Friday, May 27, 2016

148th day of the year.

There are 23 days remaining until Father's Day


Today is National Wig Out Day, National Cellophane Tape Day, National Grape Popsicle Day, National Don’t Fry Day, National Heat Awareness Day and Sun Screen Day

SAT IS  Jazz Day, National Brisket Day and National Hamburger Day




Rihanna's new Puma sneakers have sold out. The shoes retail for $140


Chillin N Grillin WEEKNDS


38 million people will be traveling during Memorial Day weekend

26% of people shout profanity at other drivers.




According to Reader's Digest, some hangovers can last up to four weeks.


Keep your eyes on a new restaurant chain,The Organic Coup. Lots of Costco money is being invested in it.


A town in Australia has been invaded by 100,000 bats.


A new blood test reportedly can warn men who are at a risk of dementia.


The CDC says only 15% of Americans still smoke cigarettes.


Paul McCartney says that Kanye West is a "crazy guy that comes up with some great stuff."


Ozzy Osbourne is still wearing his wedding ring following his affair with Michelle Pugh


Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell" is back in a Wisconsin jail after allegedly violating his parole from a bar fight conviction.


Jennifer Aniston's mom, Nancy Dow, has passed away at age 79.


Radar Online claims Charlie Sheen has released a new set of emojis called Sheen-mojis


Daniel Craig and Katherine Heigl are in talks to star in a new NASCAR film called ''Logan Lucky''. The movie is about two brothers, who plan a heist during a NASCAR race in Charlotte.


The new Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith Coupe comes equipped with a built-in champagne refrigerator with room for two bottles and eight Cristal champagne flutes. claimsKhloe Kardashian is divorcing Lamar Odom. She cited irreconcilable differences


The Big Lead claimsChris Berman will retire from ESPN after the 2016 football season. He has been with the company since 1979


Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination for President with 1,238 delegates. He needed 1,237 delegates. Trump celebrated his nomination by tweeting pictures of himself eating a McDonald's burger, McDonald's fries and a Diet Coke.


National Spelling Bee

The final words were "Feldenkrais" and "gesellschaft."

It is the third year in a row where the Bee ended in a tie


Sunday, May 29-  NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Coca-Cola 600  (From Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C


NBA Playoffs TONIGHT: (Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors)


What A Doll: Blow-up dolls replaced beach balls at some graduation ceremonies. Educators are outraged at students, who have posted videos of their pranks on YouTube. They're even more upset with parents for cheering and batting the dolls.


Man Takes Nap While Driving: A Palo Alto, California man was recently spotted napping behind the wheel of his Tesla. Another motorist videotaped the man slumped behind the wheel of his self-driving car. The electric car's autopilot feature was engaged in stop-and-go traffic


Easy Rider: A senior, from Skyline High School in Millcreek, Utah, was recently fined $1,500 for his senior prank. The boy drove his motorcycle through school hallways as friends filmed his stunt.



Robotic: CNN claims the Pittsburgh Steelers are using robots during practice. The motorized robots were developed at Dartmouth and can move as fast as 18 mph. The robots can run a 40-yard dash in five seconds. The robots get recharged after each practice. Players like the robots because they are no longer having to tackle one another.


Teacher's Pet: Cody Dortch, a 5th grader from Edmond, Oklahoma, started saving his money back in October in order to take his elementary school teachers out to dinner following his graduation. He did extra chores, babysitting and random jobs to save $200. Cody took his teachers out for a meal to show his appreciation for what they have done for him.


Whale Vomit Beer:The Robe Town Brewery in Melbourne, Australia is selling whale vomit beer.

The brewery's website reads: "The result is a pungent, animalistic aroma, musky ethereal perfume, full body, caramel malt and fruity flavors, very balanced bitterness. Though the aroma may not be for the faint-hearted, and the beer isn't exactly vegan-friendly, the ambergris perfume adds another dimension to this unique tasting experience."


The top 20 most romantic U.S. cities are:

#1- Alexandria, Virginia

Miami, Florida

Knoxville, Tennessee

Orlando, Florida

Vancouver, Washington

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbia, South Carolina

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Round Rock, Texas

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Atlanta, Georgia

Salt Lake City, Utah

Scottsdale, Arizona

Everett, Washington

Gainesville, Florida

Seattle, Washington

#17- Wilmington, North Carolina

Rochester, New York

Dayton, Ohio

Bellevue, Washington



Stop Right Now:A Secret Victoria Beckham Hip-Hop Album Exists, & You Need To Hear It



Zara Larsson On The Time She Met Beyonce ... she and her sister got to go backstage at a Beyonce concert. Zara cried, and laid down on the floor like a "Swedish meatball"


Memorial Day weekend is here signaling the official start of the BBQ and pool season. This makes it the perfect time for a round of BBQ Sauce or BS. Have your audience tell you which BBQ sauce name is real and which one isn't

Road Kill BBQ Sauce (Real)

Oink Oink Doink Doink BBQ Sauce (BS)

Funny Farm Original BBQ Sauce (Real)

Redneck Bar-B-Que Sauce (Real)

Squeel City Sauce (BS)



Today's Mindbender: ''20% of drivers couldn't do this if asked to today. What is it?''

Answer: pass a written driver's test


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