Friday, April 24, 2015
114th day of the year.
There are 11 days remaining until Cinco de Mayo
There are 16 days remaining until Mother's Day
 Christmas Eve is exactly 8 months away. Just sayin'...

Today is National Hairball Awareness Day, National Teach Your Children To Save Day and National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

SATURDAY IS  DNA Day, Hug A Plumber Day, National Zucchini Bread Day and World Veterinary Day

On this date in 1704, the very first newspaper ever published in America hit the streets,

Friday's Birthday Cake:
Kelly Clarkson (33)
Cedric the Entertainer (51)
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson (69

Saturday's Birthday Cake:
Renee Zellweger (46)
Al Pacino (75)


Cinco De Mayo is just days away. SHOULD WE Book a Mariachi band to play live on your show

Fruity Pebbles ice cream cone and we all need to eat one

SOME McTROUBLE:  The fast-food giant plans to close at least 900 of its restaurants worldwide in 2015.

Sia has been secretly married to filmmaker Erik Anders for the past eight months.

According to a new study, employees who make love two or three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who don't.

53% of kids receive this by age 6? A cell phone.

''Bruce Jenner -- The Interview'' airs tonight

Ed Sheeran  likes unusual pizza toppings. ''French fries on top of the pizza, then roll it up and dip in some ketchup.

Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed" will be released on Valentine's weekends in 2017 and 2018

Denzel Washington is doing a sequel to ''The Equalizer'

Vin Diesel tells the LA Times that 'Furious 8' is happening.

'Nike" sounds like the Arabic word for sex.

The Daily Dot claims LinkedIn may launch a new “Interactive Fact Checking System” to make sure people are not lying on their resume. The service ''automatically monitors, processes, fact checks information, and indicates a status of the information.''

NO VACATION SELFIES!  some insurance companies are instituting new policies that state they aren't responsible for paying if someone posts vacation Selfies and their home is robbed. Insurance companies say vacation Selfies tip criminals that a home is vacant and an easy target.

Tickets for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight are averaging $11,000. The most expensive seat costs $70,000. Some Vegas bars are charging $300 for the fight. Tickets sold out in 60 seconds according to TMZ

HOT TREND:  MORE RESTRAUNTS OFFERING DELIVERY (app Postmates. Uber-like drivers will be delivering the food)

Doctors recently removed lots of coins from Rajpal Singh's stomach. The 34 year-old Punjab, India man had been swallowing coins and metal for three years because he was depressed. Singh swallowed 140 coins and 150 nails in addition to nuts, bolts and batteries

Grey's Anatomy Kills Off Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) ... During last night's show, Dr Derek (Demspsey) saved the lives of some car crash victims before his own car was struck by a truck as he left the scene. He was taken to a hospital where doctors couldn't save his life. Meredith pulled the plug on her husband's life

Bomb-posal: A LaCenter, Washington high schooler was recently suspended because he wore a fake bomb to ask a girl to prom. Ibrahim Ahmad walked into his school cafeteria wearing a paintball vest loaded with paper tubes attached to red wires. He was holding a sign that read: "I kno it's A little Late, But I'm kinda...THE BOMB! Rilea, Will U Be My Date To Prom?" Rilea Wolfe accepted Ahmad's prom-posal. Ahmad was suspended from school and the dance.

Mom Prom: Women are throwing 'Mom Proms' to raise money for charity.
-  women wear their old prom dresses. We dance all night. We have Mom Proms from California to New York, and we're so happy it started here in Michigan. There are Mom Proms in more than 30 states with more than 50 Mom Proms scheduled in 2012 ."

Mom Proms feature DJs, karaoke contests, tackiest dress contests and dinner. A Mom Prom Queen is also crowned.

Over-Bearing: A Washington state man, identified only as Bob, was recently attacked by a bear for the second time in his life.

He tells KOMO that he was walking in the woods with his dog Abby when he was mauled. “It was just running straight for me, The dog went running by me, and I just had this deja vu. It would whip around, do this 180 and go for my leg, my shoulders, my head, and just come in and bite me again, and I would just try to nail it when it came in. He was definitely after my head. So I was trying to protect everything up here and I was holding onto that stick and that was about the only thing that saved me. I still say it. I’m just getting too old to fight ‘em anymore, to tell you the truth.”

Bob suffered 40 bites, severe claw stripes and deep bruises. A team of agents shot the bear

Our greatest fear is being in a plane crash, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the American Diabetes Association. The top five things we fear the most:

    Being in a plane crash: 16%
    Snake bites: 13%
    Being hit by lightning: 5%
    Getting a disease: 5%
    A shark attack: 4%

The Ultimate Kickstarter!
In maybe the most Epic Kickstarter proposal ever, Aaron Schlechter is hoping to raise $1.2 Billion on Kickstarter... to buy Kickstarter! When Aaron first launched his kickstarter campaign he only wanted a relatively modest sum of $3,700 because he wanted to name dogs and write a book on the art of dog-naming. But when Kickstarter told him his campaign violated their guidelines, he decided their rules were stupid, and would set out to change them by buying the company. On his campaign page, Aaron wrote: "Kickstarter has informed me that I should focus on the 'book aspect' of my project rather than naming dogs, which-while a noble goal-does not fit within one of our 15 categories." He then explains if he raises the $1.2 Billion, he will buy Kickstarter and amend its rules so that only projects related to the naming of dogs will be allowed on the site. Ahh -- I'd give anything for a life with that much free time!

''Bruce Jenner -- The Interview'' airs tonight


TEXT- his woman says her aunt surprised everybody at dinner when she told the family she was pregnant. The aunt was 16 at the time. The woman's grandmother stormed out of the room

 Today's Question: "50% of pet owners do this to their pets. What is it?''

Extra Clue: usually in the form of a question

Extra Clue: annoying

Final Clue: normally reserved for infants

Answer: talk 'baby talk' to them


Woman Wets Her Pants During Live Interview ... in a video that's gone viral, a Mississippi woman wets her pants while being interviewed about a local shooting


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