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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
295th day of the year.
There are 70 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 9 days remaining until Halloween

Today is Caps Locks Day, National Nut Day, International Stuttering Awareness Day and Medical Assistants Recognition Day

Wednesday's Birthday Cake:
pop star Zac Hanson (29)
Modern Fam's Jesse Tyler Ferguson (39) (MITHCELL)
rapper Shaggy (46)


Travelers from Three West African Countries Limited to Five US Airports.  (OBV A THOUROUGH EXAM FOSHO)
Fuel prices are going down, yet airline fares are going up. Explain.

AMAZ PIC:  Oh, Hell No: Scientist Comes Face-To-Face With Puppy Sized Spider In The Rainforest (THEFRISKY.COM)

HOT RUMOR:  Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are talking kids

 - 16% of pet owners buy pet presents on a weekly basis

-   63% of women manage the money in their household.

Giants WIN:  World Series Game 1 Win over Royals

tickets to the World Series in San Fran this weekend are selling for an average of $1,056 per seat

A husband creates seven additional hours of housework each week for women

- Hasbro is making a My Little Pony movie

- A new survey by Millward Brown Research reveals that 14% of women believe they would get a better job if they had the perfect body

Boxers or Briefs: Belly Armor has launched a new line of men's boxers that protect privates from harmful cell phone radiation waves. The underwear has a thin layer of aluminum-like silver in the crotch area to protect the male reproductive organ. The boxers cost $49 a pair.

Fox Sued for $250 Million over Mobster Character in The Simpsons

Fox has been slapped with a 250-million-dollar lawsuit by an actor who claims a character on The Simpsons is based on him, in violation of his publicity rights.

The character in question is Louie, who occasionally has been seen on the long-running animated series over the years as a crony of the mobster Fat Tony. The plaintiff, The Godfather Part II and Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero, claims "Louie's appearance and mannerisms are strongly evocative" of him, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cops Say Suspect Wrote Own Bail Check Before Stabbing Man

Cops say a South Carolina woman not only lured a man to her home with the intention of attacking him, but also thought to pre-write a check meant to pay her bond after her inevitable arrest.

Cops have just revealed they found the victim hiding in front of the house when they responded to the call last Tuesday; according to WIS-TV, he suffered a non life-threatening injury to his side. Saundra Gary allegedly told the unidentified victim to visit because she had something for him.  

Gary was all smiles in her mug shot after she was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. It's not known if the check she wrote before the attack was enough to cover the five thousand dollar bond a judge imposed.

Jamie Foxx tells Hello magazine that he has no problem scaring off his daughter's dates. "Corinne is very sociable, but she is great about keeping me in the loop. She knows I'm cool as long as I know she's safe. Fortunately, she hasn't brought anyone home who required scaring off. I'm ready, though - just in case.''

Survey: "How did your parents scare your dates when you were younger?"

The Dallas Cowboys have cut Michael Sam. He Tweeted: ''I want to thank the Jones family and the entire Cowboys organization for this opportunity, as well as my friends, family, teammates, and fans for their support. While this is disappointing, I will take the lessons I learned here in Dallas and continue to fight for an opportunity to prove that I can play every Sunday.''

So you want to buy a zombie-proof cabin. The folks at Tiger Log Cabins offer a kit called ZFC-1. It has three connected buildings. It comes stocked with reinforced slit windows, walls and doors; a barbed-wire surround; an escape hatch on top; and a living room with Xbox, TV and sound system. It comes with an arsenal storage unit to secure your anti-zombie weaponry. There's also a toilet system, garage, kitchen area with microwave and an upper deck with a full view all around so you can keep an eye out for the oncoming horde. Yours for $113,000.

Tearjerker: 100 year-old Joe Auer died 28 hours after his wife of 73 years passed. The Daily Mail claims he whispered 'call me home' as she died. Helen and Joe married in 1941 and had 10 children, 16 grandchildren, 29 great-grandkids and one great-great grandchild. They are from Cincy.

Wet Willy: Riley Swearingen, of Mankato, Minnesota, was sentenced to three days in jail for giving a police officer a double wet willy. The 24 year-old U.S. Air Force member was waiting for a "drunk bus" to take him home when he approached the officer and assaulted him. Riley will be allowed to return to his job as an air traffic controller at a nearby air force base.

 Home Ssssssweet Home: Canadian wildlife officials recently removed 102 snakes from a home near Regina. Megan Lawrence removed the snakes and tells CBC: "We got a call from a family that found some garter snakes in their basement, and as they investigated further they found a lot more. And then they started finding them in other areas of the house, like kitchens and bedrooms. So they decided then it wasn't a good idea to have them there anymore. For the most part they were in tight spaces. Cracks in the floors, cracks in the walls, between boxes, underneath things — anywhere they could get into basically. They were already starting to go into hibernation. So we just were, you know, picking up boxes and things off the floor and just found them and just caught them by hand. And then we were transporting them in buckets and pillowcases."

Survey: Ask your audience to call with their snake horror stories

BOOK END QUESTION:  28% of workers have committed this fashion faux pas. What is it? Forgot to remove a tag from a new clothing purchase.

 Bad Hair Day

A new survey by Pantene reveals that a bad hair day leaves 10% of women feeling “frustrated and angry at the world”. Other findings:

- 13% of women actively avoid eye contact with people if they are having a bad hair day

- 23% of women stay home if they are having a bad hair day

- 50% of women say a bad hair day leaves them feeling embarrassed and self-conscious

- 33% of women take a Selfie when they have a bad hair day

- 6% of women are more likely to ask someone out on a date if they are having a good hair day

Don't Have Sex in the Ocean
We report the following as a public service announcement: Stop sexing it up in the ocean! Along with the stinging salt water, there is always the very real chance your genitals will get stuck together via suction. That's exactly what happened to an Italian couple looking to literally put some motion in the ocean. Reportedly, as the couple began doing their thing in the ocean, they became suctioned together and unable to separate. The man finally was able to flag down a woman walking along the beach who was able to give the beast with two backs a towel to cover up.


Toilet Paper

Soap and Shampoo


Office Supplies



Cell Phone Minutes

Non-Perishable Food
cereal, canned tuna fish and soft drinks. .

Blank CDs and DVDs

As long as you can find a place to store it, you can save up to 17 cents a load by buying a huge tub of laundry detergent versus the smaller one.


"Thieves Steal Woman's Entire Cabin!"
Truth! Josie-Anne Pilotte spent three weeks building a 200-square-foot cabin in the Yukon. It had been built on pallets so it could be moved to a friend's property but when went to move the cabin all she found was a pair of gloves, a crowbar, and a window that had been left behind.

"46-Year-Old Mom Sets New Motorcycle Speed Record!"
Truth! Britain's Becci Ellis set the incredible speed of 264.1 mph on a modified Suzuki bike, smashing the existing world land speed record by a whopping 20 mph. When she's not breaking world speed records, Ellis works as an IT analyst.

"Woman Goes to Jail, For Not Mowing Her Lawn!"
Truth! In Lenoir City, Tennessee, Karen Holloway actually went to jail over the condition of her yard. She admits she didn't properly maintain her yard, which had overgrown trees and bushes. After several warnings, Judge Terry Vann handed down a five-day jail sentence but than amended it to six hours.

 Question: "25% of people do this after buying a car. What is it?"

Extra Clue: nothing to do with a crash

Extra Clue: nothing to do with customizing

Final Clue: everyone has one

Answer: name it


911 Call; Man Falls In Love With 911 Operator While Asking About An Arrest Warrant ... a Lakewood, Ohio man called 911 to find out if he had an arrest warrant. He declared his love for the dispatcher, who answered

President Obama Encounters Jealous Boyfriend ... Yahoo claims Barack Obama ran into a jealous boyfriend while casting a midterm election vote in Chicago. He was voting next to Aia Cooper when her fiancé Mike Jones warned him: "Don't touch my girlfriend."
Barack replied: "You know, I really wasn't planning on it''.

Cooper said: "Please excuse him.''

Barack replied: ''An example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason, just for no reason whatsoever. I can't believe Mike, he's such a fool. He really is.''

Barack said: "Mike seems like a decent guy.

Female Survey: "Do you have an embarrassing partner? If so, what does he do or what has he done that is so embarrassing?"

Sofia Vergara on Today .. she says her boyfriend Joe Manganiello is "like another species". "I look at him, and it's like I feel like I am like in the movie 'E.T.' When an alien lands ... and I'm the one who gets to play with it"

Kelly covered Sam Smith’s ballad “Stay With Me” during a recent North Carolina concert, and absolutely blew it out of the park.
Check out the video above and see for yourself


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