-- Beyonce and Jay-Z have hired 18 new employees to help them care for their newborn twins;  includes additional security, upgraded bullet-proof vehicles, six nannies, two maids, and a 24/7 rotating team of nurses. Rumi and Sir “even have a financial investment advisor working for them, setting up trademarks and trusts in the babies’ names.


--- Malaysia has banned the song Despacito because of it's questionable lyrics. The country says they are obscene


---Ryan Seacrest is going to host ABC's American Idol reboot.


---Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay tells Radar Online and E! News that she doesn't think she'll be joining The Real Housewives of Dallas. ''I don’t want my personal life to be out there so much. Housewives is a little different,” from The Bachelorette. You’ll know where I live, you’ll know what I drive, who I hang out with. I like to keep that secret.”


--Michael Phelps tells Entertainment Tonight that he is looking forward to racing a shark on Sunday night. He will be wearing a monofin during the race. The custom-made set of flippers allow him to mimic the shark's tail fin. This should allow him to swim faster.



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