Wednesday, September 2, 2015

245th day of the year.

There are 120 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Blueberry Popsicle Day and National "Grits for Breakfast" Day



-- On this date in 1789, The U.S. Treasury Department was started


Wednesday's Birthday Cake:

pop star and DJ Zedd (26)

Keanu Reeves (51)

Terry Bradshaw (67)






That was the worst August for the stock market in 17 years.



The World’s Oceans Are Now So Polluted That By 2050 -  99.8% Of Sea Birds Will Have Eaten Plastic



Studies show that women are more likely to duke it out at the office? Have you ever been involved in an office scuffle?




U.S. smoking rate falls to 15 percent




JLo and Ben Affleck are talking again.




Ronda Rousey says 'yes' to NC Marine after invitation video goes viral. SHE IS NOW PLANNING  to attend his Marine Corps Ball later this year





1. Among those who have never been alive in their lifetimes are Princess Diana, Notorious B.I.G.

2. Google has always been there.

3. They have never licked a postage stamp.






 According to UberFacts, the punishment for killing one's father in acient Rome consisted of being drowned in a sack along with a dog, a rooster and a snake.




 A new study claims that if you're getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night, then you are 4 times as likely to get a cold.




The Daily Mail, citing Gizmodo, claims had 70,529 fembots emailing men




WIERD BASEBALL NEWS:   A Cuban baseball player named Loah Linares has been sleeping outside Dodger Stadium for weeks in the hopes of landing a tryout with the Los Angeles club.



- CNBC claims McDonald's is changing the way they cook their Egg McMuffin. They are now using real butter instead of liquid margerine



- McDonald's will begin offering all day breakfast starting on October 6th



The Charlotte Observer claims the North Carolina lottery is going to start selling lottery tickets that smell like BBQ. The $2 scratch-and-sniff tickets pay a maximum of $25,000




Locked Down: Daniel Schobloch recently created a'Nutella Lock' to prevent children from stealing the chocolate hazelnut spread. The lock clamps down on the lid and can only be opened with a key.




Russia Has Created A Siberian Research Center To Focus On Bringing Extinct Animals Back To Life.  It seems like a scene out of Jurassic Park - taking DNA from an extinct animal and attempting to bring the species back to life.





 Love Hate Relationship

Labor Day Weekend is almost here. A new survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 43% of people like their job. Other findings:

- 26% of people love their job

- 7% of people hate their job

- 10% of workers are burned out on their job

- 62% of people are satisfied or very satisfied with their work-life balance




Snuka Charged: TMZ claims former WWE superstar Jimmy ''Superfly'' Snuka' has been arrested for allegedly murdering a past girlfriend. Cops believe he killed Nancy Argentino in a motel in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1983. The Morning Call newspaper recently obtained an autopsy report that stated Argentino had cuts and contusions on her body and died of traumatic brain injuries consistent with being struck in the head. The investigation was re-opened. Snuka posted bail after being charged with third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.








Canadians! You Gotta Love 'em!

Nobody's quite sure how it began but people in Quebec's Gaspe region -- an area the size of South Carolina, with around 140,000 residents -- has taken to cutting their paper money in half and using the bills at half value. Many retailers are actually accepting the halved $20s, $10s, and $5s- at half the original value. Residents are calling the "new" local currency the "demi," which is French for "half." The Bank of Canada says that while the practice isn't outlawed, it is "inappropriate" to cut your money in half. Gaspe residents argue that use of the demi, which apparently began earlier this year, boosts the local economy by making sure cash stays in the area.




Dolphin-Assisted Birth: CBS claims spiritual healer Dorina Rosin is planning on having a dolphin-assisted birth in the ocean. She and her partner Maika Suneagle believe their baby will be able to speak “dolphin.” Experts say ocean births are dangerous because of sharks. Dorina has swam with dolphins during her pregnancy. She says delivering in the ocean is more relaxing than in a hospital.




What the What?

Talk about a photo bomb! A Philadelphia couple was in the middle of taking their pre-wedding pictures when who should happen by but thousands of naked bicyclists! They were all participants in this year's Philly Naked Bike Ride who just happened to cruise through the wedding day photo shoot of Ross Cohen and Blair Delson. The couple, who got married Saturday evening, spent the afternoon before their wedding taking photos at romantic spots around the city. Their wedding photographer, JPG Photography studio owner Joseph Gidjunis, was snapping photos of them in Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall, when they heard the buzz of about 3,000 bicycles approaching. Delson said, "We saw them and I sprinted in my heels and my wedding gown and decided to get in on the action." Cohen lifted Delson and twirled her around, and together they high-fived the nude cyclists, who serenaded them with cheers. Let's just say they'll have a wedding album unlike any other! (






A Chicago man recently lost out on a job after sending an HR director two nude selfies. The 23 year-old had just been hired when he Emailed the pictures to the human resources manager. The company called the police. The man admitted to sending the photographs and said they were meant for someone else.






A woman was recently using a porta potty at a festival in Cornwall, England when a forklift operator picked up the toilet and transported it to the other side of the fairgrounds.





 TT:  Studies show that women are more likely to duke it out at the office? Have you ever been involved in an office scuffle?

 TT:  Anyone listening who actually holds a world record?






"Guy Arrested for Refusing to Leave Jail!"

TRUTH! In Arizona, 29-year-old David Spurlock had been arrested on alleged possession of meth and he apparently liked the Maricopa County jail so much that he didn't want to leave. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that officers had to forcibly escort Spurlock away from the lock-up. Once he was out, he immediately ran to a police truck and unsuccessfully attempted to start it up. That was enough to get him his wish and land him back in jail.


"Woman Robs Three Banks to Pay for Kid's Graduation Party!"

TRUTH! In Brandon, Florida, 50-year-old Cindy Sanchez says she was just trying to be a good mom and throw her daughter a nice graduation party. That's why she held up three banks in May-- to raise money for the party. She now faces up to 20 years in prison.


"Actual Fountain of Youth found in Colorado!"

Trash! No, just another pot shop and, after 20 minutes, that's what they thought





 Today's Question: "48% of women do this on Sundays. What is it?''


Extra Clue: appearance


Extra Clue: others will notice


Final Clue: neck up


Answer: go makeup free






 Rachel Platten Serenades 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient .. Rachel Platten recently visited 7 year-old Jeremiah Succar in the hospital. He is battling stage four cancer and was treated to a performance of "Fight Song". Rachel Instagrammed: ''THIS was amazing. I love you Jeremiah, thanks for inspiring me and rocking out with me!!! #prayersforjeremiah



Fresno Man Rescues Family From Fire; Also Saves Barbecue Ribs ... Robert Wright was barbecuing ribs, when a fire broke out in his neighbor's apartment. Wright rescued his family and also made sure he saved his ribs. A woman and her 6-year old child were hospitalized with smoke inhalation. Robert also saved his hot links


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