Thursday, February 11, 2016

42nd day of the year.

There are 323 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 3 days remaining until Valentine's Day


Today is Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day, Make a Friend Day, National Inventors' Day, National Peppermint Patty Day, Pro Sports Wives Day, Satisfied Staying Single Day, Get Out Your Guitar Day and White T-Shirt Day



-- On this date in 1751, the first U.S. hospital opened

-- On this date in 1847, Inventor Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio

-- On this date in 1948, the La-Z-Boy chair was invented




Thursday's Birthday Cake:

Taylor Lautner (24)

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child (35)

Old Spice star Isaiah Mustafa (42)

Jennifer Aniston (47)





#17-  Wilmington, North Carolina  (most romantic U.S. cities)  


They say we're on the way to 99-cent a gallon gas.



Sears has announced its closing 50 stores. More on the way.



Whoa -- is Liam Neeson dating Kristen Stewart?



 A report says that the Facebook app drains as much as 15% of an iPhone battery every day.



The Titanic II, a replica of the original Titanic ship, is set to make its maiden voyage in 2018. The ship has 9 decks, is 885 feet long and will sail from Dubai to the United States. Some people are offering $900,000 for a cabin on the maiden voyage



Johhny Depp Stars In "Funny Or Die" Donald Trump Parody ... Funny Or Die released a trailer for a fake Donald Trump biopic, called "The Art of the Deal: The Movie." Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump



Zoolander 2 opens today.  Spoiler Alert... Justin Bieber dies in Zoolander 2.



Peyton Manning smashed an egg on his head last night on Jimmy Fallon. Manning and Magic Johnson played Egg Russian Roulette ...



Charlize Theron may play a villain in Fast 8



A new survey by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that 8.4% of women smoked during their pregnancy.



- A new survey by the commerce company Nearby reveals that 62% of people make Valentine's Day plans at the last minute. Other findings



 - Florists say Valentine's Day accounts for 12% of their annual sales.



sales of Viagra increased by 25% this week



- With Valentine's Day here, Forrester Research estimates that about 10% of users on free online dating sites could be con artists.




Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are traveling to New York for a Kanye West fashion show tonight



- A survey by Protect-A-Bed reveals that50% of people want a good night’s sleep for Valentine’s Day. 64% of people care more about getting eight or more hours of sleep nightly for the rest of their lives than finding a partner.




New Movies Opening Tonight


Deadpool (Rated R) .. STARRING: Ryan Reynolds ... a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.


Zoolander 2 (Rated PG-13) ... STARRING: Penelope Cruz, Billy Zane, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Jonah Hill, Fred Armisen, Christine Taylor, Justin Bieber, ... Derek and Hansel re-invent themselves 10 years after becoming fashion icons. They go after the killers of the world's most beautiful people


How to Be Single (Rated R) ... STARRING: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Damon Wayans Jr. ... a movie about NYC singles, who sleep around




Perhaps the Greatest Website Ever

Tara Button was working in advertising and one of her clients was Le Creuset, the famous maker of ceramic cookware that has a lifetime guarantee. At one point she thought, "Why aren't there more things like this?" Then she got the idea for the website: Now the website is booming and only sells products that are such high quality that they come with a lifetime guarantee.




The top 20 most romantic U.S. cities are:


    #1- Alexandria, Virginia

    Miami, Florida

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    Orlando, Florida

    Vancouver, Washington

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Columbia, South Carolina

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Round Rock, Texas

    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    Everett, Washington

    Gainesville, Florida

    Seattle, Washington

   #17-  Wilmington, North Carolina

    Rochester, New York

    Dayton, Ohio

    Bellevue, Washington




 Tatted Up


A new Harris poll reveals that 29% of people have at least one tattoo. Other findings:


- 47% of Millennials have a tattoo


- 36% of Gen Xers have a tattoo.


- 13% of baby boomers have a tattoo.




$95,681 for a bottle of Big Mac sauce.

 Secret Sauce: Someone recently paid $95,681 for a bottle of Big Mac sauce. McDonald's placed the bottle up for sale to raise money for charity.

A McDonald's spokesperson tells the Daily Mirror: “The Big Mac burger sauce is so hard to get hold of. The bottle will be delivered to its owner in a special collector’s box, with a voucher for a free burger. trying to confirm after a two-week bidding frenzy that the “incredible” winning offer was genuine."



Here are seven ways to keep a guy interested, according to


    Have a life -- He'll see that you're someone with stuff going on, and he'll wonder what you're up to now.

    Call the shots -- Invite him to do something outside-the-box with you.

    Stir his senses -- Wear a subtle and alluring scent. When he hugs you close, he'll be drawing you in with every breath he takes. When you part, a little hint of you will linger on his collar, invoking the essence of you in his mind all day long.

    Wear sexy underwear -- Even if you keep all your clothes on, a pair of lacy boy-cuts under your jeans will make you feel hot.

    Feed the fire -- Let him know you think he's sexy. Brush lightly against his shoulder as you walk by him, tell him you like those pants he's wearing, give him "the look" as your parting glance.

    Kiss to impress -- With an unforgettable kiss like that, you'll be guaranteed to hold his interest.

    Stay in touch -- Shoot him an e-mail or a quick phone call to say hello and let him know he is on your mind.




Baths Are Like A Box of Chocolates: Some Japanese lovers will be spending Sunday in chocolate Jacuzzi baths. Many Tokyo spas are sold out and say some customers resold their special Valentine Day's packages for 4-5 times what they paid. Dark chocolate baths cost more.





Sexual Chocolate: Men from all over the world are trying to buy an aphrodisiac-laced Valentine's Day chocolate. Former food scientist Hanna Frederick says her candy is fortified with Tongkat Ali, a potent herb from Southeast Asia that stimulates testosterone production in men. It takes three days of eating the chocolate before a man will notice a difference in his system. "We are not trying to create a substitute for Viagra. This is just a bit of passionate fun." Frederick says men, who overdose on her chocolates experience insomnia, anxiety and restlessness.






The Oscar goodie bags this year are worth $232,000 and include:


    Haze Dual Vaporizer ($249.99)

    Personalized M&Ms ($300)

    A 10,000-meal donation made in the nominee's name to an animal shelter or rescue of their choice ($6,300)

    A lifetime supply of Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Cream and Pu-erh Tea Cleansing Bar ($31,200)

    A year's worth of Silvercar rentals ($45,000)

    10-day all-expenses-paid trip to Israel ($55,000)

    Tribute video services ($125)

    Caolion Ultimate Pore Care gift set ($134)

    Healing Saint Luminosity skin serum and hair follicle stimulant ($193)

    Private walking tour of Japan for up to 15 days ($54,000)

    10 personal training sessions with Alexis Seletzky ($900)

    Belldini gift certificate ($300+)

    Chapstick ($6)

    Chocolatines Drunken Fig Cake Bites ($35)

    Dandi Patch to make sweat stains ($21)

    Delovery gift basket ($2,000)

    Druzy earrings ($25)

    Fit Club TV "Ultimate Fitness Package" ($6,250)

    Gleener on the Go ($11.99)

    3-day stay at the Golden Door Resort & Spa in San Marcos, CA ($4,800)

    3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy ($5,000)

    3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como ($5,000)

    Greenhill Blanc de Blancs wine ($39)

    Hydroxycut Gummies ($19.88)

    3 fitness training sessions with Jay Cardiello ($1,400)

    Joseph's Toiletries toilet paper ($275)

    Sterling silver necklace ($150)

    Memobottles ($47)

    El Silencio Mezcal ($75)

    Mission1 protein bar ($5.64)

    Nuelle Fiera arouser for her ($250)

    Phantom Glass screen protector ($49.95-59.95)

    Purely Inspired Organic Protein ($19.97)

    Rouge Maple culinary products ($99)

    Sedone Lace makeup brush set ($109.95)

    Signature Vodka ($70)

    Slimware plates ($29.95)

    Steamist spa system ($5,060)

    Sundial powder coating ($500)

    Blow dryers and flat irons ($250)

    Vampire Breast Lift ($1,900)

    Wallet ($125)

    740 Park plastic surgery ($5,530)




 Today's Question: "14% of people believe owning this makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. What is it?"


Extra Clue: nothing to do with a car


Extra Clue: nothing materialistic


Final Clue: near and dear to their heart


Answer: a cute dog





London Bakery Assistant Has A Crippling Cake Phobia ... 27-year-old Rachael Lee is terrified of cakes. She believes the phobia may be related to a childhood trauma. She cries and has panic attacks whenever she eats cake. She even passes out. The twist is that she works in a bakery



President Obama Congratulates The Denver Broncos ... Obama phoned Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak and linebacker DeMarcus Ware, to congratulate them on their victory in Super Bowl 50. He invited them to the White House



Jordan Sasser sings 'All By Myself.' The judges thought it was too 'theatrical



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