8 days! That’s a snowman! Yes, 8 days left until the Keeler Wedding and we are getting excited. The pieces of the puzzle are all in place except for the final “I DO” piece. All of our decorations are put together and ready to go. We are dealing with a little last minute drama stuff, but it could be A LOT worse. This weekend we are doing an impromptu bachelor/bachelorette night out due to our original weekends getting cancelled from Hurricane Flo :-(. The countdown is for real right now and we are so excited. Next check in here will be Wedding Week! 


Time to start the blog back up post Hurricane Florence…and now it’s a rush to the finish 14 DAYS! It is pretty stressful losing about 2 weeks do to the hurricane and now its a whirlwind trying to play catch up. But with all the pre planning and ideas we already had, everything is falling into place and is pretty easily taken care of. A big sigh of relief is that our venue which is directly on the beach on Carolina Beach had minimal damage and is all being fixed now by some amazing crews. Now to the updates and shoutouts…My Groomsen gifts came in today and they are amazing! They are personalized footballs with the names of each groomsman with our wedding date written in gold. Ordered my “wedding sneakers” because hey, what better way to marry the woman of your dreams in some brand new Vans kicks. Mamma Gunns youngest son, Tommy Gunn from Jammin 99.9 is all set to and ready with our hot wedding playlist to DJ our wedding! The big day is  approaching quick and every day 3 to 4 things are falling into place perfectly. 


The preparation is in full swing and today my dad and I are going to build a wedding arbor! Like I said in my previous post Pintrest is the devil but spending this time building things with my Dad is amazing. I do feel like Owen Wilson in Meet The Parents when he builds the alter “Yea…it took me 70 hours, which isn’t bad figuring I carved it all by hand” lol. I’m just joking, our arbor isn’t going to take that long but all the pieces seem to be sliding into place and the Keeler Wedding puzzle is starting to resemble a beautiful picture!  


38 days left until the Keeler Wedding and t-minus 7 days until my Bachelor party!!! I have to give a big thanks to my older brother who is also my Best-man for setting up a trip of a lifetime for my last bachelor(ish) trip. We are going to New Orleans and I just got our plans for the trip this morning! This will be my first time there so I am really excited. My brother is so organized and has everything planned out which will probably change when the rest of the crew shows up but I am so grateful for him planning this. I am super stoked to hang out on Bourbon St., hit up the casinos, a Cajun Gator tour and we are going to the Saints football game! I am huge Saints fan and never have been to an NFL game so I am excited for that to say the least! All I can do now until then is prepare my bank account and liver for what should be an EPIC bachelor party weekend!  

The countdown continues and officially under 40 days! Today’s lesson of wedding planning is Pintrest is the devil! So many pins are saved from the past year in preparation and now I find myself with my Dad building signs, arbors and what ever else can be made from reclaimed wood from pallets lol. In all seriousness, it is fun making the decor with my Dad. It is a great bonding experience getting ready for the big day where usually the father of the groom stays in the background. I really am enjoying it, but I still think Pintrest is the DEVIL!  

40 days left and it is really starting to sink in the I AM GETTING MARRIED! The crunch time checklist is in full swing and we took care of a huge to do. We went to Reeds Jewelers at Independence Mall to see our main man Bob, who is the Reeds Manager, to pick up our wedding bands! We love the staff there and they helped us pick out the perfect rings. I was thinking about the importance of the wedding bands after we picked them up. It’s not only just a ring but a symbol and tangible piece of jewelry that will be a part of you for the rest of your life showing the promise you make to the love of your life. We are so grateful for the staff at Reeds Jewelers for making this such a special moment in our lives. 

43 days until the big day! The experience of planning our wedding has brought a lot of shame to myself. By shame, I mean things I have done in the past to other brides and grooms. As the time gets closer and closer and the cutoff date for RSVP’s has come and passed the texts are coming in. And yes I SAID texts! I have done the “When the time gets closer to the date I will figure out if I can go to the wedding or not” which I will not be doing anymore to other couples! On a bright note in the midst of crunch time all the small (and some big details) are all falling into place! Got my boys Redds Photography & photo booth on board, the decor is coming together and family calls are flowing in with excitement!  

46 days to go! Todays lesson in the wedding day journey is that you WILL NOT have a dining room table for 2 months. I never realized how much goes in to the DIY decor of a wedding. Our dining room table is full of small placeholders, centerpieces, picture holders and more ALL homemade! My fiancee has really been amazing putting this all together (with the help of her bridesmaids & Pintrest). One of the most exciting parts of the planning, for me at least, is setting up the wedding music playlist. No surprise there that a radio DJ gets excited about picking a music lineup but the fact that there are so many different “chapters” of the day is what excites me the most. Picking the music for the ceremony to the dinner to the reception and everything in between is an up and down process with different moods and feelings you want to hear through the entire day. We have a final draft of the music list but it did take about 10 drafts. On to the next thing on the list! 


So the big day is coming and I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from everyone! 47 days and counting until I marry the love of my life! I know, I’m getting sappy and emotional but it is a big moment in both of our lives. The anticipation and planning are a little overwhelming but we have family and friends that are taking some of the stress off of us. We did make the decision to book a wedding planner and life has been so much easier…even though the to-do list has grown :-). Our wedding planner Cora Panos is amazing and so organized with all the small things that usually fall through the cracks. We could not do this with out her. This week we are picking up our party favors for our guests from Sea Side Silk Screening who did an amazing job with our custom koozies and sunglasses! Thanks for joining us on our Keeler Wedding journey. Check back everyday as I update you on everything happening up until the BIG DAY! 

~ Keeler