AIRES:  Today you’ll get a lot closer to answering the questions you’ve been dealing with.


TAURUS:    Today is the day to tackle that big project that you’ve been putting off.  You are motivated with lots of energy.


GEMINI:   Ask for what you want today.  There is an aura of positive vibes growing inside you that can’t be denied.


CANCER:  Get back in touch with a long-lost friend today — make a necessary reconnection.


LEO:  You have crossed a threshold of sorts today — be grateful about where you are now.


VIRGO:   Beware of nasty rumors.  Stick by your people, and doubt third-hand reports. Go to the source for the truth.


LIBRA:  There is a disconnect between what your life is and what you want it to be today.   Time to re-evaluate some recent decisions and relationships.


SCORPIO:   Conversations can yield time-saving ideas, so keep talking until you get answers.


SAGITTARIUS:  Keep your priorities in the right order. Today that means people come before work.


CAPRICORN:  It’s the perfect day to create a new budget. Cut the excessive areas of your life.


AQUARIUS:  Fretting about a new direction you chose to take? Don’t.  You got this.  Just keep going.


PISCES:  Now is a good time to reevaluate your public persona. Stay true to who you are.


Today’s numbers: 19, 28, 32, 34