Monday, March 20, 2017
79th day of the year.
 There are 286 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 12 days remaining until April Fool's Day
There are 27 days remaining until Easter
There are 46 days remaining until Cinco De Mayo
Today is The First Day of Spring, Act Happy Day, Alien Abduction Day, Great American Meatout Day, International Astrology Day, International Day of Happiness, International Earth Day, National Jump Out! Day, National Kiss Your Fiancé Day, National Ravioli Day, Proposal Day, Snowman Burning Day, Won't You Be My Neighbor Day and World Storytelling Day
Trending ...
The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is scheduled to open at around noon Monday, March 20.  According to the bridge tender, the Coast Guard cutter Diligence is heading out.
- Business Newswire claims participating Dairy Queen restaurants are celebrating the start of Spring today by giving away free, small vanilla soft serve cones. Participating non-mall locations will also be accepting donations for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
Parents at a Florida school called Innovation Park Middle School want the name changed because of the acronym "IPMS."
Hasbro, the maker of the board game Monopoly, announced the results of a poll in which fans chose the tokens that will appear in the next generation of the game: a Rubber Ducky, a T-rex and a Penguin.
- TechCrunch claims Netflix is replacing their 5-star rating system with a new 'thumbs up or thumbs down' option. The replacement will happen in April.
- Uproxx claims Netflix is introducing a Skip Credits Button which will allow people to skip credits and move to the next episode of a show. The button only appears when watching Netflix through a web browser
- Business Insider claims RadioShack is closing 552 stores due to declining sales
The so-called "black box" in a commercial airliner is actually orange. (Yes)
Because of the current bread shortage in Venezuela, the government has taken over all of the country's bakeries.
Taylor Swift wants to star in more movies. A source tells the magazine: “She’s tired of her ‘good girl’ reputation, and she’s looking for a character to play that will showcase her racy side. She’s on a mission
Rihanna is launching a limited edition sock collection called Murder Ri Wrote. The socks will cost anywhere from $26 to $30 for a 3-pack. is carrying the socks
- The NY Daily News claims ESPN has signed former NFL coach Rex Ryan as an analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown
Then there's the 14-year-old who was wandering around Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas and found a 7.44-carat diamond.
Chuck Berry DIED SATURDAY... 
Medics found Berry unresponsive on Saturday at his home outside of St. Louis. 
Chuck was 90. 
The Kansas City Star claims a new CD from Chuck is expected to be released later this year
Chuck was performing up until his death
HE'S PART OF MUSIC & MOVIE HISTORY! Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" In 'Back To The Future'
Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.
1. "Beauty and the Beast," $170 million ($180 million international) (Cinema Scoop ... The movie cost $160 million to produce. 'Beauty and the Beast' set a new record for largest opening ever for a G or PG-rated film. 'Beauty and the Beast' had the highest opening weekend ever for a March movie release beating out 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', which made $166 million)
2. "Kong: Skull Island," $28.9 million
3. "Logan," $17.5 million
Beauty and the Beast 2: claims Disney is already thinking about doing a sequel to Beauty and the Beast
A hairdresser in Germany is offering snake massages with his haircuts. Frank Doehlen places his 13 year-old python on people's necks while he cuts their hair. He got the idea for snake massages while watching several during a trip to South Africa. He says Monte the Snake is the ideal masseuse because he is 4-feet long and 90% muscle
Man's Pants Catch On Fire In Costco: A Puyallup, Washington man was recently shopping in Costco when his pants caught on fire. The man's smartphone exploded as smoke filled the hardware aisle. A Costco manager and several employees rushed over with a fire extinguisher. The shopper was not injured and was given new pants by the store
Ed Sheeran tells the Sun newspaper that he recently bought an Italian Vineyard. "I didn't want to buy in Tuscany because there are too many English people there. There is a vineyard and the moment I saw it I knew I had to buy that place. It's in Umbria. 
Here Comes The Bride
A new survey by Brides magazine reveals that 73% of newlyweds now contribute to the cost of their wedding. Other findings:
- 14% of brides have had a Man of Honor (male friend) instead of a Maid of Honor.
- 33% of couples already have children by the time they get married.
- September and October have replaced May and June as the most popular months to get married.
- The average cost of a wedding is $26,522
- The average cost of a wedding reception is $11,380.
- The average wedding cake cost is $417.
- The average wedding dress cost is $1,517. That's up $137 from 2015.
- 35% of couples exceed their wedding budget.
- 82% of couples live together prior to getting married
- The average length of an engagement is now 14.4 months.
- December is the most popular month to get engaged.
Lady Gaga Says She's Growing Up ... she doesn't do all the wacky outfits and crazy make-up she did in the past. She says she's growing up.
With today being the start of Spring, it's time to play 'Spring Cleaning.' What items around your house have other uses than what they are intended for?
Olive Oil:
Can polish unpainted wood
Removes a ring on a wooden table
 Removes most anything sticky (Bumper sticker)
Flip Flop Sandals:
A. Removes pet hair from carpeting
A. Cleans toilets
What the What?
People of Ohio - you can all relax! The 70-pound popcorn ball has been returned. Yep, a 70-pound popcorn ball valued at $700 was returned anonymously four days after it was stolen. Created by Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop for the city's annual New Year's Eve popcorn ball drop, was stolen from a display spot outside the store. Police were called but then someone anonymously returned the ball to the store the next day. Manager Patti Raymond said store owner, Dewey Forward, found the ball on a bench outside the shop and said, "It appears to be intact, not smashed up. Police have not identified any suspects in the theft. (
What is your favorite color? Blue consistently tops the list of favorite colors worldwide, while yellow and orange are favored by only a few. Your favorite color has a deeper meaning than guiding you in fashion and decorating choices. It also says something about your personality. has helpfully done the hard work to define what each color means. And while it's not real science, it is fun.
If your favorite color is...
Blue: You are calm, cool and have an ability to keep things on an even keel -- more so than others.
Red: You are bold, sexually charged and want to make a lasting impression.
Green: You place much importance on money and financial security, as well as security in your relationships.
Orange: You are friendly, easy going and love to be the center of attention.
Purple: You are a bit of a hippie with utopian ideals, favoring mysticism to reality.
Pink: You are a little naïve, sheltered and have delicate sensibilities.
Yellow: You are a happy idealist, who is often underestimated, with a high level of optimism.
Gray: You are afraid of commitment, lack passion and have no major likes or dislikes.
Black: You are part moody and part sophisticated, as well as a complicated realist with a need for control.
Brown: You are simple and comfortable and have no need for extravagance. You are reliable, frugal and direct.
White: You are innocent and hope to convince others of your purity (which you may or may not really have).
HELUIM  President Trump Calls Snoop Dogg A Low Life .... President Trump comments on Snoop Dogg's recent music video where Snoop shoots a 'Trump Clown.' Trump says it was terrible. He says Snoop is a low life and his career is failing.
Today's Mindbender: ''The average child downs 15 pounds of this per year. What is it?"
Extra Clue: sweet
Extra Clue: not candy
Final Clue: mornings
Answer: cereal