Tuesday, September 19, 2017

262nd day of the year.

There are 103 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 27 days remaining until Boss's Day

There are 42 days remaining until Halloween

Today is National Butterscotch Pudding Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Facebook Snooze Button: The Daily Telegraph claims Facebook is testing a new 'Snooze button' that allows you to silence a person, a page or a group from 24 hours to 30 days. That person's pictures and posts won't be seen in your news feed when the snooze button is activated. The snooze button does not unfriend any users


  • On the eve of its 50th anniversary, Rolling Stone Magazine is up for sale.
  • Critic Rex Reed says the new Jennifer Lawrence film "Mother!" could be the worst film of the century.
  • TOYS R US FILES FOR CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY: Online shopping has hobbled yet another once high-flying retailer. Toys R Us announced late Monday (September 18th) that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but said that its operations will continue as  normal and that all of its approximately 1,600 locations will remain open. The big-box toy store chain said that court-supervised proceedings will help it restructure its outstanding debt and reorganize.
  • Marshawn Lynch has been fined $12,000 for flipping off fans during a game.
  • All eyes are on Hurricane Maria, the 7th hurricane of the season and the possibility it could strike Florida. They're saying it could be the worst hurricane to hit Puerto Rico since 1928.
  • Might want to write it down on your calendar so you don't miss it next year, but yesterday -- September 18th -- was National Cheeseburger Day.


GWEN STEFANI TEASES POSSIBLE CHRISTMAS ALBUM: Gwen Stefani posted to Twitter on Monday teasing a “Big announcement coming Thursday


MARIAH CAREY’S E! SERIES CANCELLEDE! has opted to not green light a second season of Mariah’s World. The docuseries followed Mariah Carey’s personal and professional life as she geared up for her tour.

- The Wrap claims 11.38 million people watched the Emmys on Sunday night. That tied last year's all-time ratings low.

- Hello magazine claims Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton are expecting their second child. The couple has a child named Gus, who was born in 2010

- Contact Music claims James Corden and his wife Julia are expecting a baby girl.


working on a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie. The film would see Eddie Murphy return as Axel Foley and either Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy star as the film's main villain. The film has a reported budget of $50 million.


111 Year-Old Woman Credits Long Life To Whiskey: Metro UK claims Londoner Grace Jones recently turned 111. She says the key to her longevity is a shot of whiskey each night. ‘Don't feel any different than I did at 21



'ALT-RIGHT,' 'PREGAME,' 'FRO-YO' AMONG NEW WORDS ADDED TO MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY: Merriam-Webster said Monday (September 18th) that it had added about 250 new terms to its dictionary. Some of them rounded up by Time include:

·         alt-right: a right-wing, primarily online political movement or grouping based in the U.S. whose members reject mainstream conservative politics and espouse extremist beliefs and policies typically centered on ideas of white nationalism

·         bunny: (in basketball) an easy shot, such as a layup, taken close to the basket

·         froyo: frozen yogurt

·         hive mind: the collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions of a group of people (such as Internet users) regarded as functioning together as a single mind

·         pregame: to begin drinking alcohol before an event or activity (such as a party or a night out)

·         showrunner: a person who oversees the writing and production of each episode of a television series and has ultimate managerial and creative control over the series

·         sriracha: a pungent sauce that is made from hot peppers pureed with usually garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar and that is typically used as a condiment



BIG PLANS FOR THE NEXT 4TH OF JULY:   A 'Military Parade' On The Fourth Of July ... during a recent press conference with the President of France, Trump said he's thinking about having a military parade in Washington D.C. on July 4th. He wants to showcase America's military power.



Mark Lumsden, of Fife, England, has been ordered by his wife to sell his Batman-themed hearse. The hearse features a skeleton, the Batman logo and a smoke machine.

Mark tells the paper that his wife won't allow him to have the Batman hearse and a Spider-Man van. “I was thinking about getting a van and getting that wrapped like Spiderman and it would then be the “Spider Van”






locals in Berks, England are looking for a phantom funeral crasher. The woman has been attending memorial services at her local church in order to eat free food.



Couple Seeks Corporate Sponsors For Wedding: The Daily Mirror claims Jason Mielke, of Saskatchewan, Canada, lost his job in the oil and gas industry and is now seeking corporate sponsors to pay for his wedding to Rebecca Hanson. The couple is scheduled to get married on November 25th. They are looking for companies to pay for spa services for Rebecca and her maid of honor, cigars, a red carpet leading to the church, champagne and a wedding cake. Jason will not allow companies to place corporate logos on Rebecca's wedding dress.



Mom Creates Hug Button: The Daily Mail claims Louise Mallett, of Ipswich, England, is making headlines for drawing a 'hug button' on her son's hand. She says he was nervous about the first day of school so she drew a heart on her hand and on his and said every time he pressed it they could send hugs to one another


Mayo Belly Flop Contest At NFL Game: The NY Post claims Jacksonville Jaguars fans held a mayonnaise belly flop contest before Sunday's game against the Titans. Fans inflated a pool before filling it with mayo. One Jaguars fan stripped down to his underwear before diving into the mayo.


 a North Carolina woman named Allie Webb has invented a $7 spray that attracts Bigfoot.

She tells the paper that the spray is called Bigfoot Juice. “To attract a Bigfoot, you need a smell that is woodsy enough to keep from scaring him off. But slightly different enough to make him curious and come to investigate.



Christmas has come early for 98 Degrees fans. The band has released the first song off their upcoming Christmas album, Let It Snow. The song is a new original holiday tune called “Season of Love.”


It’s set for an October 20th release.


The group – Nick LacheyDrew LacheyJeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre – will embark on a 31-city Christmas tour, kicking off November 9th and concluding December 23rd.

Dec. 05: Durham, NC

Durham Performing Arts Center



DISNEYLAND SELLING MINI CORN DOG NACHOS: If you've ever dreamed of eating many tiny corndogs covered in a variety of topping you'll want to head to California. On the menu at Disneyland's White Water Snacks at the Grand Californians Hotel one can order a platter of mini corn dog nachos. The tiny corn dog pieces come topped with nacho cheese, tomatoes, olives, green onions, jalapenos, and guacamole. The dish is only available through the end of September.


Making Your Annual Salary in a Day
The current annual salary of the president of the United States is $400,000. Barack Obama is now making that much per speech. While he took a lot of flak earlier this year for collecting a $400,000 fee for speaking at an event for investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, Bloomberg reports that Obama got another $400,000 last month for speaking to clients of Northern Trust Corp. Then last week he spoke for private equity firm Carlyle Group, presumably for a paycheck in the same ballpark. Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis brushes off complaints that Obama should turn down such paydays and says, "His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth." But Jeff Hauser of the Revolving Door Project, says that Obama should forego the lucrative gigs if he intends to keep having a say in Democratic politics. In truth, all past presidents make pretty good coin on the speaking circuit after their time in office. Former President Reagan still holds the record - collecting $2 million for a single speech for the Fujisankei Communications Group in Japan shortly after his presidency. Oh - and just FYI: Along with that $400,000 salary, our president also gets a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001 while George W. Bush was in office.






According to BillboardLogic’s “1-800-273-8255,” which features Khalid and Alessia Cara, is now the No. 3 song in the country. That makes “1-800-273-8255″ the highest charting phone number (in the title of a song) in the Hot 100. Tommy Tutone’s ’80s hit “867-5309/Jenny,” the prior record-holder, peaked at No. 4.

While the other two have doomed their famous phone numbers to be pranked called forever, Logic’s hit stands out because it’s also the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The service reported a 50% increase in call volume after Logic performed the song at MTV’s Video Music Awards. “1-800-273-8255″ is also Logic, Cara, and Khalid’s highest Billboard entry. 


Full Story: Billboard

Here is an updated look at the Hot 100 hits with phone numbers as (or part of) their titles, ranked by peak position:

·         No. 3 (to date), “1-800-273-8255,” Logic feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid, 2017

·         No. 4, “867-5309/Jenny,” Tommy Tutone, 1982

·         No. 13, “634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.),” Wilson Pickett, 1966

·         No. 17, “Beechwood 4-5789,” The Marvelettes, 1962 (the title includes a now-long-defunct telephone exchange name)

·         No. 32, “853-5937,” Squeeze, 1988

·         No. 38, “911,” Wyclef Jean feat. Mary J. Blige, 2000

·         No. 88, “777-9311,” The Time, 1982



Match.com has a list of ten things men want to know about women:

Is she insecure?
Does she talk incessantly about past relationships? Does each conversation eventually loop around to stories about "all the guys" she's been with? You'd be better off staying home and watching the game.

Is she one-dimensional?
If your date can't stop talking about her job, graduate courses or latest workout plan, you'll be looking at your watch and feigning an illness within the hour.

Art house or frat house?
What books and movies does she like? If she wrote her dissertation on Chaucer and you spent the majority of your academic career passed out on a beer-stained sofa - she may not be the girl for you. Do her a favor and move on.

To dance or not to dance?
Believe it or not, this is a major point of contention. If you're like me and the idea of getting your groove on leaves your knees trembling and palms sweating like a nervous schoolboy, either find a girl who values conversation or start practicing in your apartment with the blinds closed.

Does she think I'm funny?
Check out past e-mails or jog your memory to see if she has responded well to your particular brand of humor. And yes, our egos are huge and delicate - we're working on it.

Are her friends cool, and more importantly, will they cool? 

If she can't seem to make a decision without consulting her entourage, or if you think her friends are of suspect character, be wary. That said, don't be above directing a little genuine kindness at her friends.

Do I like the way she looks?
Seems like a no-brainer. If you haven't met her in person, try to check out a good photo and act accordingly. Don't try to be the noble, heroic "I'm above caring about looks" kind of guy. Find someone whose looks you enjoy and enjoy them.

Is she vegetarian?
This is a logistical issue. If your idea of a fun date is to throw some dead animal flesh on the grill, and she would rather toss a salad, smoke a clove cigarette, and listen to Cat Stevens records, you have a problem.

What is she looking for?
Is she looking for a life partner or just someone with whom she can watch tractor pulls and write poetry? Try to discern her motives and act accordingly, being careful not to take advantage.



Today's Mindbender: ''61% of men have lied about liking this in order to fit in. What is it?"

Extra Clue: weekly

Extra Clue: Sunday

Final Clue: not church

Answer: NFL football