Sound Off at 7

Sunrise Broadcasting is officially launching the campaign Sound Off at 7 for our Healthcare Heros! We are encouraging everyone in our town to stop what they’re doing this Saturday at 7:00 PM and show their support for our local healthcare heroes and first responders! At 7 PM this Saturday we want everyone to Make some noise and create a rumble in the entire city to show our support for what these people are doing to help us! Building up to the Saturday we would love kids to make signs, chalk their driveways, anything they can do to get ready for this Saturday at 7:00  We would love everyone to post their videos with the hashtags #HealthcareHeroes and #SoundOffAt7.  This way we can grab all the videos and pictures and post them in one place so all of our local healthcare people can see all the love and support from our community. Let’s rally as a community and sound off for all our local heros!