---Taylor Swift wants to star in more movies. A source tells the magazine: “She’s tired of her ‘good girl’ reputation, and she’s looking for a character to play that will showcase her racy side. She’s on a mission.''

---Ed Sheeran tells the Sun newspaper that he recently bought an Italian Vineyard. "I didn't want to buy in Tuscany because there are too many English people there. There is a vineyard and the moment I saw it I knew I had to buy that place. It's in Umbria.

---The Chainsmokers have been covering Smash Mouth's ''All Star''

---Rihanna is launching a limited edition sock collection called Murder Ri Wrote. The socks will cost anywhere from $26 to $30 for a 3-pack. Stance.com is carrying the socks

---the Backstreet Boys were performing in Vegas on Saturday when they serenaded NSYNC member Lance Bass with their 2000 ballad Shape of My Heart.

---Gwen Stefani jabbed Blake Shelton on Friday when she posted a picture of him with a mullet

---Gavin Rossdale says that Bush's new song ''Mad Love'' is dedicated to Gwen Stefani. "The song is about forgiveness. To find each other again. Every song I write is a bit about Gwen. She will always be my muse and I will be inspired by her whether we like it or not. And I will always love her, she is the mother of my children."




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