Tampa Bay Times claims Ramon Blanchett, of Tampa, received a $980,000 tax refund on a reported income of $18,497. In 2017, Ramon submitted a tax return that listed his occupation as a freelancer at a Tampa nursing home and a restaurant in Murray, Utah. He claims he earned $17,098 in wages and had $1 million worth of federal income tax withheld. The IRS processed the electronic return and issued Ramon a check for $980,000. He opened several bank accounts before purchasing a Lexus. The IRS seized $919,000 and Ramon’s Lexus after they realized they made a mistake in issuing him a check. He has yet to be charged with a federal crime.

Team Signs Player Named Poop: The NY Post claims the Toronto Argonauts, of the Canadian Football League, signed defensive tackle Poop Johnson yesterday. His real first name is Cory. When asked about his name, Johnson told WLEX; “I guess because I poop so much. I try to poop like five times a day, three times a day. It’s hard to keep weight when you’ve got so much going out.”


Valentine’s Day Facts

– Over 180 million Valentine’s Day cards will be exchanged

– over 37 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be given.

– Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest holiday of the year for flower sales behind Christmas/Chanukah, Mother’s Day and Easter/Passover.

– 80% of Americans will purchase flowers for Valentine’s Day.

– Candy sales for Valentine’s Day are expected to top $1 billion.

– Valentine’s Day is the second busiest holiday for greeting card sales behind Christmas.

– Valentine’s Day is the third most popular evening for dining out behind yearly birthdays and Mother’s Day


7 Things You Need to Know (2-13-19)

February 13: Valentine’s Day for Mistresses…. More HERE

Bieber is seeking treatment for Anxiety and Depression… More HERE

Only 5.2 million people watched the return of “The Walking Dead” on Sunday night. That’s down 44% from last year’s mid-season return…. More HERE

A seven-year-old wire fox terrier named King was named Best in Show at the 143rd annual Westminster Dog Show…. More HERE

Cardi B just landed a chip deal with Rap Snacks that include Cheddar BBQ, Jerk BBQ, Honey Drip Butter Popcorn… More HERE

Couples who spend their time playing board games or taking an art class together release high levels of the “Hugging hormone”…. More HERE

Former Season 7 American Idol hopeful Antonella Barba is charged with federal drug counts for ‘trying to deliver nearly TWO POUNDS of fentanyl’….More HERE


Video of the Day

SOTU – Bad Lip Reading

Frozen 2 – Teaser Trailer


Weird News:

I’m all about doing this type of Yoga

The 48-Hours Missing Challenge: CBS claims teens are taking part in a new Internet challenge called the 48-Hours Missing Challenge. The challenge involves teens disappearing for two days in hopes their picture will be posted on social media. The trend appears to have started in Albuquerque. ABQ officer Simon Drobik says; “This could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Whether it’s a prank or not, we are going to use the same amount of resources.”

Man Blames Speeding On Pepsi: Spectrum News claims Indian River County, Florida Sheriff’s stopped Matthew Anzaldi on Monday for speeding. He was driving 80 mph on the shoulder of US 1. Matthew told cops he was speeding because he was thirsty and wanted to get home to get a Pepsi. He then changed his story and said someone was chasing and shooting at him. Officers arrested Matthew and say he was not drunk or impaired


Comfortable Couple Survey … More HERE

A new survey by Mattress Firm reveals that it takes an average of 7 months before a new couple has their first talk about marriage and kids. Other findings:

– It takes an average of six months before a couple will introduce one another to their parents

– It takes an average of 5 months before a couple is comfortable sleeping next to one another

– It takes an average of 5 months and 24 days before a couple will cry in front of one another

– It takes an average of 6 months and 18 days before a couple will walk around naked in front of one another

– It takes an average of 6 months and 25 days before a couple will toot in front of one another

– It takes an average of 7 months and 24 days before a couple will share their Netflix and Hulu account passwords with one another


7 Things You Need to Know (2-12-19)

The Science on why you love Chocolates and Flowers on Valentines Day….More HERE

All the Drama surrounding Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, The Grammys and BET Awards…. More HERE

”Coming to America 2′ will be released on August 7, 2020……More HERE

Comedy Central is rebooting Crank Yankers….More HERE

Toys R Us might be coming back…..More HERE

That blue light from your phone might damage your vision and speed up the onset of blindness…More HERE

El Chapo was convicted on all counts…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Grammys Piano Player – Her name was Chloe Flowers and she came to PLAY!!….More HERE


Weird News:

Woman Goes In For Lipo; Wakes Up With Nose Job: The Daily Star claims a woman, identified only as Mariella, went in for liposuction and woke up with a botched nose job. She tells E! News that a Peruvian doctor operated on her nose without permission. “He was like the Beverly Hills doctor of Peru. When I talked to him and I explained what I wanted he said it was really easy and he could do it the next day. When I woke up I had a cast over my nose, right after the surgery I saw the doctor and he said he did it as a favor. I had absolutely no issues with my nose before the surgery. It was the nose I was born with and I liked it. Because I had the cast on, I didn’t know how bad the damage was, he said ‘it’s swollen now, but it will look great.’ But when the bandages came off what I saw horrified me. We never saw the doctor who operated on me again.”

Tudder – This app features data profiles of animals from 42,000 UK farms in an effort to help farmers find the perfect breeding partner for their cattle….More HERE


7 Things You Need to Know (2-11-19)

Grammys 2019: Complete list of winners…..More HERE

16 Awkward moments from the Grammys….More HERE

Worst Dressed at the Grammys…More HERE

McDonald’s of Southport and the Monkey Junction McDonald’s is hosting Valentine’s Day Candlelight Dinners on Thursday….More HERE

According to this, the state of North Carolina’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie is Caramel deLites/Samoas….More HERE

Getting less than seven hours’ sleep a night could damage DNA ‘beyond repair’…More HERE

Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar will hit stores across the U.S. in late February….More HERE


Video of the Day

YouTube Challenge – Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Made Spaghetti and Snowballs



Weird News:

Olive Garden Offering Breadstick Bouquet For Valentine’s Day: Delish magazine claims Olive Garden is offering breadstick bouquets for Valentine’s Day. They created printable bouquet wrapping paper with the following phrases on them … ‘love at first bite’ and ‘ my love for you is never-ending’. Customers are encouraged to print out the wrapping paper at home before bringing it to a restaurant where servers will stuff it with a breadstick bouquet. Prices vary based on the size of the bouquet

Dating App For Cows: The East Bay Times claims a dating app for cows has been launched. Tudder allows farmers to find breeding matches for their cattle. Age, location and owner information is all shown on the Tinder-style app. The app says it “seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates.”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-8-19)

Wiz Khalifa makes history by releasing a song on an Oreo cookie….. More HERE

Ariana Grande just dropped her new album today…..More HERE

Danielle Bregoli’s new Snap Original, “Bringing Up Bhabie,” generated over 10 MILLION unique views in the 24 hours…. More HERE

The Grammys seating chart….More HERE

Halsey is hosting SNL this weekend…. More HERE

[LIST] 26 Pictures that sum up what getting older is like… More HERE

Dr. Pimple Popper shares her five must-have products for achieving – and maintaining – blemish-free skin…. More HERE


Video of the Day

Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored

Jimmy Kimmel Helps Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson with ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’


Weird News:

IHOP Pancake Pizza: Tomorrow is National Pizza Day. IHOP is celebrating with a new pancake called the Pancizza. The giant, 7-inch pancake is available in buttermilk, cupcake and bacon and cheddar flavors. It costs $4.99 and is only available through the weekend. The Pancizza comes in a pizza box

Man Shatters McDonald’s Window Because They Are Out Of Millkshakes: Surrey Live says the Camberley, England police are looking for a man, who recently smashed a window at McDonalds. The man entered the restaurant and became enraged after being told they were out of milkshakes. He screamed at the restaurant’s manager before shattering a window on his way out.


7 Things You Need to Know (2-9-17)

Game of Thrones Season 8 photos (Side Note: Adidas is launching a line of Game of Thrones sneakers)….More HERE

QUOTE OF THE YEAR! Offset to Chris Brown: “coke head don’t want” smoke….More HERE

Andy King, the event planner from Fyre Festival who (well you know) is now getting a TV Show…More HERE

Fox just renewed the Simpsons for Season 31 and 32…..More HERE

50 new Emojis will be available beginning in March….More HERE

[#SCIENCE] The science of why you always feel sicker at night….More HERE

Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ video hits one billion views….More HERE


Video of the Day

Police get in snowball fight with kids during snowstorm


Weird News:

Bank Robbers Try To Use Uber As Getaway Car: NBC claims three Oklahoma City bank-robbing teens were recently arrested for trying to use an Uber car as their getaway vehicle. Uber driver Brandon Case says; “They called me for a getaway war. If you’re going to do something like that, have your own car. Had the cops not gotten there before me, it could have turned out completely different. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

The suspects’ plan was foiled after another Uber driver called the police.

Online Store Sells $650 “Thought Box” That You Put Over Your Head to Just Think…..http://bit.ly/2DZ7miu


7 Things You Need to Know (2-6-19)

Another Viral Challenge, #AdamLevineChallenge…More HERE

Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day….More HERE

Flaming Amy’s on Oleander Dr. is going to be on the Cooking Channel…. More HERE

[STUDY] Single Men are Smellier…More HERE

The new DC Comics Batman film will be released on June 25, 2021….More HERE

Jordin Sparks has been cast in a new Freeform comedy series called Besties…..More HERE

KFC is giving away a Colonel Sanders rug for Valentine’s Day….More HERE


Video of the Day

Egg that beat Kylie Jenner for most-liked Instagram photo cracks open, revealing its true purpose

Mom gets scared EASILY

So what happened during the Patriots Super Bowl Parade?? A BIG ASS BRAWL….More HERE


Weird News:

[STUDY] Single Men are Smellier: Men are said to have a natural musky scent, and now science says single men have a stronger body odor than their paired-up peers. Researchers from Macquarie University had 82 women rate the body odor and faces of men ages 18 to 35. The participating men had to work up a sweat, and the women had to sniff the armpit area of their sweaty T-shirts. The women often rated the smell of men without partners around a three out of six on the smelliness scale– they also rated these men as looking more masculine compared to men in relationships. The scientists say this scent likely due to the fact that single men have higher testosterone levels, as well as other “non-hormonal” lifestyle differences.

Samsung Launches Dating Fridge: The Daily Mail claims Samsung has launched a new dating app called Refridgerdating. A camera and an app monitor what’s inside your refrigerator before matching you with other people who have similar food preferences and things in their fridge. The smart refrigerator sells for $4,599.

Hooters Offering Free Wings On Valentine’s Day: Restaurant News claims Hooters is once again holding a Shred Your Ex promotion on Valentine’s Day. People who burn, rip or shred pictures of their ex-partners can get 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of 10 regular wings. Hooters wants to break their record of 40,000 shredded pictures, which they set last year.

Woman Wants To Hire Someone To Make Decisions For Her: The Mirror claims an unidentified Bristol, England woman wants to pay someone $2,600 to make all of her decisions for an entire month. She was inspired by the choose-your-own-adventure “Black Mirror” episode called “Bandersnatch.”

The person she hires will tell her how to spend her money and who she should go on Tinder dates with. The woman posted the following ad on Bark.com; “Hiya, bit of a weird one I know, but basically, I feel like I need someone to make my decisions for me. I’ve had a really rubbish year and would love for someone to take control of my life. Think of it a bit like a real life Bandersnatch. I have no idea if this sort of thing exists, but … I thought it was worth a shot … basically, I’d like the person to be on-call so they can help me whenever and with whatever I need. I text a lot, so they should be available to message me frequently and very quick to respond.”


7 Things You Need to Know (2-5-19)

Camila Cabello will open the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday…..More HERE

AMC Officially Renews The Walking Dead For Season 10….More HERE

It’s the Year of the Pig! Chinese New Year kicks off today….More HERE

Did you know that Feb. 5th marks the 12th annual World Nutella Day… More HERE

Adam Levine breaks silence after Maroon 5’s super bowl halftime show…..More HERE

Road trip to Raleigh or Greensboro because KFC is selling a Cheetos Sandwich….More HERE

With the possibility of another government shutdown on February 15, tax experts suggest filing your returns no later than this week….More HERE

Video of the Day

Farting Glitter Troll

Weird news

Man died of meth overdose before being eaten by a bearMore HERE

Naked Woman Chases Date From Super 8 Motel: CBS claims the York, Pennsylvania police recently arrested a couple after their Super 8 Motel rendezvous went south. Dante Hedgepath and Carrie Sue Smith knew each other in high school and recently decided to get a motel room together. Dante left the room after Carrie started ‘acting crazy’ and said they were going to have kids and start a life together. He ran from the hotel as she chased him with no clothes on screaming for him to come back. Officers found Dante in a parking lot with Grey Goose and marijuana. He was quickly arrested before Carrie was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Squirrel Lasagna: The Evening Standard claims London’s Borough Market restaurant is serving a lasagna made from grey squirrels. Chef Ivan Tisdall-Downes created his “squirrel ragu” by slow cooking meat from a squirrel’s hind legs. He says; “Squirrel is one of the most sustainable proteins you can cook really. It is almost exactly the same in taste as rabbit. It’s tasty. It’s not as gamey as rabbit; it’s nice white meat. It’s good to cook down slowly and make stews from and ragus for lasagna. It’s very good for you. It’s quite lean.”

Harry Potter Beer Fest: NBC claims a Harry Potter-inspired beer festival is going to be held in Indianapolis on March 22nd. The beer tasting event will feature ales such as Snape’s Lair of Secret Cider Potions and Adult Butter Beer. People dressed as Harry Potter characters will also take selfies with beer lovers. The Historic Indiana Sanctuary is going to temporarily remodel to look like the Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Leaky Cauldron. Tickets cost $35.

Valentine’s Day Survey
A new survey by Lending Tree reveals that men plan to spend an average of $95 for Valentine’s Day. Women plan to spend $41. Other findings:
– Those, who are engaged plan to spend $92 on their partner for Valentine’s Day
– Those, who are dating plan to spend $88 on their partner for Valentine’s Day
– Married people plan to spend $57 on their partner for Valentine’s Day
– 33% of people don’t expect their partner to spend any money on them for Valentine’s Day
– Only 41% of people are looking forward to Valentine’s Day
– 5% of people are dreading Valentine’s Day


7 Things You Need to Know (2-4-19)

Kristoff St. John (Neil from Young and The Restless) died yesterday….More HERE

21 Savage arrested over the weekend by ICE agents and He might be deported…More HERE

WOW Air is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering free round-trip flights to Iceland for people named Valentine…..More HERE

[STUDY] iCracked reveals that smartphone repairs jump by 200% the day after the Super Bowl.

Robert Pattinson might be the next Batman!?!?!….http://bit.ly/2G8DXVn

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will perform “Shallow” at the Oscars on the 24th….More HERE

Chinese New Year kicks off tomorrow and it’s the Year of the Pig!….. More HERE


Video of the Day

Marshmello had a concert on Fortnite over the weekend

Now I want to try this Chicken!!!


Weird News:

$140,000 Air Jordan Sneakers: Vice magazine claims Andrea Canziani, of Milan, Italy, owns a pair of flawed Air Jordan 1 sneakers that are worth $140,000. The Nike Swoosh is turned upside down on the black, orange and white high-top sneakers. Andrea keeps the shoes in the front window of his consignment shop and has been offered $3,000 for them.

Man Calls Cops On Wife For Refusing To Split Dinner Bill: The Daily Mirror claims a man from Sydney, Australia recently called the police on his wife after she refused to split the bill at a Chinese restaurant. Cops quickly arrived at the restaurant where they told the couple that their emergency line is for actual emergencies and not domestic disputes. The couple was not charged

Bride Divorces Groom Minutes After Marrying Him: Kashmir Today claims a woman from Kuwait recently divorced her husband just minutes after marrying him in a courthouse. The couple exchanged vows and were walking out of the courthouse when the bride tripped. Her husband called her dumb for losing her balance before she walked back inside and demanded a divorce.The split was granted making it the quickest marriage and divorce in Kuwait’s history


7 Things You Need to Know (2-1-19)

Tekashi69 appears to be striking a deal with the feds — he’s pleading guilty to 8 counts…More HERE

FIJI Water girl from Golden Globes is suing FIJI Water for using cardboard cutouts of her….More HERE

[LIST] What to watch if you’re skipping the Super Bowl….More HERE

Julius Peppers announces retirement from the NFL…..More HERE

Lindsey Vonn has announced she will retire from Skiing after this month’s world championships in Sweden……More HERE

[VIDEO] No need to watch the Big Game on Sunday because Bubbles the Elephant has predicted that the Rams will win….More HERE

{STUDY] Tequila may help with weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels….More HERE


Video of the Day

When the Boiling Water trick goes WRONG

Epic Rap Battle: Kermit & Pepe vs. Miss Piggy & Beake

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Old Justin and New Justin together?!?!?! Ard Gelinck’s Photoshop game is INSANE!!


Weird News:

Iran Bans Dog Walking: The Los Angeles Times claims Iran has banned dog walking because government officials believe it’s another example of corrupt Western culture values. Police Chief Hussein Rahim says dogs cause fear and anxiety when out in public.


Super Bowl Trending …

– The Super Bowl will be broadcast in more than 230 countries with an estimated worldwide audience of over 1 billion people.

– A Durex survey reveals that 3% of men would give up lovemaking to see their favorite football team win the Super Bowl

– Sales of La-Z-Boy recliners triple during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

– A survey by We-Vibe reveals that 48% of people, who watch the Super Bowl blame it for lessening their chances of lovemaking on Sunday

– A survey by Tex Dot reveals that DUI-related injuries and fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday are 56% higher than on Sundays before or after the Big Game

– The Clarion Ledger claims Americans will eat over 12 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday.

Most Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets according to NBC

Which will occur during the Super Bowl coin toss?

The coin will land Heads (46%)

The coin will land Tails (54%)

How long will the National Anthem take?

Over 1 minute 50 seconds (37%)

Under 1 minute and 50 seconds (63%)

What color of Gatorade will be thrown on the winning Coach?

Orange (12%)

Red (1%)

Blue (5%)

Green (1%)

Yellow (4%)

Clear or water (42%)

No Gatorade/Liquid (35%)

Total Tweets from Trump on Super Bowl Sunday

Over 9.5 (17%)

Under 9.5 (83%)

Will Travis Scott take a knee in protest during the Half Time Show?

Yes (17%)

No (83%)

Will a play Tony Romo predicts result in a Touchdown?

Yes (41%)

No (59%)

Super Bowl Sick Day Survey

A new survey by the Workforce Institute reveals that 17.2 million Americans may miss work on Monday due to the Super Bowl. That’s up from 16.5 million in 2016. Other findings:

7.8 million workers have already taken the day off. The Monday after the Super Bowl is the biggest sick day of the year.

32% of people believe the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday


7 Things You Need to Know (1-31-19)

Oops she did it again, It now means “Japanese BBQ finger”…..More HERE

Cardi B and Offset are back together again…More HERE

Gone with the Wind is back in theaters on February 28 and March 3 to celebrate the 80th anniversary….More HERE

Beyoncé is raising awareness for plant-based meals by offering lifetime concert tickets….More HERE

[PHOTOS] 26 Pictures that capture how cold it REALLY is in the US….. More HERE

Netflix announced today that the upcoming fifth season of ‘Fuller House’ will be it’s last.

Old News: Gender Reveal Parties…New News: College Reveal Parties…. More HERE


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How did he survive this????

First Look ‘Bad Boys 3’


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FIRST LOOK! Theeeeey’re BAAAAaaaack! 🙂 @badboys ⁣ ⁣ : @westbrook @jas

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Weird News:

If you’re having a baby on Sunday, try to hold off giving birth till 6:35p

Man Fakes Own Kidnapping For $130: Fox News claims South Carolina resident Emmanuel Franklin recently faked his own kidnapping so he could swindle $130 out of his mother. He told her that if she didn’t place the money in a specified mailbox, his “kidnappers” would kill him. Emmanuel later confessed and was arrested after his mother called the police.

Bank Robber Gets Cold Feet: The Huffington Post claims the Falls River, Massachusetts police are looking for a bank robber, who got cold feet. The woman walked into the bank and was about to hand a teller a note before she ripped it up. She then walked out. The tellers pieced the note together. It read “Give me the money.”

Americans are continuing to cut the cable TV cord in big numbers, with a new survey finding that nearly 60 percent of us have dropped cable and the big bills that come along with it, as the move to cheaper, internet-based services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime marches on. The survey from Waterstone Management Group also found that another 29 percent are close to getting rid of their cable, with just 12 percent saying they content to stay with it. While streaming is still much cheaper than cable, Netflix recently announced that it was increasing subscription fees by a dollar or two a month, and it’s set to crack down on the illegal sharing of accounts, with a recent report having found that such account sharing will cost the industry almost $10 billion in lost revenue over the next two years