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September 4, 2013:

  • 727 pound alligator was caught in the Mississippi won't believe what it looks like! Check it out here...

August 28, 2013:

  • Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis sentenced to 270 days in jail and 3 years more here.

August 22, 2013:

  • Actor Wentworth Miller, (best known to most as Michael Schofield from Prison Break) declined invitation to Russian Film Fest and reveals he is gay. Read his moving words here.

August 21, 2013: 

  • A girl from Michigan was attacked by a bear while running...she was 12 years old...and she survived!! Read how right here.

August 19, 2013: 

  • Really Virginia? This sign, placed just outside of D.C. on the highway, cost taxpayers $13,000. You're not going to believe what it says...check it out here

August 15, 2013:

  • Did you go to high school in the early 2000's? Take a trip down a hilarious memory lane with this list of things you will remember from your high school days! HERE.

August 14, 2013:

  • Life Hacks for college kids (but really anyone!) Check out this list of things you can do to make your life easier here.

August 13, 2013:

  • Whether you're a Belieber or not, you can't deny that what Justin did is really great! Breaks charity record by granting his 200th more here!

August 8, 2013:

  • Usher thanks the two men that saved his son's life on Monday after he nearly drowned. Read the touching story here

August 6, 2013:

  • A wallet lost 24 years ago was just found on Holden Beach...SO CRAZY!!! Full story here.

August 1, 2013:

  • Last night Justin Bieber was awarded the Diamond Award for his single "Baby", which means this single is the highest certified single sold in US music history. Check out the video of him getting the award and the full story here! Congrats Justin and all you Beliebers!



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