Officer Travis Hometown Hero in Training!

9 year old  Bellamy Elementary School student Travis Allen has been interested in all things cop related since he was in pre-school.  Ever since then, Travis never passes up an opportunity to show his appreciation for those who keep us safe. According to his Dad, Terry, ” Every time Travis sees a law enforcement officer, he has to say hi and talk to them. Every time he says bye to them he says “Stay Safe””. When Travis plays at home he puts on his “cop uniform with accessory belt” and goes outside to “protect the house”.

Terry says Travis’s interest in law enforcement has been an amazing father/son bonding experience because they travel all over the area and state to show their appreciation for law enforcement officers. One of Travis’s favorite hobbies is to collect different law enforcement patches from across the U.S. His goal is to have at least one patch from every state, he currently has 25 different states! His goal patches now to get are Hollywood and Hawaii.

Here are the states he needs in white!

Travis is also hoping to tell his story, show his collection of patches and appreciation for law enforcement officers across the nation on the Ellen show! So let’s all take a lesson from “Officer Travis” and show our support for our law enforcement officers each and every day! A simple thank you, small conversation and cup of coffee can go a long way to those who keep us safe.

Check out Officer Travis’s Facebook page here!

Posted by Keeler 11/15/18 2:20pm