Friday, February 17, 2017
48th day of the year. 
There are 317 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 11 days remaining until Mardi Gras
We're exactly a month away from St. Patrick's Day. And that rhymes!
Today is National Cabbage Day, National PTA Founders' Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and World Human Spirit Day
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Friday's Birthday Cake:
pop star Ed Sheeran (26)
Paris Hilton (36)
Michael Jordan (54)
Larry the Cable Guy (54)
Saturday's Birthday Cake:
Dr Dre (52)
John Travolta (63)
Monday's Birthday Cake:
Rihanna (29)
Britney Spears the 10th anniversary of her head shaving WAS  yesterday 
- TMZ claims Harrison Ford was back flying again yesterday just days after a mishap at an Orange County, California airport. He and a co-pilot were behind the controls of a Cessna twin engine jet
Another sporting goods chain, MC Sports, has filed for bankruptcy.
Amazon has filed for a patent where their drones would deliver packages by parachute to some locations.
no one won Wednesday's Powerball jackpot so tomorrow night's drawing is worth at least $350 million.
- A new survey by Bloomberg BNA reveals that only 39% of employers are giving employees President's Day off. Monday is President's Day
Disney will release the galaxy's newest "Star Wars" toys at a September 1 midnight event to be called "Force Friday II" ahead of the holiday debut of the next film in the saga, "The Last Jedi."
Facebook has unveiled an app that will allow people to watch their videos on TV.
A supermarket in Scotland has come up with a relaxed check-out line where people are encouraged to take their time, talk and ask the cashier questions.
A survey says that half of all married couples in Japan are not having sex.
- Elite Daily, citing Apple Insider, claims the next iPhone may offer a feature that lets owners know when their screen is about to crack. Apple has reportedly filed a patent for their technology
Floyd Mayweather is a 25-1 favorite to beat Conor McGregor in a boxing match
- A new Gallup survey reveals that 51% of workers are looking to leave their current job
- Page Six claims Nick Cannon is now wearing robes and turbans and referring to himself as Reverend Dr. Cannon. claims a Tom Brady fan recently got a likeness of the quarterback's face tattooed on his butt cheek. It took the Boston Barber and Tattoo Company three hours to ink the left cheek.
Matt Damon -  Man Bun-  The Great Wall.   in theaters NOW
George Clooney will either pick Brad Pitt or Matt Damon to be the godfather of his twins.
Fart Classes:
 An art gallery in North Wales, England was recently the victim of a newspaper typo. They placed an ad in the North Wales Weekly News promoting art classes. A typo caused the ad to read "Fart Classes" instead of "Art Classes"
workers at a recycling plant in Ontario, Canada recently found $100,000 in an old TV. There were four stacks of $50 bills. The TV also contained several documents that helped the recycling plant locate the TV's owner. He forgot about the money after stashing it in the TV 30 years ago
Man Hopes Walmart Sign Falls On Him: 
Global News claims a Texas man, named Manuel Garcia, has been standing under a Walmart sign for several days hoping it wil fall. The store has a pharmacy sign on the side of the building with a dangling P. Garcia is hoping the P falls and hits him so he can sue Walmart.
A picture of him standing under the sign has garnered more than 18,000 likes
Man Drives Drunk To Cop Interview: 
WWWN claims a 48 year-old Manchester, England man recently drove to his interview at the Manchester police station while drunk. The hiring manager smelled alcohol on the man's breath before calling a traffic officer to administer a breathalyzer test. The job applicant admitted to drinking wine with his wife and was well above the legal limit. The Manchester police rejected the man's job application before charging him with a DUI. A judged banned the man from driving for a year and fined him $250.
Father Busts 14 Year-Old Daughter Working At Bar: A father from Shanghai, China recently received the shock of his life when he walked into a bar and saw his 14 year-old daughter serving alcohol.
He tells Shanghai Radio that she was sneaking out of her bedroom at night to work. “I didn’t believe it at first until I saw her sitting behind the bar, wearing heavy make-up, cosmetic contact lenses and false eyelashes. Her cleavage was exposed, and I was scared to death when I saw her like that,” he said.
The daughter quit her job and returned home with their father
Swipe Right is out with their list of the cars Tinder users are most likely to swipe right on.
1. Audi A4
2. Ford Fiesta
3. Fiat Punto
4. Audi A3
5. Ford Focus
If you ever get to choose where you live -- as opposed to moving for a job or for family -- consider moving to Austin, TX. It has been crowned in the number one spot on U.S. News & World Report's "2017 Best Places to Live" list. Why Austin? It's a combination of factors. Not only is it a desirable place to live, but also it's a good value with a strong job market. Most important is that Austin boasts a high quality of life. And people are flocking to the Texas capital. About 50 people move to Austin every day, thanks to the many music venues, outdoor space and cultural institutions.
The top 10 places to live in the U.S.:
Austin, Texas
Denver, Colorado
San Jose, California
Washington, D.C.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Seattle, Washington
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
Boston, Massachusetts
Des Moines, Iowa
Salt Lake City, Utah
What a Great Idea! Well-Behaved Children Discount!
Finally, it may pay for parents to raise well-behaved children - restaurant discounts! After witnessing a large family's five children quietly and contentedly coloring in coloring books while the adults drank and chatted at his wine bar, Italian restaurateur Antonio Ferrari decided a new policy was in order. One of the last lines on the family's check read "Sconto Bimbi Educati," or "Educated Children Discount." In a Facebook post, Ferrari marvels that "it's just so unusual" to see such well-behaved children in a restaurant. He describes them as having "much composure." The family was apparently so pleased with their 5% discount - nearly $14 - they reciprocated by leaving a $30 tip.
Need a New Job? How's Your Tweeting?
Hate your job? Hate your boss? Want a change? The Queen is hiring. Yep - Queen Elizabeth is recruiting for a seasoned social media user to run her personal Twitter account - and she'll pay you $38,000 a year to Tweet for her. The job vacancy, which has been posted on her official website says that she's looking for a new "digital communications officer" to join her "fast-paced" team. The full-time role will involve the running of the royal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. Your job will be to write posts about her work-documenting state visits, award ceremonies and various Royal engagements. As the advertisement states - your content will be "viewed by millions." "It's finding new ways to maintain The Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage."
Women's Health) If you're like the 60 percent of Whisper respondents who said they don't toss theirs until it's falling apart. Consider its stages of stankiness:
After One Month
With every use, you've transferred bacteria from your skin to the loofah, where it gets trapped in the nooks and crannies, says dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D. By now, you're just washing up with bugs, which could cause folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles on the skin.
After 3 Months
There isn't just bacteria in there, but likely allergy-provoking mold as well, fostered by the humid environment in your shower.
Beyond 4 Months
Lady, get rid of it. If the reasons listed aren't enough to motivate you to get a new loofah, maybe the smell which could rival a pro football locker room will. Not even a fragrant shower get can mask this odor.
All of the following are the real middle names of these people Eddie Reagan Murphy
Macauley Carson Culkin
Russell IRA  Crowe 
Hugh Mungo Grant
Tracy Morgan On Seth Meyers ... Tracy was in a coma following his car accident several years ago. He stayed away from the light because he thought it was the police not heaven. Tracy claims he had several warrants out for his arrest
Today's Mindbender: ''26% of people don't know this about their partner? What is it?"
Extra Clue: does not involve their past
Extra Clue: topping
Final Clue: green
Answer: their favorite salad dressing


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