Friday, August 26, 2016

239th day of the year.

There are 66 days left until Halloween

Today is National Dog Day, Make Your Own Luck Day, National Cherry Popsicle Day and Women's Equality Day


-- On this date in 580 A.D., toilet paper was invented in China

Friday's Birthday Cake:

R&B singer Cassie (30)

Macaulay Culkin (36)

Saturday's Birthday Cake:

Cesar Millan (47)

Downtown Julie Brown (53)

Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens (64)






A 61-year-old bagpipes player died of pneumonia from a fungus that was growing inside his instrument.


Marvel announced today that it will be launching a female reboot of Iron Man, starring a character named Ironheart.


Now Amazon wants to help you buy your next car, with Amazon Vehicles.


Forbes issued its list of the highest-paid actors and at the #1 spot: Dwayne Johnson. Made $64.5 million between June 2015-16.


Bremer Trust -- the same folks who run Elvis's Graceland -- are going to operate Prince's Paisley Park for tours when it opens in October.


Pine Brothers Throat Lozenge Company has signed Ryan Lochte as a spokesperson. He will front a new ad campaign that promotes the cough drops as 'Forgiving On Your Throat.''


- Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas will be among the Olympians presenting awards at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night


HOT RUMOR:  JLo dumped Casper Smart


Taylor Swift will not be attending the MTV VMAs on Sunday. Perez Hilton claims MTV is giving Kanye West four minutes to do whatever he wants on stage.


Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are going to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. They will sing Grande's new song ''Side to Side''.


Kim Kardashian, Jaden Smith, Fifth Harmony and Tove Lo will all present awards


that people spend an average of $195 on wedding gifts for immediate family members

·         $89 on a wedding gift for a friend.

·         - the average person will spend $63 on a wedding gift for a coworker.




- Business Insider claims Apple is developing avideo editing app for the iPhone. It functions like Snapchat and will allow people to record short videos before applying filters, doodles and other effects


Lochte Charged: The Rio police have charged Ryan Lochte with falsely reporting a crime. He now faces up to 18 months in jail or a fine.

Ryan cannot be extradited to Brazil because the list of extradition crimes does not include making a false statement

TMZ claims Ryan has no plans to return to Brazil (AN WON'T BE ALLOWED TO)


New Movies Opening Tonight

Hands of Stone (Rated R) ... STARRING: Robert De Niro,  Usher Raymond,  ... the movie chronicles the life of boxer Roberto Duran. He defeated Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond) to capture the WBC welterweight title. Roberto quit in the rematch by saying “no mas” (no more.)


Don't Breathe (Rated R) ...


Mechanic: Resurrection (Rated R) ... STARRING: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones,


 A 48 year-old Cleveland, Ohio woman recently went to her ex boyfriend's place of employment and placed nude pictures of him on his co-workers' cars. Each picture was captioned with: "this is what a cheater looks like.


Restaurant Serving Gaga's Dress: A restaurant in China is serving Lady Gaga's meat dress as a dish. Gaga wore the dress to the MTV Video Music Awards six years ago. In honor of the VMAs on Sunday, the restaurant has strung together 8 steaks around a blonde-haired doll. Diners peel off the thin steaks before cooking them in a pot of oil. The dress is served with vegetables and dumplings. Gaga's dress weighed 40 pounds.


National Dog Day

Dogs vs Cats

Facebook recently studied the behavior of 160,000 members to learn the differences between dog and cat people.

- Dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people.

- Cat people get invited to more events.

- 30% of cat people are single

- 24% of dog people are single.

- Cat people like reading fantasy and sci-fi books while dog people are more into love stories and stories about dogs


Name Change: An Oklahoma City Thunder fan is petitioning the state to change the name of Durant, Oklahoma to Westbrook, Oklahoma because Kevin Durant left the Thunder for the Warriors.


Lunch Date: Five year-old William Evertz Jr. saved his allowance for 7 months before going to a Subway sandwich shop on Wednesday and buying sandwiches for the Winslow Township, New Jersey Police Department. William wanted officers to eat and rest so they could protect his hometown. Cops made him an honorary officer and gave him a special shirt and badges. William received a ride home in a police car with lights and sirens.


MTV Video Music Awards gift bag will contain Bose headphones, engraved correspondence cards, a Dooney & Bourke bag, a suit, cashmere apparel, artwork, spa treatment gift certificates, designer sunglasses, perfume, a sleep mask, and hotel stays.


The awards air Sunday




Katy Perry Sings Into Hairbrushes ... when Katy was younger she would sing into a brush and dance around in her bedroom. She still does the same thing today


Police Officer Has Too Much To Drink; Calls 911 From Inside His Truck ... WECT claims Wilmington, North Carolina Police Officer Christian McCarty dialed 911 for a ride home after he “had a little bit too much to drink.” McCarty was pulled over on the side of the road. He said; "I may have had a little bit too much to drink tonight and I need one of them to respond. I just want to make sure I get home safely.” Officer McCarty has been with the department since 2014



Modern medical practitioners are rediscovering the healing power of color, a technique that's been used effectively in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. Here are the ayurvedic colors and the conditions they treat:


Boost energy and self-confidence. Use it to treat sexual dysfunction, anemia, depression, low blood pressure, asthma, chronic cough and skin diseases.


Promotes cheerfulness and happiness. It's effective against artery disease, heart problems, anorexia, kidney problems, menstrual distress, lung disease and lower back pain.


Is associated with mental clarity and a healthy nervous system. It's helpful in the treatment of digestive problems, diabetes and arthritis.


Brings a sense of peace and harmony. Surround yourself with green if you suffer from eye problems, tumors, joint pain and swelling or diabetes.


Calms and relaxes. It can banish headaches, muscle cramps, insomnia, throat problems and disorders of the lymph system.


Is the color of spiritual awareness and creativity. It cures insomnia, kidney and bladder problems and it boosts the immune system.


Today's Mindbender: "32% of teens do not know how to do this on a car? What is it?''

Answer: check tire pressure



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