Elton John Christmas Commercial…Ballin’ Like A Baby

Tis’ the season of one minute commercials that make me cry uncontrollably with a side of a full glass emotions! The first Christmas commercial has officially won the “tug at the heart strings” and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! John Lewis and Partners are known in the UK for their emotional Christmas commercials but they out did themselves this year with the help of Elton John. We all remember that one gift that changed the entire path of our lives. Whether it was a baseball, a camera or just something that sparked passion in you that lead to your career or your hobbies as an adult. I remember to this day my music instrument and CD presents that led to a spark of insanity which led to my career in the music industry. So to say this ad with Elton John got me to explode into an emotional mess with the likes of a post binge watch of “This Is Us” is an understatement. The power of ONE gift can cause a ripple in a persons life that could create a legend. Check out what I’m talking about below!