Rihanna is currently recording two albums at once. One is a reggae album while the other is a pop album. Rihanna has been recording the albums in Miami and Los Angeles


mariah carey back in the recording studio


Cardi B tells People Magazine that her family hasn't left her side since the birth of her child. "My mom has not left my sight, not one time. This is her first grandkid..


Halsey's ex, G-Eazy, tells the E! News Network that he is open to joining a dating app. "Maybe I'll make a fake account with a crazy photo and they won't know it's actually me.''


Kesha was recently performing in Detroit when she brought two fans on stage so one of them could propose. The proposal was accepted. The couple kissed as the crowd roared.


Orlando Bloom tells Contact Music that he may marry Katy Perry. ''You don't pick who you fall in love with. And then you come around and there's all sorts of things that happen in between, right? We had a really remarkable connection. And it's difficult. She's on tour, I'm doing a play, everything evolves. I have a lot of respect for her and a lot of deep feeling. So we will see.''


The Brady Bunch home is for sale for $1.85 million. The Studio City, California home has two bedrooms and was last purchased in 1973 for $61,000. The home has been completely remodeled and attracts 50 visitors a day


Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha, is going to star on ''Celebrity Big Brother.'' She tells the TV show that she is receiving six figures. "Life is about cashing in. You take opportunities as they arise and hopefully you enjoy the ride and make it as positive as you can. There's nothing wrong with it."


Hyundai unveiled an Iron Man SUV at Comic-Con last night. The truck has an Iron Man mask motif on its roof along with Stark Industry decals on the doors. The SUV has custom wheels with the Iron Man mask on the center of the rims. The SUV will be available starting in 2019


Tristan Thompson allegedly partied hard at an ESPY Awards after-party. A source tells the website that Khloe Kardashian was nowhere to be found. “Tristan felt like a free man. He had the biggest smile on his face and was flirting with several cute girls and took one in the corner and exchanged numbers. He was real slick with it. He convinced her he had to make an appearance for business reasons



---ariana grande goes lavender

-- Justin Bieber's fiance, Hailey Baldwin, was recently spotted wearing a $950 pair of fuzzy slippers in the Hamptons


---Britney Spears is launching a unisex fragrance called Perogative. No release date has been announced


---Drake and Blac Chyna may be dating. They left a Hollywood nightclub yesterday at 5 a.m. . Blac Chyna attempted to hide her face from the paparazzi


---Just like us: Bono recently dined with Jay-Z and Beyonce in Nice, France. The trio were seen dancing in a restaurant as the house band sang Van Morrison's ''Brown Eyed Girl'


--- Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha, is upset with her for not speaking to their father, Thomas. After Meghan attended a Nelson Mandela tribute in London, she posted “How about you pay tribute to your own father?! Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian, act like a woman! If our father dies I’m holding you responsible, Meg!

---ed sheeran documentary, ‘songwriter,’ coming august 28th


---zayn malik drops ‘sour diesel’ & music video




Pink tells USA Today that she thinks she's done having children. "I think Corey's done; he's really tired. We may adopt one day, but I think we've created the humans we're going to make and they're magical creatures."


Ariana Grande has gotten her fiance's name, Pete, tattooed on her ring finger

Lindsay Lohan tells the Daily Mirror that she wears an electrode suit to stay in shape. ''I strap myself into a special wetsuit full of electrodes and my trainer then hooks me up to a machine that sends electric impulses throughout my body. It causes the muscles to contract and it's like a high intensity workout. Twenty minutes is like the equivalent of a four-hour work out ... [it's] an organic way of keeping toned and in good shape ...


45 year-old Heidi Klum wants kids with her 28 year-old boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. A source tells the magazine; “Heidi wants one more kid before it’s too late. She doesn’t see why it shouldn’t be with Tom.”


the CW Network is developing a Batwoman TV series. The network wants to debut the show in 2019. Batwoman will be fighting crime in Gotham


----Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, has revealed that she recently checked into a mental health facility for depression. According to VIBE, she said in a statement, “For years I have dedicated myself to increasing awareness of mental health and empowering people to recognize when it’s time to seek help, support and guidance from those that love and care for your wellbeing. I recently listened to the same advice I have given to thousands around the world and sought help from a great team of healthier professionals.”


----Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan have teamed up for a new single that’s a literal invitation to dance. After a number of social media teasers, the pair shared their new joint track titled “Dance To This” last Wednesday.

The track will be among those included on Troye’s upcoming album Bloom out August 31st.

-----Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are all in. For the first time, the makeup mega-mogul and rapper are opening up about their love life and their daughter Stormi in a cover story for GQ’s August issue.

Scott, 27, said he could care less about the so-called “Kardashian curse” on love, and is instead focusing all of his energy on his relationship with Jenner.

Kylie talks about some of her family's failed relationships are due to their lovers’ inability to “fly this close to the sun,” because, she continues, “that’s exactly what it is. They come and can’t handle it.”




2018 MTV Video Music Awards


Ariana Grande  Bruno Mars Camila Cabello  Cardi B Drake Post Malone


cardi b rules mtv vma nominations, most nominations


Demi Lovato may be dating Halsey's ex, G-Eazy. The couple was spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub together on Saturday.


'forbes' reveals that george clooney earns more than any star in history. George Clooney made $239 million pre-taxes in the past year.  Much of cash comes from the sale of the Casamigos tequila company to drinks giant Diageo in a deal worth about $1 billion.


Katy Perry is selling her Los Angeles compound for $8.95 million. It has a four-bedroom house, a guest house, a fitness studio and a large pool. Katy originally wanted $9.2 million


Shawn Mendes says that he still gets stage fright.


Carrie Underwood just celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary. She tells Glamour Magazine that she still remembers her first kiss with her husband, Mike Fisher. "Our first real date was on New Year's Eve, and our first kiss was when the ball dropped. We were in front of people, and he's not a big PDA guy. I figured, I'll go in for it because he can't leave me hanging, right? So I made him kiss me in public."


Johnny Depp has settled his lawsuit against his former managers. He was suing them for $25 million for spending millions of his dollars without his permission. No financial terms were released.



Michelle and Sasha Obama recently attended Beyonce and Jay-Z's concert in France. They hung with Beyonce's mother


Taylor Swift was recently performing in Philadelphia when she got stuck in a basket that was supposed to carry her across the stadium. She told fans; “I’m pretty sure I’m stuck up here. It’s a nice view, though.


Pete Davidson recently gave Ariana Grande his late father's New York Fire Department badge. Scott Davidson was killed in the September 11th terrorist attack on America.


Camila Cabello recently visited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She spent time taking patient selfies and signing autographs. Camilla also sang a portion of her hit song ''Havana.''


Selena Gomez is filming a new zombie movie in upstate New York. The working title of the film is "Kill The Head." The film also stars Bill Murray


Adam Levine is getting his own TV show on YouTube Premium. The interview show is called "Sugar" and will feature August guests such as Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Puth.


The WWE has reinstated Hulk Hogan after a three-year suspension. Hogan earned his way back into the wrestling organization through public apologies and volunteer work with young people. He was originally suspended for poor behavior outside of the ring and for using inappropriate language


Jessica Simpson is going to make a cameo on her sister, Ashley's, new E! reality show ''Ashley + Evan.


mandy moore teases her return to music




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